Super Mario Alternate Universe Story:
Mario's High School Days: Super Turbo

By Toasty


Inside a shadowy cathedral, some beams of misty light fall through the bleak, stained-glass windows. A lone figure is standing at the cathedral's altar, where he looks into a fountain. In the water of this fountain, an image of the Tokyo skyline can be seen. Upon this sight, the person grins and speaks these words to himself:

-"There it is, Tokyo....The time is nearing. Soon, the ones I sent there so long ago will awaken. It's the moment I've been waiting for for almost fifty years. My return to the human world is nearing. A new era is about to dawn. So far, everything is going according to plan. The four young men that could have been harbingers...they have served me well. Without even knowing it, they've provided the perfect cover my true goals. Once those two that I'm waiting for unleash their full force, nothing will stand in my way! My conquest of Tokyo, and of the entire globe can no longer be averted! Tokyo shall perish! Wu hu ha ha ha ha ha!"-

Episode 4: The City in Silence...

A cloudy afternoon in Tokyo. Due to the grey weather, the streets aren't as packed with activity as usual. A cold wind is striking down over the city...Inside the Earthbound Karaoke café, Ness is lamenting his own boredom, as no-one has entered the café at all today.

-Ness: Oh man, this is the pits. Why does pop insist that I work in his crummy bar when nobody comes in at all? It's been grey and windy for almost a whole week, no-one feels like going out and having fun. It's bad for the business, and bad for my nerves as well...

However, at that point, the doors of the Earthbound café slide open, and an elegant figure walks in. Ness greets this unexpected customer with the following words.

-Ness: Welcome! Please be seated, we'll attend to you right away!

The young lady acts upon this advice and takes a seat near a window, brushing away some strands of her short, brown hair. Ness promptly walks up to her with these words:

-Ness: Well, may I take your order, miss?

-Joanna: Just black coffee, thanks.

-Ness: Yes, one coffee coming right up.

Ness is about to walk away, when a thought suddenly hits him, and he turns back to his customer.

-Ness: Excuse me, but.....

-Joanna: What's the matter?

-Ness: Ah, I knew it! I knew I'd seen your face before! You're that reporter, from TV Tokyo News! Miss Joanna Dark, now I remember!

-Joanna: *sigh* Well, yes, it's me. But please don't make a big deal out of it. I'm meeting someone on business here.

-Ness: Oh, understood! Mum's the word, no need to worry, I'm a very discreet person!

-Joanna: *sweatdrop* I would've never guessed.....

-Ness: Oh wow, a celebrity in our café! And I thought nothing cool would happen today!

At that point, a second person walks into the Earthbound. The short, grumpy-looking police chief Nyath strides into the café and takes a seat opposite to Joanna Dark.

-Nyath: Sorry I took so long, I was held back at the precinct.

-Joanna: Don't mention it. Do you have the data with you?

-Nyath: Yes, right here. Just a minute...

He then takes out a few folders from the briefcase he was carrying with him and hands them to Joanna. She begins to look through them, seemingly very concentrated.

-Joanna: Hmm, those are pictures of the Venom building, that residential complex that just disappeared last year...

-Nyath: Yes, it's still an unresolved case. It was the first in a series of very mysterious events. After that, an electronics company called Seny built an office tower for their Japanese branch on the same spot.

-Joanna: Yes, I remember that. They built a huge and very advanced building with amazing speed. The facility was completed in just a few weeks. There was a lot of publicity for their grand opening, but then there was another strange incident...just a few months after the building was completed, it just vanished, and the whole Seny company was never heard of again. Some reports say that they saw two mysterious figures in white near the building when it disappeared....

-Nyath: It's very probable that there's a connection with the Venom building matter. The sudden destruction of the Rainbow Bridge, just last week might also be linked to these cases. When the bridge area was destroyed, those two figures in white were spotted again.

Joanna is still leafing through the photos in the folder, until she comes across a picture of the crumbling Rainbow Bridge. A vague and blurry white figure can be seen, far in the background of that photo with something that resembles wings on it's back.

-Joanna: That looks like one of them, but this photo is too vague. It's not much to go on....

-Nyath: There is one more matter, however. An educational facility called Nintendo High seems to be involved in these affairs somehow. When the Venom building vanished, students of that facility were involved in some sort of fight at that building just a few moments before it happened. And after the Seny complex dissappeared, the grounds were bought by that same Nintendo High facility....

-Joanna: I see, that seems to be a lead. Something very fishy is going on here, I can tell. It may prove to be a major scoop. That's why I offered to co-operate with the Tokyo police force in the first place.

-Nyath: Well, when you came to the precinct, looking for info on that Rainbow Bridge matter, I thought you'd be useful in solving these cases. You're said to be one of the best news reporters in the business. Your curious attitude and sharp, analytic mind are quite well-know.

-Joanna: Well, *grin*, I do sort of have a reputation that travels ahead of me. It's just that I can tell that there's something going on here, and I want to get to the bottom of this. Now, the Nintendo High place is where we need to start.

-Nyath: That'll be tricky. I already sent two of my men to infiltrate that place once, and they made a total mess of everything. I can't send officers of mine into that place incognito again, they'd see right through us.

-Joanna: I can't go either, I'd be recognized, from the way people have seen my face on TV....What should we do now? How are we going to infiltrate a high school?

At that point, Ness timidly approaches their table and places a cup of coffee in front of Joanna with these words:

-Ness: One black coffee, there you go. *to Nyath* And for you, sir?

-Nyath: Uhm...oh, I hadn't thought of that at all.

-Joanna: Wait just a minute. Chief, this boy....he looks about the right age, don't you think?

-Ness: What do you mean? I don't get it....

-Joanna: Listen, kid, I have an offer to make you. It pays well.

-Nyath: Just a minute...Miss Dark, are you going to use -him-? You want to infiltrate Nintendo High with using this boy?

-Joanna: Exactly. He's an outsider, no-one will suspect him. So, what do you say, kid?

-Ness: this for Candid Camera?

And that's how Ness got settled with the position of an undercover spy. The next morning, he had been dressed in a spare Nintendo High uniform, and was making his way through the streets of Tokyo, towards the school that he was supposed to investigate. However, as he was nearing the building, his presence was noticed by a young woman, who made no secret of the fact that she was most surprised to see him.

-Samus: Whooaaaah! It's that guy! The crazy kid from the karaoke bar!

