Super Mario Alternate Universe Story:
Mario's High School Days: Super Turbo

By Toasty


Tokyo is entrapped in a prison of ice; every street and every skyscraper has been frozen solid after the violent storm of ice spears that Robespierre and Montesquieu have unleashed. The population has fled into their houses, or into the subway tunnels, where they're waiting for an eventual rescue from the freezing walls that have covered their city. In one particular subway station, a small group of people is gathered together. Among them is the ambitious idol of the Nintendo High amateur movie club, Shiida, who loudly communicates these angry words to her companion Mars:

-Shiida: This absolutely scandalous! I was on my way to an audition, how -dare- it rain ice spikes right now?! Mars, I command you to go out there and tell them that I will absolutely not stand for it!

-Mars: Uhm...but Shiida, you really can't expect me to go out and try to reason with....well, basically with big blocks of ice. Besides, it's not possible to get out of here, all the exits are clogged up by the layers of ice. Basically, we're stuck in the subway system, the best thing we can do is just stay calm and wait.

-Shiida: Arrrgh, this sucks! Well, I just hope someone will do something about this annoying ice on the double!

While Mars tried to calm Shiida down, another young man who had taken refuge from the ice storm in the subway tunnels made the following remark to the elegant news reported that was with him.

-Ness: Hmm, I think those two over there are students at that school you sent me to investigate, miss Dark.

-Joanna: Yes, only they don't seem to know what's behind this strange incident. Only one thing's for sure; you can bet that those two winged figures in white have something to do with this mysterious storm.

-Ness: The winged men in do they fit in with all of this?

Episode 5: Into the Other World!

Gusts of icy wind blew through Descartes' bright red hair as he stood face-to-face with a nastily grinning Montesquieu. There was no more turning back now, their battle would start any second now. However, while he and his opponent were having their silent staring contest, Saria's voice was suddenly heard. She had separated herself from the other students, and came running towards Descartes, looking very distressed, and pronouncing these words:

-Saria: Renn! Wait, Renn!

-Descartes: Saria, you shouldn't come so close! Go back to your friends and stay in a protected place!

-Saria: I know, but first, Renn, you have to promise me...!

-Descartes: Saria.....

-Saria: You must! You simply must promise me....Promise me that....that you'll kick their sorry butts!


-Rousseau: *grin* Descartes, you can't let her down now. Looks like we'll really have to go to town on this one.

-Descartes: *grinning as well* Guess so, yes. Look, Saria, don't worry. I have no intention to lose. I won't die, I'm sure of it.

-Saria: Well, allright then. But you will be careful, okay?

-Descartes: Count on it. Now you go back to your friends and hide out someplace safe.

-Saria: Aww, but I want to watch you trash those maniacs!

-Descartes: *to himself* She picks strange moments for being capricious....

-Rousseau: Well, just watch us from a distance, then. Get shelter behind some blocks of ice, okay? We don't want you lot to do anything rash now.

-Saria: Allright, we'll do that! You go for it, guys! Thales, Socrates, that goes for you too!

-Mizuru: Uhm....yes, ma'am.

-Sora: *muttering* I don't believe this.

Saria then darted back to the other Nintendo High students, who took refuge behind some large pillars of ice. From this hideout, they would be able to clearly see the violent combat that the four young men were about to plunge themselves into.

-Montesquieu: I'm growing tired of waiting, very tired. It's getting on my nerves!

-Robespierre: Looks like she's going to lose her temper. Well, it can't be helped...Thales, Socrates, you two are mine! Show me what you're made of!

-Mizu & Sora: You got it!

In response to Robespierre's taunt, Mizu concentrated his full force, and roaring columns of water burst from the ground around him. Slowly, he joined them into one large mass of water which he prepared to fire off at his enemy. Sora, meanwhile, had summoned a small but powerful tornado. Once they were both ready, they fired their attacks at Robespierre, but to no avail. He easily blocked these forces of nature by causing large walls of ice to burst from the ground and shield him.

-Mizuru: way! It was no use at all?

-Sora: He really is tough...

-Robespierre: Come on, do it properly. I'd hate to be disappointed now.

Meanwhile, Rousseau and Descartes had kicked off the fight against Montesquieu as well. While Rousseau launched shards of concrete and rubble in her direction, Descartes projected a wall of flames onto her. Alas, she was more than able to cancel the effect of these attacks by creating walls of ice as well.

-Descartes: It didn't work!

-Rousseau: This is not good...

-Montesquieu: I'll say it isn't! It's rubbish, even! Let me show you how it's done, boys!

With those words, she launched a few sharp spears of ice in the direction of Rousseau and Descartes, who barely managed to dodge these menacing projectiles.

-Rousseau: *gasp* That was really close!

From a distance, the young students had been watching with amazement and slight worry, and they commented on the events in these terms.

-Wario: *gulp* Yikes! This is some fight! Do you think they'll be allright?

-Toad: I have no idea. There really is no telling what will happen next. It worries me...

-Saria: I say it's awesome! It's just so cool! I never knew Renn had such awesome powers! He can create fire, it's just the grooviest thing I've ever seen!

-Yoshi: Dohh...*big sweatdrop* And to think we had agreed to keep this a secret from her.

-Kirby: Well, good thing she's very open to new concepts....probably...

-Toad: Can't you lot be serious about -anything-? Rousseau and the others are risking their lives out there!

-Samus: What's that? Do you really think it's that bad?

-Toad: I'd say be prepared for the worst.

-Saria: No, Renn won't lose, he told me he wouldn't! We should trust them!

-Peach: She's probably right, they seem to know what they're doing. What really worries me is Mario and Luigi...what happened to them?

Mario and Luigi were standing face-to-face with their new enemy, Tokima Herakleitos in the sinister cathedral to which he had transported them. Mario, who was most angered spoke up brashly:

-Mario: You! I don't care who you are, but take us back to Tokyo this instant!

-Herakleitos: Oh, do you mean to say you're leaving so soon?

-Mario: I wouldn't stay here another second if I got paid for it! Now get me back to Tokyo, they need us there!

-Luigi: Wait a minute, Mario....

-Mario: What, what is it?

-Luigi: Before we go....I think it's about time we got some answers. You, Tokima Herakleitos, you're the one behind all this, aren't you? I want to hear the whole story. I want to know why I have been fighting all this time! Now answer me!

-Herakleitos: Ho ho, spirited lad, aren't you? You are correct, I'm the one behind all the events in Tokyo. I suppose it's only fair to reveal to you why you will now die, so very well....It began fifty years ago, when I was on an expedition to the Izu area. This expedition was led by the father of your principal, I'm sure you've heard of this incident.

