Super Mario Alternate Universe Story:
Mario's High School Days

By Toasty

Episode 2: Race Towards the Exams! We Want to get the Best Grades!


Dear Diary,

Next week we'll have to take our tests and exams. So far, I've managed to keep up pretty well in all my subjects, so I should be able to pass all those tests, but I still feel a bit worried. I mean, what if that creepy Bowser tries to get back at us for what happened last time? If he's really as mean as the rumors pretend him to be, we'd better stay alert. He doesn't seem to worry Mario, though, but then again, Mario's such an irresponsible airhead....Oh well, I guess it's no use to worry about such vague things when I should be concentrating on our upcoming tests. I'll do my best!


Scene 1: Mario's decision! "I'll give it my all!"

(Lunch break on Thursday. Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Foxy are in the school cantine discussing, or rather complaining about the exams that will start next week)

-Yoshi: This sucks! I'm so worried about those dumb exams that even food doesn't make me feel better!

-Luigi: Now if that's not a sign that something's really, seriously worrying you, I don't know what is.....

-Yoshi: You could at least try to say something more thoughtful than that!

-Fox: I don't see why you get so worked up, Yoshi. You always do pretty well as it is.....

-Luigi: And besides, it's good for you to do some hard work!

-Yoshi: There you go, talking like a geek again! Honestly, Mario, I don't see how you can bear to live with such a boring brother!

-Mario: Actually, I think Luigi has a point here. I've decided to put my full force into passing these tests with flying colours!

-Yoshi: Uhnnn...these exams are even starting to mess with my mind now. I was hallucinating that I heard Mario saying that he would do his best for the exams. Of course, that's totally impossible

-Mario: You weren't hallucinating. I was serious.

-Yoshi: Oh no, did I really hear that? Mario has deserted me and became a dork like his brother?.

-Luigi: This is don't sound like my Mario. Could you be ill? Let me feel your forehead, Mario.

-Yoshi: He's not ill, I think he was abducted by aliens and had his personality swapped by them! That must be it!

-Luigi: Well, your guess is as good as mine. I've never heard him talking like this. It's really very spooky....

-Mario: What is the matter with you two?! I set my mind on achieving something, and all you do is call me sick! You're such mean bastards!

-Fox: Don't take it so badly, Mario. It's good to see you so motivated, but the sudden change is a bit of surprise.

-Mario: Ah, but it's because now I have a good reason to try hard at these tests!

-Yoshi: Now, I wonder what that reason is....Luigi, you're his brother, you must know something!

-Luigi: no, nothing at all....

-Fox:, Mario has a secret reason behind his strange behaviour. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out.....

-Mario: Not only are you all mean, you're also very nosy! This is all none of your business, so butt out!

-Yoshi: But you know that we'll pry it out of you eventually....heh heh heh.....

-Fox: Either that, or we'll just draw our own conclusions.....

-Mario: I should've never raised the subject in the first place....not around these freaks, that is.

Well, you can try all you want, I'll never let anything leak out!

Scene 2: "For you, I can make an exception"

(Thursday afternoon is when the volleyball club has to meet in the gym to practice. This Thursday, things seemed to be going as usual for the members of the volleyball club, except for Foxy, who noticed something strange during practice: in a corner of the gym he spotted his old friend Falco, just standing there, arms folded, with that usual look of weary disinterest on his face. It was very rare to have spectators as it is, mainly because the presence of coach Gannon with his unpleasant face and barking voice, not to mention his very bad temper scared off most people. But then again, it was also unthinkable that Falco had come as a spectator. There must be another reason for his presence. Perhaps something was troubling him? Unlikely so, but still....Foxy decided that he had better concentrate on practice for now, and that he would no doubt find out soon enough what Falco was doing here. Indeed, shortly after practice was over and everyone was getting ready to go home, Falco's familiar silhouette appeared in the doorway of the dressing room. He slantered towards Foxy and handed him a towel.)

-Falco: Here. You're sweating.

-Fox: Thanks. So, what's up?