-Ness: I know you?

-Samus: Don't play innocent! I recognized you right away! It's that baseball cap that gives you away!

At that point, Malon and Bowser, who were walking to school hand-in-hand, in exemplary couple fashion arrived on the scene and joined in on the conversation.

-Malon: Hello, what's all the yelling about? Do you know that guy with the cap, Sammy? He looks sort of familiar.

-Samus: Well, let's just say we've met *scornful look*. But it's news to me that he's a student at Nintendo High.

-Ness: *muttering* That goes for me too.

-Bowser: I'm sure we'll be introduced some other time. We can't hang around for too long now.

-Malon: You're right, we'll end up being late for history class. Ahh, you think of everything, and you're so hardworking, my handsome husband in the making!

-Bowser: Malon....this is embarrassing.

-Samus: What's really painful is those history classes. I can't make any sense out of them whatsoever. And the tests are coming up...*whine* This is the pits.

-Malon: Yes but, Zelda has asked us and some others to come over to her place for a study session this afternoon. There's plenty of room, she lives in a martial arts dojo. We'll have all the tranquility we need to study, and we can help each other out.

-Samus: Oh, Luigi told me about that, but it had slipped my mind.

-Bowser: Mario and Peach are coming, as well as a few others. Link'll be there for sure. At least he's useful to have around when you need study back-up. Same goes for Toad, he said he'd be there as well.

-Malon: Oh, but you're very intelligent as well, honey. You really are the perfect man!

-Bowser: Naw, nobody's perfect, but thanks for the compliment anyway *grin*.

-Malon: Anytime, anytime.

With those words, they disappeared into the building, leaving a slightly overwhelmed Ness behind, who still found the following words:

-Ness: What's with that newlyweds act?

Bowser, Malon and Samus had entered the building, where a surprising sight awaited them. A group of excited students was gathered around coach Gannon and Syrup, who both looked slightly flustered. Many phrases were exchanged between the students who were gathered around them eagerly. Mario, Peach and Luigi were part of the group gathered around the two teachers, as well as Saria, who made the following comment.

-Saria: Well, he sure took his time to decide.

-Peach: But it's different for a man, you know that very well.

Sammy curiously joined in on the talk, with Malon and Bowser.

-Samus: Yo! What's happening? Why is everyone clinging onto Syrup and the coach like that?

-Luigi: Well, the big news is that those two have just gotten engaged.

-Samus: No waaaay! Coach and miss Syrup are tying the knot?! Whoa, talk about a scoop!

-Bowser: engagement. Is that becoming the fashion nowadays or something?

-Malon: Well, not everyone makes a couple as trendy as we do, my promised. But I still think it's pretty cute that they should live a nice, middle-aged romance.

-Gannon & Syrup: Middle-aged?!!

-Bowser: Great, an insult always manages to catch their attention.

-Malon: I'm so happy for you two! Congratulations!

-Syrup: I appreciate it. But..."middle-aged"? I don't look that old!

-Gannon: Same here, I'm still in fine shape!

-Saria: Well, for -your- age, perhaps.....

-Gannon: Grrmbl...I should've never even brought it up.

-Peach: But we really are very happy for you two. Please don't mind Saria, she's always like that.

-Saria: Meaning?

-Mario: Enough with the bickering already. It's a good thing we restored the peace, now people can go ahead and lead their lives without worry again.

-Luigi: It has been a week since that last attack. But then again....

-Mario: Luigi, you're such a worrywart! Look, all the five guys who could've been harbingers have been saved now, there are no more enemies left! The peace is back and our battle's won! Pretty neat, huh?

-Luigi: Well, I suppose so.

-Syrup: *a-herm* I understand that the news of our engagement is dead exciting, but you really should run along to your classes now.

-Luigi: She's right, too. It's almost time.

With that, the group of students gradually dissolved and left to their respective classes, leaving the two teachers behind. But a third figure then made his appearance. The principal came towards them, trying to force a smile.

-Peppy: I'd congratulate you and wish you the best if this situation wasn't so awkward.

-Gannon: That's true. They all seem to think that the battle's won.

-Syrup: Which means that you haven't told them about the way Mario and Luigi may be endangering the run of destiny...

-Gannon: And that this battle is far from over.

-Peppy: I feel sorry for them...they're still so young. If only these attacks weren't so relentless, they should at least be given some time to catch their breaths. But even though the four possessed young men were all saved, that can't be the end of it yet.

-Gannon: That worried me as well. There must be a reason why the enemy went for this approach. The whole thing hardly makes any sense...If they were able to send such powerful entities into our world, why not attack directly?

-Syrup: I also don't understand why they sent in Rousseau against us first, while Descartes was operating in the background, by attacking the ancient buildings. And why they waited so long before using Thales and Sokrates. None of it seems to hold together....

-Peppy: We'll find out about that soon enough, I believe. I've just gotten a call from Masako. She tells me something's wrong, and she's on her way to us now. She should be able to tell us more. Let's go now.

The three then went up the stairs, exchanging a few more remarks. In the hallway, Ness had been listening in on their conversation, and it left him most confused.

-Ness: What were they talking about? I don't understand at all! Miss Dark was right, something weird -is- going on in this place!

Meanwhile, a few miles away from that scene, a subway train was rushing through the tunnels below Tokyo. On board was a woman who's elegance wasn't easy to overlook. She was accompanied by a man with sunglasses, who spoke these words to her.

-James: Masako, are you really sure this is such a drastic situation?

-Masako: Positive. I can just tell that something is very, very wrong.

-James: Well, knowing you, it's probably not just feminine intuition.

-Masako: Do try to take this seriously. For several days, I've had this feeling...It's difficult to describe, but it's some kind of foreboding. Something is about to might be very, very bad. It may even affect the entire earth.

-James: Wow, it's that big...

-Masako: Whatever is going on, something is terribly wrong about the current situation. I've got to get to the bottom of this, before things get out of control. And the first step is to get in touch with principal Hare. How many stops until we reach Ninty High?

-James: Just a few more....You've got me worried there. Are you so sure that something will break loose?

-Masako: I'm never wrong about such things. Whatever event is preparing, it'll be something terrible....