-Mario: Ah, he means the expedition where they discovered the N-force relic...

-Herakleitos: Indeed, what we found on our search was beyond any imagination. This relic held the power...the immeasurable power that could revolutionize the entire world! And I immediately knew that I was the one to whom this power should belong. I've always been different from others. All my life, I had been outsider. Others avoided me for no reason, I was always left behind. Because I was the one! It was my destiny to become the one who would bring a revolution to the entire cosmos!

-Mario: Uhm...*scratch head* are you really sure about that?

-Luigi: Mario, not now...

-Herakleitos: Of course I'm sure! I'm superior to all those other idiots! All those who avoided me and rejected me, all those who could never understand....It's destiny, you can't argue with that! It was my destiny to seize that relic and embrace it's power!

-Luigi: But wasn't it so that it was the principal's father who was able to master the relic? From what I've heard all the other people on that expedition tried to use it, and died while doing so, including you.

-Herakleitos: You're wrong, I didn't die! The moment when I seized the relic, I was taken away...I was taken to this world, where I was all-powerful! I arrived in this world, imbued with power superior to all others! In this world, I was almighty, I was finally recognized as the exceptional one I am! It was my destiny to become the god of this world!

-Mario: So then, all the attacks that took place in our world, every single one, right from the beginning, they came from you?

-Herakleitos: Wrong again! I had nothing to do with that raving lunatic Andross, he was nothing but a meaningless, petty tyrant! He was led by a group of rebels from this world, who hoped to escape my dominance here by seeking refuge in your world. They made a complete fiasco out of their project, but at least they have been useful in furthering my project somewhat...When Andross' forces had widened the portal between our worlds, I was able to send my elite fighters into your world, to begin their mission.

-Luigi: By elite fighters, he must mean those creeps Montesquieu and Robespierre...

-Herakleitos: Indeed, they are the finest beings to exist! I took those two under my wing, and awakened the colossal power within them, however...They weren't up to full power just yet. They still needed more time to develop their powers. But I knew that I wouldn't get another chance like this soon. Andross' bumblings, doomed to failure as though they may have been did create a passageway between our worlds. Using that, I was able to send the embryos of Robespierre and Montesquieu to Tokyo, where they would lie dormant, until their full power would have awakened. However, I was aware of the risk that their embryos would have been discovered by you, and that, realizing the threat they pose, you'd eliminate them before they could awaken, so I arranged for a little something to keep you busy, see...

-Mario: You mean...that's the reason why Descartes and the others were possessed and forced to attack us?!

-Herakleitos: My, you're not as dense as you look. I did figure that it would puzzle you enough to have the other harbinger candidates acting under my control and attacking you. You see, I never expected those four young men to actually succeed in killing you. I knew very well that the power of two full-fledged harbingers would be sufficient to deal with them. Nevertheless, those four have served their purpose well. While you were entangled in battle against them, you weren't able to notice the growing presence of Montesquieu and Robespierre. They were able to take all their time and awaken without anyone disturbing them, and once they did appear, you were taken completely by surprise! By the time you had noticed something was going to happen, it was already too late!

-Luigi: This explains why those with sensitive powers have been feeling a threat lately, it must've been the awakening of those two that they have felt.

-Mario: Now this has gone far enough. You, Tokima! You really are a bastard of the worst kind! Ever since the beginning, you've done nothing but abuse of others for your own ends! I can't stand low-life scum like you! There's no place to run for you now, you'll have to face us on your own, got that?!

-Luigi: Uhm, Mario, that's a very powerful monologue, and I quite agree with you, but...

-Mario: -Now- what is it?!

-Luigi: Well, we can't transform.

A silence followed, during which Mario slowly turned to Luigi with a sheepish grin.

-Mario: Oh yah, I had totally forgotten about that.

-Luigi: *deep sigh* So, once again, you let yourself get carried away and embarrass the two of us, how very like you...

-Mario: Well, transformation or no transformation, this Herakleitos deserves a good lesson! We'll find some other way to smash his sneaky face in!

-Herakleitos: Well, now that everything is explained, we can get down to business. Your mission to defend Tokyo ends here, harbingers! This cathedral will be your tomb! Arise, Master Hands!

With those words, Herakleitos raised both his arms, and slowly, two giant hands dressed in white gloves emerged from the shadows behind him as he laughed evilly.

-Luigi: Ah, I've seen those two hands before! Those hands grabbed us and dragged us into this cathedral when we were still at the Tokyo Tower!

-Herakleitos: These are the Master Hands, my personal bodyguards. And they're the ones who will expel you to the pits of hell!

-Mario: Hmph, so once again, you're just going to cower behind someone else and not do any work of your own, huh?

-Herakleitos: Silence! I've had enough of your revoltingly vulgar appearance! It'll be a relief to see you die!

-Mario: Well, don't get your hopes up just yet. I don't intend to lose, I can't afford to!

-Luigi: Mario's right, we won't die so easily. All the others back in Tokyo are counting on us! They need our help back there, what they're going through must be much worse than this....

Luigi's assumption was quite right, as at that time, back at the solidly frozen Tokyo Tower, Montesquieu and Robespierre were slowly but surely gaining the upper hand over their adversaries. Thin rings of water hovered around Mizu as he prepared to fire off another wave of water in Robespierre's direction, but once again, to no effect.

-Mizuru: It isn't working! I'm using my power over water to the limit, but it just is no use!

-Sora: Same here. I can use my power over the air as much as I want, he just brushes it off. Mizu, we can't keep this up much longer. Using our powers so intensely is completely draining us.

-Mizuru: You're right, I feel as if I'm half dead, but everyone else is counting on us!

-Sora: I hate to be so blunt, but we've tried everything we could, and it didn't get us anywhere. Let's face it, we're fighting a losing battle here...

-Mizu:....I know very well that you're right.

-Robespierre: Well, I seem to have at least pounded some sense into you two. You've realized that you're meager efforts are not good enough, perhaps now you'll be more reasonable.

-Mizu: But still, I don't want to be discouraged like this! Sora, we can't just give up without putting up any kind of fight, that'd be pathetic!

-Sora: That's just what I hate the most about this. We've used our abilities to their maximum, we've given it our all, but even so, it was no use. It's like we have no other way out of this but defeat.

-Robespierre: I couldn't have put it better myself. You two obviously have lost your will to fight, so let's end this tedious business quickly. I must say you've been most impressive adversaries, but all good things must come to an end. And this one will end right now! Eat it!

