Super Mario Alternate Universe Story:
Mario's High School Days

By Toasty

Episode 10: Appearance of the Ultimate Evil! The Choice Between Two Futures!


Dear diary:

I just have time to jot this down before I'm off to school. You know how Monday mornings are, always hectic...Anyway, I've decided to talk to Peach today about Mario. I'm still not sure if that's a good move, but I still think I should do something. Somehow, I get this gut feeling that we're running low on time for something...Oh, and of course, none of this must be revealed to Mario!


Scene 1: Access: the enemy's true face revealed!

(Monday morning, 10:00. The massive Seny company tower looms over the city, with boiling black clouds surrounding it's peak. Musashi and Kojiro are standing at the entry door to the tower, looking a little insecure...)

-Kojiro: Sis, do we really have to apply for a job in this place?

-Musashi: Du-uh! Of course we do, and it's all because of you! You got us fired from Wright's tearoom by spilling strawberry syrup on that old lady's wig!

-Kojiro: But you were the one who tried to get the strawberry syrup off with a huge mop, thus knocking her wig into a bucket of waste materials!

-Musashi: Oh, what's the difference?! We're here now, and I for one am determined to get a job here! Even if it's as toilet cleaners!

-Kojiro: Oh, yeah, then we could be the Team Rocket Toilet Cleaners! Ta-daaaah!

-Musashi: *sweatdrop* Yes...something like that....

(At that point, an employee of the Seny company comes out of the building and addresses Musashi and Kojiro, while glaring at them through dark sunglasses)

-Employee #1: You two, what are you doing here?

-Kojiro: We're the Team Rocket Toilet Cleaners!

-Musashi: Shut up!!

(In order to silence her brother, Musashi whacks him with a mallet and an iron fan. She then continues the conversation with these words:)

-Musashi: Uhm...please excuse this person. I have never seen him in my life, really! Anyway, we're here for the job interviews.

-Employee #1: .......Hrmmm

-Musashi: You know, the job interviews? There was this ad that you needed some extra personnel in the newspaper.

-Employee #1: There are no interviews today. Come back some other time.

-Musashi: What? But I'm sure I was told to come here today for an interview! It was today, no doubt about it!

-Employee #1: Well, there's been a change of plans. No outsiders are allowed in the building today. No-one may interfere with our scenario. Now leave!

-Musashi: But you don't understand! We must have that job, at any cost! We're desperate! Pleeease don't do this to us!!

(With an overly melodramatic gesture, Musashi pretends to burst out in tears)

-Kojiro: Brilliant idea! The crying routine always works!

-Musashi: Of course, my face is even more irresistible when embellished by desperate tears!

-Employee #1: Enough! I said no-one must interfere today! If you won't leave willingly, I'll have to get you out of here myself!

(The employee of the company then belted out a beast-like howling, and his form changed into a small, blue monster with a spiked back and a malicious smirk. Hissing, the small beast turned to Musashi and Kojiro, and prepared to pounce)

-Kojiro: Eeek!! What is that?! Musashi, you shouldn't have made him angry like that!

-Musashi: Hey, how was I supposed to know he'd turn into a spiked blue freak?!

(They had no chance to continue this argument, however, as the blue monster now charged at them full speed, it's hands stretched out menacingly. It all seemed lost for them...)

-Musashi & Kojiro: Yada Kanjiiii!!!

(However, the beast failed to grab hold of it's two victims. Instead, the thing it made contact with was a baseball bat, swung at it's deformed face with such force that the creature was sent flying off into the distance. Musashi and Kojiro looked up to see that the one who had just saved them with this baseball bat was the same person they had been after for so many years; Star Wolf. He delivered the following remark:)

-Wolf: I was expecting something weird to happen at this place. Seems like I made it just in time. I guess I could make a pun about the Yomiuri Giants now...only that'd be cheesy....

-Musashi: Wolfyyyy! You've saved us! My hero!

(Overjoyed, Musashi glomped onto Wolf's left arm, and a broad smile appeared on her face).

-Kojiro: Ohh, Wolfyyy! That was wonderful!

(Mimicking his sister exactly, Kojiro grabbed hold of Wolf's right arm and grinned hugely. Musashi, however, wasn't too overjoyed about this)

-Musashi: Oi, Kojiro, what exactly are you doing?

