Super Mario Alternate Universe Story:
Mario's High School Days

By Toasty

Episode 6: The Second Clash! A Battle That Makes the Heavens and the Earth Tremble!


Dear diary:

Just yesterday, we had to fight a ghost! And I mean a real-life one at that! I thought I was getting accustomed to the slight weirdness of Nintendo High, but this latest event has taken my confidence back a step. I mean, what kind of place is this?! How am I supposed to concentrate on graduating with such crazy stuff going on all the time?! My life is difficult enough as it is, after all, I need to look after Mario and make sure that he doesn't do too many dumb things, and that is one hell of a task already, so I really don't need ghosts and other such weirdoes popping up all around me. How will I manage if this goes on.....?



Scene 1: Aura Amplification?! The mysterious new "special training"!

(Tuesday morning. Most students have arrived early for morning classes, but a few minutes before classes are supposed to start, a message is boomed through the speakers:)

-Speakers: Attention! All students are requested to come to the school auditorium for a special message from our principal!

(The students are pretty surprised to hear this and start to wonder what this "special message" could be.....)

-Link: A special message, huh? Now, what could that be......

-Fox: I hope nothing's wrong.....

-Saria: I bet I know what this "special message" is all about! The principal is going to announce in front of everyone that he's madly in love with me and wants to live with me forever! That must be it! Oh, how sweet of him!

-Yoshi: There you go, making wild assumptions again. Aren't you mistaking your fantasies for realities?

-Saria: Well, it could happen! Why wouldn't he announce that he loves me?!

-Yoshi: I bet five gold coins that he won't !

-Saria: You're on! Let's head to the auditorium, I mustn't keep my beloved waiting! Not when he's about to announce his undying love for me!

-Yoshi: I've got this bet won, no doubt about it!

(A few minutes later, everyone is installed in the auditorium. Principal Hare comes up on the podium and addresses his students)

Peppy: Aherm...thank you for coming here. As of today, a change will be made to your timetables. Instead of your regular morning classes, there will be a special class in the morning hours. This special class will teach you the art of "aura amplifying". I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope that I can count on your co-operation in this matter. That is all, you are dismissed.

(As the students leave the school auditorium, Yoshi grins nastily)

-Yoshi: Well, that's five gold coins you owe me, Saria.

-Saria: Shut up! Don't put pressure on a heartbroken woman!

-Link: Yes, now may not be a good moment to try and pry money out of her. She must be terribly disappointed that the principal didn't announce what she hoped he would.

-Saria: Oh, Link, you are so kind, sensitive and understanding! *starry-eyed gaze* You're always there when I need you...

-Yoshi: Yes, well, if you ask me, she doesn't seem all that shattered with bitter disappointment....

-Luigi: Never mind that. Don't you think this announcement about a special morning class is sort of weird? I mean, what is "the art of aura amplifying" anyway?

-Mario: I have no idea, but "aura amplifying" sounds a bit hippy-style if you ask me....

-Yoshi:...Gulp.....when Mario mentioned that this whole thing was "hippy-style", I briefly got a mental picture of coach Gannon wearing flares and long hippy hair....wouldn't it be weird if he did that, eh?

-Mario: *shudders* Now that is terrifying. Stop saying such scary things, before I start to picture it too!

-Luigi: Nyaaah, I don't want to think of something this disturbing! Stop it, both of you!

-Samus: Hey, relax man. No need to get all heavy and uncool. Everything's like, really mellow.

-Luigi: Oh no, now the hippy-talk virus has also infected Sammy!

-Samus: Don't freak out, I was only joking.

-Luigi: Well, it wasn't funny! If this aura amplifying thing turns out to be a plot to turn us all into hippies, I'll run away screaming!

-Saria: Oh come on now, that makes no sense at all. Why would they want to turn us into hippies anyway? Get real, will you? I'm sure that Mr. Hare is doing this in our best interests. I'll do whatever he tells us to, because I'm sure he only wants to make me happy...erm, I mean, because it's no doubt for our own good!

-Yoshi: Yeah, right, if he told you to jump out of the window, you'd do it, huh?

-Saria: Of course! There's nothing more romantic than a love suicide!

-Yoshi: I don't think you see my point....

-Mario: Well, I guess Saria's right. This whole aura amplifying thing sounds weird, I admit, but it probably won't do us any harm.

-Yoshi: You're probably right.....Oh, and if this aura whatever class is to replace the morning classes, I'm not complaining. After all, the morning classes consist of maths and contemporary Japanese, and those are the most boring, tedious and difficult subjects ever. Whatever this aura amplifying stuff is all about, it can't be worse than math or Japanese class! Better yet, if it relieves me of those horrid classes, it actually turns out to be a very good thing!

-Luigi: It's just typical of lazy Yoshi to see that as the bright side of the matter...

-Yoshi: And it's just typical of you to make such a geeky remark! You turbodork!

-Luigi: What?! You're a totally irresponsible brat!

-Fox: Don't start bickering again, will you? Honestly, it's always the same with you lot.....