Having lost his patience, Robespierre blasted Mizu and Sora with two thundering energy waves. Having taken these blast, the two young men sank to the ground and passed out. But Robespierre hadn't finished calming his nerves yet. He turned to his companion Montesquieu, who was holding off Descartes and Rousseau with similiar ease, and addressed these words to her.

-Robespierre: Hikari, this has gone on for long enough! I'm tired of this useless dawdling! Play time is over, move out of the way!

-Montesquieu: Eh? Ankoku, you sound kinda tense.

-Robespierre: That's very true!

Two more energy waves were launched from Robespierre's hands, this time in the direction of Descartes and Rousseau, who were also hit by the full force of this attack, which caused them to pass out as well. This annoyed Montesquieu considerably.

-Montesquieu: Awww, Ankoku, I wanted to do that! Not fair! Those two were my opponents, it's mean of you to finish them off instead of me, you brute!

-Robespierre: Well, try to be more efficient, in that case. Lord Herakleitos gave us an important mission after all, we can't afford to waste time with such trivial nonsense!

-Montesquieu: Oh, that's right, our mission is to wipe out all life from this world so that, from the ashes of this city, we can build up the perfect world that our master dreams about....

While Montesquieu and Robespierre continued this conversation, the Nintendo High students, who had been watching from afar were really beginning to panic after having witnessed the defeat of the four young men upon whom they were counting.

-Wario: So, it looks like we -will- all die horribly in the end. What a shame, I would've still wanted to do this or that. Oh well....

-Saria: What in hell are you talking about?! If those two freaks think they can get away with doing that to my Renn, they've got another thing coming! I'm going in there to personally whoop their arses, as in right now! And don't try to stop me!

But just as an overly steamed Saria was about to stampede off, a hand was placed on her shoulder, and she heard Link's voice urging her to wait.

-Link: Saria, that's a noble thought, but please leave this to us.

-Saria: Oh, right, you just expect me to stand there and let them beat up my friend?! And just what are you going to do anyways?

-Link: Well, I'm not entirely sure if I'm right about this...but now that we've had a good look at what our two enemies are capable of, I think it's a safe bet that we can get the better of them if we use our special last resort. Lombardi, what do you think?

-Falco: Heh, we'll blow them clean off the face of the earth if we use this!

-Kirby: Excuse me, what exactly is this last resort thing you're going on about?

-Yoshi: Anything short of a nuclear missile will be a waste of your efforts against those two...

-Falco: Don't sweat it, this'll do the trick allright.

-Yoshi: What will?!

-Zelda: Sheez, you have a temper today. Look, it's allright. You remember the battle against Descartes, right?

-Kirby: Oh yes, that's when you backed up Link with a second ice arrow.

-Link: Precisely. That's what we've been practicing on lately. If we can fire not one but two special arrows at the same time, their strength will be doubled. It makes a formidable weapon! We've been saving this double arrow technique for a really sticky situation like this.

-Zelda: The trouble is, you need two archers whose techniques are perfectly tuned in to each other. The arrows must be fired in complete synchronization, which is why we needed lots of practice.

-Link: But we've gotten it right by now. Zelda and I will take out one of them with a double ice arrow.

-Falco: Count on me and McCloud for a double fire arrow. You're ready for this, Foxy?

-Fox: Sure, I won't let you down!

-Falco: That's the spirit. Now, I'm getting really sick of that smug jerk Robespierre. Leave that one to us, we'll sort him out.

-Link: Understood, we'll take care of Montesquieu. This would be a good time to go into action, we should attack first now that we have the chance!

-Zelda: Okay, that's our plan, let's do it!

-Link: But Zelda, are you sure you'll be okay?

-Zelda: Hey, no biggie, I can cast an ice arrow and time it right!

-Link: No, I meant, won't you be uncomfortable fighting in a traditional kimono?

-Zelda: Oh....

Indeed, Zelda was still dressed in the elegant kimono that she had worn for he guests at her dojo. She meditated this fact for a short moment, after which she just grinned.

-Zelda: Nah, no sweat. I would prefer to go with my Sheik costume for such a special occasion, but this is really no time for coquette attitudes.

-Saria: That's one strange definition of coquette....

-Wario: Shh, don't start an argument now.

-Fox: Speaking of arguments, our enemies seem to be having one right now.

-Falco: Then let's move in, this is the right moment!

Robespierre and Montesquieu were indeed caught up in a heated discussion, which went a little like this:

-Robespierre: If you're too slow to finish off such easy prey, it's only normal that I'd do it instead, so stop complaining!

-Montesquieu: Hrmph, you macho! I just have different ways of doing things, that's all!

-Robespierre: We don't need different methods, we only need effective methods!

-Montesquieu: And in what way am I not effective, if you please?!

-Robespierre: As if you didn't know!

However, their argument was then interrupted by a voice belting out this phrase:

-Falco: You had better be a little more worried about us!

-Robespierre & Montesquieu: Eh??

The two squabblers ceased their talk and turned round to spot Foxy and Falco standing back-to-back on a tall column of ice behind them.

-Falco: You'll regret that you ever tried to mess with us! Foxy, we're going in!

-Fox: Copy that, I'm right behind you!

Before Robespierre and Montesquieu could react, the two boys leapt off the pillar of ice, and in mid-air, they both summoned an arc of raging flames, which they clutched like bows. Two long, thin arrows made of intense fire appeared as well, which they loaded onto their bows, aimed, and....

-Fox & Falco: Double Fire Arrow!!

Their combined attack was launched, and the full violence of the two flame arrows slammed right into Robespierre's face. The impact of this blow sent him crashing to the ground, where he remained, motionless. The two boys then landed on the ground in front of him.

-Fox: worked, we got him!

-Falco: Hmm, pretty nice shot, there.

-Fox: Now let's leave the rest to Link and Zelda.

-Montesquieu: little bastards! I'll tell you right away, you won't be able to get rid of me with that same technique!

-Falco: Heh....we don't have to. It's already too late for you. Link, Zelda, do it now!

-Montesquieu: What?!

Indeed, it was too late for Montesquieu to escape. Link and Zelda jumped out from behind an ice column, with two glowing blue ice arrows, fully loaded onto their bows.

-Link & Zelda: Double Freeze Arrow!!

The two arrows of severe blue cold were shot out at Montesquieu, who found no time to evade. Like Robespierre, she was slammed to the ground by the force of this attack, and moved no longer.

-Zelda: All right! That's two down!

-Link: They weren't as terrible as we thought they'd be....

-Falco: Or maybe we're just a lot better than they thought we'd be.

-Fox: I'd say a bit of both...