-Kojiro: Hmm? Well, I'm being happy to see Wolfy again, just like you are!

-Musashi: You moron! You're not supposed to be that pleased to see him! That's my bit!

-Kojiro: Awww, not fair...

-Musashi: Go on, now, let go! He's mine!

-Wolf: Oi, s'cuse me, I hate to interrupt, but this is really not the right place for that kind of thing....

-Musashi: Oh, you're so right! This is no place to begin our grand romance. Let's pop back to my place and slip into something more comfortable, hmm?

-Kojiro: Oh, yes, let's do that, eh Wolfy?

-Musashi: Nobody asked you!!

-Wolf: What grand romance? What's going on here?

(However, this was never revealed to Wolf, as at that point, the group of students from Nintendo High arrived on the scene. Noticing the presence of Musashi and Kojiro, Yoshi delivered the following remark:)

-Yoshi: Oh! It's the two weirdoes!

-Musashi & Kojiro: What was that?!

-Saria: And that Wolf guy's here as well....

-Falco: Hrmm...Star Wolf again, eh?

-Fox: Falco...wha..what are you going to do?

(Falco stepped forward and gave Wolf one of his trademark penetrating stares before speaking these words to him:)

-Falco: You again....

-Wolf: Yeah, what's it to you?

-Falco:...Listen, it's not safe here. Get outta here and take those two other freaks with you.

-Musashi & Kojiro: "Those two other freaks"?!

-Wolf: Fine with me. But what about this building here? Something fishy is going on in there, I can tell...and I'm sure you lot know of it as well...

-Falco: Never mind that. We'll deal with it. Now go home, leave the Seny tower to us.


(Wolf then left them, dragging Kojiro and Musashi along with him. After a short silence, the following remarks were exchanged:)

-Samus: Pheww, for a moment I though Falco and that Wolf would fly at each other's throats again. Man, that was scary!

-Kid Icarus: But our fight is not with Wolf right now...

-Zelda: Yeah, even an impulsive maniac like Falco has the common sense to grasp that ^^. Right now, we must focus on bringing that tower down!

-Link: That's right. Our mission is clear: eliminate all enemy presence from that tower. That's the only way to preserve this city's peace.

-Kirby: Well then, what are we waiting for?! Let's get in there already!

-Yoshi: There's just one thing; where are Mario and Luigi?

-Wario: I'll tell you for 75 yen!

-Peach: Mario and Luigi had to come to the principal's office. I suppose they're still there now.

-Wario: Awww.....there goes another 75 yen....

-Falco: Oh, who needs those two anyways? We can handle things here. Now let's go!

-Zelda: Right on! I was getting tired of waiting!

-Malon: This is it, it's really starting now. Little Koopas, are you ready?

-Wendy: Ready, milady! Just waiting for your signal!

-Iggy: Uhm...what was it we had to do again?

-Wendy: Doh! Don't tell me you forgot the extra-special mission that lady Malon entrusted to us!

-Ludwig: What a rotten memory! Maybe he needs some shock treatment! *glares*

-Iggy: Eep! No, no, it's okay, I remember! The backing chorus that has to do the oooh and aaah chanting during lady Malon's transformation sequence fell ill due to the recent rain, and we have to fill in for them for this episode!

-Wendy: That's better. See, when you try....

-Roy: I still think it kinda sucks that we have to be the background chorus for a transformation sequence....

-Lemmy: Are you joking?! A background chorus is super important! It adds an enormous doses of impact to a transform sequence! Lady Malon, you can count on us!

-Malon: Allright then, here goes...Koopa prism power, Make Up!!

(After pronouncing the magic words, Malon's transformation was once again enacted)

-Little Koopas: Eeeeeh, oooooh, Sai-lorrrr Sol-dierrrrr!

(Backed by the chorus of the Little Koopas, she finished her transformation into her ever-snazzy battle outfit)

-Morton: Oooooh, aaaah, Superrrr Sailor Soldier!

-Wendy: A-herm, Morton, the transformation scene's over, you can stop singing now.

-Morton: Oh gosh, how embarrassing!

-Bowser: Let's hurry, we mustn't lag behind!

-Malon: Yes, we're going in, in name of true love!

(A few seconds later, the sealed entry door of the skyscraper was kicked in by a mightily psyched-up Zelda)

-Zelda: Hah! Did they really think a simple door would keep us out?!

