Updated: May 1, 2005

A very hilarious parody of the badly-written cartoon series, Super Mario Bros. Super Show. Be amazed by Koopa's twisted fashion sense and Mario's infinite idiocy!
- Episode 1: Freaks in Love
- Episode 2: All is Wrong in Love and War
- Episode 3: Doctor of My Heart
- Episode 4: The Trials of a Passionate Heart
- Episode 5: Lucky, Lucky Mouser
- Episode 6: Oh, My Gorgeous Love Letter!
- Episode 7: Revolutionary Boy Triclyde
- Episode 8: The Thrilling Adventures of the Lovely Charming Superhero!
- Episode 9: Foot in Space
- Episode 10: Welcome to Suicide Mountain!
- Episode 11: Parents of Panic
- Episode 12: Spoof Fighter 2: The Weird Warrior
- Episode 13: Les Enfants Terribles
- Episode 14: A Night in the Haunted Forest!
- Episode 15: Koopa Meets Ushinator
- Episode 16: The Legend of Zigra - Three's a Crowd
- Episode 17: Imbecile's Incident on the Open Sea
- Episode 18: The Wrong Warp
- Episode 19: Dawn of the Era of the Dominon of the Flame of the Immortal Army of the King of the Sky


Updated: May 25, 2002

In this alternate universe story, famous Nintendo characters, who go to the same high school, unite and discover a power bent on destroying the world...
- Episode 1: Getting Started: We Want To Be Popular!
- Episode 2: Race Towards the Exams! We Want to Get the Best Grades!
- Episode 3: The Festival of Hope and Dreams! We Want to Reach for the Stars!
- Episode 4: Save our Teacher! We Will Fight with the Energy or Youth and Freedom!
- Episode 5: Romantic Cherry Blossom! The Spring Breeze Before the Storm!
- Episode 6: The Second Clash! A Battle That Makes the Heavens and the Earth Tremble!
- Episode 7: The Invasion! A Betrayal of Our Hearts!
- Episode 8: The Great Pokémon Stampede! Dangerous or Just Mischievous?
- Episode 9: Welcome, Masako! A Lady Returns!
- Episode 10: Appearance of the Ultimate Evil! The Choice Between Two Futures!


Updated: June 3, 2002

A continuation of Mario's High School Days, Mario and Luigi, with their new super powers, and his friends must face a new more powerful enemy, one beyond anything that they had ever encountered. A great sequel for MHSD!
- Episode 1: Revolutionary Fire Flower!
- Episode 2: The Greatest Gift from the Goddess of Love!
- Episode 3: The Boys of Destiny!
- Episode 4: The City in Silence...
- Episode 5: Into the Other World!
- Episode 6: Destiny's Revival!
- Episode 7: Tokyo Revolution Soldiers!