Later that day, late afternoon, after classes. Foxy hadn't returned home yet, so Falco had some time to himself at their apartment. Feeling weary from the hectic pace of the city streets, he went to take a shower. The slightly too hot water rained down hard on his bare shoulders, but he ignored the light pain of the water's boiling heat, as it ran down his torso, steam welling up around him. He just tried to forget the everyday hysteria for a moment, and let the sharp, hot water drops rinse the tension from his skin, burn the filth of the city air away. All he wanted was to forget that irritating feeling he had for the past few days; a vague impression that something was wrong, that something very grave was about to break loose had been plaguing him for a while. Since his premonitions often came true, this sense of foreboding was something that worried him. He hadn't talked to anyone about it. The streams of boiling water running down his body somewhat helped to relieve the tension. However, this moment of relaxing was interrupted after a few minutes, by the sound of the apartment's doorbell ringing. Falco switched off the shower, and muttered some obscene words while he hurriedly dried himself and slipped into a pair of jeans. He then paced towards the door and yanked it open, only to find a very embarrassed-looking and slightly red-faced Foxy, with two other figures standing behind him.

-Fox: I left my keys in again. I'm so sorry!

-Falco: Never mind. What's with....those two?

Two others were standing in the doorway with Foxy. Falco rapidly recognized the two newcomers.

-Falco: Thales and Sokrates. What do you two want here?

They were indeed Mizuru Thales and Sora Sokrates. It was Mizu who spoke up.

-Mizuru: We do apologize for barging in. But we were on our way to see you as it is, and we bumped into your friend in the streets.

-Sora: It's urgent. We really need to speak to you.

-Fox: They seemed serious, so I brought them here. But I still don't really understand what's so urgent.

-Sora: Well, that's a long story.

-Falco: Oh, very well, come in then. But try to make it quick.

With those words, Mizu and Sora entered the apartment, and Mizu began to explain.

-Mizuru: Just a few moments ago, we were contacted by a certain person, and told to come to Nintendo High.

-Falco: Must've been our principal. He's always making trouble.

-Sora: Actually, it was a woman. Her name was Masako...Masako something...

-Fox: Ah....that person....

-Sora: Hmm, now that you mention it, she has the same second name as you do. I hadn't made the connection yet, but you must be related to her in some way. You look alike, too....

-Fox: Well, if you must know....

-Sora: She's your sister, right?

-Fox: No, wrong, wrong! *big blush* She's my mother. *sigh* No-one ever gets it right...*muttering* But it's not as bad as Mario who thought she was a girlfriend...oh -god-

-Mizuru: Well, in any case, this woman told us that she had sensed something. A premonition, that something truly terrible was about to happen. I knew immediately what she meant. I've had the same feeling as well. A menacing feeling, just like when a thunderstorm is waiting in the air.

-Sora: Ever since he was a child, Mizu has had the gift of an enhanced sensitivity. He can feel and notice things that others can't. In fact, he resents such pulses very clearly. It's often been tough on him because of that...

-Mizuru: And you, Lombardi, you have this ability as well, don't you? I'm sure you have also sensed this threat.

-Falco: So that's what this is all about. You're right, I did notice it, very clearly. For the past few days, I've been bothered by this strange feeling....A feeling as if everything was on the brink of destruction. I feel rotten...

-Fox: never told me.

-Falco: No use freaking you out with my silly gut feelings.

-Fox: But, your premonitions are always correct. So, this means that something really is going to happen.

-Sora: That's exactly what that Masako woman told us. Now, we need to think of something to do. We were sent here to pick you two up. We're meeting Masako, as well as the principal at the Tokyo Tower, to discuss a possible solution. We should get going.

-Mizuru: In Tokyo, there are two more people with the same ability to sense such things as you and I, Lombardi. Rousseau and Descartes are looking for those two others right now.

-Fox: Two more people with a special sense, like Falco?

-Falco: Well, we know that one of them's Link. And the other one....

At that time, at a Mah-Jong café in Yokohama, a tense atmosphere was in the air. Musashi was angrily staring at her opponent, Leon, who had just trashed her at Mah-Jong for the third time.

-Musashi:'re cheating, that has to be it! You're a cheater!

-Leon: Nah, I'm just better than you. You're a sore loser, that's all.

-Musashi: And now he insults me?! This means war! I want a revenge! We're not leaving here until I've beaten you at Mah-Jong!

In the background, Wolf and Kojiro had been watching this scene. Kojiro then added the following to comment to Musashi's latest words:

-Kojiro: In that case, we'll be stuck in this Mah Jong place for our whole lives....the misery of it.

-Wolf: Musashi really is determined to win, but I'm afraid she has no chance against Leon. He's been gambling all his life, he knows what he's doing. He's the one who taught me how to gamble when I left Hong Kong.

-Kojiro: I see, he's a pro. Even with all her pig-headedness, Musashi won't win. She's just not bright enough for that.

And indeed, despite Musashi's determination, she was beaten again as Leon flipped over one of the Mah Jong tiles.

-Leon: "Lon". A dragon. Looks like I win again, naturally.

-Musashi: Arrrgh! I don't believe this! You'd let me win once in a while if you had any manners at all! I'm a lady, after all!

-Leon: *chuckle* And you think I'm going to do you favors just because you're a woman? Get real. That gives me every reason not to do you any favors whatsoever!

-Musashi: Fine then, I'll just have to trash you by my own hands! I'm sure I'll win this time! Let's play double or nothing!

-Leon: You still haven't had enough? You should've been a kamikaze pilot.

-Kojiro: I'm tired of waiting around. Musashi, lay off already. I want to go home and have lunch!

-Musashi: Shut it, you! I'm not giving up until I've won!

-Wolf: It's gambling fever all over again....

-Kojiro: Awww, Musashi, I wanna go and have luuunch! I want a rice ball! Gimme a rice baaalll! So much more tasty than donuts!

-Wolf: Maybe we should go, before he has a freak attack in public.

-Musashi: We're not going anywhere until I've won!

-Kojiro: But I'm staaaarving!

-Leon: Oi, Koji, have some of this.

With those words, Leon coldly flung an object in Kojiro's direction, who caught it and was most happy about it.

-Kojiro: Oh, a Chinese meat bun! Delicious! Thanks so much!

-Leon: Don't mention it, Koji. Besides, I'd quite like to stay and trash your sister a few more times. I'm beginning to like it.

-Musashi: You're heartless! I'll show you!

-Wolf: This whole Mah-Jong thing has gotten totally out of control. I never should've brought them here....