-Falco: Oh, I was just trying to get away from my crazed mob of groupies for a while. You have no idea how straining it is to be massively adored.

-Fox: And now, could we have the real reason for your presence here....?

-Falco: Oh, you're no fun at all.....All right, I came because I wanted to see you.

-Fox: See me about what?

-Falco: I noticed that you've been hanging around with those new kids quite a lot.

-Fox: And you're torn up with jealousy about that, I suppose.

-Falco: Hrmph, you wish!

-Fox: Don't get cranky, I was just joking.

-Falco: Yes, well, anyway, this Mario brat has been boasting all over the school that he would pass all his tests with top results.

-Fox: That sounds like Mario, all right. Loud-mouthed, over-confident and conceited. He may be even worse than you are.

-Falco: I'm sure he is as he's nowhere near to achieving my level os skill and beauty. Only an idiot would boast about skills that he doesn't even really have.

-Fox: Yes, yes. But why should you care about Mario's boasting?

-Falco: Well, it's obvious that he's challenging me! After all, my grades always make it into the top ten best scores of this school.

-Fox: And sometimes, you're even number one, I remember. Only sometimes, though......

-Falco: I can tell that you're trying to make me angry. Well, it won't work! I'm in no mood to lose my temper now.

-Fox: Shame, that. It's so much more fun when you actually do get angry.

-Falco: Don't try to change the subject. My point is that I can't allow such an arrogant freshman to challenge me without counter-attacking. And that's why I came to you. Since you've been seeing so much of the new kids lately, you must know something. A weak spot, perhaps?

-Fox: Well, I can only speculate, but I think there is something.....

-Falco: Tell me. I can use anything.

-Fox: I believe that the motor behind Mario's sudden ambitions is none other than a girl called Peach.

-Falco: I see. You're saying that he has the hots for this Peach girl, and wants to impress her by having the best grades? Can you be sure?

-Fox: Quite sure. I've seen the way Mario behaves when she's around, and it's a well known fact that 60% of Nintendo High's students have, or have at some point had, a crush on her. This goes especially for freshmen and transfer students.

-Falco: Yes, that's true. Very well, then. This Mario punk has no idea what he is getting himself into! Like everything in life, the exams are a battle, and to prevail in battle, I must crush every enemy swiftly and without any remorse!

-Fox: A battle....enemies....does that mean we must be enemies as well?

-Falco: No. You and me, that's different. For you, I can make an exception.

-Fox: Wow, it sounds like the insensitive brute known as Falco might actually be starting to learn how to be considerate. If you master that, you'd really be as perfect as you claim yourself to be.

(But before Falco can reply with a nasty remark, the loud, bellowing voice of coach Gannon interrupts them)

-Gannon: Hey, you two! What are you still doing here?! I told everyone to clear off and go home, not to stay here and get in my way!

(Falco decided to give this insolent coach the fearsome Lombardi stare of doom, version 2.0)

-Falco: Oh, you have a problem about my presence here?

-Gannon: Gu...gulp....that fearsome Lombardi stare of doom version 2.0 you're giving me is for real, isn't it?

-Falco: Forget it. I wouldn't hang out in this dump for another minute if you paid me to. See you, Foxy. Remember what I told you.

-Fox: Wait up! You must teach me that stare of doom thingy, it even scared coach Gannon to death!

(The two boys leave the gym. Meanwhile, coach Gannon contemplates the situation.)

-Gannon: Oh man, that was scary......

Scene 3: The secret's out! Mario's new opponents appear!

(News travels fast. What Foxy could only speculate about on Thursday afternoon has now become an accepted fact throughout Nintendo High. Mario can no longer deny his crush on Peach so instead he decides to tell the whole story to his friends. They seem to take the news rather well. Their first reaction was to speak these words:).

-Yoshi: So, that's the whole story, huh? You think that top grades can impress the hell out of Peach and make her crazy for you? Well, good luck to you.

-Luigi: *chuckling* That is so like Mario to come up with such a dumb idea!