-Yoshi: you go round wrecking doors like that at home as well?

-Zelda: Of course not. I spend most of my time in the dojo. There are only slider doors in there.

-Kirby: Oh, that's right, your family owns a kung fu dojo, huh?

-Zelda: Yup, the Mushanokoji dojo. And I'll be the one to inherit it soon.

-Wario: You could make lots of profit from running a dojo....

-Link: Yes, well, right now, we have other things to worry about. The first attack wave is here.....

(Indeed, a group of similar small spiked blue creatures was awaiting them, with menacing grins frozen on their faces, apparently battle ready)

-Fox: That...those thing are the enemy?

-Peach: It seems that they were masquerading as employees of the Seny company. Those blue animals must be their true form.

-Link: Well, there's only one thing left to do. We must clear each floor of this building and eliminate every one of those creatures that we encounter.

-Saria: Talk about a major clean-up job!

-Kid Icarus: There's no other way. Let's get started....

=NOTE: Yomiuri Giants: Tokyo's baseball team.=

Scene 2: The saint rune of many mysteries! That which started it all.....

(Meanwhile, back at the Nintendo High building, the principal had led Mario and Luigi into the large vault in the top floor of the building. Inside this room, a large five-pointed star, carved out of some crystalline material was hovering above the ground, spinning around and emitting a glowing light of many different colours. The room was bathed in the strange object's multicoloured light as Mario and Luigi stared in amazement)

-Mario: So this is it.....this is.....your disco lamp?

-Luigi & Peppy: Dohhhhhh!!

(The others fell flat on their faces upon hearing this. After having peeled themselves from the ground again, the principal replied in these words:)

-Peppy: Uhm...not exactly *huge sweatdrop*. It's not a disco light. It's an ancient relic that was found many years ago. It is the source of the saint force that is referred to as "N-force". This is what triggered off this entire battle...

-Luigi: And this is also part of your big "scenario", isn't it?

-Peppy: In a way, yes, but I didn't want to use it unless I really had to. This object was found buried in the Izu area fifty years ago. The explorers that discovered this relic immediately noticed that there was something unusual about it, that with this object, one could gain power beyond anything imaginable.... However, upon making contact with the relic to seize it's enormous power, most of them perished. Only one of them survived contact with the relic and managed to take it back with him. This person was the one who would become my father. 15 years after that, I was born. I was told everything about this ancient relic and it's powers as soon as I was old enough to understand. Father also told me that, when he had touched the relic, he had seen strange visions, as if the relic was "communicating" with him. According to these visions, a terrible menace would invade our world. This was all too true, as from the moment that the relic had been found, the S-types started to appear around the world, no doubt in search of it's hiding place. So, father and many of his associates began to form groups that trained people to defend the world from the S-type attacks. From the visions that he had seen upon contact with the relic, father had also gained knowledge of all of the 64 secret techniques. He was the one who first began to train others in this discipline. This task was later passed down to me, and that's why I used Nintendo High as a cover for these secret operations. It also became my duty to hide away the relic and to protect it. The top floor of Nintendo High's building thus became the relic's resting place.....

-Mario: So that's how it all began....But I still don't see why the S-types want that weird relic...

-Peppy: One can only presume they are after it's tremendous power...Either that or they want to destroy it because it forms a menace to them. In any case, they must not reach their goal.

-Mario: But, if you had such a powerful item at your disposal, why didn't you use it straight away to beat the enemy?

-Peppy: I thought I had made it clear that you can't just waltz in here and take it with you. A normal human wouldn't be able to touch it without suffering serious injuries. A special person is needed. A chose one, who has proven himself through numerous trials....This person is designated as the "harbinger".

-Luigi: And you said that this special person

-Peppy: Exactly. Both of you have proven your worth in all your past trials. Since you are both from the same blood, born from the same source, it means that both of you have the qualities to be the harbinger. You two are the ones who will wield the relic's revolutionary power to save our city on this day.

-Mario: I see, so that's our role in this whole affair...Allright, I'm ready. Tell me what to do.

-Peppy: See if you can make contact with it. Try touching it for example.

-Mario: Sure, works for me.

-Peppy: Just a minute. You're not at all worried about whether you'll make it through this unharmed or not? You know that it's risky, but it doesn't trouble you at all?

