Super Mario Alternate Universe Story:
Mario's High School Days: Super Turbo

By Toasty


Egypt at midnight....

The ferocious hell of the desert lies dormant, peacefully, under a star-lit night sky. However, the sound of a violent explosion shatters this peaceful scene. Flames and smoke curl up towards the sky, after having done their destructive work. The next morning, investigators of all kinds, and spectators as well are gathered around a grim scene. Whispers go through the mass of people, filled with disbelief and confusion. Such an atrocious deed...who could be responsible? For what reason has this act been committed? The Egyptians gathered around the disaster scene still find it hard to believe that a mysterious explosion has blown off the head of the great Sphinx, and yet it's true. The head of the mighty stone beast has been severed, apparently by a tremendous force of nature, and is lying in the sand, at the structure's feet. Severe damage has also been done to the majestic pyramids, with large parts of their walls blown to pieces. Among the puzzled onlookers, a young woman is standing, who makes a vow in her heart to punish the one behind the destruction of these ancient buildings...

Episode 2: The Greatest Gift from the Goddess of Love!

Haneda Airport, on a usual Tokyo morning. Many passengers walk hurriedly through the sun-lit halls of the airport, some about to depart to distant regions, others about to return home to the ones they live with. Near the entrance, the principal of Nintendo High is standing, accompanied by the two most loyal members of his staff, while many of their students begin to gather around them. Syrup and coach Gannon are trying as well as they can to bring some order in this situation.

-Gannon: Allright, let's keep calm, everyone! All passengers for the Nintendo High school voyage to Athens, please line up here! Head count, are we missing anybody?

-Syrup: You bet. Half of them hasn't arrived yet, and the ones that are here are still dawdling.

-Gannon: In others words, I've just embarrassed myself by shouting around for no reason at all. Great...

-Syrup: I don't think this will be a very relaxing voyage...Principal, I assume that we will receive extra payment for our services? Hmm?

-Peppy: Well...probably...

-Syrup: "Probably", he says....It's hopeless....

-Gannon: Oh, don't feel so bad about it. I just wonder what's keeping everyone so long...

-Peppy: It's probably over-protective parents that are slowing everything down. Just look, over there.

Indeed, a few feet away from them, Mario and Luigi were standing, complete with hefty luggage, talking in an embarrassed tone to their overly emotional mother Paloma Mario, and their slightly less emotional father Alfonso Mario.

-Mario: Mom, we really have to go, we're late as it is.

-Paloma: But, Mario, you must-a promise me that-a you will not do anything stupido while you're away!

-Mario: Of course. You know me, mom *big grin*.

-Paloma: Exactly, and that's-a what's gotta me worried, you maldito bad boy! Luigi, you who are-a reasonable, make-a sure that your brother Mario doesn't bring about a catastropha!

-Luigi: Yes, mother...

-Alfonso: Carissima, you're taking this too far. They're seventeen now, they can look after themselves.

-Paloma: Alfonso, how can-a you say so?! They are our bambini! And they'll be in a strange country, all alone for a whole week! It's horrible! When I think-a of all the things that could happen! Their plane could-a get hijacked! They could-a get harassed by perverts! They could-a be ripped off by scrupleless cheapo souvenir salesmen!

-Alfonso: You're overreacting. None of that will happen, I'm sure of it.

-Paloma: I see, that is how little you care about your children, about your own flesh and blood! I've raised them and looked after them for so many years! So much hard labor and affection from my side, and what do you do? Just let them push off without a second's though! And I saw the way you looked at-a that air hostess back there, pervert!

-Luigi: Yes, it's scandalous, papa, at your age....

-Alfonso: I don't need lectures from you lot!

-Mario: Oh man, this is just embarrassing...

At that point, Peach appeared and addressed these words to Mario.

-Peach: Mario, there you are! Come on, we need to line up for the airplane.

-Mario: Just a sec, princess, I'm dealing with mama mia, who is about to go hysterical.

-Peach: Oh my...

-Alfonso: Oh, you must be the pretty girl we've heard so much about lately!

-Peach: Uhm...oh, why thank you...

-Alfonso: Luigi's told us so much about you! I'm glad to finally meet you, Sammy!

Everyone crashes to the ground upon hearing those words. An angered Mario then pronounces these words in his father's face:

-Mario: No, completely wrong! That's not Sammy! This is Peach!

-Peach: Oh, but it doesn't matter. I'm very pleased to meet you as well *bows*.

-Alfonso: Hey, you have good manners as well as good looks!

-Paloma: Alfonso, don't-a be so crude! Peach, carissima, how wonderful to meet you at last! You're almost part of the family now! I'm so happy that Mario managed to find such a sweet girl, despite his bad manners and extreme idiocy!

-Mario: Well, excuse me.....

-Paloma: But, Peach, carrissima, I do not understand what you could-a possibly see in my estupida son! A bright and pretty girl like you can no doubt find someone better! I'm-a telling you this for your own sake!

-Mario: Wow, I'm so touched...

-Alfonso: And when will we meet the famous Sammy?

This question answered itself at that very moment, as Sammy popped up behind them, energetically pronouncing these words:

-Samus: Yo! So, you're Luigi's folks! I'm Sammy! It's swell to meet ya!

To accompany these words, she grabbed the hands of Alfonso and Paloma and vigorously shook them.

-Samus: I'm sure we're gonna get along just fine!

-Alfonso: Ye...yes...same here....

-Paloma: Cataclysma....who is-a this hysterical-e person?

-Samus: Luigi, we've got to hurry! They're lining up for the plane! Let's go already!

Without hesitating, she then grabbed Luigi and dragged him away at blinding speed, complete with tons of luggage. Paloma and Alfonso were struck with silence for a moment, while they digested what had just overcome them. Finally, it was Paloma who spoke up:

-Paloma: Maledizione! That girl is-a mad! She will kill my poor bambino Luigi! Alfonso, do something!

-Alfonso: If Luigi wants to live with a crazy girl, then that's up to him to decide.

-Paloma: Maldito! You're just as lazy and brain-dead as your stupid son Mario! Mario, you will be representing Italia abroad, so you must-a behave yourself!

-Peach: Uhm...please excuse us, but we really should go and line up for the plane, or we will be late. It was nice to meet you, goodbye.

She then rapidly escaped this awkward situation, dragging Mario away, who made the following remark:

-Mario: Phew, thank heavens, I thought I'd never get away from them.