-Mario: Don't laugh, it could work! After all, brute strength and weaponry is a thing of the past. It's with knowledge, finesse and a glittering career that one must win a woman's heart nowadays!

-Yoshi: Well, maybe so. But it's not going to be easy. This Peach has many suitors and would-be boyfriends. You're competing for a very convoted prize. In fact, one of Peach's most persistent followers is none other than your old enemy Bowser!

-Luigi: Bowser! I knew there'd be trouble from this whole thing!

-Mario: Well, I'm not afraid of this Bowser! In name of true love, I will fight him with all my strength!

-Yoshi: Yeah, whatever. I suppose you know something about this school's grading system, Mario?

-Mario: Nothing whatsoever.

-Yoshi: I should have known.....looks like I'll have to do another explain-it-all monologue.

-Mario: Oh, but you love doing explain-it-all monologues. Come on!

-Yoshi: Well, allright. For each test you take during the test period next week, you are awarded a score of 0 to 100 points, depending on how well you did. Once all your tests are over, all your points are thrown together, and a percentage from zero to one-hundred percent is determined based on the overall results of your tests. All students are then ranked from best to worst depending on their final percentage. The students who hold the top ten spots in this ranking enjoy great respect and a reputation of being extremely intelligent.

-Mario: In other words, I must make it into the top ten to be part of the big cheeses.

-Yoshi: Well, anyone can make it sound that stupid.....Of course, each year there are a few new entries in this top ten, but a select few students figure in the top ten ranking almost each time, the "regulars" if you will. They are the intellectual elite of Nintendo High. Two of them you already know: Falco Lombardi and Link.

-Mario: Oh no, not those two again! I could never beat them!

-Yoshi: You don't have to beat them per se. A third one is also slightly familiar to you. You've seen her once, but she was in disguise.

-Mario: Huh? Who are you talking about?

-Yoshi: Cast your minds back to your first day here. When Bowser was about to pound us, Link and Falco stopped him, but there was also someone else.

-Luigi: Ah, you mean that weirdo guy in spandex, that Sheik!

-Yoshi: Yes, although Sheik isn't her real name...

-Luigi: Excuse me, but that looked like a guy to me.

-Yoshi: But the truth is that she's a girl called Zelda. This Sheik thing is just a weird habit of hers. She likes to follow Link around in drag...

-Luigi: That sure sounds warped.....

-Yoshi: If you ask me, it's her way of getting her kicks. But anyway, I digress. Now, your most serious competitor, Mario is a guy called Toad. Most of the time, this Toad is number one on the rankings. He has a killer memory, in fact, some refer to him as „the human computer" He's a tough one, I tell you!

-Mario: I've seen him. How could such a tiny little guy be so smart?

-Yoshi: He's probably a gifted child or something, or maybe it's the size of his head. I must also tell you about a certain Wario. He's a bit of a wild card in the grade rankings. Sometimes, his grades are mediocre, but sometimes he's right up there with the best ones. It's fishy, don't you think? I believe that it's all a capital rip-off: he probably bribes corrupt examinators or something to make it into the top ten every now and then, when he can afford it.

-Luigi: Well, Yoshi, bribery and corruption does sound right up your ally. Maybe it's a strategy you should consider as well....

-Yoshi: Oh, stop whining already! Now listen carefully, Mario.....

(But Yoshi never got to finish that sentence. They were interrupted by Slippy, who ran towards them yelling Mario's name. Just before reaching them, though, he tripped, crashed on the ground and slowly crawled back up again)

-Slippy. Owwwww, that hurt.....snifffff.

-Yoshi: You dork, you interrupt my line just to fall flat on your face?! What do you want?

-Slippy: I had to deliver a message to Mario. Here it is!

(Slippy hands Mario a letter in a pink envelope and then darts off, muttering many apologies to Yoshi)

-Luigi: A pink envelope sealed with a heart mark? Looks like a love letter to me. Open it, Mario.