The other students had come out of their hiding place and approached this scene now, in a state of victorious joy.

-Wario: It's a miracle! We're still alive!

-Kirby: That was amazing! I knew you guys could do it!

-Yoshi: Really, I was thinking we were finished back there.

-Ibis: I just hope this isn't something that happens every day in Tokyo....

-Yoshi: Nah, that's nothing to worry about. As you see, we could handle it!

-Peach: No, wait a minute, everyone....

-Samus: What's the matter, Peach? You sound as if something's wrong.

-Peach: Something -is- wrong! Look around yourselves!

-Wario: And, just what are we supposed to be looking for?

-Peach: It's the ice, look! All of the ice covering the city is still there!

-Samus: You're right, it hasn't vanished...

Indeed, all of Tokyo was still entrapped in a solid wall of ice, and cold winds blew over the frozen surface....

-Toad: In that case, it's very bad....I remember our enemies did say that this ice is part of their person, so that would mean....

-Wario: You're not suggesting that they still aren't dead?! That can't be true!

-Toad: But their bodies haven't vanished! What Peach sais is true, it's not over yet!

-Samus: They could still be alive, even after such blows....Is that really possible?

Samus' worries were resolved when a sharp hiss of "you bastards!" was heard, pronounced with Montesquieu's voice. Shocked, they all turned round to see that Robespierre and Montesquieu had indeed staggered back to their feet, and were clutching their severe wounds.

-Montesquieu: Damned little bastards! You're going to wish you were never born!

-Robespierre: We'll make them live through hell...Hikari, our only option now is for us to merge into one, and transform to our true form!

-Montesquieu: I don't like to do this, it's so uncomfortable, but I suppose a fusion into our Mother Brain form is the only way out, yes....

-Robespierre: Hrrrm, those pesky little wimps will have no chance against us when we become the Mother Brain! Hikari, let's do it!

-Link: What's that? Do they really think they can still beat us, even with such wounds?

-Falco: Careful, they're up to something really nasty this time....

Robespierre and Montesquieu then joined hands, and the ground slowly began to tremble as a spiral of ice shards enveloped them. The trembling swelled to a deafening roar, and a thick cloud of mist had draped itself around Montesquieu and Robespierre. In the heart of this cold mist, slowly, a large and menacing shadow began to emerge. Once the cloud had cleared up, and the rumbling had stopped, the true horror of their merged state appeared before the students; a towering, pulsating creature stood in front of the Tokyo tower, it's long claws outstretched, and it's squirming brain-like head overlooking the city skyline; what Robespierre and Montesquieu called "Mother Brain" had appeared.

-Zelda: This is...they're joking, right? There's no way they could've transformed into such a monstrosity!

-Samus: They called this "Mother Brain"....I don't see a way out for us anymore. We won't have an easy time with this one!

-Falco: Hah, let them come! I'm convinced it's all bluff! They may have grown bigger, but they were still wounded! Even in a different form, it won't enhance their strength! We mustn't let them intimidate us!

The Mother Brain monster had spotted it's pray by now, and had overheard Falco's taunting words. Intent on proving that it really did mean business, the monster leaned forward, and fiery laser rings were shot from it's eyes, directed right at Falco. The burning projectiles ripped up the ground as they soared towards their victim....

-Falco: What the....?!

-Fox: No!!

However, before the speeding laser rings could do their destructive work, Foxy placed himself in their path, and pulled Falco out of the way. He plunged to the ground, together with him, but he had not quite been fast enough in his rescue maneuver, for he had taken a portion of the blast intended for Falco himself.

-Fox: Ah...oww!

-Falco: Foxy! What happened?! Say something!

-Fox:'s nothing, don't worry....

-Falco: Your arm is....?

-Fox:...Uhng....I think it's broken.....

A long silence followed. Falco stared with despair at Foxy who clutched his broken arm. Slowly, Falco then got back on his feet, and trembling, he muttered these words:

-Falco: ...Now, I'm going to -kill- it.

-Link: Wait a minute, you don't mean to say you'll....??

-Falco: Oh yes I will. The bastard.....bastard!! I'll kill it! I'll rip that disgusting thing to pieces if it's the last thing I do!! It'll die!

Falco then lunged forward, as if to thrown himself at the Mother Brain creature there and then, but Link grabbed him by the shoulders and held him back.

-Link: No, wait! You don't know what you're doing!

-Falco: Push off, you! I said I'm going to kill it! I'll make the swine pay for what it did! And don't you try to stop me!

-Link: Look, I understand that you're angered......anyone would be, but you musn't lose your calm like this! By just rushing in like that, on your own, you'll have no chance at all! Think about what you're doing! If you throw yourself into the lion's den like that, your friend will have saved you for nothing!

-Falco:....*sigh* Damn you, I hate it when you're right.

-Link: But it's better this way. There's no use jumping at an enemy who is far stronger than we are. It'd be like flies hurling themselves onto a car's windshield.

-Falco: Yah, *sarcastic tone* very poetic metaphor, there. On the other hand, I don't like the idea of standing around like this either...

The Mother Brain beast, in a boasting mood then threw back it's head and belted out a thundering roar. It then lunged forward and spat an intense beam if light from it's jaws, which soared off into the distance. The beam it had fired collided with a few frozen skyscrapers in the distance, who were reduced to smoldering piles of rubble by this terrible blast. Shocked by this demo of the creature's power, the students held a quick conference in these terms:

-Kirby: No way, did you see that?! It took out two whole buildings with that shot! This beast packs some terrible power!

-Zelda: *gulp* It looks like even a double ice arrow won't work against it....And a double fire arrow's impossible as well, with McCloud's arm broken.

-Fox:...That's right, I never thought of that. I....I'm sorry, everyone, to let you down...

-Falco: Enough already, don't talk like that....I should be the one to say such things. I've really messed up. You were supposed to be safe from harm around me, but now you got hurt because of me...I'm really a major loser...

-Fox: No, that's not true! You're not to blame at all! But, talking like this won't get us anywhere....

-Yoshi: Well, that's true, but I don't see what else we can do...We've used up all our resorts as it is, we having nothing left to fall back on.

-Toad: Wait a minute, there might be a way....Yes, this could work! What about a double light arrow? Icarus?

Kid Icarus, who had remained silent during this battle then spoke up, looking hopeful again.

-Kid Icarus:...Why, yes, that might do the trick. If the force of the double fire and ice arrows are anything to go by, a double light arrow should give us a chance!

-Wario: That's great! We won't die horribly after all!

-Kid Icarus: But there's just one problem....