-Peach: Your mother is very affectionate, isn't she?

-Mario: Yeah, she takes the concept of affection to the extreme. It drives me nuts.

-Peach: But I think you're lucky to have that...Mother often works late at the biological institute. I often don't see her for several days....

-Mario: Oh, I see...but princess, from now on, you won't be alone anymore, ever again! I promise it!

-Peach: Mario.....

They had reached the group of students by now. Many others had arrived at the airport in the meantime, and exchanged remarks among themselves.

-Slippy: I don't want to goooo! I'm scared of airplanes!

-Malon: Oh, it's wonderful! We'll go on a voyage to a far away land, together. Isn't it romantic, Bowser, my sweetheart?

-Bowser: Well, I suppose so, yes....

-Malon: It'll be like a premature honeymoon!

-Bowser: Whoa...ho...honeymoon?!

-Yoshi: 'Scuse me, comin' through!

At that point, Yoshi pushed past them, dragging an enormous canvas bag behind them. Witnessing this, the others addressed several phrases to Yoshi:

-Luigi: Yoshi, what's with that huge bag?

-Link: Are you taking the whole Tokyo Tower with you in that thing?

-Yoshi: That's not it at all! Why would I want to drag the Tokyo Tower along with me?!

-Zelda: Okay, so then what's in the bag?

-Yoshi: Well, it's mostly crackers and rice balls, and also cans of lemon tea, and there's some sashimi and tempura in there too.

-Zelda: That whole's full of food? I don't believe this...

-Luigi: I expected as much...

-Yoshi: Well, what? You know what they say about airplane food! I'm not going on a voyage unprepared.

-Kirby: I agree fully on that subject!

-Yoshi: Exactly! My only regret is that I have to leave Hitomi behind...

-Link: Hitomi?

-Yoshi: Yes. She's not used to being left alone like that....I do hope she'll be allright. She's very important to me...

-Zelda: Hey, you never told us about this Hitomi girl! When will we get to meet her?

-Kirby: Excuse me, Zelda, but it's not what you think...

-Zelda: What do you mean by that?

-Kirby: Well, Hitomi isn't really a girl, it's more like.....

-Zelda: Oh, I see, you mean it's a guy! Well, that's no problem for me at all! I hope Yoshi will be very happy with him!

-Yoshi: Oi, watch your words, you! It's not like that at all! Hitomi is my fridge!

-Zelda: Say whaaat?!

-Link: Well, that makes sense....

-Yoshi: Hitomi means everything to me! I hate to leave her behind like this! I'll miss her!

-Zelda: Somehow, I think a romantic attachment to a guy would've been more fitting than to a fridge...

-Kirby: You don't understand! If you knew Hitomi personally, you'd see why Yoshi feels so strongly about her!

-Zelda: Don't you start that as god, fridge-worshippers. It's even more twisted than that McCloud person and his sunglass fixation.

-Link: Not so loud, if Lombardi overhears you, he'll blow a fuse.

-Zelda: Oh, you mean Sailor Snob is here?

-Falco: And just who are you calling Sailor Snob, miss testosterone 2000?

-Zelda: Yeek! Ah, uhm, nobody! Nobody at all, honestly!

-Falco: Hrrmph. I really don't see why they had to make us go to the blummin' Haneda airport so damned early in the morning. We had to come all the way from across the other side of Tokyo to get to this godforsaken dump!

-Fox: But, it wasn't so bad, really. At least it wasn't rush hour on the subway.

-Falco: I guess so. But I still say this is lousy timing!

-Fox: You're just saying that because you hate to get out of bed early in the mornings. You're not much of a morning person, are you?

-Falco: Like hell I'm not. Now when can we get on the stupid airplane?

-Peppy: I'm afraid you'll have to wait a little while longer. We can't board the plane until everyone's here. We're still missing somebody...

-Mario: Yes, now that you mention it, something is indeed missing....

-Wario: There's no commanding voice yelping in a bossy whine.....

-Samus: That's right, Saria isn't here yet!

But this situation came to an end at that very moment, as Saria popped up and hurled herself at the principal.

-Saria: Wee! Here I am! Oh, I'm so sorry to have left you waiting, my principal! I can't wait to go on a wonderful voyage, just with you!

-Peppy: Uhm...well, I'm glad that you're so enthusiast about the trip to Athens.

-Saria: No matter where you lead, I'll always follow!

-Zelda: Yes but you sure took your time to get here in the first place.

-Saria: Don't you ever lay off, "Haruka-chan"?!

-Zelda: Don't you dare call me that!

-Saria: Well, you asked for it! It wasn't even my fault that I'm late! It was because of a goddam customs officer who thought that I was a kid who was lost in the airport! He mistook me for an abandoned child, do you believe that?!

-Yoshi: Yes, we do, actually.

-Kirby: You do look like a very young child, Saria.

-Saria: I resent that! I may have the physique of a ten-year old, but it's obvious to anyone that I'm a modern, independent young woman of the 21st century! I hate it when I get treated like a kid because of my short size!

-Zelda: Yes but, you really can't tell on first sight that you're so much older than you look. And look on the bright side, at least if you're small and childlike there's still something cute about you.

-Saria: You're a fine one to tell me that, you tomboy champion! I've had it up to here with being mistaken for a little kid! The other day, a shop assistant in Akihabara refused to sell me a Gundam Wing laserdisc, because he reckoned I was too young for that! And now this! It drives me up the wall! I absolutely hate it!

-Falco: Hmm...I quite understand how she feels....

-Zalda: What? You do?

-Falco: Well, yes, it must be frustrating for her. I mean, after all, there are some things that only adults can enjoy...

This remark caused a silence to fall during which everyone gave Falco a most quizzical look. It was Saria who broke this silence with these words:

-Saria: Oh no, I've really hit rock bottom now! When I begin to get sympathy from the most unfeeling brute in the world, then that's a definite sign that my case is hopeless! Ahh, I need a gentle and understanding man to soothe my aching delicate soul!

-Zelda: But you won't get one. The man of your life has already gotten on the plane.

Indeed, the principal was one of the first to have boarded the airplane. The students were as of now entering the plane one by one.

-Saria: What? No way! Principal, wait for meeee!

With those words, she rushed into the plane, and the others gradually followed.

-Mario: Everyone's boarding the plane. We should get in as well.

But suddenly, an urgent voice interrupted Mario in his intentions:

-Wolf: Oi, wait up, you lot!

-Mario: It's you....Why are you here?