-Yoshi: Shut up! You sound like my mum!

-Luigi: Yeah, stay out of this!

-Fox: They're so mean.....

-Mario: Well, what did you expect? If you try to pound some sense into such a hot-head as Yoshi, you're bound to get your fingers burnt.

-Fox: How true.....Well, I guess it's no use to worry so much about this aura-something class. What do you think, Falco? You haven't said a word yet.....

-Falco: That's because I don't care about such futile things! I have something much grander to worry about.

-Fox: Oh, are you referring to that Star Wolf matter? Is that still troubling you?

-Falco: .....I know that he will come soon.....he's getting close. Very soon, he will return, and then, I will have my chance to kill him!

-Fox: How can you be so sure that he'll be here soon?

-Falco: It's just a premonition. I can just sense something big will soon happen, an event that I've been waiting for for a long time.....And I don't see why I'm telling you this, as it's none of your bloody business!

(And with those angry word, Falco walks away)

-Mario: He's still as bad-tempered.....

-Fox: It's probably because he's under a lot of pressure now....I'll be glad when this whole Star Wolf thing is over...

(Just then, Saria and Wario rushed towards Falco and started to rapidly talk to him)

-Wario: Excuse us, oh great, illustrious Falco, sir, if we could just have a few words with you.....?

-Saria: Please, please, pretty please? It won't take a moment, honestly.

-Falco: I said that I have other stuff to worry about. I don't want to talk to such boring and common people as you two.

-Saria: Oh, please reconsider, it's in your own best interest, honestly.

-Wario: Yes, please hear us out, you'd gain a lot from it.

-Falco: What could a shimmering star like me possible gain from contact with lowly creatures like you?

-Wario: Well, it's a well-known fact that you're preparing to face Star Wolf a second time...and you claim that this will happen very soon.

-Saria: And, knowing you, there's no doubt that the battle between you and Star Wolf will be an incredible sight to behold!

-Wario: Yes, maybe even the fight of the century!

-Falco: That goes without saying. But why should you humble beings care?

-Mario: He's right, those two must be up to something.....

-Saria: Well, you see, we thought it'd be a shame if everyone'd miss out on this "fight of the century"....

-Wario: And also that it'd be a shame if you two had to fight it out all on your own. Such a great event deserves to be seen and remembered by millions of people!

-Saria: Yes, just think: what if you could pound Star Wolf to a pulp in front of thousands of spectators? Think of the impression you could leave on all those people!


-Mario: I'm still not sure what they're up to, but their sweet-talk seems to be working.

-Yoshi: Well, they're experts when it comes to sweet-talk, insincere flattery and general bootlicking.

-Wario: Of course, to make sure that your spectacular re-match gets the publicity it needs to attract huge crowds, you'll need some capable managers on your side....

-Saria: You'll need people who are daring, inventive, hard-working and have a flair for drama.

-Wario: In other words, you need us! Just leave the entire matter to us, we'll make sure that "the fight of the century" will also be the event of the century!

-Falco:........Well, incredible as though it may seem, I do believe you've come up with something good here.

-Wario: All right! So then it's settled? We get to be your managers?

-Falco: Very well, on the condition that you don't get in my way.....

-Saria: Agreed. Of course, we will get 10% each of the total profit.

-Falco: Fine, I don't care about money anyway. All I want is to get back at that Star Wolf.

-Wario: *whispering* Drat, if that's his attitude, we could have tried to bag all of the profit for ourselves....

-Saria: Allright then, it's a deal! Heh heh heh heh, if we pull this off, we'll be filthy rich in no time!

-Mario: So, money was their motivation. I should have known.....

(While all this was going on, the teachers of Nintendo High were in the staff boardroom, hurriedly discussing the course of action they had just taken)

-Syrup: So then, principal, you've told them about the "special training" classes?

-Peppy: Yes, they seem to be taking it rather well, although some of them find the whole matter a bit suspicious. I'm sorry, but this was the only thing I could come up with so quickly.

-Gannon: Well, it'll do. At least this way, when the day of the final battle arrives, they'll be somewhat prepared.

-Peppy: Right, now, there's also another important matter we must see to in view of the upcoming final battle. It's time we started to look for the one who will become the "harbinger of providence".

-Syrup: "Harbinger of providence"? You mean, the chosen one who will be able to wield our ultimate secret power?

-Peppy: Yes, exactly. And please try not to use such flat and cliché-like lines again, will you?

-Syrup: Well, excuse me! It's not my fault that the writer's in such a slump!

-Gannon: Look, that doesn't matter now. About this "harbinger of providence", are you sure that we'll need to use him?

-Syrup: Just a minute, what makes you so sure that the harbinger will be a man? It could just as well be a woman, so don't be such a chauvinist!

-Gannon: Oh, shut up! That's totally beside the point now!

-Peppy: Honestly, stop bickering, you two! Now, to answer your question, I'm well aware of how risky it can be to unleash the secret power, but considering that we haven't got the time to fully prepare everyone, I think it'd be safer to make sure we have this one trump card up our sleeve.