-Toad: We don't have a person who is qualified to fire a second light arrow.

-Wario: That's terrible! We will die horribly after all!

-Kid Icarus: It's frustrating....Besides me, no-one is capable of casting the light arrow! We can't perform a double light arrow this way!

-Zelda: No way! So then all hope really is lost!

-Kid Icarus:....It would seem so...

-Peach: No! No, it's not!

-Samus: Peach....?

-Peach: I'll do it! I'll summon the second light arrow!

-Everyone: Whaaat??

-Toad: You're serious about this?

-Peach: Definitely. It's about time I did something to show that I deserve Mario's courage.

-Toad: Peach....but, it's a terribly difficult thing to do.

-Peach: Don't worry about it. I've never been so determined before. It's odd, but I'm not afraid at all. I'm feeling very calm. I know that I'll succeed. There's no way I'll fail, I can't afford to!

-Link: It's amazing...the intensity of her willpower has skyrocketed all of a sudden!

-Falco: This kind of strength...where does she get it from?!

-Peach: Up to this point, I've always counted on others...It was always Mario's courage and honesty that I relied on. I always doubted myself, but I'm tired of that now! Even Descartes and the others were beaten trying to cover for us... Now there's no-one left to do our dirty work for us, we're on our own, so I have to do this! I've had enough of seeing friends getting hurt trying to fight for me...trying to take my own duties upon them! I can't stand it that Mario and Luigi are still imprisoned all this time, and I'm not doing anything about it....I won't be talked out of this!

-Toad: I see......Well, it's worth a try. Get ready, we'll only get one shot at this.

-Peach: That'll be more than enough! Mario....look at me! I'll make it! I'll get you and Luigi out of there, I promise!

Peach then moved forward and placed herself next to Kid Icarus, with what you could call a "death or glory" spirit. As for Mario and Luigi, they bravely tried to face up to the situation in Herakleitos' cathedral, but things were getting nasty for them. The two Master Hands that Herakleitos had sent after them were menacingly swooping through the shadowy cathedral, trying to grab the two brothers. With their famed jumping skills, they had so far managed to avoid all the onslaughts, but they were beginning to get exhausted....

-Mario: Luigi, how are you keeping up?

-Luigi: Just barely....Mario, we need to find a way to counter their attacks, quickly! We won't last much longer this way!

-Mario: I know it, but...without our powers, I don't see what we could do. If only we could transform!

However, Mario was then taken by surprise by one of the Master Hands that was looming behind him. The giant hand stretched out it's index finger, which was enveloped in a dim glow. Before Mario could react, the Master Hands had shot out a salvo of golden bullets at him. He was hit dead-on by this blow and was slammed to the ground. Immediately, the Master Hand grabbed Mario, and held him up, clenched between it's fingers.

-Luigi: Mario!!

Mario gasped and slowly opened his eyes, only to see that the second Master Hand was rushing towards Luigi. He still managed to shout a warning, but it was too late. Luigi was also thrown to the ground and grabbed by the monster glove. Now that both brothers were entrapped in the grip of the Master Hands, Herakleitos spoke up again with these words;

-Herakleitos: It's over now. I'm surprised that you've lasted so long, but victory is mine after all!

-Mario: No, you're wrong! This is no proper victory at all! You only won because you cheated, and blocked out our powers! Herakleitos! Let's fight this out in a real battle, mano a mano!

-Herakleitos: Shut up! In such a war, every kind of technique is allowed. Whether or not I really won is irrelevant. In any case, you can't deny that you lost!

-Mario: Damn you, you are scum of the lowest kind. You bastard! Come on and fight us for real! Is this kind of sneaky cheating the only thing you're capable of?!

-Herakleitos: You're beginning to get on my nerves. Now, Master Hands, finish them!

The Master Hands then tightened their grip around the two brothers, and via their fingers, they sent painful electric discharges into the bodies of their victims.

-Luigi: Oowww! They're sending electroshocks through us! Oh man, this is such a flipped way to die....

-Mario: Luigi, pull yourself together! We won't die!

-Herakleitos: Hah! You must've really lost it, idiot! You're entrapped, unable to move, and being zapped by severe voltage! Of course you'll die!

-Mario: No, I won't! I will not give in! Because I know very well that a dishonest sleazebag of your kind could never strike down people as strong and brave as my friends!

-Herakleitos: What's that...?

-Luigi: What Mario says is true! We'll hang in there, not just for ourselves, but for everyone else as well! We can't just roll over and croak when the others are giving it their all for us!

-Mario: Exactly! Peach, everyone....we won't let you down! I'll never abandon you!

-Herakleitos: This is madness....I simply do not understand!

-Mario: Just wait and look closely, then you'll understand....

And as Mario gave Herakleitos a taunting look, he would indeed find out that his companions in Tokyo could deliver the goods. As at that moment, Peach and Icarus had stood up and were facing the Mother Brain creature.

-Kid Icarus: Well, this is it, then. Our last chance may be the lucky one....

-Samus: You're really going for this aren't you, Peach?

-Peach: For sure I am. We absolutely have to get Mario and Luigi out of there.

-Samus: I agree entirely. It drives me nuts to think that Luigi is on his own in there! Well, Peach, we're all counting on you and Icarus to fire the double light arrow. Please concentrate fully on this, and leave the rest to me.

-Peach: What? Sammy, wait! What will you do?

But Samus had already started running towards the Mother Brain monster, and in a loud voice, she shouted out these phrases towards the monstrosity,

-Samus: Hey! Over here, ugly! Here!

-Kid Icarus: What?! She's crazy! What is she doing?!

-Peach: Sammy!

The Mother Brain had clearly heard Samus' voice, and didn't hesitate to fire a blast of fiery rings in her direction. However, Samus wasn't caught off-guard by this offense. She rapidly leapt into the air, and with a multiple salto, she soared over the rushing fire rings and landed safely out of harm's way, on top of a large block of ice, where she assumed a victorious pose.

-Samus: Ta-daaaah! How's that for speedy reactions, eh?

-Kid Icarus: Whoa, that was some jump....

-Samus: Haaa ha ha! If I want to be an astronaut, I need to be in perfect athletic shape! Such rolling jumps and athletic maneuvers are second nature to a pro astronaut! This thing won't be able to catch me!

Indeed, the angered Mother Brain then began to fire several rapid bursts of fire rings, but these attacks were all evaded with grace and ease by Sammy who jumped, dashed and whirled around the monster at break-neck speed.

-Samus: Hah, worthless! You can't catch me, ugly! You're just too slow!