-Kojiro: Oh, these meat buns are so delicious, I could just die!

-Musashi: Go ahead, do us all a favor.

-Kojiro: Nyaah! You're being mean, but it won't get to me! Now to see if there's any more food around here...

But just as Kojiro was about to inspect the surroundings for more food, the doors of the Mah-Jong bar slid open and a person entered, who addressed the group with these words:

-Rousseau: I've been looking all over for you lot. You, Wolf, we need to talk.

-Wolf: What do you want from me? And just who are you?

-Kojiro: Wait, I know him. He's Sekai Rousseau, one of those four guys. What could he want?

-Rousseau: There's an urgency, and we need your talents, Wolf.

-Wolf: My talents? I don't get it...

-Rousseau: You've always had a gift of an enhanced sensitivity, you know that very well. You can sense and notice things that others don't see at all. You've been trying to hide that talent...

-Wolf: What you say is true. I've had that even since I was a kid, and I've always hated it. It's why I left Hong Kong and came to Tokyo, I wanted to leave all that bull behind. I never asked for a special sense, it's given me nothing but trouble. And I'm not at all in the mood for helping you out. Now get outta my way.

With those words, he angrily paced out of the Mah-Jong bar, but Musashi followed him and called him back.

-Musashi: Wolfy, wait!


-Musashi: If what Rousseau said is true, that you have a special sense....

-Wolf: It's all true. I've always had that. I can tell when something is about to happen, I've seen ghosts a few times. If you want me to clear off and leave you alone, then that's allright by me. I won't hold it against you.

-Musashi: No way! I'd never do that! I won't leave you! Never!

-Wolf: Musashi....

-Musashi: Because, having a boyfriend whose psychic is just the most trendy thing in the world! Yahoo!

-Wolf: Doh....

A short silence followed, during which Wolf gradually began to chuckle.

-Wolf: Heh...well, if you really think it's cool...

-Musashi: It's awesome! It gives you a mysterious side! It goes well with your rugged looks!

-Wolf: Ha ha ha ha! You know how to cheer a guy up! Thanks a mil.

Rousseau, Kojiro and Leon had joined up with them and entered the conversation.

-Leon: Looks like she's tamed the beast.

-Rousseau: Well, it was wrong of me to barge in like that, but the situation really is urgent.

-Wolf: I've noticed as much. Something truly terrible is about to happen, isn't it?

-Rousseau: That's right, and we need you, as well as two other young men with the same talents to find out what we should do.

-Wolf: Allright then, count me in.

-Musashi: But, just a minute, you, Rousseau, how did you know all those things about Wolfy in the first place?

-Leon: He usually keeps his ESP to himself, how did you find out?

-Rousseau: It was thanks to a colleague of mine. A boy called Thales. He has a formidable power of precognition, he can sense such things very precisely. It wasn't difficult for him to track down the three boys that we needed. Descartes is on his way to pick up the third one. We should get going, they're waiting for us at the Tokyo tower.

-Musashi: Okay, but we're all coming with Wolfy!

-Kojiro: I want to go to the Tokyo Tower with my big brother!

-Leon: Guess that means I'm tagging along as well, Koji.

-Rousseau: Well, let's go then.

In the meantime, a group of Nintendo High students had gone to Zelda's home; the Mushanokoji dojo, where they had been invited for an afternoon of group study. Mario and Luigi were the last to arrive. Samus, Peach, Kirby, Toad, Link and model couple Malon and Bowser as well as Kid Icarus were already present. The Mario brother's arrival produced the following reaction:

-Peach: Ah, Mario, on the verge of being disastrously late, as usual.

-Luigi: Oh, the samourai strikes again.

-Mario: It's so unfair. It's not as if I enjoy being dragged to this silly dojo for some boring study-a-thon as it is.

-Luigi: But you never study on your own, Mario, because you just have no discipline.

-Kid Icarus: Could you two pipe down? We're trying to concentrate.

-Luigi: Sorry about that. We'll have a seat, and I'll shut Mario up.

The two then took their places with the others, and a few more remarks were exchanged.

-Kirby: Gosh, I sure hope Zelda comes here with tea and snacks soon, I can't make such efforts without a minimum of food!

-Link: Don't worry about that, she knows how to receive guests properly.

-Bowser: Well, you should know, you've been over here to see her millions of times.

-Link: It's just that she has so much work to do here. Her parents are very strict and want to make sure she'll be worthy to inherit this place, so she has to do a lot of maintenance on the dojo for them, and she has to practice a lot as well. It's too much for just one person, so I lend a hand from time to time.

-Mario: It sounds more as if you're eating right out of her hand...

-Link: Oh, but I don't mind. I like this place, it's tranquil, and it's good that there are things such as dojos to keep up the Japanese tradition.

-Samus: Now I see what you're getting at. *grin* Admit it, you just want to get into the family to be an heir to this dojo as well, it's obvious!

-Link: No, not at all, I assure you. I would like to be part of this family if they'll accept me, but...the reason is different.

-Everyone: Hmmm.....

-Samus: Oh, he's such a noble-minded young man!

-Malon: Almost as noble as you, my Bowser-sweetheart!

-Bowser: We're supposed to be working here, hun.

-Toad: But it would be a wise move to marry into a family with such property, your business spirit is excellent.

-Link: It's purely non-business, I told you!

-Toad: All right, didn't mean to ruffle your feathers. Let's get back to the history books now.

-Kirby: Trust him to say something like that....

-Toad: Well, we've already lost too much time yakking on like this.

-Kirby: But I still wonder what's keeping Zelda.

At that point, the doors to the room they were in slid open a second time, and a young woman entered; Zelda was wearing her hair up, dressed in a traditional kimono, and was carrying a plate with a teapot and some cups.

-Zelda: Welcome, dear guests. My apologies for the wait.

She then bowed, and placed the plate she was carrying on the table.

-Zelda: Please be so kind as to accept some tea, if that is at all agreeable to you.

-Kid Icarus: Wait a minute....who is this person? Do we know you, lady?

-Zelda: You must mistake me for someone else. I'm your host, Zelda Mushanokoji. Thank you for honouring my invitation *bow*.

-Mario: Ah, I get it now! She's possessed by a ghost again! That's why she's acting so freakish! Quick, do something! It's a ghost!

-Luigi: Oh no, Mario is embarrassing us again.