-Mario: Uhm, no, not really. You said we're the ones for the job, and besides, it's just a star-shaped stone slab. No biggie, right, Luigi?

-Luigi: No, you got it all wrong! Principal, this can't be right!

-Peppy: can't?

-Luigi: No! I'm not as strong as Mario! I could never be! I'm not the right one to be this harbinger person. I'm sorry, but you'll have to find someone else. I just know that I'm not good enough!

-Mario: Luigi....

-Luigi: It's true, Mario, and you know it! You're the one who's strong here, not me!

-Mario: Luigi...*smile*, haven't you still figured out that the only reason why I can always keep going is because of you?


-Mario: I mean it! No matter what happens, no matter how bad things get, I can pull through. I know that there's a person out there who understands everything that I go through. A person who was born from the same source as me, who is linked to me with an everlasting bond. It means that I'm never on my own. Because of that, I never need to give up, I can always keep hope, all because of you. Everything that I have ever achieved, right from the very beginning was thanks to you....


-Mario: I'm serious, I couldn't have done it without you. And if Luigi doesn't want to go through with this harbinger affair, then neither will I, principal.

-Peppy: I see...

-Luigi: No, it's allright. I'll give it a try. I have nothing to lose....I'll give it my best shot, even if I won't be as strong as Mario.

-Mario: Will you drop that "I'm-the-weakest" routine already? Nobody told you to be like me! Just be yourself, and find your own way to be a good harbinger. Now let's go for it.

-Luigi: Allright!

(They both advanced towards the hovering relic and placed their hands onto it's surface. At that moment, the light of the relic shone more intensely than ever! When the bright flare had died down, they noticed that they both had changed. Instead of their school uniforms, they were now wearing white dungarees with a red and a green shirt respectively. On their foreheads, a symbol resembling a cube made up out of colourful N's had appeared and from their backs had sprouted white wings.)

-Luigi: So...we did it? We made contact with that thing and lived?

-Mario: See, I told you, no biggie! And we even got cool new outfits. Pretty neat, huh?

-Peppy: Excellent. I knew that you two could do it. We had placed all our hopes in you.

-Luigi: I still don't get why it had to change our clothes....

-Peppy: This change of appearance no doubt symbolizes that the relic has accepted you as the holders of it's power. The power of the N-force has fused in you, you have now become the harbingers.

-Mario: All right, so we really did it!

-Luigi: That's good. But what do we do now?

-Peppy: That seems obvious enough. Go to the enemy base and help out the others. They'll need your help, and quickly. I fear that on their own, they might not make it....

-Mario: Are you sure? Do you think they could be in danger?

-Peppy: There's no telling what the S-types are capable of. I suspect that they will put up a tough fight at their base.

-Mario: Damn, you're right! I'm not leaving Peach or any of the others to the mercy of those freaks!

-Luigi: Yes, that's true. Sammy's in there as well. If anything happened to her...or to anyone else, I'd never forgive myself! We must get there!

-Peppy: That's the spirit. Now, I will tell you how to use the N-force that has just fused in you....


Scene 3: Eliminate the enemy's last stand! "The creatures that walk the spaces between two worlds..."

(After many long hours of fending off legions of blue spiked guards, the group of students had made it all the way up to the 28th floor of the tower. They were just finishing off the last few guards on that floor)

-Bowser: Eat this! Fire spit!

-Malon: forward, forward, back, forward and A! Hyper kick!

(Those two blows were enough to eliminate the last guards on the 28th floor. With yet another floor cleared, the students decided to take a short break.)

-Link: Well, is everyone still holding together?

-Kirby: No sweat. No-one was injured at all. We're doing pretty well, huh?

-Samus: We're doing great! We've already cleared 28 of the building's 30 floors, without even getting scratched. Just two more floors to go and we'll have made it!

-Zelda: Hah! Those morons really weren't up to it!

-Link: Somehow, it seems a little strange. I had expected something much more difficult than this, but those guards are no match for us at all. Don't you think it's odd?

-Peach: Now that you mention it, it's a little hard to believe that it could all be over so quickly. Do you think they're preparing something bigger?

-Yoshi: Oh, come on, you lot, don't start to think of the worst. We've done fine so far, even if they are holding some last resort in reserve, we'll be able to deal with it, I'm sure.