-Kid Icarus: Marvelous! She's keeping the monster busy!

-Kirby: She's awesome! Yoshi, we can fight as well! Let's back her up!

Not waiting for Yoshi's reply, Kirby then dashed forward as well and took out a pair of chopsticks, which he brandished as a weapon.

-Kirby: And here comes my special technique! Chopstick cutter attack! Hyaaah!

He struck down with his chopsticks, and a wave of energy came crashing against the Mother Brain's body. Although it's effect was merely that of a pinprick, it served to annoy and confuse the Mother Brain. This situation was about to continue, as Yoshi now joined the offense as well, with a fresh watermelon stuffed in his mouth.

-Yoshi: Now for a rain of watermelon seeds! Watermelon Spit!

The barrage of sharp seeds further distracted the Mother Brain beast. Although these offenses didn't wound her in the slightest, their relentlessness annoyed her, and prevented her to concentrate on firing it's rings at Sammy who kept taunting the beast and evading it's blasts easily. With these irritating mosquito bite-style hindrances plaguing her from three corners, the monster was getting increasingly more enervated and less concentrated. In the end, it didn't know where to turn to anymore.

-Kid Icarus: It's perfect! They're confusing the hell out of the monster! We have an ideal chance at a clear shot now! Peach, stand're ready for this, aren't you?

-Peach: Count on me. I can fight as well. This time, it's up to me to be just as brave as Mario. Nothing will stop me now! Full power!

As she had spoken these words, a bright shimmer enveloped her. Such was the intensity of the light that she had to avert her eyes, but once she looked up again, she saw that she had succeeded, and a bow and arrow made of scintillating light were clasped in her hands.

-Peach: worked! I got it! I summoned the light arrow!

-Kid Icarus: Good, now it's my turn....

Icarus dressed a brightly shining bow and arrow as well. The two then loaded their weapons and aimed for the giant creature in front of them.

-Kid Icarus: Aim for it's head, and don't hold back!

-Peach: I got it! I m ready whenever you are!

-Kid Icarus: Allright then, fire!

-Peach & Icarus: Double Shine Arrow!!

They then released their arrows, and the two lances of bright light soared through the air, where they converged into one and continued their path towards the towering Mother Brain monster.

-Kid Icarus: Yoshi, Kirby, Sammy! Clear out of there!

Acting upon Icarus' command, the three quickly jumped away to safety. It confused the Mother Brain even more to see her three assailants backing out so suddenly. By the time she had noticed a blinding shimmer from the corner of her eye, it was already too late. The giant, speeding double light arrow collided with the beast's face and engulfed it's target in an explosion of luminance. The Mother Brain belted out a howl of rage as it's body was consumed in the bright flare, until there was no more trace of the monster. The Mother Brain had been entirely wiped out. Only two voices resounded vaguely, drifting on the wind:

-", Ankoku, we're's..."

-"It's allright, Hikari. We won't be separated...."

When these whispers had died down, the ice that was covering the city began to crack, and rapidly fell to pieces. The ice dissolved into minuscule, transparent particles that floated upwards to the sky, glimmering in the light of the sun who had reappeared.

-Saria: It worked! The ice is disappearing!

-Wario: Oh, thank heavens! We get to live past today!

-Ibis: Yoshi! You've made it!

-Yoshi: We've all made it! It's only a matter of minutes before the city is back to normal again.

-Ibis: Yes, all that ice is turning into small drops that float away. It looks pretty....

Indeed, it only took a short while until the entire mass of ice had disappeared, and the city began to breathe again, underneath a clear sky. However, a noise was suddenly heard, and the students saw a beam of intense light shooting out from the Nintendo High building and up towards the sky.

-Saria; Oh, what was that? This flare of light suddenly shot out of our school building, did you see it?

-Toad: Very clearly. It could only be the N-force, contained in that relic the principal locked away in our school.

-Samus: You're right, it has to be that. It's power was being blocked by the ice, but now it's no longer held back. It was a blast of the N-force, must be heading to join Mario and Luigi! They'll be able to use their powers again!

-Toad: Exactly, that has to be it. We'll have to wait and see if Mario and Luigi return safely now...

-Yoshi: I'm sure they will! I know that they can pull through a lot of things, they'll make it!

-Samus: Absolutely! My Luigi is the toughest guy that breathes, nothing gets past him!

-Kirby: Well, sort of....

-Peach: I'm sure they're still alive. I know very well that Mario is a person who never gives up! They'll come back to us, no doubt about it!

Herakleitos looked into the fountain of his cathedral with disbelief. He had seen with his own eyes that Montesquieu and Robespierre, even transformed in their ultimate form of Mother Brain had perished. Panic mixed into his sense of delusion, and he began to shout

-Herakleitos: No, no this can't be! It simply isn't possible! I won't accept it!

Mario and Luigi were still being held immobilized by the two Master Hands, but this no longer worried them. Smirking, Mario made the following remark;

-Mario: I knew they'd pull through. Now it's about time we finished you off, Tokima Herakleitos!

As Mario pronounced these words, a glow began to emanate from his forehead, and the N-symbol appeared there, glimmering brightly. The same thing happened to Luigi's forehead, who summed up the situation in these words:

-Luigi: Our foreheads...That's the N-symbol! Mario, it means we can use our powers again! The ice over Tokyo is gone, the N-force can reach us again!

-Mario: Then, what are we waiting for? Let's transform!

-Mario & Luigi: Revolutionary Fire Flower!!

The cathedral was then illuminated by a bright flash, and the two brothers broke free from the grip of the Master Hands. Their silhouettes stepped forward from the light; white dungarees were draped around them, large, white wings had sprouted from their shoulders and brightly glimmering N-symbols stood on their foreheads.

-Herakleitos: No, I won't allow this! Master Hands! Kill those two, now!

The two Master Hands once again rushed forward, but Mario and Luigi showed no intention of running away this time. Instead, they raised their arms, and a large, shining disc shaped like a five-pointed star appeared above them.

-Luigi: Let's hit 'em with this! We need those Master Hands out of the way first!

-Mario: Right, they've caused enough trouble as it is.

-Mario & Luigi: 120 power stars shot! Go!

The large star was then fired in the direction of the two giant hands, and the projectile sliced clean through Herakleitos' two bodyguards. The remains of the Master Hands slowly vanished as the two brothers then turned to their proper enemy.

-Mario: And now, it's your turn! Tokima Herakleitos!

-Luigi: This one's for all those who you have abused, and who suffered because of you!

-Herakleitos: No, no wait! Don't do this! No!

-Luigi: No use begging, your treachery and cruelty ends here!