-Gannon: I see. You're saying that, if our students can't make it on their own once the final battle has begun, we can still send the "harbinger" in against our enemies.

-Peppy: That's right. I'm planning to use the "harbinger" as a last resort only, though, considering that we don't know for sure if the tremendous power he or she will wield is really safe to use. We won't use the power of the "harbinger" unless we really have to. But even so, it remains of the utmost importance that the one who will become the "harbinger" is found as soon as possible. I'm entrusting you two with that task.

-Syrup: Understood. We'll see to it.

-Gannon: Is there anyone you already have in mind as a possible candidate to become the harbinger, principal?

-Peppy: No, not particularly. But we do know for sure that only a student of Nintendo High can become the harbinger. I'm sorry to put a heavy task like this on your shoulders.....

-Gannon: Don't worry about that. After all, this is our duty, we ourselves chose to walk this path. And there really is no time to complain when there's so much at stake here....

-Peppy: Very well. You may leave now.

(As Gannon and Syrup leave the principal's office and walk through the school corridors, both of them are feeling a little uncomfortable)


-Gannon: You don't have to call me "coach", you know. Anyway, what did you want to say?

-Syrup: Well, I was pretty rude to you back there, calling you a chauvinist and everything. I really didn't mean it.

-Gannon: That's allright. knowing that the final battle will start soon must be very straining on your nerves.

-Syrup: I guess it is. When I became a teacher here, I knew that this wasn't an ordinary school, that it's our duty to protect the world from the evil creatures known as "S-types", but that didn't bother me, I just figured that it'd be no problem at all. Looks like I really underestimated the epic scope of our task here. I sure was stupid to treat such an important matter so lightly.....

-Gannon: Don't be so hard on yourself. I never really thought about having to fight the S-type beings either.

-Syrup: Really? Funny you should say that, as I always thought you looked so very serious.

-Gannon: Huh? I do?

-Syrup *smile* Yes, you really do. But it's not a bad thing. It's a look that suits you.

-Gannon: *laughing* Well, I never thought of it that way.

(The gloomy atmosphere of a few moments ago seems to have vanished. In the comfort of each others' company, the two teachers find their heavy task a little less hard to bear)

Scene 2: "Coming soon, the fight of the century!" The managers' cunning plan!

(That afternoon, after class, Saria and Wario dragged Falco to the photography club's clubhouse, which they had "borrowed" for the afternoon to take professional-quality photos of Falco for promo posters, flyers and other bits of paper that would help to promote "the fight of the century". Two skillful members of the photography club where there to help them out: Lark and Kiwi. Two talented photographers indeed, but they had one flaw: they strictly could not get along with each other. They were arguing again right now.)

-Lark: Well, I don't see why you two "manager" weirdoes wanted that dumb Kiwi girl to help out. I can do your photos on my own, and I'll do it twice as quickly as that whiney girl would!

-Kiwi: Humph! That's so like you! You never take anything seriously, you just want to rush things and get them over with quickly! That's why your photos always suck, because you never put your heart into making a great photo!

-Lark: Say whaaaat?! My photos suck, do they?! How dare you say that to me! I'm a natural when it comes to taking killer snapshots!

-Kiwi: Right, like I believe that. And even if you had natural talent, if you don't put any effort into your work, your photos will always look dull no matter how much natural talent you claim to have!

-Saria: Now, now, calm down you two lovebirds.

-Lark: Just a minute, did you just call us "lovebirds"??

-Saria: Well, yes! It's said that the more two people argue, the closer they really are. Hee hee ^_^. I can only congratulate you two and wish you many happy years together!

-Kiwi: Eewwwww, no way! I wouldn't spend one minute with such an insensitive and rude boy!

-Lark: And I would never dream of living with a girl who has so little sex appeal!

-Kiwi: Why you.....! I won't let you say that to me!

-Lark: But I just did, so there!

-Falco: thrilling as this little "married couple fighting" act is, I really have other things to do, so if we could please hurry. I don't want to stay in such a boring place longer than I have to.....

-Wario: Oh, that's right. Well, here is the outfit you need to wear for the photo, Falco. It was exclusively designed by Saria!

-Falco: Well, she did a lousy job. She forgot the shirt.

-Saria: That's where you're wrong! There isn't supposed to be a shirt, because you'll be posing without one! Hee hee *evil grin*

-Lark: This Saria girl sure has a dirty and evil mind....

-Saria: Untrue! I spent hours designing the perfect poster! My market research is flawless! This will make the poster much more enticing and eye-catching, I'm absolutely positive that this way, the poster alone will attract loads of people to see "the fight of the century"!

-Wario: Absolutely. knowing how popular Falco is for his beauty, a poster with a shirtless shot of him will no doubt be a complete hit! It's a brilliant idea, worthy of my genial brain!

-Saria: Just a minute, it was my idea! And if your "genial" brain spawns ideas that involve making boys pose for a camera with no shirt on, then it must be a sick brain!