-Mario: Hmmmm..."Dear Mario, please meet me on the roof of the school building at 12 o' clock. I have something very important to tell you." Signed Peach. Oh wow, it's a love letter from Peach! Quick, what time is it?

-Luigi: 11:59

-Mario: Yikes! Gotta go, I mustn't be late!

(Mario dashes off, ignoring the complaints from Yoshi)

-Yoshi: Hey, wait! You haven't heard the most important part of my monologue yet! Come back, Mario!

-Luigi: Don't get so worked up over it, Yoshi. It's just another one of your monologues, you'll tell Mario the rest of it some other time....

-Yoshi: You don't understand, that last bit really was important! I think Mario may be in trouble, we should follow him to the roof.

(On the rooftop, Mario is anxiously waiting for Peach to show up.)

-Mario: Soon, Peach will be here! She might even ask me out on a date! I wonder, what should I say to her? Maybe something like "Hey, babe, you look hot today!". No, that's a bit too bold. "Dear friend, I'm overjoyed that you could spare some time to exchange a few words with me". Nah, too crawly. Maybe I should just play natural and simply go „Hi, Peach. What's up?". Ahhhh, it's driving me nuts! What should I do?

(Mario's question is unexpectedly answered by someone who had been watching him for a while: Ludwig)

-Ludwig: You don't need to worry about that, Mario. Peach is not coming.

-Mario: Oh no, has something kept her from coming here?

-Ludwig: Yes, well, in a sense that she never planned on coming here in the first place. You see, she didn't write that letter, I did.

-Mario: Well, I don't mean to hurt your feelings, but there's no way I'll go out on a date with you, mate.

-Ludwig: Shut up! I don't want to go on a date with you, you moron!

-Mario: Then why did you write me a love letter, pervert?!

-Ludwig: That was all a set-up! I summoned you here to declare war on you!

-Mario: But, whatever did I do to you? Are you that upset that I don't want to date you?

-Ludwig: Will you knock that off?! I'm on a mission from my illustrious master, the great Bowser!

-Mario: You're one of Bowser's goons?!

-Ludwig: Exactly! I'm the brains of the Little Koopas, Little Koopa number seven: Ludwig! We know all about your latest scheme to humiliate our master, Mario! You plan to steal his beloved Peach away with impressive grades!

-Mario: Wait a minute, I never said that!

-Ludwig: Know that I'm one of the regulars of the grades top ten! You'll never beat my excellent grades! And just to make sure that you won't make it into the top ten, our great master Bowser has recruited a new ally who will never allow you to accomplish your goals! Now, it's time to reveal this new ally, show yourself, Wario!

-Wario: I thought you'd never ask. Yes, it is I, Wario! Be afraid, Mario!

-Mario: Ooooh, I'm so scared. Just what can you do to keep me out of the top ten, eh?

-Wario: Shut up! I've never liked you in the first place, you pretentious little git. Listen up! If I can bribe teachers into giving me better grades, I can also bribe them into giving you crappy grades, which is exactly what I'll do! You can try all you want, Mario, your efforts will be futile! Ha ha ha ha! That'll teach to you to copy my outfit and look!

-Mario: What?! I'm not copying anyone's look! And I won't let you get away with that!

-Wario: We'll see about that! Headmaster Andross is corrupted as hell, he has already accepted many bribes from me in the past, and will no doubt continue to do so! His safe is packed with dough that I paid him to get into the top ten!

(Meanwhile, Yoshi and Luigi had also arrived. Slippy had followed them to the roof as well.)

-Yoshi: Oh no, looks like we're too late.

-Luigi: So that story about Wario using bribes was true....

-Slippy: Hey! Hey, guys! Look at this, it's....

-Yoshi: Not now, Slippy, later! Don't nag! This isn't the right time!

-Mario:......Wario....if that's the way you want it.....than so be it! You wanted a war, now you've got it! And it's a war I'll win, mark my words!

Scene 4: The furious war of exams! What can we do to save Mario's grades?