-Wolf: I've been looking all over the airport for Musashi and Kojiro. You haven't seen them?

-Mario: Oh God, don't tell me those lunatics are coming along as well.

However, Mario's fears then came true, as two loud voices began to belt out the following phrases behind him:

-Musashi: To whatever you may want to ask us...

-Kojiro:...we'll give you the sympathy of society as our answer.

-Musashi: Towards the ends of the galaxy, the influence of Team Rocket extends!

-Kojiro: In the role of the -Lovely Charming- comical side characters!

-Musashi: Musashi!

-Kojiro: Kojiro!

-Musashi: Hmmm...there's still something missing without chief Nyath chewing us out...

-Kojiro: How very true....

-Wolf: There you are. What's the matter with you lot, running off like that? We'll end up missing the plane to Honolulu.

-Mario: Ho...Honolulu?! I thought this plane was heading for Athens!

-Musashi: Oh, that's right, you kids are going to Greece.

-Kojiro: But we, the proud and valiant Team Rocket janitors have gotten the week off and are going to spend a vacation in Honolulu!

-Wolf: Then stop bothering passengers to Athens and come to the flight terminal already, will you?

-Musashi: You're being very grouchy today, Wolfy...

-Kojiro: Yes, it's not like my big brother to act like that...

-Wolf: B...big brother??!

-Kojiro: Yes! Once you've married Musashi, you'll be almost like my brother! Wee, we'll be brothers! Isn't is just great, Wolfy?

So enthusiastic at this prospect was Kojiro that he threw himself at Wolf and violently glomped onto his arm.

-Kojiro: My big brotherrrr! I'm so happy!

-Musashi: Kojiro, stop that, this instant! It isn't funny! Any more of that, and I will set fire to you!

-Kojiro: Eek! That hysterical woman is threatening me! Wolfy, you've got to protect your little brother!

-Wolf: Will you two knock that off?! It's embarrassing! Now hurry, the plane's about to leave.

-Musashi: Nonsense, Wolfy, we still have plenty of time. Besides, we can't leave yet, Wolfy, we still need to go swimsuit-shopping! Before we leave for Honolulu, it's imperative that we find you a proper, tax-free, trendy, and yet inexpensive swimsuit.

-Kojiro: Preferably a snug-fitting black one!

-Musashi: Shut your face! Kojiro, I don't want to hear another word from you! Arrgh, my idiotic brother is making a mess out of my love-life with his dumb remarks!

-Kojiro: Musashi, my big brother won't allow you to talk to me like that!

-Musashi: Oh, stop that! I'm your sister, remember?!

-Kojiro: Wee, we're all one big, happy family!

-Wolf: No, we are not.

-Musashi: I give up on that lunatic...

-Mario: Uhm, well, have a nice holiday, you god, I've got to get away from these nutters!

Having taken this firm resolution, Mario rushed into the airplane to Athens. After a while, everyone was installed in the plane, and they were ready for take-off. The plane soon enough lifted itself into the sky, and the students left Tokyo behind them. After a while, Yoshi made the following statement:

-Yoshi: Wow, you can see Mount Fuji from the windows!

-Samus: Is that my niece's house over there?

-Yoshi: Oh, very funny...

-Samus: But I told you, I really do have a niece who lives there!

-Malon: Mount Fuji...ahh, it's beautiful.

-Bowser: Yes...*blush*, yes, it's.... beautiful.

-Mario: Just think, in a few hours, we'll be in Greece! Gosh, I sure hope the food is good there.

-Peach: *grins* Mario, you're almost as obsessed as Yoshi is.

-Yoshi: Only almost, mind you, I haven't fully trained him yet.

-Mario: Trained me??

-Peach: But, everyone, maybe we shouldn't have been so nasty about Saria's short size at the airport. It looks like she's taking it pretty badly.

Indeed, Saria had slumped down in a lone seat and refused to take part in the conversations during which she was usually such an overpowering presence.

-Link: She's sulking...we must've hit a sore spot with this short size thing.

-Kirby: It's mostly Zelda's fault, who was her usual brutal and unfeeling self.

-Zelda: Oh, suuure, blame the whole thing on me. Look, this sulky mood of hers will blow over in no time. She's probably just cheesed off that she can't be in the business class with the principal.

-Kirby: Hmm, I'm pretty cheesed off about not getting a business class seat either. Why is it only the teachers that get to travel biz class while we have to settle for ordinary seats, eh?

-Luigi: You can bet it's due to budget limits. And I also think they want to discuss their plans for this voyage.

Luigi's assumption was quite true, as at that moment, the three teachers were exchanging these words among themselves in the business class department of the plane.

-Syrup: Principal...are you sure about this?

-Peppy: I admit it seems like a rash thing to do, but we're now dealing with a fast-moving and unpredictable enemy. The only option we have is to rush in and grab this chance to nail him.

-Gannon: And you're sure that Greece is where this enemy will strike next?

-Peppy: It's very well possible. Rousseau did mention that it was a "colleague" of his who's behind the destruction of so many ancient ruins around the globe. And just a few days ago, this person struck again, in Egypt. The head of the great Sphinx was blown off by a mysterious explosion, and the pyramids were heavily damaged as well. It's obvious that that was the doing of our man again. He must still be in the Mediterranean region, and Greece is simply packed with important ancient ruins. If this enemy is so keen on wrecking such buildings, it's almost certain that he'll pay a visit to Greece, but we'll be waiting for him!

-Gannon: So that's how it all hangs together....

-Peppy: But, there's also something else, and it has me really worried. You've noticed that Rousseau, even when he was hit by a blast of pure N-force from Mario and Luigi was hardly injured at all. He just walked away, almost unscratched from a direct contact with the N-force. It's very unusual....

-Syrup: Now that you mention it, that is odd. A normal human shouldn't be capable of such a thing.

-Peppy: Exactly. That's why I think that Rousseau may have been more than just your average human, but I'm not sure what it is just yet. Once we're back in Tokyo, I'll do some more check-ups on that subject...

-Syrup: But, principal, is it safe to leave our building in Tokyo unguarded?

-Peppy: Oh, it's not unguarded, I've left two close friends of mine in charge of things there while we're away. They'll be able to handle it, I'm sure.

Indeed, back in Tokyo, Masako and James McCloud, who had been requested to take charge of Nintendo High during the absence of the others were doing fine. As James looked out over the city through the building's windows, he communicated these words to Masako:

-James: This sure brings back memories. It's almost like old times, eh?