-Wario: And what about your brain?! If it was your idea, you're the one with the sick brain!

-Falco: I've had it with you lot. This is boring. I'm going.

-Saria: No, no, no, pleeeease wait! It'll take just one second, honestly! Just a quick flash and it's all over!

-Wario: Oh, you sure know how to make something sound enticing....

-Saria: Shut up! And as for you, Falco, you get into that outfit and stop complaining!

-Falco: Oh, very well. Might as well get this over with as soon as possible.

*a few minutes later, the photos are done. Both Lark and Kiwi have used up all their film, but Saria still doesn't seem to think that they've done enough*

-Saria: Oh, come on, can't you take some more photos?

-Kiwi: I'm sorry, but 24 photos each is the limit. All our film is used up

-Lark: Yes, and film is damn expensive. I'll expect you two to pay for it!

-Wario: Well, 24 snaps each means we have 48 photos now. Do we really need that much, Saria?

-Falco: Yes, why did you insist that so many photos were to be taken anyway? Do you honestly need 48 exactly identical photos?

-Saria: Oh, not at all, one photo would have been enough, but it's just that all these extra photos of you with a bare chest and snug-fitting jeans are sure to be worth a fortune, especially with your "crazed groupies"!

-Wario: Well done, Saria! Now that's what I call a flair for business!

-Falco: You two.....How dare you turn me into a cash cow?! You give me those cameras right now!

-Wario: Not on your life! Those snapshots are worth big bucks!

-Falco: I won't let you get away with such shameless abuse! You'll pay for this!

-Saria: Oh, you're just so cute when you're angry! ^_~ Come on, Wario, we're out of here!

(The two "managers" then dash out of the clubhouse, laughing nastily)

-Falco: Who do they think they are? Once I've killed Star Wolf, those two will be next!

-Lark: And what about me?! If it leaks out that I spent the whole afternoon taking photos of a guy with no shirt on, I'd die of embarrassment!

-Kiwi: Is that so? Well, then I suggest you buy me dinner and be extra nice to me, or I might just spread the rumor everywhere!

-Lark: Aieee! Please, no! I'll do anything, but please don't do that!

-Kiwi: Allright then, your secret's safe with me. And don't worry, I'm a very modern girl. If you happen to be into taking naughty photos of guys, then I have no problem at all with that. Though I doubt if anyone, male or female would ever want you!

-Lark: What?! Why you....I'm really going to smash your face in now!

-Kiwi: If you so much as lay a finger on me, then I'll tell everyone!

-Lark: Aaargh, what will I do now?!

(The next morning, the posters are all over the school building, but before the students can marvel at them, there's the ever-mysterious "aura amplifying" class. Syrup is giving her students some explanations as to what exactly this "aura amplifying" is all about)

-Syrup: Now, "aura amplifying" is in fact a martial art, just like kung-fu or shaolin, but the difference is that, while most martial arts concentrate on the efforts and strengths of one's body, this one is all about one's mind and willpower. The keyword here is "focus". To be really good at this, all you need is a strong will, and then focus your thoughts on the one thing that is most important to you. That's the key to unlocking all the secret techniques. Now, there are 64 different special techniques to learn. By the end of this week, I expect you all to have at least mastered the "mindpower boost" move. This is the first and most basic special move. I'll tell you the details later. Now, is this all understood, class?

(A mumbling and unenthusiastic "yeeees...." emanates from the class to answer Syrup)

-Syrup:.....You could at least try to put some spirit in it, you lot...And you, Yoshi, wake up! You're not allowed to sleep in class!

-Yoshi: Zzzzz...huh? What? You were saying something?

-Syrup: This is hopeless.....anyway, our time's up for today, you're dismissed.

-Yoshi: Allright, time for lunch break!

(As the students leave their classes, their eyes are caught by the myriad of posters covering the walls everywhere. Soon enough, the posters draw large, excited crowds. Mario and the others are also examining a poster and commenting on it)

-Luigi: "Fight of the century", huh? This has Saria's handywork written all over it....

-Mario: How true. That girl is ruthless and sneaky enough to become a managing executive.

-Yoshi: How long are we going to stand here and stare at this poster? Let's get to the cantine already, I'm hungry!

-Mario: But I want to know when this fight will take place. If those two are going to fight, I'll want to watch, that's for sure!

-Yoshi: You just enjoy indulging in an overdose of mindless violence, don't you?

-Mario: Oh, shut up! The trouble is, this poster just says: "Coming soon! Falco vs. Star Wolf, the fight of the century!!", and nothing else. No date, no time, no nothing! I say, they've really overlooked a lot here.

-Luigi: Wait, there's some more writing at the bottom of the poster: "for tickets, price rates and any additional info, please contact Wario Enterprises at 000-6464".

-Mario: Tickets? Price rates?? They expect us to pay? What a rip-off!

-Luigi: Well, what did you expect, with Wario involved?

-Yoshi: Now that this is settled, can we finally go and have lunch?