(The exams were now in full swing. Despite Wario's threat, Mario has studied a lot and was doing well in the actual exams. But would all his efforts be reduced to nothing by Wario's bribes? Luigi and Yoshi had gathered some of their friends to see if they could come up with a solution. They are now discussing their options in the school library with Fox, Slippy and Saria. Things aren't looking good, though.)

-Luigi: We've got to do something. I mean, it's not fair! Mario's working his head off, and it might all be for nothing! If only we could expose Wario's double-crossing somehow....

-Saria: Geez, you lot sure are dense. Don't you know that there are surveillance cameras on the school roof? They must've recorded the whole thing!

-Slippy: Yes, that's what I was trying to show you, but you wouldn't listen!

-Yoshi: Good lord, do you know what that means?

-Luigi: That Mario's grades are saved! We can expose everything!

-Yoshi: But it also means something much more important.....Saria has actually said something very clever!

-Slippy: But I'm the one who saw the cameras first!

-Yoshi: And now even Slippy has done something right! Next thing you know, the world will turn upside-down.....

-Slippy: What's that supposed to mean?! Couldn't you be a little grateful?

-Fox: Oh, we're very grateful, but there's still one problem. How do we gain access to the recordings from the surveillance cameras?

-Luigi: Oh, we hadn't thought about that. Any suggestions, Saria?

-Saria: Hey, why does it always have to be me?!

-Yoshi: Well, if you're so smart that you can think of the cameras, you should be able to solve this as well. Unless you're just all talk, that is.

-Saria: You're a fine one to call me all talk, bigmouth! If you're going to be like that about it, I won't help you anymore!

-Yoshi: I'm sorryyyyy, please forgive meeeeee, you're such a very intelligent and beautiful young lady, and you have such cool green hair, grovel, grovel, beg, beg.

-Saria: Oh, flattery, my favorite! Allright then, here's the plan. We can't just go to security and tell them we need the recordings to expose a bribe. They'd never believe us. They'd just think we're up to some dumb trick. No, what we need is someone with a lot of influence. Someone who is greatly respected even by the teachers!

-Luigi: And just where do we find this someone?

-Saria: You're such a drungo! Haven't you still figured it out? I'm talking about the gifted child, the "human computer", Toad! He has held the number one spot in the grade ranking many times, even the teachers think of him as a genius and a figure of authority, and he is dependable and has a strong sense of justice, so I'm sure that he'll do it! I tell you, Toad's our man!

-Luigi: Well, it kinda sounds like turning to a rival for help, but I suppose we have no choice.

(Luckily for them, Toad was easy to find: he was studying in the school library just next to them. So they told Toad the whole story, and asked him for his help.)

-Saria: You will do it, won't you Toad? Please, you're our only hope!

-Yoshi: Saria's not too bad at groveling herself when she sets her mind to it.....

-Toad: I understand...allright, I agree to help you! If this Mario has been working so hard, I want to see what he's capable of and compare my skills to his!

-Saria: Wow, thanks a million, Toad! You're a real sportsman!

-Yoshi: I think he just agreed to help us because he's afraid that Wario might bribe the teachers into putting him out of the top ten as well as Mario someday.....

-Toad: Well, that did play a part as well.....

-Luigi: It doesn't matter for what reason he'll help us, I'm just glad that Mario's grades will be saved! After all the effort he put into it, he deserves to have a chance at the top ten!

-Saria: But we'll have to hurry. The last tests are tomorrow, and next week, the results will be up!

-Toad: Don't worry, that leaves me plenty of time.

-Luigi: Allright, we're counting on you Toad. And thank you!

(The next day was Friday: the final day of the test period. Just one more trial to withstand, and the tired, over-worked students would be able to go home and enjoy a relaxing weekend. Mario in particular was looking forward to this)

-Mario: I'll sleep for two whole, three whole days!

-Luigi: Well, you did often stay up until very late to study this week, you must be severely lacking sleep.

-Mario: Do me a favor and don't talk about sleeping for a while. I don't want to fall asleep during the test or something....