-Zelda: I assure you that the dojo is free from any ghosts. It must be your imagination.

-Peach: Actually, Mario, it looks to me as if she's practicing for a tea ceremony.

-Zelda: That is correct, you've grasped it quickly.

-Kirby: We all had, it's just Mario who's slow on the uptake.

-Bowser: Isn't this dojo supposed to be a martial arts school?

-Link: Yes, but it also studies other customs, such as the ladylike arts, and the traditional tea ceremony. Part of running a dojo also involves participating in the tea ceremony, and Zelda has to practice very intensely for that as well.

-Toad: A tea ceremony...that's tough. It must be murder on your feet. How can you keep that up?

-Zelda: I'm grateful for your concern, but please, I wouldn't want you to worry over me.

Kirby then took a sip from the teacup that Zelda had placed in front of him, and made the following comment:

-Kirby: Wow, it's delicious!

-Link: Zelda sure makes excellent tea *smile*

-Zelda: I am most grateful for your appreciation. I'll continue to do my best.

-Luigi: She's like a totally different person.

-Mario: Don't you think Zelda may be going a bit schizo?

-Peach: Mario, that's not nice to say. But anyway, wasn't Saria supposed to come as well?

-Link: She'll be here all right, but she needs to pick up Descartes from the railway station. He wants to come here as well, for some reason.

-Kirby: Oh no, I always feel uncomfortable around that Descartes guy....

-Link: Another thing, I thought Yoshi'd be here as well.

-Zelda: It is regretful, but Yoshi wasn't able to come. He has other occupations, and it wouldn't be proper to intrude on that.

-Kid Icarus: You mean he's hanging out with that Egyptian girl of his again.

-Malon: How nice for him to have an exotic girlfriend. Many boys would envy him that.

-Bowser: But I don't get it. He's been dragging her around Tokyo for a whole week, what could they possibly be visiting?

-Kirby: Well, from what he told me, they're meeting for tea and muffins at the Ikebukuro Sunshine building, then they'll have lunch at a Korean barbecue that Yoshi knows of. After that, they'll stop by at Haagen-Dasz in Nagano, and go for shrimps and fresh fish in a snack bar in Yokohama, and finally, they'll have cakes and soda at a café in the Tokyo Tower.

-Samus: Just a minute, I don't understand. Is it supposed to be a romantic outing, or a face-stuffing contest?

-Bowser: Yoshi probably can't tell the difference between those two.

-Kirby: It's plenty romantic! After all, the Tokyo Tower is where every couple in Tokyo visits at least once. Yoshi's a bit clumsy, but he sure tries hard, you've got to give him that.

-Kid Icarus: Fair enough, but does he want his fiancée to grow fat?

-Everyone: Ewww....

At that moment, the light sound of a bell ringing is heard...

-Link: Oh, someone's here.

-Zelda: It must be Saria and Descartes. I'll have to welcome them properly.

At that point, Saria and Descartes walked into the room, and Zelda rose to her feet, to address these words to them.

-Zelda: Welcome, and thank you for taking the trouble to come here. *bow*

-Saria: Oh, hey, don't mention it, lady. Nice to meet you. Where's Zelda, by the way?

-Toad: Looks like we've got a lot of explaining to do....

-Descartes: I'm sorry if I'll seem a bit rash, but I need to come straight to the point. You there, Link, I need to talk to you.

-Link: Very well, what is it?

-Kirby: *hushed voice* I told you that Descartes guy meant trouble...

-Descartes: In a nutshell, Link, we need your special sense. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

-Link: Well, I do have the ability to sense certain things, but why should that be of any use to you?

-Descartes: Haven't you sensed anything, lately?

-Link:....To be honest, I have. An impression, as if something is very, very wrong. As if something terrible is preparing. But I ignored it. It didn't seem like a reason to worry everyone...

-Descartes: Oh, but it is. We're pretty sure that something is about to go pear-shaped, big time. Now we need to get you to the Tokyo Tower. A few other boys with your talent for special sensitivity are gathered there. Together, you might find out something more concrete. And as for all you others, it might be good if you came along as well.

-Mario: You want us to come to the Tokyo Tower, because you say something fishy is going on?

-Luigi: If it may concern our mission, we'll come along.

-Toad: But wait a minute, what about our revisions?

-Luigi: That'll have to wait. We also have another duty.

-Mario: Nuts, and I thought we'd seen the last of those troublemakers after Thales and Sokrates.

-Link: Oh well, it can't be helped. Looks like we're off to the Tokyo Tower.

With those words, the group left the building, and headed for the subway. At that moment, on the pavement of the streets of Tokyo, a small, metallic object bounced down and began to roll towards a sewer grille. The small 10 yen coin was rolling down the street, and a person was energetically chasing it.

-Wario: Nooo, come back here! Stop rolling already! Don't go that way, you're going to fall into the sewer! Oh nooo!

But just before the coin rolled away into the gutter, a high-heeled foot placed itself on top of the rolling coin, thus stopping it's run. A young woman with fine, silvery hair and intense blue eyes then picked up the coin and flipped it up and down in the palm of her hand a few times. A young man with stark black hair and a firm build was standing behind her. The young woman then spoke to Wario.

-"So, is this coin yours, kid?"-

-Wario: Yes, it's mine, mine, mine! Gimme, gimme, gimme! Nooow!

She then threw the coin in Wario's direction, who hurriedly caught it.

-Wario: Whoa! 10 yen, speak to me! Are you allright?! Ah, thank heavens, he's safe! Thanks a mil, lady!

The silver-haired woman replied in these words, with a slightly mocking look on her face

-"Whatever. Don't have a freak attack, kid. It's only one coin, after all"-

-Wario: What do you mean? It's money, that's something one should never waste!

The black-haired man who was accompanying the young woman then spoke up, with a grave voice:

-"Hmm, this dependency....they depend entirely on simple objects, or on one another. They really are pathetic. We should get going now, the Tokyo Tower is just a little further away"-

With those words, the strange duo left the scene, and headed in the direction of the tower.

-Wario: Those two sure were strange....

At that point, the group of students that had just left the Mushanokoji dojo arrived on the scene, on their way to the Tokyo Tower. Upon seeing Wario in the street, the following remarks were exchanged.

-Samus: Yo, Wario, over here!

-Wario: Eh, what are you lot doing here? Going anywhere?