-Masako: How true. I still remember very clearly that time, eight years ago by now, that the S-types launched a massive attack, and we and so many others had to seal them away in another dimension...But, that's a very old story to bring up..

-James: Well, I just like to remember happy moments, that's all.

-Masako: Well, if an invasion by a horde of alien creeps equals your definition of a happy moment...since when did you become a masochist, James?

-James: That's not what I meant. It was a happy time, because to me, there was nothing greater than fighting to defend the city, side by side with the most beautiful woman in the world. It was crazy, but we had each other, that made it worthwhile.

-Masako: Well, you're being very sentimental there.

-James: I guess having you back here at last is giving me these nostalgic moods.

-Masako: *grin* Nostalgia is all very well, but I prefer to look at the future. In particular at Foxy's future...

-James: Is something worrying you about him?

-Masako: No, I'm just still amazed to see that....well, he's grown up so much. He's not a child anymore. He's living from his own will now. I don't just mean that he moved out to go live with his Falco, it's more than that...

-James: Yes, I see what you mean. Kids these days....are simply amazing.

-Masako: What's simply amazing is that you're not wearing your sunglasses!

-James: I lent them to Foxy. I figured he'd need them in a sunny place like Greece.

-Masako: I see. Well, it's been so long since I've gazed into your eyes...

After a long, but relatively disaster-free flight, the plane from Tokyo landed itself in the main airport of Athens, and it's passengers set foot on Greek grounds. The Tokyoite travelers were then stuffed into a lorry bus which took them to their hotel, outside of Athens, right next to a sun-drenched beach. After they had checked in and unpacked, the students were given cartier libre to go explore the surroundings and hang out at the beach, and this is just what they did. Mario, Peach, Luigi and Samus headed for the beach, where they were treated to an unexpected sight. A group of young jet ski racers were practicing their stunts just off the shore, and their voices could be heard, exchanging remarks such as:

-"Ayumi, wait up!"-

-"Hah, you're just too slow, Ryota! You can't keep up with me!"-

-"Oh yeah? Well, watch this, a double barrel roll!"-

The racer named Ryota then proved that his boasting was indeed serious as he rushed up a ramp, soared into the air with his jetski, and performed a graceful spinning move before landing cleanly into the water. This did not fail to impress Mario and the others who had stopped to watch this scene. Samus was the one who put their impressions into words.

-Samus: Wow, look at them go! Jetski racing must be just so cool, I'd love to try it once!

-Luigi: Maybe your relatives in Okinawa know of a facility...

-Samus: Hey, that's actually a very good idea! I should've thought of that sooner!

-Mario: Looks like Luigi does the thinking while she does the talking.....If that doesn't spell disaster, I don't know what will.

-Luigi & Samus: *menacing* Maaaariiiooooo.......

-Mario: Eep! Come on, you two, I was just joking!

-Peach: It also spells disaster when Mario makes the mistake of talking faster than he thinks...and he does that a lot.

-Mario: Oh, all right, I got the message, everyone's against me as usual. Let's just watch the jetski blokeys...

-Peach: Oh, one of them is going to try a stunt...

-Samus: You mean that fat guy in the funky green suit? Now -that- really spells disaster....

Indeed, a rather overweight racer by the name of David Mariner was boldly speeding towards a ramp, with the intention of pulling off a tremendous stunt. Alas, he goofed up and ended up hurling himslef off the jetski and into the water. After this had happened, a loud laugh could be heard. Mario and the others looked and spotted Yoshi and Kirby, who were standing a few feet away from them and had also been watching the racers. They seemed to find the latest development particularly hysterical.

-Kirby: Ah ha ha ha ha! That fat guy is hopeless!

-Yoshi: He made a total mess out of it! Now that's hysterical! Hee hee hee!

-Luigi: Those two take the concept of sadism to new heights...

-Yoshi: Oh, it's you lot. Come on, you've got to admit, that -was- hilarious.

-Mario: It sure was!

-Samus: Yeah, I thought it was very funny as well!

-Luigi: Sammy, not you too.....

-Peach: So, Yoshi, Kirby, what have you two been up to?

-Kirby: Well, we've taken a look at all the nearby restaurants, ice cream stands, snack bars and supermarkets, and we've compiled an extensive list of them.

-Yoshi: We'll have to check them out one by one. It'll be a difficult mission, but we won't give up!

-Kirby: Right on!

-Peach: Well, that's.....quite a project....

-Mario: They're freaked to the max.

-Kirby: It's only natural for us to do this. We've already started work on an encyclopedia of all the restaurants in Tokyo.

-Yoshi: That's right! It's our biggest project!

-Luigi: Every single one in Tokyo? But that will take ages!

-Yoshi: Yes, we know...It'll be a difficult mission, but we won't give up!

-Kirby: Right on!

-Luigi: Those two must be losing it...

-Peach: I suppose it should be tricky to do all of Tokyo....

However, at that point, a young woman came up to them and addressed these words to them:

-"Excuse me, I'm sorry to interrupt like this, but I couldn't help overhearing that you said you're from Tokyo"-

Everyone was a little insecure as to what to reply to this, except for Yoshi, who had found the following phrase:

-Yoshi: Hey, a Greek girl who speaks fluent Japanese! Now there's a surprise!

Smiling, the girl continued the conversation with these words.

-"Well, thank you. But actually, I'm Egyptian. I'm from Cairo, and my name's Ibis"-

-Yoshi: Ibis? Nice name. You can call me Yoshi! Pleased to meetcha! *bows*

-Ibis: Oh, likewise! *bows as well*.

-Yoshi: Well, now we've been introduced, Japanese style! *blushes* Heh heh heh...^^

While this little dialogue was going on, the others exchanged a few remarks in hushed voices:

-Samus: Now look at -him- go. I didn't figure Yoshi would be such a fast mover.

-Luigi: Fast mover? Sammy, what are you saying?

-Samus: Hey, a woman can sense these things! I can clearly tell what happened to Yoshi, it's my intuition!

-Mario: You don't need intuition to notice that Yoshi has gone ga-ga over this Ibis girl...

-Kirby: Yes, it's really very obvious. He's staring at her as if she was a jar of chocolate fudge ice cream.

-Mario: Talk about having a sick mind!

-Peach: But, if this is really what's going on, shouldn't we leave Yoshi and Ibis alone a little?

-Kirby: We probably should...let's see...