-Fox: That's true. There's only one way to find out if they are planning something bigger, and that is to move on.

(As if to do so there and then, Foxy headed towards the staircase leading to floor 29. However, he didn't notice one last blue guard that was hiding underneath the staircase, ready to attack. As soon as Foxy was in range, the creature leapt out and dashed towards him, leaving him no time to react.)

-Kid Icarus: Careful! We've missed one of them!

-Fox: Ack! No way!

-Zelda: Damn it! That thing is going to get Foxy!

-Falco: Not while I'm around!

(Without hesitating, Falco moved in between Foxy and the charging animal, and punched the menacing S-type out of the way. The strength of his blow caused the spiked beast to dissolve back to it's state of black sludge and to disappear in thin air.)

-Falco: Hmph, it'll need to think of something more original than such a corny trick next time.

-Fox: Falco....

-Falco: You're allright, nothing broken? You really should try to be more careful.

-Fox: Uhm...yes, fine...Thank you...

-Falco: Yeah, never mind. I told you, nothing bad will happen to you with me around.


-Wario: Let's move on already! Time is money!

(The whole group then went up the stairs. On the 29th floor, they found themselves face-to-face with yet another horde of the beastly S-type guards, giving them gormless grinning stares)

-Saria: More of those freaks...I'm really getting sick of seeing their ugly hides.

-Kirby: Yoshi, we can get rid of these with a double attack!

-Yoshi: That's right! Everyone, we're taking care of this wave!

(The others watched in slight disbelief as Yoshi and Kirby took out two watermelons and stuffed the huge fruits down their mouths whole. With their cheeks swollen up by the watermelons, they then spat a rain of watermelon seeds at the guards, who cringed in pain and stumbled backwards with the impact of the sharp seeds.)

-Samus: I'll finish them off! Cool, it's been so long since I last had a chance to do my funky exorcist chanting routine!

-Toad: President you really think an exorcist formula will work against those guards?

-Samus: Well, it's worth a shot, so here goes! "Rin, poh, toh, sha, kai, jin, retsu, zai, zen...Akuryu Taisen!" To heck with you, evil spirits!

(She then let loose a rain of anti-devil charms on the struggling guards. Not able to defend themselves from both the melon seeds and the charms, they succumbed and crumbled into piles of black leftovers, who rapidly dissolved into thin air again.)

-Kirby: Excellent! We sure showed them!

-Samus: Ah, I sure am lucky to have an uncle who owns a temple in Kyoto! I can get the charms from him, no charge, and they work just fine.

-Toad: Your relatives sure get around a lot....You wouldn't happen to have a cousin who lives on Mount Fuji, do you?

-Samus: Actually, it's a niece.

-Link: Well, we can move ahead to the last floor now. Our trial is nearly over.

-Kid Icarus: Trouble is, the staircase to the last floor is blocked by a sealed door. We can't get it to open.

(A solid door was indeed standing between them and the last floor of the skyscraper, but a solution rapidly presented itself:)

-Zelda: Leave it to me, that's my department! I've been wrecking doors since I was five!

-Kirby: I expected as much...*sweatdrop*

-Zelda: Here goes! Behold the strength of the Mushanokoji martial artists bloodline!

(With great ease, she then kicked the door to pieces, thus clearing the way to the last floor).

-Zelda: Yes! My ancestors have every reason to be proud!

-Yoshi: I'm beginning to think that the Mushanokoji family may be a little too eccentric....

-Bowser: Well, we've made it to the last floor. If they have been keeping a last trump card up their sleeves, this is where they'll use it....

-Malon: We had better be careful, something sneaky might happen.

(They then climbed the last staircase and found themselves on floor 30, where they were being awaited by a familiar person. The one who welcomed them to the building's top floor was their ancient worst enemy; the ex-principal Andross....)

-Kirby: Oh! It's him! That person.....that...uhm....who are you again?

-Andross: Hmph, what an insolent kid. I don't think you'll forget my name again after you've seen what I have in store for you!

-Link: Hold it just a minute, you. Before you move a muscle, I want some answers. You're the one behind this whole thing, but you are human just like us. It makes no sense. Why would you want to be on the side of the ones who are the enemy of all humans?