-Link: We're on our way to the Tokyo Tower, actually.

-Wario: -Everyone- is heading for that place all of a sudden. What's going on, are they having a convention for freaks at the tower?

-Mario: Yes, they do, and you're their guest of honour.

-Kid Icarus: Actually, it's more complex than that. It might be good if you came along with us, we'll explain the situation on our way there.

-Wario: Whatever, I have nothing else to do right now, I'll tag along.

-Kirby: We'll probably run into Yoshi and Ibis at the tower. Yoshi won't like it if we interrupt them while they're eating....

Indeed, in the panoramic view room of the Tokyo Tower, Ibis had been enjoying the view of the endless city below her, until Yoshi came up to her and handed her a large milkshake.

-Yoshi: Here you go!

-Ibis: Why, thank you. You've told me that they serve good milkshakes here...

-Yoshi: Yes, but to be honest, I don't come here very often. I mean, it's nice enough, and the view's really cool, but I prefer to see Tokyo face-to-face, in the streets, you know.....Well, that and they also charge you 500 yen to get to the second floor *goofy grin*.

-Ibis: But I see what you mean exactly. You've lived your whole life here...

-Yoshi: Yup, I'm a Tokyo boy, all the way! Still, what a view, eh?

-Ibis: How true...Tokyo is really huge.

-Yoshi: This tower is a place where every Tokyoite couple visits at least once, so I'm glad we could go here. It's a shame that I won't be able to show you the Rainbow Bridge...

-Ibis: Oh yes, I heard that it was blown up somehow.

-Yoshi: To tell the truth, it was an incident where Mario and Luigi were involved. It was another battle.

-Ibis: Really? I do hope no-one was hurt...

-Yoshi: Naw, everyone's just fine! Don't worry about it!

-Ibis: But isn't it difficult to live like this, for you?

-Yoshi: Not really, I don't think about it too much. I just go along with this silly saving the city business. I mean, it's crazy, but someone has to do it, and if that someone has to be me, then fine....*grin* It's not such a big deal, really.

-Ibis: Oh, but it is! It means that you are...well, exceptional.

-Yoshi: Thanks. You're not too bad yourself, you know *cheeky wink*

-Ibis: Ha ha ha ha! You -never- take things seriously! But that's what I like in always smile, Yoshi...Shall we go back down again?

-Yoshi: You're right, I am getting a bit dizzy.

They headed for the elevator, but just as they made it there, the elevator doors slid open, and two figures walked out. An elegant woman with silvery hair, and a slender young man with pitch black hair pushed past Yoshi. The man, seemingly annoyed, muttered a few words;

-"Outta the way, kid"-

-Yoshi: Oh, well, -excuse me-.

As Yoshi got into the elevator with Ibis, he looked back at the unusual duo once more, before the elevator doors closed themselves.

-Yoshi: Hmmm....

-Ibis: Yoshi, what is it?

-Yoshi: I wonder who those two were....

When the elevator had taken Ibis and Yoshi back to the ground, and they left the tower, they were surprised to see a large group of their friends from Nintendo High gathered at the foot of the tower, around the principal and his two most loyal teachers, joined by Masako and James. Yoshi addressed his classmates with these words:

-Yoshi: Heeey, you guys! What are you all doing here?

-Peach: Yoshi, Ibis, we thought we'd meet you here.

-Ibis: So, what's going on? Is there some kind of convention?

-Bowser: It's a long story. But now we need to concentrate, and think of what we'll do.

Masako then stepped forward from the group, followed by Mizu, Wolf, Falco and Link.

-Masako: Well, I've told you all the details. By combining your talents, you four should be able to localize where the threat that we've been sensing for the past few days is coming from. It could be that another enemy base has been established in the city. But even by using the "scan" technique, I can't find anything, strangely. So it's up to you four.

-Yoshi: no-one going to explain?

-Peppy: We'll explain later. The situation is urgent right now.

-Mizuru: We'll focus entirely, and try to get a clear picture of what this imminent menace really is.

-Link: Understood, we'll co-operate.

-Falco: If we must, we must....

-Wolf: Let's just go ahead with this.

However, just when they were about to start, an unexpected interruption occurred. A loud explosion was heard, and the students beheld with shock as the panoramic view room of the Tokyo Tower above them went up in flames suddenly.

-Wario: Whoa! The tower's toasted!

-Kid Icarus: That was the panoramic room. It's been blown up?!

-Toad: But how...Who could be behind this?!

-Link: There's no doubt that it has to do with the menace that we were sensing.

-Falco: Right, I can tell very clearly that this is part of it.

-Wolf: It has begun....

-Samus: But why would they blow up the tower's panoramic room? Who the hell are behind this in the first place?!

-Yoshi: Aah, wait! When I was up there, in the panoramic room, I bumped into these two very suspicious folks! It must've been them!

-Ibis: That silver-haired lady, and the grumpy raven-haired man? They did seem strange....

At that point, a voice suddenly cut into their conversation, belting out this phrase:

-"Now that's not a very nice thing to say!"-

-Everyone: Huh??

The whole group then turned around, and found themselves facing the two suspicious individuals that Yoshi had crossed in the tower. Wario was the first one to speak up.

-Wario: Wah! I've seen those two before!

In reaction to this, the raven-haired man spoke up:

-"It's true, we've met, but we have not been introduced yet. Allow me to do the honors. I am Ankoku Robespierre."-

To this, the young woman added the following words:

-"And I am Hikari Montesquieu. And as for you lot, you are....well, you're just -so- dead!"-

-Malon: Robespierre and Montesquieu? They're our new enemies?!

-Bowser: But that makes no sense! Thales and Sokrates were the last two potential harbingers, why should other humans get possessed by the enemy?

-Robespierre: You draw your conclusions too hastily. We're not like your previous enemies. We are full-blood S-types, of the finest order.

-Montesquieu: And we'll show you how to put up a real fight! You've seen nothing so far!

-Robespierre: Hikari, calm down. You mustn't lose your cool.

-Montesquieu: Aww, Ankoku, you're no fun at all.

-Kirby: So those two are full-blood S-types? They seem serious...

-Mario: You'd better believe they're serious! Just look at the radar, these readings have gone out of control!

Indeed, Mario's Game Boy radar was showing an extremely high reading, without doubt the largest reading recorded so far.