-Mario: We'll wipe out the source of all this chaos!

They then joined hands, and a glow began to surround them....

-Mario & Luigi: The mountains, the ocean, the sky, and you, the stars, hear our prayer! Saint revolutionary light, descend from the heavens, fuse yourself in us, here and now! By the sacred N-force, we will break open the door to a new era, and lead the world to a revolution! 64-bit Revolution, go!!

The cathedral was then bathed in light, and Herakleitos collapsed, screaming in bitter despair. When the light died down, he still pronounced these words, between long, agonizing breaths.

-Herakleitos: I....I see now. All this time, I was wrong....I'm finished. Mario, Luigi, go now. Go back to Tokyo.

The cathedral's doors swung open, and the luminous vortex through which they had come here appeared before the two brothers.

-Mario: That's it! It's the way back to our world! Let's go, Luigi!

-Luigi: But, are you sure about Herakleitos? Can we...?

-Mario: Leave him, he's had it. Let's go already!

Mario and Luigi then jumped into the light and disappeared. The cathedral's doors closed, and Herakleitos slowly clambered back on his feet. A black coffin appeared behind him. He climbed into the coffin and closed his eyes, as it disappeared into the shadows again. Mario and Luigi, meanwhile, had arrived at the other end of the warp tunnel, but where surprised to see that they were not in Tokyo. Instead, the vortex had lead them to a vast and empty plain, which seemed to be hovering in space. Small, shimmering objects that resembled stars were scattered all over the ground.

-Mario: What's this? Where is this place?

-Luigi: One thing's for sure; we're not in Tokyo. And I have no idea how we're going to get there from this place...wherever this may be.

-Mario: Oh, that's just great! What a rip-off!

-Luigi: Now, Mario, try to stay calm....

However, a voice then resounded, addressing them with these words:

-"Mario and Luigi...."-

-Luigi: What? Who was that?

They turned around and saw a feminine figure clad in long white robes and surrounded by a softly glowing aura standing behind them. This person spoke up again

-"Do not be alarmed. My name is Lady Étoile, and you are here on the Star Road."-

-Mario: Star Road?

-Lady Étoile: Yes, and I am the guardian of this place. I was the one who interrupted your travel through the dimensional vortex. Before you return to Tokyo, I needed to see you.

-Luigi: But, wait a minute, I don't understand. What are you? Are you a goddess?

-Lady Étoile: *smile* To those of your world, I may seem like that, but in truth, I'm merely the guardian of this place, the Star Road. This is where wishes are kept. Every time a person makes a true wish, one that comes from their heart, and in which they really believe, it flies up to the sky and arrives here, where it waits until it comes true.

-Mario: That's what all these shiny thingies on the ground must be...

-Luigi: But, what does all of this have to do with us?

-Lady Étoile: I'll tell you. Mario and Luigi, you are the ones who have just realized the wish that the entire earth has made. All the people of the world, deep down, hold a wish to continue to live, and to see their planet grow for many more years, because at heart, they love the world very sincerely. Herakleitos was wrong in his thoughts. There is no destiny that predicts what will and what won't happen in the future. Instead, the future is what you make it. And thanks to you, it will still be the humans that will be able to build the future they wish for their world.

-Mario: Uhm...*goofy grin* I don't really understand very well, but that sounds pretty cool!

-Luigi: Mario, please....Now, excuse us, Lady Étoile, but it really is necessary that we return to Tokyo quickly.

-Lady Étoile: Of course, but before you go, let me amplify your powers. Let the strength of the wish that you have defended flow into you....

Indeed, a shimmer then enveloped Mario and Luigi, and their powers were boosted considerably. Their white overalls turned into a metallic silver colour, and their wings were enlarged. The N-symbols on their foreheads turned into symbols resembling small stars, and a brand new energy surged through their veins.

-Mario: Whoaah....this is just like getting a level up in an RPG!

-Luigi: But, does this mean we'll still have to fight?

-Lady Étoile: There's no telling. From now on, you can transform by calling out the phrase "Supreme Star Power; Double Transformation!".

-Mario: *sweatdrop* And I thought it was just the principal who had a flair for this kind of wacko stuff.

-Lady Étoile: All of the S-types are now eliminated. Robespierre and Montesquieu were the last ones. All of the other S-type life was wiped out by Herakleitos. But now, the last ones have perished with their master.

A black coffin then floated past, with it's lid closed. The two brothers looked at this object, puzzled.

-Luigi: A coffin? Is that Herakleitos?

-Lady Étoile: He will never wake up again. Tokima Herakleitos has given up his reason to live, and will now sleep forever in his cathedral. It's better this way. And now, it's time for you two to return home. All of your friends are waiting for you. Goodbye, Mario and Luigi. Please, don't forget the courage and devotion that you hold for everyone.

-Mario: Wait! Lady Étoile....!

But before Mario could speak, the swirling dimensional gate appeared behind them and drew them in. This time, they hurtled towards their proper destination, and within a few moments, they would set foot in Tokyo once again. In the meantime, the others at the Tokyo Tower were slowly recovering from the battle they had just endured. Saria rushed towards Descartes and kneeled down next to him as he began to wake up slowly.

-Saria: Renn! How are you feeling? Nothing broken?

-Descartes: No, nothing serious, but I did pass out for a while back there. Hmm, I understand if you want to yell at me. I didn't deliver the goods and left you and your friends to fight those freaks on your own.

-Saria: Oh, that's no problem, we kicked their butts! You just take it easy for a while, everything's fine now.

Rousseau, Thales and Socrates had regained consciousness as well by now and had managed to get back on their feet.

-Sora: Looks like the battle's already over. They were one step ahead of us...

-Mizuru: It's amazing, they succeeded, and surpassed even our level!

-Rousseau: The city has been freed from the we just need to wait for Mario and Luigi to return.

-Peach: But it is taking so long....Where could they be now? What's keeping them?

-Samus: You don't think that...maybe they didn't make it?

-Yoshi: Hey, don't talk like that, you know Mario and Luigi better than that. Just trust them, they'll come back any minute now.

-Ibis: Those two brothers are really very special to all of you, aren't they?

-Yoshi: Oh, they sure are. There isn't a pair of heroes more praiseworthy than them!

-Kirby: Yes, they are very important friends, to all of us.

-Toad: By the way, now that we're on the subject of people who seem to have disappeared....Weren't our two janitors here as well?

-Wario: Musashi and Kojiro were here, now that you mentioned them. But they were nowhere to be found during the battle, and I don't see them anywhere now either...

-Kirby: It's allright, they're over there!