Kirby then raised his voice, and with a very phony intonation, he belted out this phrase.

-Kirby: Oh! I just remembered! There's that very important -thing- we have to go and do! We'll catch you later, Yoshi!

-Yoshi: Hm? Oh, sure, whatever.

-Peach: Uhm...Kirby, what's the important thing we have to do, exactly?

-Kirby: Well, that's just it, I have no idea *dumb grin*.

-Mario: *sweatdrop* Your plan has a few leaks in it...

-Samus: Oh! I know! I know what we'll do! Come on, we've got to go!

Samus then grabbed all the others, and rushed off, dragging them behind her in a fashion so typical to her.

-Luigi: Wait a minute! Sammy, where are you taking us?

-Samus: It's a really cool place! Just wait and see. You'll love it!

-Mario: If we survive the bumpy ride, that is....

After a chaotic dash, Samus and the others arrived at the ruin of an ancient structure, and Samus pronounced these words:

-Samus: Well, what do you think? Pretty nifty, huh?

-Mario: What, that's it? You drag us around like mad just to go see some old stones and pillars?

-Samus: It's more than just that! This used to be a temple of Aphrodite!

-Kirby: Aphrodite? Is that some kind of snack?

-Luigi: No, no *sweatdrop*, Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love and beauty, called Venus by the Romans.

-Peach: That's right, she had a secret love affair with the god of war, Ares.

-Samus: Exactly! And the best bit is, there's a statue of Aphrodite in this temple. It's still totally intact, and I heard that if you make a wish here, the goddess of love might make it come true! Let's check it out!

The headed towards a large statue in the middle of the ruin, but once they got closer, they were surprised to see a familiar face standing by this statue. Saria was there, looking up to the large statue of Aphrodite.

-Kirby: Well, look who's here...

-Saria: Oh, it's you lot...

-Samus: Heh heh, I bet you came here to make a wish, right?

-Mario: And it's easy to guess what that wish is...

-Saria: I don't believe in that stuff....It's just that...I really envy this Aphrodite. She was very beautiful....

-Peach: But, why does that bother you?

-Saria: Well, it's just not fair! I'm tired of looking like a little kid! I have feelings as a woman for my principal, I want to be able to speak those feelings out! If only I could be as beautiful and ladylike as Aphrodite, then it'd be no problem! But I'm stuck with this stupid appearance like a child! It's ruining everything! I'm fed up with it!

-Peach: Oh, I see...did you think the goddess of love would help you out?

-Saria: No, that's just a silly legend. I know very well that such a thing can't happen...

-Mario: Hey, you never know. I mean, the Greek believed in her long ago, and it worked for them, why not for you?

-Saria: Don't be ridiculous! Such a thing isn't possible, and you know it! This sucks! I can't take it anymore!

Angered, she then ran out of the ancient temple, leaving the others behind.

-Luigi: Wait, Saria...!

-Kirby: It really is bothering her...

-Peach: It must be difficult for her...especially since there seems to be no solution...

While this was going on, Yoshi and Ibis had continued to chat on, and had decided to sit down at a nearby café to continue their conversation. After having ordered a deluxe king-size ice cream coupe, Yoshi picked up their talk again with these words:

-Yoshi: So, is this the first time you're in Greece?

-Ibis: Oh no, I've been here often. You see, I love ancient myths and stories, in fact, I want to make that my profession, and Greece is the perfect place for someone who likes that sort of thing.

-Yoshi: Yes, I see what you mean, Greece must be a real gold mine. But Egypt must have it's fair share of that kind of thing as well, with the pyramids and everything...

-Ibis: Well, that's just it. Haven't you heard about what happened to the pyramids?

-Yoshi: Nope, I don't know of this...

-Ibis: Well, just a few days ago, there was a mysterious explosion, and the pyramids were heavily damaged...

-Yoshi: Really? That's bad...

-Ibis: Yes, and that's not all. The head of the great Sphinx has also been blown off. Whoever is behind this must be a right bastard. But I'll track him down and make him pay for what he did!

-Yoshi: I see...and do you know where he might be?

-Ibis: Well, I'm pretty certain that he'll turn up in Greece sooner or later. You see, lately, there have been many such incidents. The ancient cities in the Amazon jungle were destroyed, and just a month ago, the temples of Angkor Watt were attacked. I've researched the matter a little, and it turns out that every incident was strikingly similar. It can't be a coincidence, I'm sure that some madman is out there, attacking old ruins all over the world. And Greece is so full of such ruins, he'll surely come here as well. Egypt and Greece aren't that far apart, so I figured this will be his next stop...

-Yoshi: Are you absolutely sure about this? Is it really true?!

-Ibis: Yes, positive. There's no other way to explain it. The same person must be behind all those attacks, I'm sure of it.

-Yoshi: *thinking to himself* Mario said that the principal had talked about such incidents to him...and Rousseau mentioned something about this as well...So that means, it's a new enemy? Could this be the reason why the principal suddenly organized this voyage to Athens, so that we could come face-to-face with this enemy?

-Ibis: Are you thinking of something?

-Yoshi: Yes, I am...Ibis, you want to catch this guy, don't you?

-Ibis: I certainly do! Anyone who commits such acts is an enemy of humanity!

-Yoshi: Very well! Ibis, I think I can help out with this! I'll talk to Mario and Luigi!

-Ibis: Those two boys who were with you at the beach? Can they do something?

-Yoshi: I'm sure they can! You can trust me, they'll be able to to stop this guy! I'll go see them right now!

-Ibis: Allright then, I'll meet you at the Acropolis in two hours, tell me what you've found out by then.

-Yoshi: Right away! I'll see you later.

Yoshi then left the café and darted off, leaving Ibis to think these thoughts:

-Ibis: How strange...I hardly know that boy, and yet, I've told him all this. I have this feeling as if I can trust him...

A few moments later, Yoshi was back at the hotel and had gathered all the other students around him. He told them the whole story, and concluded his speech with this phrase:

-Yoshi: So it's pretty certain that a new enemy will soon strike! And Ibis is on our side, she wants to punish this enemy as much as we do!

-Toad: Well, everything you say hangs together quite well. It's possible that the real purpose of this voyage was to nail this new enemy...

At that point, the principal and the two teachers joined the group of students, adding these words to the conversation:

-Peppy: You've figured it out quickly. We were indeed planning to meet the enemy in Greece. As Yoshi has pointed out so well, this will very probably be the place where he'll strike next.