-Peppy: It's not simply isn't possible. How could two creatures of such power have come into our world? The seal we placed on their dimension should've repelled them. How are they able to invade our world?

-Gannon: Even though those two are terribly powerful, even they couldn't have just waltzed in here as if the seal wasn't there.

-Syrup: Unless they were here long before that....

-Montesquieu: Enough with the monologues! Let's get down to business!

-Robespierre: But before we trash them senseless, there's a little something we need to do. Have you forgotten about our lord and master's orders, Hikari?

-Montesquieu: Oh, that's right, it nearly slipped my mind. Well, let's get it over with quickly, I'm tired of waiting.

Robespierre and Montesquieu then joined hands and raised their arms towards the sky. A menacing, growling noise began to resound, and the sky gradually darkened.

-Wario: What the hell...?! What are they doing?!

-Robespierre & Montesquieu: Let the destruction commence!!

A deafening roar was heard, and shards of ice began to rain down from the sky. A storm of icy spikes struck down over all of Tokyo, growing more and more violent. Within seconds, the whole city was in panic, as the frozen needles crashed down ever more brutally on the city and it's people. At that point, Ness was on his way home, where he'd report to Joanna Dark about his investigation, but he was caught by surprise by the sudden icy tempest.

-Ness: What in the world is going on?! He whole city's getting messed up by those pieces of ice!....Whoa!

He then beheld with shock how one large spike of ice was hurtling right towards him.

-Ness: No waaay! I'll get turned into a deep-freeze kebab! Aiieee!

But just before the menacing giant shard of ice could do it's destructive work, a gunshot resounded, and a hefty bullet shattered the oncoming icy spear, thus saving Ness' hide at the very last moment. Ness turned round to spot none other than Joanna Dark pointing a magnum gun.

-Ness: Miss Dark! You've saved me!

-Joanna: You're allright, nothing broken? This seems to be another incident....

-Ness: Right! Such a storm isn't a natural phenomenon, it must be another mysterious kind of incident. And you were right about that Nintendo High place, something freaky -is- going on in there!

-Joanna: We'll see about that later. We can't stand around in this storm, it's dangerous.

-Ness: I'll say it is. Those icy spikes are tearing up the whole city! What should we do?

-Joanna: For now, we need to get to safety. We'll hide out in the subway tunnels. Let's go!

They then ran into a subway station, where they were safe from the onslaught of frozen shards. Meanwhile, at the Tokyo Tower, the principal and the two other teachers had rapidly created a force field that was shielding all the others from the violent storm of ice. The barrage of icy spears continued for a few more minutes, after which it died down...All of Tokyo was now covered in a thick layer of ice. Robespierre and Montesquieu had succeeded in freezing the entire city. At that point, the principal's force field dissolved, and the three teachers collapsed.

-Peppy: Oww...That was a little too much.

-Toad: Principal! Coach! Miss Syrup!

-Gannon: Don't worry, it's nothing serious.

-Syrup: We just exhausted ourselves too much with that force field.

-Peach: It's impossible...The whole city is covered in ice. They've frozen the entire city in just one go! Those two are really terrible!

-Mario: No sweat! We'll clobber them, and once they're history, the ice should disappear as well. Luigi, prepare yourself!

-Luigi: I'm ready whenever you are!

-Mario & Luigi: Revolutionary fire flower!!

....However, nothing happened. Mario and Luigi had pronounced their transform phrase, but it had no effect. They didn't transform into their harbinger forms.

-Mario: Whaaat?! It's not working anymore! What kind of a rip-off is this?!

-Robespierre: Wu hu ha ha ha ha! You're defenseless now! The whole city is covered in our ice, and that includes your school building, where your precious relic lies!

-Montesquieu: The rays of the relic can't penetrate our ice! You're finished!

-Luigi: No way! How could the relic's power be canceled by a simple hunk of ice?

-Montesquieu: It's not just any kind of ice, boy. This ice is an integral part of our body. Our minds and our energy is directly linked with this ice, we're in perfect synchronization. Thanks to our energies, this ice is almost like a living being of it's own!

-Samus: Dear lord, it's terrible...those two are strong enough to completely block out the N-force's radiation. It's looking bad for us.

-Robespierre: And the fun part is, it's going to get even worse! Now that your meddlesome N-force no longer bothers us, it's time to bring back our lord and master!

-Montesquieu: Finally, our glorious master will return from his exile! The time is now!

With those words, a black hole started to open up in the sky above them. A swirling vortex appeared over the Tokyo Tower, and hovering in that dark gate, an image of a floating cathedral slowly appeared.

-Saria: Ohhh, no way, another catastrophe? Haven't we had enough yet?

-Malon: What is that thing? It looks like a chapel...or more like a cathedral.

At that point, Monstesquieu ad Robespierre kneeled down, as if they were praying.

-Montesquieu: Finally, it's come true. Our supreme lord is back.

-Robespierre: After so many years, the true destiny will at last be accomplished, by the hands of our one and only ruler. Lord Tokima Herkaleitos, make your appearance, now!

At the suspended cathedral's doorstep, a figure then appeared, and a cruel laugh was heard.

-Yoshi: Is he the one, that overlord dude, Herakleitos or something?

-Peppy: Wait a minute, did they say Herakleitos? Tokima Herakleitos?

-Robespierre: It is by that name that our glorious master goes. His name shall be hallowed in the entire galaxy, very soon.

-Peppy: It's not possible, it couldn't be him...It can't be that same person!

-Toad: Principal, you mean to say that you know who this person is?

-Peppy: In a way, yes. He was one of the people who joined my father on their tragic expedition, fifty years ago. He was there, on the same expedition, when the relic was discovered. Father mentioned him a few times. He described him as very intelligent and cunning, but unreasonable and stormy as well. But it's simply impossible that this person should be the same Tokima Herakleitos as the one whom father mentioned. Father was the only survivor of that expedition, all the others had perished when they tried to posses the relic. By all logic, the one called Tokima Herakleitos should be dead, it's not possible that he should be here....I don't understand anymore.

-Montesquieu: It makes no difference anyways. Lord Herakleitos is only stopping by to pick up two special guests.

-Robespierre: That's correct. Two of you have an important appointment to keep. You mustn't keep our ruler waiting, now, Mario and Luigi.

-Mario: Say what?

-Luigi: He's talking about us...

Right then, a pair of giant, shadowy hands appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, and grabbed Mario and Luigi.