Kirby pointed to a figure in the distance. Upon closer inspection, this turned out to be Wolf, who was in rather a tricky situation. Seeing the violence of the battle had caused Musashi and Kojiro to panic completely, and upon an impulse they had jumped onto Wolf and were clinging onto him in terrified nervousness.

-Kojiro: I'm so scared....this is freaking me out!

-Musashi: I can't bear to look! Is it over yet?!

-Wolf: Uhm...muh...arrf....

-Musashi: What? What was that, Wolfy?

-Wolf: tight....don't grab onto me so tightly, I...can't breathe!

-Kojiro: Oh, how terrible! Musashi, you're choking my big brother!

-Musashi: Well, you're groping onto him as well, you're the one who's choking him!

-Wolf: Please, let go....I'm suffocating...ahhhr....

Wolf then collapsed and crashed to the ground with both Musashi and Kojiro who yelped in fear. Big sweatdrops rolled down the faces of the students who had witnessed this scene.

-Zelda: Same old Musashi and Kojiro....

-Link: Oh well, it's good that some things never change. For example, Zelda, I like you just the way you are.

-Zelda: But, I'm wearing a kimono, it's not really me, is it?

-Link: It's quite nice, actually. But if it's not comfortable for you....

-Zelda: As long as you like it, it's just fine with me! Hah, I'll knock their eyes out during the tea ceremony with this, I'm sure of it!

-Yoshi: Speaking of tea, I could do with a quick bite. You work up an appetite busting big monsters.

-Kirby: Yes, but before we do that, it'd be better to take Rousseau and the others to a hospital, as well as anyone else who got injured.

-Yoshi: Oh, that's right. Foxy, your arm needs to be treated.

-Fox: Ah...I hadn't thought of that. Looks like I'll have to have it bandaged for a while.

-Falco: ...*sigh* Listen, Foxy, I really don't know what to say here....

-Fox: I told you, it's allright. You would've done the same thing for me, wouldn't you?

-Falco: Hmm, I really hate to admit it, but I would have, yes. But, just promise me that you'll never, ever do something like that again.

-Fox: But, Falco, how could you ask me not to risk myself for you....*blush* for my friend.

-Falco: *smirk* So I can't get any sense into you, eh? Very well then, but at least let me take you to the doctor, you can't go on your own in this state.

-Toad: So it's off to the nearest hospital, then.

-Peach: If you don't mind, I'd like to stay and wait a little longer.

-Samus: Yes, and I would too.

-Toad: Uhm...but nothing proves that Mario and Luigi will make their return here, at the Tokyo Tower. They could pop up anywhere once they get back.

-Peach: It's okay, something tells me they'll be right here.

-Samus: Call it feminine intuition *grin*. You lot just go ahead, okay?

The others acted upon Sammy's advice and quietly left the scene. Peach and Samus remained there for a few minutes, staring out over the city skyline, when a sudden sound of footsteps was heard. When the two girls turned around, their faces lit up as they saw none other than Mario and Luigi coming towards them, seemingly in good shape.

-Mario: Ey, princess, *grin* looks like I made you wait again.

-Peach: Mario! I'm so happy to see you! You've made it, you came back!

-Mario: Well, of course I did! I told you, you won't be alone anymore. And besides, if I hadn't made it back, I knew you would have been really angry with me.

-Peach: Of course not, not at all! I'm just glad to have you here again.

-Samus: And you should know, Mario, that it was Peach who delivered the final blow to our enemy. Incredible as though it may seem, she was the one who decided the outcome of the fight!

-Mario: Whoa, Peach, you did that?

-Peach: Uhm...'suppose I did, yes *smirk*.

-Luigi: Then it must not be a bad thing after all to have fallen for a samourai, Mario.

-Mario: Even with that samourai routine, you won't get my temper up, Luigi. So what if I love a samourai? If it's a samourai who is as beautiful as you are, Peach, it's just fine with me!

-Peach: Oh, Mario...*blush* But, I still like it better when you call me "princess".

-Luigi: Hmm, and all of the ice that was covering the city is gone as well....

-Samus: Yup, it just vanished as soon as Montesquieu and Robespierre had bought the farm. I really like Tokyo much better without a cover of ice!

-Luigi: Yes, the city sure is beautiful....But I've never seen it like this. It's still so quiet, as if the city's awakening from a long sleep....

-Mario: You're right, the usual noise of traffic and shoppers hasn't resumed yet. People must still be wondering what has happened.

The four continued to look out over the city for a few moments, until Samus made the following suggestion.

-Samus: We should probably go and join the others now. They must be waiting for us.

-Luigi: Oh, right. Let's transform back to our normal state, Mario.

-Mario: Ah, I nearly forgot about that.

The two brothers then disengaged their transformation. Gone where the white wings and shiny overalls, and their normal clothes had taken their place again. They then walked off into the streets to meet up with their friends again. However, unknown to them, a certain person had been watching this entire scene. As soon as the ice had vanished, Ness had clambered out of the subway station where he had been hiding with Joanna Dark. Worried about his relatives, he had immediately started to make his way home, but as he ran through the empty streets, he had caught a glimpse of two winged figures in white. Remembering what Joanna Dark had told him, he had stopped dead and spied on them from behind a wall. He had overheard all the words Mario and Luigi had just exchanged with Peach and Samus, and to his amazement, he had even seen the two winged figures transform into ordinary boys. Ordinary boys he knew at that....

-Ness: Unbelievable....Those must have been the guys with wings that miss Dark mentioned. And they are really Mario and Luigi? It isn't possible! I might really be on to something here....

Meanwhile, Mario, Luigi, Peach and Samus were still walking through the streets, when Peach suddenly asked a question.

-Peach: Oh, this just occurred to me. Mario, Luigi what exactly happened to you after Herakleitos took you away from the Tokyo Tower? Where did he take you?

-Luigi: That's kind of a long story....

-Samus: It's allright, you don't have to tell us right away if you don't want to.

-Mario:....*smile* We've been to the Star Road....

-Peach: Star Road? This isn't a joke of some kind, is it?

-Mario: No, it's true. Princess, you'll understand about it someday....Yes, someday, everyone will understand about their wish.

END of episode 5


Look out for episode 6: "Destiny's Revival!"

A year has passed since the last battle, and the city has been at peace. However, deep under the surface of Tokyo, a menacing ambition awaits it's moment to strike, and to disturb the newly found peace. A carnival arrives in Tokyo and brings two mysterious strangers with itself, who are also caught up in the tide of new events.

The revolution is revitalized in Mario's High school days Super Turbo 6!