-Peach: Uhm, excuse me....

-Mario: Yes, Peach, what is it? I'm listening. Just tell me anything that may be bothering you, I'm 100% at your service!

-Luigi: Oh, dear God, spare me this.....

-Peach: I was wondering...this upcoming fight between Falco and you really think it's a good idea?

-Luigi: Well, why wouldn't it be?

-Yoshi: Yes, that bastard Wolf beat us all up at the Venom building. I'd be glad to see him get creamed for a change!

-Peach: I just don't think it's the right thing to do. He did come with Mario and me to the fifth floor to face Andross, do you remember, Mario? I don't think he's all that bad, really....

-Mario: You may have a point there....

-Yoshi: Well, even if what Peach said is true, there's absolutely no way you'll dissuade Falco from pounding Wolf's face in. You know how stubborn he is, after all.

-Mario: Oh yes, that's true...

(Meanwhile, two people were especially shaken by the sight of the posters: the undercover detectives Musashi and Kojiro, who were posing as transfer students at Nintendo High while their true mission was to await Star Wolf's arrival and arrest him once he showed up, which might just be very soon, judging from the posters)

-Kojiro: So, you've seen the posters then, Musashi?

-Musashi: Oh yes, I did! How could I not notice a poster with such a handsome boy on it?! Aah, he's totally my type!

-Kojiro: Doh! Musashi, that's totally besides the point now! The important thing is that these posters contain important info about Star Wolf's arrival. And anyway, it'd never work out between you and that Falco guy. It's obvious that you're much too old for him.

-Musashi: What?! You call me old?! I'll have you know that a lot of men prefer more mature women!

-Kojiro: Not if they're as bossy, loud and indiscreet as you are....

-Musashi: Why you little...! I'm going to smack you over the head with a comical iron fan for this!

-Kojiro: Yike! No, please, I take it back! Besides we shouldn't argue now, let's look into this poster affair instead, okay?

-Musashi: Well, allright, but if you misbehave again, I'll pound you with a mallet and an iron fan!

-Kojiro: Yes, well, we'll see about that later. That boy on the poster, by the way, happens to be one of the boys I overheard talking about Star Wolf on Monday!

=NOTE: See episode five for this=

-Musashi: Oh, you did mention that. you had snuck into the school gym to peek into the girls' locker room when you accidentaly overheard a conversation about Wolf, right?

-Kojiro: What?! It was nothing like that! I never tried to peek into any room at all!

-Musashi: A likely story. Anyway, with Star Wolf's arrival due so soon, we must stay very alert. This time, he must not escape!

-Kojiro: Exactly. Oh, that reminds me, I still need to give you this.

(Kojiro then hands Musashi a glowig green sphere)

-Musashi: What's this? It looks like a genetically-altered melon.....

-Kojiro: No, that's not what it is! This is a Hyper Pokeball!

-Musashi: Eh? Hyper Pokeball?

-Kojiro: Yes, exactly. They're special items that were sent to us from chief Nyath. This is a brand-new and top secret type of Pokeball, not available anywhere! It can hold an enormous quantity of mass inside. It's the ideal thing to use if you want to capture someone!

-Musashi: Are you saying we should capture Star Wolf with....a Pokeball? But I thought Pokeballs could only hold Pocket Monsters, not humans!

-Kojiro: That's where the Hyper Pokeball is different! You can configure it to capture any kind of living being, including humans!

-Musashi: Ah, I see! Brilliant! This time, we're sure to get Star Wolf! Finally, after all these years, he'll be put behind bars! Aaaah ha ha ha ha ha!!

-Kojiro: Musashi, you're kind of scary when you laugh like that.....

-Musashi: Sorry, I got a little carried away.

-Kojiro: Anyway, there's only one Hyper Pokeball for each of us, so we'll have to score a clean hit right away. We can't afford to miss, got that, Musashi?

-Musashi: Of course! You're the one who should worry about missing! But then again, my aim is always perfect, so I'm sure to capture him with one throw. You won't even have to do anything! Just make sure you don't get in my way....

-Kojiro: Just a minute! You're way too clumsy and inept! I'm the one who should capture Star Wolf with one single throw!

-Musashi: I've warned you, Kojiro, any more lip and you'll get the iron fan-and-mallet combo!

-Kojiro: Aiiieeee!

(Let's leave this endearing brother-sister scene now, before it gets really ugly, and fast-forward to a few days later. The whole school was by now swept by a big "Falco vs Wolf" craze, Wario and Saria were making absolute fortunes by selling tickets for the big fight and almost every student was awaiting the day of the battle with feverish impatience. Except for Malon, that is, who was more interested in planning ahead for her wedding. It's now Friday, one week after the posters had been put up all through the school, and Malon had gathered the seven little Koopas, as well as the "groom" during lunch break to discuss wedding preparations, in a quiet corner of the school library.)

-Malon: Allright, is everyone ready? The next point on our agenda is very important: we need to decide what kind of flowers we'll use for the wedding. Any suggestions?