-Mario: Whoa! What is this stuff!? Let go of me!

-Luigi: They're going to force us...and we can't even transform!

-Peach: Luigi! Mario!

-Samus: No way! Mariooo! Luiiigiii! Let them go, you bastards!

And even though Mario and Luigi struggled, the two giant shadow hands them took them away, and carried them towards the cathedral that floated in the dark vortex. The last the others saw of them was a vague image, as they disappeared into the black gate, along with the vanishing cathedral.

-Yoshi: No way...they've taken them....

-Peach: Mario...Luigi....

-Samus: Luigi...No, it's not fair! Damn them! Luigi! Bring him back!

-Montesquieu: Don't be so impatient. Our illustrious lord wishes to exchange a few words with your two harbingers.

-Robespierre: You'll meet again with them soon enough. You'll see them in hell, once I've roasted you lot!

-Montesquieu: Exactly! Enough with the formalities, time for action! I feel like letting off some steam!

-Bowser: You got it. We're not going to forgive you, definitely!

-Malon: That's right! We're not afraid of you! Koopa prism power, Make Up!

-Robespierre: Oh, and that's supposed to impress us?

-Toad: Malon, Bowser, be careful. Those two shouldn't be taken lightly.

-Bowser: I know...No need to hide it, we've got no chance at all against them, right?

-Toad: I'm afraid so. They're far, far too strong for you.

-Malon: It makes no difference! We can't just stand there and do nothing!

-Bowser: It's our duty, and we'll try whatever we can against them. Fire spit!!

With those words, Bowser blew a wall of flames at his two enemies. However, they just let the fire brush over them, and were entirely unaffected.

-Montesquieu: A fire trick...It's amusing. Come on now, do it properly. I'm sure you can do better than that.

-Malon: You bet! Here's my super deluxe special finishing move! Half circle away, forward, back, forward, quarter circle towards, B & A! Gorgeous dreamy milkshake overdrive! Fatality!!

Malon then joined her hands, and a beam of enormous size was shot out towards her two opponents.

-Robespierre: Well, that's more like it. But still not good enough!

With his bare hands, Robespierre intercepted the blast that Malon had fired at them and neutralized it, with a cold grin.

-Malon: What? My move failed?

-Robespierre: Alas, it did. But it was an excellent attempt, I must say. Allow me to return the favor!

Robespierre then shot out a wave of energy from his hands that flew towards Malon with terrifying speed.

-Malon: way!

-Bowser: Careful!

Before Robespierre's attack could engulf Malon, Bowser dived forward towards his fiancée and shielded her with his body. They both took the blast and were hurled to the ground by it's tremendous impact.

-Bowser: Uurrrgh...oh man, that really smarts....

-Malon: We've failed....we were beaten so easily.

-Samus: Malon! Bowser!

-Peach: It's terrible, they were wiped out just like that.

-Malon: I'm sorry that we've been of so little use....

-Bowser: Talk about a fiasco.

-Yoshi: Don't talk like that! Now hang in there, you'll make it!

-Bowser: I'm surprised that we're not dead, actually...

-Kirby: After you've taken such a beating, you can't possibly fight on....

-Malon: Figures. We can hardly even move.

-Yoshi: But someone's got to do something! Doesn't anyone of us have a single chance against them?

In reaction to these words from Yoshi, Rousseau, Descartes, Thales and Sokrates advanced towards Robespierre and Montesquieu.

-Rousseau: We'll take them on. They're too much for you kids.

-Toad: What? Rousseau, wait!

-Link: Those four are going in against them?

-Descartes: I can never resist a challenge. Let's see how much I can really do with my power as a potential harbinger...

-Saria: No, Renn, don't! Be very careful!

-Falco: They seem to know what they're doing. They might have a chance.

-Fox: Falco, is that what your instinct is telling you?

-Falco: Nothing's telling me anything, it's just common sense. Frankly, I have no idea what will happen next. Your guess is as good as mine. We'll see.

-Fox: Falco....

-Mizuru: Leave it to us. We still have some unfinished business with those S-type creeps.

-Sora: We're your best line of defense. Those who can't fight anymore had better retreat.

-Yoshi: He has a point, there. Someone had better take Malon and Bowser to safety.

-Kirby: And the principal, as well as the coach and miss Syrup. They've passed out from using up too much energy.

-Masako: I'll see to that. James, give me hand, help me to carry them.

-James: You got it. You're on your own with this, guys. I hate to leave you like this...

Masako and James began to carry the wounded ones away, while the four young men continued to walk towards their to fearsome enemies.

-Montesquieu: Oh, so those four are next? Looks like fun. Ankoku, leave that redhead guy to me!

-Robespierre: Very well. They're the four guys that we possessed, to create a diversion. Might be fun to see what they've got to say.

-Descartes: All I have to say is stuff you! We won't show any mercy!

-Rousseau: That goes for me as well! Prepare yourselves!

-Montesquieu: Well, they can turn phrases allright...

-Mizuru: That's not all we'll do. You shouldn't have gotten on our bad side.

-Sora: You'll pay for all that you've done. Know that we're determined about this!

-Robespierre: Fine, have it your way...

-Montesquieu: Game start!

As the four young men prepared to face off against the terrible twosome, Mario and Luigi were slowly regaining their consciousness. They found themselves inside a misty cathedral, in front of a fountain where an image of Tokyo was reflecting in the water.

-Luigi: Mario, where are we? What has happened to us?

-Mario: I don't know, but we must get back to Tokyo, pronto! The others need us!

However, a voice then addressed them in these terms:

-"Leaving so soon, honourable guests? How disappointing...."-

They turned around to spot a cloaked figure, standing in the doorway of the cathedral. This person then continued his talk...

-"Please pardon me, I haven't welcomed you properly. I am Tokima Herakleitos, the one who will soon have the authority over the entire cosmos. Mario and Luigi, it is now time for destiny to accomplish itself...."-

END of episode 4

Look out for episode 5: "Into the Other World!"

The ultimate enemies have revealed themselves, and their terrible power is driving the defenders of Tokyo to despair. While Peach and all of Mario and Luigi's friends endure the merciless onslaughts of Robespierre and Montesquieu, Mario and Luigi have to deal with the cruel overlord Herakleitos. But without their powers as the harbinger, it is looking grim!

The revolution completes it's cycle in Mario's High school days Super Turbo 5!