-Ludwig: Why, Mario, you look like a zombie! You should get some sleep, you know, sleep is good for you. It always makes one feel better to sleep a lot...sleeeeeep, Mario, sleeeeeep.

-Luigi: You stay out of this! You're deliberately trying to ruin the whole thing, but it won't work! Right, Mario?.....Mario???

-Mario: Zzzzzzzzzz

-Luigi: Now you've done it! He fell asleep because of your dumb yapping!

-Ludwig: Oh, what a shame. He can't take a test while he's sleeping.

-Luigi: Just you wait, I have an emergency "wake up call" right here: a lunchbox full of fresh food! That should wake him up!

-Mario: Zzzz....aaaah, lasagna....ah, ravioli...aah, mama mia......

-Ludwig: He's talking in his sleep? Hey, look, he's even started sleepwalking now!

-Luigi: Doh! I don't believe this! Mario's eating the food in his sleep! Mario, you idiot! You're supposed to wake up first, then eat!

-Ludwig: Well, considering that food completely rules Mario's mind, I'm not surprised that he unconsciously puts food before waking up. Looks like he won't wake up in time for that test after all!

-Luigi: Don't be so sure, I still have the Peach doll strategy! It never fails!

-Ludwig: "Peach doll strategy"? What is he talking about?

(Luigi takes a plush dollie of Peach from his pocket and holds it in front of Mario. Then, imitating Peach's high, squeaky voice, he speaks to Mario.)

-Luigi: Mario, it's me, Peach! I'm getting kidnapped! Help, help!

-Mario: Huh?! What? Hang on, Peach, I'm coming!

-Luigi: Allright, Mario! You're awake now!

-Mario: Luigi, I've got to go rescue Peach! Where is she?

-Luigi: Don't worry, it was just a doll of Peach, see?

-Mario: Who cares about your dumb dollie?! I've got to save her!

-Luigi: Mario, she's not being kidnapped!

-Mario: Yes, she is! I heard her calling for help!

-Luigi: Mario, you're so dense! That's the weak spot of the Peach doll strategy: Mario's so dumb he usually thinks it's all for real! Look, Mario, Peach is over there: perfectly healthy and not kidnapped at all. Now do you believe me?

-Mario: Oh, Peach managed to escape her capturers!

-Luigi: Aaaargh, I give up!

-Mario: Miss Peach, I'm sorry that I wasn't there to protect you from the kidnappers!

-Peach: Um, what kidnappers? What are you talking about Mario? Nobody tried to kidnap me....You must be a little tired from the tests. I've seen the way you've been slaving over them, you must be exhausted from so much work!

-Mario: Even if I'm so exhausted that I can't move, I promise that I'll protect you from anyone who would want to harm you!

-Peach: Ummm...that's very kind of you, Mario. I really appreciate it...(who is this freak?).

-Ludwig: Arrrghn this is not good! Mario's plan to steal Peach from lord Bowser is starting to work!

-Luigi: Well, that's Mario allright. He's a bit clumsy and not too bright, but when he sets his mind on something, he never gives up!

Scene 5: Revelation! Lies exposed!

(The exams are over, now it's time to reveal the results. Mario and co. are especially anxious to find out if Toad has managed to undermine Wario's plot. The suspense is only made worse by clumsy old teacher Pepper who is now fumbling with loads of papers and shows no sign of revealing the results soon).

-Pepper: Aherm, class, before I give you your results, I have an announcement to make. Headmaster Andross has been forced to give up his post and will leave Nintendo High today. Filling in his job of headmaster will be your history and astrology teacher, Mr. Peppy Hare.

-Yoshi: Good show! I never did like that Andross creep!

-Luigi: It sounds like Toad delivered the goods: the reason behind Andross' sudden departure must be that his corruption had leaked out.

-Yoshi: Yes, I suppose so. Guess we owe Toad a lot.

-Pepper: Quiet you two! And now for the results.