-Ludwig: I know! How about piranha plants?

-Wendy: You bonehead, don't you see that you can't have deadly, snapping plants at a wedding? What if they started eating the guests, did you think of that?! And besides, piranha plats are ugly.

-Ludwig: Hey, I think they're cute!

-Wendy: Well, that's because you have bad taste. No, I think fire flowers would be much better.

-Malon: Yes, they are quite pretty.

-Larry: Ah, but what if a trigger-happy guest nicked some of the fire flowers and started hurling fireballs all over the place?

-Malon: Oh yes, good point. We apparently can't have any kind of dangerous plants.

-Roy: But otherwise plants are so boring! Couldn't we use Goron bomb flowers?

-Malon: Certainly not! I don't want my bouquet exploding in my face! Bowser-sweetheart, what do you think? What kind of flowers should we use?

-Bowser: ....Ummm, I dunno...I don't care much for flowers, really.

-Malon: Oh, but I think I know what we could use! We should have beautiful red flowers, they'd go well with our red hair! Wouldn't that be just wonderful, my Bowsie?

-Bowser: Ummmm....I..uh...guess so....

-Lemmy: Master Bowser, sir, your face is all red.

-Morton: Have you gotten a fever, lord Bowser?

-Bowser: Shut up, you two! Red flowers will be just fine, let's move on to the next subject, okay?!

-Malon: Oh, I admire your forcefulness, my Bowser-sweetheart, you're such a born leader!

-Bowser: Huh? Ummm....really?...Well, I guess....I am....

-Iggy: His face is all red again..."born leader", huh?

(Just as Bowser was about to snarl at Iggy for making that remark, they were interrupted by a voice pronouncing the following interrogative phrase:)

-"Oi, d' you lot know where that coach guy is hanging out right now?"-

(They turned around to see the one who had just addressed them this question, and turned white with surprise)

-Malon:'s you!

-Bowser: How did you get in here?

(The reason for their surprise and mistrust was that the one who they were facing now was none other than the dreaded street gang leader and formidable fighter, Star Wolf!)

Scene 3: Showdown! The angel of fire's dashing entrance!

(With a shocked look in their eyes, Bowser and Malon are once again standing face-to-face with their most mighty opponent from the Venom tower: Star Wolf!)

-Malon: You....because of you, my Bowser was injured....for that, I can never forgive you! Prepare yourself! Koopa Prism Power, Make Up!!

(Malon's brooch started shining, and once again, she underwent her transform scene, complete with adrenaline-pumping background music, big flashes of light and streaking, sparking backgrounds, during which her student's uniform turned into her snazzy battle outfit!)

-Wendy: Oh, wow, she did that neato transform scene thingy again!

-Lemmy: Cool!

-Malon: Thanks, you two, but I'm afraid he's not impressed....

-Wolf: Indeed I am not. I admit that I like someone with guts, but do you remember how I crushed you like an ant the last time we fought? Do you really think it'll be any different this time?

-Malon: We'll see about that! I'm prepared this time, and I will not let anyone harm my Bowser! If you want to go anywhere near him, you'll have to kill me first!

-Wolf: Well, my fight is not with you, girl, but you seem to insist, and it'd be rude to decline an invitation from a lady, I suppose.

-Bowser: Just a minute, I won't stand for this! If you want to fight, you piece of street scum, then I'm your man! Leave my fiancée out of this!

-Malon: B...Bowser....

-Bowser: Don't worry, I won't be caught off guard by him a second time!

(Tension was rising between Wolf and Bowser, but before they could actually start to fight, the door to the library was flung open and Wario rushed in. He quickly grabbed Wolf's arm and dragged him out of the library, leaving a slightly confused Malon and Bowser behind)

-Malon: Eh? They left? What was that all about?

-Bowser: Damn, I was this close to getting my own back for last time. What does that idiot Wario think he's doing, ripping off my opponent like that?!

(Wario, meanwhile, was dragging Wolf through the school's corridors, to the improvised "arena" where the fight was scheduled to take place, ignoring Wolf's protesting as well a she could)

-Wolf: Oi, ugly, what's this all about?! Where do you think you're taking me anyway?!

-Wario: Oh, stop whining already! You're scheduled to fight your most powerful opponent in our arena, and that's where I'm taking you! And don't you call me ugly!

-Wolf: Oh, you know where my opponent is awaiting? Good, then hurry and take me there!

(Meanwhile, on the school yard, an improvised "ring" had been built for the big fight. All the students who had managed to get hold of tickets were gathered around this ring, while Saria addressed them with a microphone)

-Saria: Hi, everyone! It's great to see that so many of you have come! Please wait a little while, our two contestants should soon arrive!

(She put on her brightest smile as she spoke these words into the microphone, but inside, she wasn't so cheery. Falco had said that he could sense Star Wolf getting closer, and that he'd be here today, but Saria wasn't so sure if this premonition of his was to come true. She had sent Wario to find Wolf, who should be around here by now, according to Falco's intuitive predictions, but he hadn't returned yet....if they couldn't deliver the goods, it would be a disaster! But luckily, she spotted Wario rushing towards the ring and dragging Wolf behind him, who didn't seem to be too pleased).