-Andross: You're just a stupid child, you couldn't understand. Humans always have to make such a fuss about themselves. They think they're just so brilliant, their hearts are swollen up to the max with arrogant pride. That's what attracted the S-types to this world. A world full of beings who think of themselves almost as gods. Pride is a strong emotion, and humans are filled to the brim with it. The S-types feed on strong emotional energies, and so, humans were the perfect prey for them. You humans have brought this invasion upon yourselves by being so damn indiscreet and noisy! You only have yourselves to blame!

-Falco: Man, what a load of bull.

-Malon: Even if you believe in what you have just said, that's no reason to wish for the destruction of mankind!

-Andross: I don't see why not. Humans have caused the eradication of many species as it is, but nobody is concerned about that. No-one would care if the so-and-so fish or this this-or-that bug was to become extinct, but mention the end of humanity, and everyone screams his head off. You see, you humans really are way too full of it!

-Yoshi: He's getting on my nerves...

-Zelda: Same here. That bastard's asking for it.

-Andross: I wasn't aware of how vile humanity really is until I discovered the S-types. When I made contact with them, I saw the truth about mankind. The S-types have enlightened me, and I will lead them into this world, so they can roam free and teach all the humans the lesson they deserve!

-Bowser: It's our duty to prevent that. As long as we're here, you won't be leading anyone in here!

-Andross: Even if it weren't for me, the S-types would come here by themselves. They are creatures that walk the space

between two worlds. They have no dimension where they can exist for themselves, the only was to survive for them is to invade other dimensions and pry on it's inhabitants, while changing their shape to go unnoticed. But now, I will turn this world into a haven they can call home!

-Link: You will do no such thing. I've had more than enough of you, no matter who you are, I can't forgive you!

(Determined, Link then loaded an ice arrow onto his bow and aimed it at Andross)

-Falco: Same here, I'm sick of listening to this freak's warbling. Let's shut him up once and for good.

-Kid Icarus: I agree, things can't go on like this any longer.

(As Falco loaded a fire arrow and Icarus a light arrow, Yoshi made the following remark:)

-Yoshi: Just a second, I thought you were all out of those special arrows?

-Saria: We were, but we've mastered a special technique from the 64 ancient secret moves that allows us to create new ones. It was very difficult to get the hang of it, they've practicing a lot to get it right.

-Link: Now, let's end this. Everyone, stand by.

-Andross: Hah! Do you really think it'll all be over once you've finished me?! Idiots! You've missed your main goal, and now you've lost too much time as it is!

-Fox: I don't understand...this building wasn't our goal after all?

-Andross: Oh yes it is, this building, and only this building is what is draining the seal's power. You little twerps, you never once thought that an S-type would take the shape of a skyscraper, did you?

-Kirby: Say what? This whole building is an S-type? I don't believe it!

-Andross: Well, it's true! We are able to take any shape we want to! This is not an office building, it's a living creature, and it's sitting right on top of your precious seal! It's only a matter of minutes now before we'll have reached out goal! Face it, you've lost!

-Falco: You bastard! You'll pay for this!

(The fire arrow, ice arrow and light arrow were then fired at Andross, and a powerful explosion blew him away. However, there was still no reason to celebrate....)

-Fox: So, now what do we do? As long as this building's still standing, the seal will continue to break up...

-Wario: Argh, we've failed! We're all finished now!

-Peach: No, everyone, it's not over yet! There still is someone we can count on!

-Samus: That's right! Mario and Luigi, I had forgotten about them!

-Peach: I'm sure they will find a way! For now, we should probably get out of this building. If it really is an S-type who has taken the shape of a skyscraper, it's not safe to stay here.

-Kirby: Eww, you're right, we're standing inside one huge S-type. How gross!

(At that moment, the walls of the building began to shake and debris began to fall from the ceiling)

-Saria: What's this? The building's falling apart?

-Kirby: It seems more like the building is trying to kill us. It's a living enemy, after all!

-Wario: Yikes! Let's make a run for it, quickly!


Scene 4: A revolutionary power! The outcome of the last trial!

(Mario and Luigi were still on their way to the enemy base, making their way through the empty morning streets as quickly as possible. They found the time to exchange a few remarks:)

-Mario: Nearly there now....

-Luigi: Mario....aren't you afraid...of what will happen next?