(The results are passed around. Screams of both joy and horror fill the air)

-Falco: Rats! I didn't get a 100% score, so I'm not satisfied!

-Fox: But you still managed to get 98%. That's not so bad, is it? You push yourself too hard.

-Falco: Well, you may have a point. And as long as I beat my rival, that dweeb Link, I guess I shouldn't complain.

-Fox: It was a close-finish kind of thing, though. Link scored 96%, just 2% below you.

-Falco: Hah! Such a bland and mediocre boy as Link can never shine as brilliantly as I do!

-Yoshi: Oh dear, Falco's at it again....oh well. Hey, how are your results, Luigi?

-Luigi: 76%. Not bad, eh?

-Yoshi: Well, no, not bad, but still one point below my 77%! Yay! I beat you!

-Luigi: First Falco, now many egomaniacs are there in this school anyway? Oh, Mario, let's see your results.

-Mario: I got 88%!

-Luigi: Wow, that's the best grade you've ever had!

-Yoshi: But I'm afraid it's not good enough to make it into the top ten. You need at least 94 or 95% for that.

-Luigi: Oh dear, that's out of our league.

-Yoshi: Yeah, looks like even the "power of true love" couldn't overcome the might of Mario's stupidity!

-Mario: It doesn't matter! 88% is still a swell score, I'm sure it'll do to impress Peach! I'll go tell her right now!

-Pepper: Hey! Wait, Mario you can't leave the classroom just like that! Where are you going?

-Luigi: Please excuse us, Mario has eaten something nasty yesterday and needs to throw up now. We'll be back in just a minute.

-Mario: That's Peach's classroom. They've had their results as well. Hey, look she's talking to Toad. Let's eavesdrop!

-Luigi: Mario! You shouldn't do that!

-Mario: Don't give me the fairy godmother routine again. Luigi! Now shut up so I can hear what they're saying.

-Peach: Really? You got 99%? Wow, that's an awesome score, Toad! I only scored 78%.....

-Toad: Don't worry, that's a pretty good score as it is...

-Peach: Say, couldn't you teach me how to get scores like 99%?

-Toad: Sure! If you have any questions, just come to me. I'll be glad to help out.

-Peach: Thanks, Toad. You're really nice.

-Toad: *blush* hey, anything for you....

-Mario: Why that little.....arrrgh, how could he do this to me?! I thought he was on my side!

-Luigi: Poor Mario, your 88% doesn't look so impressive now...

-Mario: Guess I'll have to find some other way, then. Oh well, let's head back to our class.

-Luigi: Yeah. Ummmm, Mario, are you sure you'll be okay?

-Mario: Just fine! I haven't abandoned yet, this is just the beginning! There must be loads of other ways to make Peach like me!

(As they headed back tot heir classroom they were suddenly addressed by none other than Bowser!)

-Bowser: Mario and Luigi!

-Luigi: Eeeek! Please don't kill us!

-Mario: Luigi, don't be such a wimp! What do you want, Bowser?!

-Bowser: I came here personally to warn you! If you want to be Peach's boyfriend, I'll do anything to stop you!

-Mario: I want a war as well? Then you've got it! And I won't lose this war, you can be sure of that!

-Bowser: Hmph! We'll see about that! Until we meet again, my enemy, Mario!

-Luigi: Mario, maybe you shouldn't declare war upon everyone that you don't like....

-Mario: What? But they start it! It's not my fault!

-Luigi: Oh dear....if this goes on, we'll really never fit in in this nutty place.....

(From a distance, Wario is watching the whole scene. Angrily, he mutters a few bitter words)

-Wario: You may think you've won this time, Mario, but I swear, sooner or later, I will kill you!


Preview of the next episode:

Each year, Nintendo High holds a school festival. It's the perfect chance for the clubs to show off their abilities and attract sponsors! Will the festival offer Mario new opportunities to win Peach's heart? Will all the ambitions of the space club come true? And just who's that girl who claims to have been destined to meet Bowser? It's the next episode: the festival of hopes and dreams!