-Wolf: Just a minute, what do you call this? Is this girl my "opponent"? What a joke!

-Saria: Oh, do shut up and get in the ring! I'm the referee, and if you keep up that tone, I'll deduct points from your score for being rude to a lady! Now just be patient, your opponent will be here very soon!

(Just as Saria had spoken those words, fireworks where suddenly launched from the rooftop of the school building. Surprised, all the spectators looked up. As the fireworks exploded in a shower of coloured light, they saw the tall and elegant silhouette of Falco appear on the school rooftop, draped in a long, red cape.)

-Falco: I'm right here. I wouldn't have missed this for the world, but of course, it's important to make an awesome entrance, and it takes some time to prepare that.

(He then leapt from the rooftop, landed gracefully in front of Wolf and threw the red cape off his shoulders, revealing an equally flashy battle costume. However, Wolf seemed confused rather than impressed.)

-Wolf:'re not that coach dude. But I do remember are....

-Falco: Yes, I am the one everyone's been talking about: Lombardi Falco. They call me "the angel of fire". Are you ready to die?

-Wolf: Well, I see you haven't lost your big mouth. Allright, you did say that you wanted a re-match, so I guess I have no choice.

-Falco: Just you wait, I'll wipe that smug grin from your face soon enough. In a matter of seconds, you'll be begging on your knees!

-Wolf: Well, I do like a guy who can make such a good intro. I must say that your style isn't bad, "angel of fire".

-Falco: Cut the formalities already, let's get rough!

-Wolf: I thought you'd never ask.

(And with that, they charged at each other. Falco was the first to lash out, but Wolf blocked his punch with both hands and just smiled)

-Wolf: You've got a good punch, too. This might be fun after all.

-Falco: Shut up! You're not supposed to be having fun, you moron!

(Angered, Falco tried to punch him a again, but to no avail. Things went on like this for a while, both Wolf and Falco made several attempts at wounding their opponent, but never succeeded in scoring a clean hit. It was impossible to tell who had the upper hand. The crowd had gone silent, impressed by this scene, though occasionally, a few spectators did exchange some remarks, such as Yoshi who, in a monotone voice said to his friends beside him: )

-Yoshi: This is getting dull. Aren't they going to kill each other?

-Luigi: Be quiet, Yoshi, we want to watch. The suspense is just killing me!

-Zelda: Well, I think Yoshi's right, this is boring.

(Zelda then raised her voice and yelled the following encouragements towards the ring)

-Zelda: Go on, Falco! Sock it to 'em! Punch his face is! Kill, kill!!

-Mario: Must you be so loud?

-Yoshi: It's not very ladylike to shout like that, you know.

-Zelda: Oh, well, excuse me, miss universe! I'm just getting royally sick of this. If Falco doesn't start beating up that bastard Wolf like he said he would, I'm going in there to do it myself!

-Yoshi: Oh, sure, then you'd be the one who ended up getting creamed.

-Zelda: Any more smart-assed talk from you, and you'll be the one who gets creamed, got that?!

-Yoshi: Eek! Stop being so scary! What if Link heard you saying such mean things to someone as loveable as me?

-Luigi: Look, will you lot keep quiet so that we can watch?

-Kirby: Excuse me, president Yoshi, sir?

-Yoshi: What is it?

-Kirby: Well, shouldn't we, the proud members of the cooking club have tried to sell snacks to this crowd?

-Yoshi: Gasp! You're right, I had totally forgotten about it! Oh no, what a wasted profit opportunity! How horrible!

-Mario: Cool it, Yoshi, they're all too concentrated on the watching the battle, they wouldn't have wanted food right now as it is.

-Yoshi: Nonsense, there's always time for food!


(Two other spectators where having a little talk while this was going on: Kojiro and Musashi, who where watching the battle very closely)

-Kojiro: Musashi, are you sure about this? Don't you think we should go in there and capture Wolf now that he's here?

-Musashi: Of course not, you terminal no-brainer! If we storm in like idiots, he'll run away, but if we stick to my brilliant and infallible plan, we have a 300% chance of capturing him! What we'll do is, we wait here until Falco has beaten him up, then he'll be too tired and wounded to escape us and we'll catch him easily! Ah, my genial intelligence never ceases to amaze me....who else but the charming genius Musashi could have thought of such a perfect plan: simple yet completely fool-proof! I'm juts sooo amazing! Aaaaah ha ha ha ha ha haaaa!!

-Kojiro: Musashi, stop that! If you laugh this loudly, Wolf might notice that we're here and our cover'd be blown!

-Musashi: Oh, you're right, there. Besides, I don't want to disturb the other spectators, right?

-Kojiro: That's a bit beside the point isn't it? I juts hope Wolf doesn't spot us in the crowd or something....he might recognize us.