-Yoshi: Yes, exactly, that's what Ibis thinks as well! Mario, Luigi, you've got to come with me! Ibis is waiting at the Acropolis!

-Luigi: And then what do we do?

-Yoshi: Well, we tell her, of course! She's on our side, she should know what's going on!

-Falco: What is it with you; don't you have a brain at all?

-Yoshi: Huh?

-Mario: Yoshi, I'm not sure how to say this....

-Peach: Please don't misunderstand, Yoshi, but this girl Ibis, she knows a lot about what's going on as it is...doesn't it strike you as suspicious?

-Yoshi: Suspicious? What are you saying?

-Malon: Well, we never know in what form the enemy will appear, so...

-Bowser: So we should be more careful....

-Yoshi: What?! You don't mean to say....?

-Link: Of course, we're not sure, but it's also possible that this girl is really on the enemy's side.

-Yoshi: No, that's not true! That can't be true!

-Link: But we need to be careful with those enemies around. We can't just reveal everything to the first person that comes by. It might be risky...

-Yoshi: No way! I can't believe you're saying this! Ibis is not like that! She wouldn't do such things! You don't know what you're saying at all!

-Peach: Yoshi, please, calm down...

-Yoshi: No, I won't, dammit! Damn you, all of you! It's so unfair! How can you talk like that?! It's just not fair!

-Fox: Yoshi, don't...

-Yoshi: I don't want to hear it! You're all being mean and unfair! I'm outta here!

In a fit of anger, Yoshi then ran out of the hotel, without anyone bothering to hold him back.

-Kirby: Well, now we've done it....

-Samus: It doesn't surprise me that he reacts like that...After all, it looks like this is the first time he's fallen in love...

-Mario: Yoshi....

-Link: It's really harsh to do this, but we can't just blindly trust anyone. It's just too careless.

-Kirby: That's true....wait a minute, he said that Ibis was waiting at the Acropolis, right?

-Luigi: You're right! I'll check the S-type radar for that area!

Using the Game Boy based radar software, they monitored the area around the Acropolis for enemy activity. What they found out didn't exactly lift their spirits.

-Luigi: It's bad...there's a very high level of enemy activity in that area!

-Mario: So there is an enemy after all...

-Kirby: But Yoshi is on his way there! If he comes across the enemy, on his own...!

-Luigi: You're right, that would be very dangerous.

-Mario: In that case, let's move out! Luigi, we'll transform!

-Luigi: Understood!

-Mario & Luigi: Revolutionary fire flower, transform us!

In the meantime, Yoshi has arrived at the Acropolis, where he met up with Ibis.

-Yoshi: Ibis! They didn't believe me! No-one believed me!

-Ibis: Yoshi, what's the matter? You look so distressed...

-Yoshi: Not even Mario and Luigi, they just wouldn't trust me!

-Ibis: I don't understand...what's wrong, Yoshi?

At that moment, a violent explosion suddenly resounded, and the entire Acropolis began to tremble.

-Yoshi: What was that?!

-Ibis: It's him...he's here!

Indeed, the silhouette of a young man appeared at that moment. His bright red hair flowed in the evening wind as he gave the two a mocking look.

-Ibis: You! You're the one who destroyed the Sphinx, I'm sure of it! You bastard!

-Yoshi: I knew it, Ibis isn't an enemy after all, it was this guy!

The red-haired man then spoke up,

-"So, you two youngsters have a problem with my little hobby? Too bad for you..."-

-Yoshi: Why you...! Who are you anyway?!

Unimpressed by Yoshi's angered tone, he pronounced the following reply:

-"Renn Descartes, at your service. Now get out of my way, I have some business to attend to here."-

-Ibis: If you think we'll just let you trash the whole Acropolis, you've got another thing coming!

-Descartes: Heh heh heh, spirited young woman, aren't you? I like your style, but it won't do you any good! Not against...this!

With those words, Descartes stretched out his hand, and a jet of flames shot out from his fingertips, right at Ibis. However, Yoshi rapidly pushed her out of harm's way and the faced Descartes with these words:

-Yoshi: You're really asking for it this time! I'm positive that you're an enemy, like that Rousseau person!

-Descartes: Oh, so you know Rousseau? Don't tell me you're part of the gang of suckers that beat him in Tokyo? Ha ha ha ha! That's hysterical!

-Yoshi: Descartes, or whatever you say your name is...what are you playing at anyways? What's the point in destroying ruins from ancient civilizations?

-Descartes: The point, stupid boy, is that those buildings have been the resting place of the mythical N-force throughout history. Before it landed in Tokyo, the sacred relic has traveled around quite a lot. Thanks to it's mysterious energy, those ancient tribes managed to build up great civilizations. The energy that still radiates from the ruins of their former glory is helping to keep our species trapped in their dimensional prison, and to weaken our influence in this world. It's a heavy burden on the progress of our mission, but not for long!. I'm not like that idiot Rousseau, I use my brain. By destroying all of the ruins, your seal, and your precious relic will be greatly weakened, and then, it will be no trouble to crush you into the dirt! And you thought you could stop me, all on your own?! You make me laugh, boy!

-Yoshi: Let's see how hilarious you find this! Watermelon attack!

Determined, Yoshi then took out a watermelon and stuffed his mouth with it. Next, he spat out a rain of sharp melon seeds at Descartes. However, with a simple flick of his wrist, the enemy summoned a jet of fire that burnt the flying seeds to mere ashes.

-Descartes: No use! You'll have to do better than that, boy!

-Yoshi: Drat, he manipulates fire as a weapon...what should I do now?!

-Descartes: You've got no chance! I tried to reason with you, but you wouldn't listen. Too bad for you, boy, you'll be toasted along with the Acropolis!

-Yoshi: We'll see about that! It's said that one has to fight to win love, and that's just what I'll do! Bring it on, you big talker!


-Yoshi: Don't worry. Even if I have to do this all by myself, I'll teach that bastard a lesson, I promise you, Ibis! I will make it, count on me!

-Descartes: Stupid boy! Have it your way! Eat this!

Descartes then held out both his hands, and a wall of flames was shot out, heading straight for Yoshi.

-Ibis: Yoshi!!

-Yoshi: Ack! Oh no!

But before the fire could reach Yoshi, a sudden blue glow flashed through the air. An ice arrow pierced through Descartes' flames, thus neutralising them. Annoyed, Descartes turned round to spot the whole group of Nintendo High students, with Link holding his bow and ice arrows at the front of the pack.