-Mario: Luigi, this is no time to have second thoughts! Everyone needs us now, we mustn't hesitate!

-Luigi: Well, that's true, but's all going so fast...I don't see how you can take it so lightly.

-Mario: Well, I dunno, I just figured that if Peach and the others are in danger, any means to help them out is good enough.

-Luigi: When I think that all of Tokyo is at stake here...*grin* honestly, Mario, you're too irresponsible to ever take something seriously, aren't you?

-Mario: *grins as well* I was expecting you'd say something like that. You're just too much of a dork to ever relax, that's it.

-Luigi: Right, we'll settle that matter once we're home again.

(At that moment, Peach came running towards them, calling their names)

-Peach: Mario, Luigi! Come quickly!

-Mario: Peach, what happened?!

-Peach: It's know that Seny office building? Well, it's not really a building at all, it turns out that it's really a huge S-type who's sitting right on top of the seal and draining it!

-Mario: No way! You're serious?!

(Luigi had taken out his Game Boy, with the principal's radar cartridge plugged in, and had rapidly checked to see if Peach was right.)

-Luigi: It's true, Mario, my radar is showing a huge amount of enemy activity on the very spot of the Seny building. It's the strongest S-type we've seen so far!

-Peach: You must come quickly! You're the only ones who can do something now!

(Peach then rapidly took them to the skyscraper, where all the other students were standing as well. The skyscraper, meanwhile, had begun to tremble and pulsate, in a snake-like motion).

-Peach: Everyone, I've found Mario and Luigi!

-Link: Well, whatever they're up to, they should do it quickly!

-Yoshi: Oi, Mario, Luigi, what's with those bizarre outfits?

-Luigi: That'd be too long to explain. Right now, we're taking care of this skyscraper.

-Mario: We can handle this, we'll do just as the principal told us. Everyone, stand back a little.

-Luigi: I'm ready whenever you are, Mario.

-Mario: Right then, here goes!

-Mario & Luigi: "64 bit....Revolution! Go!!"

(Those words caused the new power that had fused in them to be unleashed, and a ray of intensely shining light struck down from the sky, right on top of the menacing skyscraper. Under the full force of this beam of light, the whole building was torn to shreds, and once the bright shimmering had died down, no trace remained of the enemy base....)

-Mario: That's it...we did it!

-Luigi: And just in time by the looks of it.

-Yoshi: They made it? They've wiped them out? Allright! Brilliant, we won! Yes, yyyyes!

-Kirby: We've saved Tokyo! I still don't believe it, but we really did it!

(Everyone bursts out in relieved and joyful cheering)

-Slippy: It's over, and I didn't even cry! Allright!

-Malon: Oh, it's wonderful! My Bowser-honey, now we can finally live together forever!

-Bowser: So, does that mean....

-Malon: Yes, of course I accept your offer! It's my greatest wish to accept the ring you gave me and stay with you forevermore! I'm just so happy!

(Malon then threw herself into Bowser's arms, which took him a little by surprise)

-Bowser: Ah...*blushes* uhm, well, I'm glad you feel that way...

-Wendy: Oh, it's so touching! I think I'll cry!

-Larry: Same here...sniff....

-Lemmy: Sob....Me too....

(Before long, all seven Little Koopas were crying their hearts out)

-Zelda: They sure are a sentimental bunch.

-Link: But, there's still one thing; what will we do about that seal?

-Zelda: Oh, you're right! The seal that's keeping those creeps imprisoned must be terribly weakened by now! What'll we do?

(At that moment, the principal arrived with Gannon, Syrup and Masako and answered her question with these words:)

-Peppy: Don't worry, we'll take care of restoring the seal. Now that it's location has been uncovered, it won't be difficult for us to replenish it's force.

-Gannon: It's no problem for us, you lot have already done more than enough, so we'll take it from here.

-Syrup: You've all done so well, we can only give you all our congratulations!

-Peppy: That's right. After you've made so much efforts, you should go home now, and enjoy the peace.

-Zelda: That's a rich suggestion!

-Wario: It'd be even better if we got some kind of payment...

-Saria: No, I want to stay with my Mr. Hare! I won't let him face a trial on his own! He must always be able to depend on me!

-Zelda: Fine then, you stay here. But we're going back home now.

-Link: Please wait a minute, Zelda...