-Yoshi: Guys! It's you!

-Link: So, the new enemy has appeared at last...

-Kirby: Yoshi! Is everything allright?!

-Yoshi: Just fine, Ibis is unharmed as well. But this Descartes guy really means business. He uses fire as a weapon.

-Bowser: It's just like last time. A human possessed by an S-type.

-Malon: This one looks tough...

-Falco: We beat one of those suckers before, we can beat another one. Mario, Luigi, you know what to do.

-Luigi: Yes, but this one's very strong. We'll have to build up to full power before we attack.

-Mario: That means you others will have to keep him busy while we build up our attack...

-Sheik: Leave that to me! I'm dressed for the occasion, I'll handle it!

Zelda, dressed in her favorite spandex ensemble dashed at the enemy. Angered, Descartes fired several bursts of fire at her, but she nimbly avoided them.

-Sheik: Hah! It's no use against the heritage of the Mushanokoji martial artist's bloodline!

-Descartes: Damn you! Hold still so I can roast you!

-Sheik: Make me!

-Descartes: Very well, now you've managed to make me angry! You'll regret that!

-Peach: He's preparing something! Mario, Luigi, hurry with your build-up!

-Mario: Right away! Luigi, ready?

-Luigi: Yes, here goes.

Mario and Luigi then joined hands and began to speak the formula to build up their energies to full power.

-Luigi: The mountains, the ocean, the sky...

-Mario: And you, the stars, hear our prayer!

However, at that point, a very annoyed Descartes shot out a ball of fire so large that it would engulf the whole group of students. With Mario and Luigi immobilised through their build-up process, it looked as if everyone would be hit by the blast's full force, but none of this happened. Instead, a determined Link placed himself in the way of the fireball, and loaded an ice arrow onto his bow. The severe cold of the ice arrow he had dressed acted as a shield, pushing back to raging flames. However, this exploit demanded a lot of energy from Link.

-Sheik: Link, what are you doing?!

-Link: I've got to do this. Mario and Luigi have to complete their build-up! I'll hold the flames back with this ice arrow!

-Sheik: You idiot! You'll never hold on long enough on your own! Get out of there!

-Link: No! I...I won't give in! Argh....I will not....

-Descartes: Wu ha ha ha ha! It's pathetic! Your little ice trick can't keep my flames at bay forever! It's only a matter of time before your arrow runs out of whack, and then, you'll be the first one to fry!

-Link:, I mustn't!....I can't keep it up!

Indeed, the effort of holding back the roaring fire wall with a single ice arrow was rapidly weakening Link, who wouldn't hold on for much longer. Mario and Luigi, meanwhile, continued their prayer.

-Luigi: Saint revolutionary light, descend from the heavens....

Mario: Fuse yourself in us, here and now!

-Peach: That's it, just a little more!

-Samus: You're almost there!

-Sheik: Can't you hurry up?! Link won't make it!

For a moment, Zelda contemplated Link, who was about to lose his struggle against the flames. Determined, she then placed herself next to him, and spoke these words:

-Sheik: The cavalry's here! Ice arrow, to me!!

With those words, and an extreme concentration of her efforts, she summoned an ice arrow as well, and backed Link up in his struggle against the flames. With two ice arrows, the fiery wall was being pushed back rapidly.

-Malon: Excellent! She did it! She summoned an ice arrow as well!

-Bowser: That's's one of the most difficult techniques. That she should pull it off with no training at all...

-Sheik: We'll exchange compliments later! Mario, Luigi, hurry up already!

-Peach: They're almost done!

-Descartes: Damn it! What's going on?! I don't believe it!

Mario and Luigi then finished their build up to full power with these words:

-Luigi: By the sacred N-force, we will break open the door to a new era...

-Mario: And lead the world towards a revolution!

-Mario & Luigi: 64-bit revolution...full power! Go!!

This time, the blast of light that shot down from the heavens was more intense than ever, and Descartes succumbed to it rapidly. As Descartes fell to the ground, a mass of black matter shot out from his body, and hovering in mid-air, it menacingly took on a shape of it's own...

-Peach: What? It's not over yet?

-Toad: Not yet. Mario and Luigi have managed to purify Descartes, the S-type that was possessing him has been driven out of his body, now we must finish it off.

-Falco: Tsch, they just don't know when to stop.

-Malon: Oh, that thing is changing it's shape!

Indeed, the black mass had by now taken the shape of a large, jellyfish-like creature, with blobs of red mass pulsating inside it's transparent hide and tentacles that resembled sharp teeth. This menacing appearance hovered before the students...

-Samus: Eeew, horrible. It looks like some kind of alien from a video game!

-Wario: Hmm, one might make quite a lot of money with a series of games featuring such a creature...

-Toad: Who cares about that?! We need to find a way to get rid of that thing!

-Kirby: Leave that to me! That thing attacked my friend, I'll make it pay for that!

-Wario: And just what can you do?

-Kirby: Take a good look! It's the secret attack of a true gourmet: the chopstick cutter blow!

Kirby then leapt into the air and took out a pair of sharp chopsticks.

-Kirby: This one's for you, Yoshi! Hiyah....ey!!

Gracefully, he spun the chopsticks around, like a saber, and a wave of light shot out from them as he struck down with them, thus slicing the monstrous creature clean in half with one mighty blow. He landed in front of the others while the beast dissolved into thin air.

-Kirby: *smug grin* Easy victory.

-Samus: that is...stunning.

-Wario: It's impressive...bizarre, but impressive nonetheless.

-Malon: Oh, but what about that Descartes guy?

-Bowser: No sweat, he's still alive. He's just knocked out cold, that's all. We'll take him to the principal, he'll know what to do.

The unconscious Descartes was then picked up by the students, and they began to make their way back to the hotel. As they walked on, Zelda addressed these words to Link:

-Sheik: Link, is it okay? You're not wounded?

-Link: Oh, just fine, and it's thanks to, Zelda, may I ask something?

-Sheik: Sure, go right ahead...

-Link: Well, please take off your mask...

-Sheik: My mask?

-Link: Yes. I want to thank you for your courage...but I would rather say it to the real you.

-Sheik: The...the real me...

-Ibis: Uhm...Yoshi..?

-Yoshi: Yes, what is it?

-Ibis: Well, I still have to thank you, for back there...

-Yoshi: Oh, it's nothing, anyone would've done the same thing!

-Ibis: No, I don't think so. Yoshi, you're special...