-Zelda: Yeah, what?

-Link: Well, I would like to say "congratulations", you were very brave today, I value someone who is so valourous as you are greatly.

-Zelda: Huh?? Oh...uhm...* blushes* gee, thanks...that's a really nice thing to say and....

-Luigi: Aww, she's at a loss for words...

-Zelda: You stay outta this!

-Luigi: Oh...sorry...

-Samus: Oi, Luiiigi!

-Luigi: Oh, it's you, Sammy.

-Samus: Oh wow, that was just so way cool! I always thought you were a bit of a wuss, but the truth is that you're the coolest guy I've ever seen!

-Luigi: I am? Well, thank you. I appreciate it.

-Samus: No, I mean's what I really think....and, uhm...

-Toad: What's she's trying to say is that...

-Samus: You, shut up!

-Luigi: Oh, never mind, it's allright, Sammy, you don't need to be embarrassed.

-Samus: You mean it? It's okay, really? Yahoo! Way to go!!

-Fox: *sigh* I'm sure glad it's over.....I was really worried back there...

-Falco: For the last time, I told you nothing bad will happen as long as I'm here, so stop worrying so much already. You're beginning to sound like that Luigi.

-Fox: Oh, I'm sorry about that....

-Falco: Aw, never mind *puts an arm around him*, let's just go home, okay?

-Fox: Uh...*smile* yes!

-Yoshi: I feel like going home and pigging out like I've never done before! Oi, Kirby, wanna join me?

-Kirby: Sure! We'll eat like there's no tomorrow!

-Yoshi & Kirby: Aahh, to eat is the ultimate joy!

-Kirby: I'm glad we've won this battle, just so that I'm able to eat freely and in peace!

-Wario: No time to lose! A big world is waiting out there, and there's lots of money to be made!

(The group of students began to walk away from the scene, leaving the principal and the few others behind)

-Saria: Oh, my Mr. Hare! I'm so glad that everything's allright now!

-Peppy: Yes, I'm very glad as well, and I can't say how grateful I am to everyone....

-Saria: It's allright, I understand it perfectly....

-Gannon: So, the city was snatched back from the brink of destruction. Sure was a close call, eh?

-Syrup: I think we should get a raise for this....

-Peppy: Oh...uhm...I'll have to see about that...

-Masako:'s really over now...

-Peppy: Masako?

-Masako: Oh, it's allright, don't worry. I would have liked to say "congratulations" to Foxy in person, bit it's okay. He's not alone....Oh, why is Mario still standing here?

(Indeed, Mario was still there, looking back at what had been the scene of this last battle. Peach then came back into the street and spoke to him:)

-Peach: Mario, are you coming?

-Mario: Yes, coming....I was just thinking....

-Peach: About what?

-Mario: Well, about all of this. It went so fast, so many things have happened...

-Peach: That's true, there have been many important events.

-Mario: But, Peach, it was worth it, because, to tell the truth, I've done it all....

-Peach: Yes, I know, for me. That's what you were about to say, right?

-Mario: did you know?

-Peach: Oh, it was quite clear, for a long while. Call it feminine intuition if you will.

-Mario: I you know everything....

-Peach: Yes, I know what you feel...and I'm very happy!

-Mario: do?

-Peach: Yes! Mario, what you and Luigi have accomplished today is something wonderful! Thanks to you, the earth will live to see a new century, and everyone can continue to hope for a happy future. Everyone can still believe that all their dreams will come true. Thank you, Mario, thank you so much, for everything!

-Mario: Gosh, I never really thought of it that way *grin*.

-Peach: *smile* But it's true, and if that was because of me, then I really am very honoured. And I will be glad to stay with you, if you will accept.

-Mario: No way could I refuse that! Oh, this is brilliant! This makes it all worthwhile!

-Peach: Well, then I'm glad as well. Now let's join the others, allright?

-Mario: Yes, let's go to them! The whole world is out there, waiting for us! And we're coming!


Coming Soon: Mario's High School Days Super Turbo

In 1999, the battle of Tokyo was fought and won, but a new challenge awaits Mario, Luigi and all their friends! Once again, the two brothers must fuse with the revolutionary N-force and fight for hope and freedom! It's the exciting sequel: Mario's High School Days Super Turbo!

-Thank you, everyone!

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