-Yoshi: Eh? I am? ^^

-Ibis: Yes...well, to me you are...Very special.

-Yoshi: I was just thinking the same thing about you.

-Ibis: Yoshi, even though you live in Tokyo and I'm in Cairo, I want to make sure that we're never apart!

-Yoshi: Sure thing! We'll keep in touch all the time!

-Ibis: Well, then please take this...

Ibis then took off one of her earrings and handed it to Yoshi.

-Yoshi: An earring...

-Ibis: Yes, and I'm keeping the other one. Please keep it with could say it's a seal of our promise...

-Yoshi: Our promise...but, have we made a promise at all?

-Ibis: Not really, but...*blush* you can guess what I would promise to you, can't you?

-Yoshi: Of course!

Once they had reached the hotel, they handed the unconscious Descartes over to the principal and the teachers.

-Gannon: So, that was the latest enemy?

-Mario: Yes. He was possessed just like Rousseau. He should wake up soon, then you can question him.

-Syrup: Didn't the hotel staff make a fuss when you dragged an unconscious guy in here?

-Luigi: They did, but Bowser told them he was a friend of ours who had gotten a bit too drunk. He sounded very convincing...

-Mario: And if that wouldn't have worked, we could've resorted to Lombardi's killer stare.

-Luigi: Hey, we don't want to go overkill on this.

-Peppy: Well, that's good. By the way, was Saria with you, while you were fighting?

-Luigi: It's odd, but now that you mention it, she wasn't....

-Syrup: Then that mean she's missing. She didn't come back to the hotel, and we have no clue were she might be...

-Mario: She's missing, you say?

-Gannon: That's right. This will get us into trouble for sure...

-Mario: Nah, don't worry, it's no problem! I have a pretty good idea where she might be!

-Luigi: Oh...why, of course!

-Peppy: Honestly? You know where she is?

-Mario: Yes, we do. We'll just go and fetch her, we'll be back in one second!

Mario and Luigi then left the hotel and headed for the temple of Aphrodite. By now, it was midnight, and many stars were lighting the sky. Once they reached the temple, they found Saria there, as expected, and she was staring at the statue of Aphrodite. Mario's intention was to go towards her, but Luigi held him back with these words:

-Luigi: Mario, wait a minute...

-Mario: What? What is it?

-Luigi: Well, I was just know how she feels so bad about looking like a child? It looks almost as if she's praying to the goddess there...

-Mario: Well, yes, but what does that have to do with us?

-Luigi: Well, we're still transformed in our harbinger forms...I was just thinking...maybe by using the N-force, we can make her wish come true...

-Mario: you think that's possible?

-Luigi: It's worth a try, really. It must be possible somehow.

-Mario: Allright, we'll give it a shot. If it works, she'll probably think it was the greatest gift from the goddess of love, but that doesn't matter.

The two brothers then joined hands and once called upon the N-force. Slowly, a soft shimmer began to envelop the temple...

-Saria: What's this? What's happening? Aphrodite?

The light then became more intense and engulfed the surprised Saria. Once it died down, she went silent for a moment, and then looked at herself. To her amazement, she noticed that her limbs had grown longer, her body had become taller, and she now had the proper physique of a 17-year old she had so wished for.

-Saria:'s impossible! My wish came true! Aphrodite! It was you, wasn't it? You made my wish come true! Aphrodite, thank you! Thank you so much!

At that moment, Mario and Luigi came onto this scene, after having turned back to their normal selves, and spoke these words to her:

-Mario: Well, look at you...

-Saria: Mario! Luigi! It was the goddess! She granted me my wish! Isn't it wonderful?

-Luigi: We're very happy for you. We thought you were missing. You didn't come back to the hotel, everyone is dead worried...

-Saria: Oh, that's right! I'm sorry about that! I'll go right back to the hotel this instant! Oh, I can't wait until the principal sees me like this!

So excited was she at this idea that she immediately ran off at full throttle, leaving the Mario brothers to exchange these remarks.

-Luigi: Well, that's that taken care of.

-Mario: That girl is just such an airhead. We went through a huge battle, and she never even showed up...*yawns* Oh man, using so much N-force in one day has really worn me out. I'm going to sleep like a brick tonight...

Back at the hotel, Descartes had regained his spirits, and the staff of Nintendo High had almost finished questioning him.

-Syrup: So, you're sure that's all you can remember?

-Descartes: I told you everything I know. It sounds crazy, but it was like some voice...someone from inside was telling me to "awaken" all the time...It kept getting stronger, and in the end, it took over completely. I wasn't myself anymore.

-Peppy: One more thing, mister Descartes. Were you aware that you were able to manipulate fire before you became possessed?

-Descartes: Sort of...Even as a child, I often had the feeling that I was different from others, and I sometimes had strange visions, but it wasn't until I became, as you put it "possessed" that my full power awakened...

-Peppy: Thank you, we know enough now. Sorry for any inconvenience we've caused you.

-Descartes: I should be the one saying that. I'm leaving, I have nothing left to do here.

Descartes then headed towards the hotel's exit, but at that very moment, a young woman rushed into the hotel. Not paying attention to where she was going, this person crashed right into Descartes, and they both fell to the ground.

-Descartes: what? Hey, are you allright, girl?

-Saria: Just fine...oh...who...who are you?

-Descartes: Renn Descartes is the name. Here, I'll help you up.

Descartes helped Saria back on her feet, and she spoke these words to him.

-Saria: I'm...uhm...I'm really sorry to have crashed into you like that, mister Descartes....

-Descartes: It's okay, don't worry about it. And you can call me Renn...

-Saria: Uh.....yes!

-Descartes: Well, see you around. I need to go now.

-Saria: Wait! Don't go yet!

-Descartes: What is it?

-Saria: Renn...will I...*blushes* will I see you again someday?

-Descartes: Hmmm......*smiles* Of course you will, I'm sure of it!

-Saria: Really?

-Descartes: Oh yes, we'll meet again, I promise it!

And with those words, he disappeared into the brightly lit Greek night....

END of episode 2


Look out for episode 3: "The Boys of Destiny!"

The true nature of the new enemy is revealed, and it turns out that truth is even stranger than fiction! At that moment, two new enemies attack, and their power surpasses everything Mario and Luigi have encountered before! Everything begins to fall into place, and the shadow of the ultimate enemy begins to loom on the horizon...

The revolution reaches it's peak, in Mario's High school days Super Turbo 3!