(Unfortunaltely for him, Kojiro's fears were well-founded as Wolf had indeed overheard Musashi's booming laugh and had immediately recognized the voice. With a quick glance at the crowd, he saw the faces of the two policemen who had been so energetically pursuing him for several years. This worried him greatly, and his thought went in many directions:)

-Wolf: Damn....those two again. They must be here to capture me. I had better find a way to quickly end this battle and get the hell out of here....but I can't even land a single hit on this Falco guy! Damn, how is this possible? Last time I faced him, I had him beaten in just a few moments, how could he have improved so much in so little time?! I might actually be in trouble this time...Damn it, looks like the only thing left to do now is a full frontal attack!

(And so, Wolf charged at Falco, concentrating his full force in one mighty punch! This time, he did hit Falco, right in the face....A silence fell as Falco slowly reached for his wounded face and furiously hissed:)

-Falco: You....what have you done?!!

(To those in the crowd who had been at the Venom building battle, this scene seemed familiar....they had already seen Falco's reaction to having his face damaged once.)

-Yoshi: Uh-oh, now he's done it....

-Mario: This will spell disaster with a capital D for Wolf....

-Zelda: If Falco goes psycho again, like he did with that Leon bloke, he'll win for sure!

-Luigi: But Falco is so scary when he does that! I can't watch!

(Indeed, the scene that now unfolded before them was an impressively brutal one. Cursing Wolf's blood to everlasting hell, Falco charged at him and let a rain of furious assaults strike down on him. Unprepared for this sudden outburst, Wolf was hit by the full force of the energetic blows, and soon succumbed to their terrible violence.)

-Wolf: What the....??! Gu....guwaaaa!

(Falco's rage was too much for even for the fearsome Star Wolf, and he crashed to the ground, heavily wounded and about to pass out. He still summoned the energy to mutter these few words:)

-Wolf:....Well, I hate to admit it, but hats off to you, "angel of fire". I'm finished....I never thought I'd say this to anyone, but you are far more powerful than I am.....

-Falco: You obviously don't know that I'm at least 20 times more powerful, skilled and elegant than anybody living or dead! Now shut up, or I might change my mind about the decision I've just made to let you live.

(Saria then jumped into the ring with a microphone and concluded the fight with these words)

-Saria: A stunning victory for the "angel of fire"! Our winner is the great Lombardi Falco!

(The crowd burst out in ecstatic cheering. Falco sensed the heady feeling of victory rising to his soul....)

-Falco:....Yes! I did it! I won!! I'm invincible! Waaah ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!!.......

(But then slowly, he sank to the ground a lay there, fast asleep)

-Falco: I...won....zzzz....zzzzzzz

(The crowd was very surprised to see this)

-Fox: Ah....Falco?! Oh no, not again!

-Yoshi: Looks like your pal is making a habit out of taking naps in plain daylight, Foxy....

-Fox: Don't joke about that! It's just that his nerves must be totally overworn....I just hope he'll be allright....

(Just as Saria was going to announce that the fight was now over, Kojiro and Musashi jumped into the ring! Musashi ripped the microphone from the surprised Saria's hands and bellowed into it:)

-Musashi: Star Wolf! In name of the law, you are under arrest! You have the right to shut your trap and come along quietly, or get your teeth kicked in!

-Kojiro: Musashi, you mustn't overdo it.....

-Musashi: Oh, who cares?! And anyway, considering the state he's in now, he's not going anywhere. Come on now, Wolfy, be a good boy and get into my Hyper Pokeball, will you? It's not like you've got a choice, you're too badly beaten up to run away as it is. Finally, we've got you!, you shall not....!

(With his last bit of energy, Wolf pulled a flask of life-refilling potion from his pocket and downed it in one gulp. The brief surge of energy and relief from the pain of his wounds allowed him to jump from the ring and escape through the school gate into the streets, but Kojiro and Musashi weren't just going to stand there and take that.)

-Musashi: Oh no you don't! After him, Kojiro!

-Kojiro: Right! If we let him escape, Chief Nyath would flay us alive!

(The two detectives started running through the streets with all their might. As they gradually gained on Wolf, Musashi took out her Hyper Pokeball, and with a resounding yell of "Pokeball, go!", she flung the sphere at her "prey". Alas, Wolf ducked into an alley, and the Pokeball missed him.)

-Musashi: No way! I can't believe I missed!

-Kojiro: Well, I did warn you! Now he'll get away!

-Musashi: No he won't! I've got a genial and infallible plan!

-Kojiro: Not again.....

-Musashi: Shut up and look around you! There are loads of cars parked in the streets here, we should just nick one of them and go after Wolf with that. With a car, we'll surely be fast enough to catch him! Brilliant, isn't it?

-Kojiro: Well, I don't know. Stealing a car isn't really something a policeman should do...

-Musashi: Oh, stop making difficulties! This is a drastic situation, it calls for drastic measures!

(Musashi then ran to the nearest parked car and kicked one of it's windows in. Through the newly destroyed window, she clambered in, took a hairpin out of her hair and started fiddling with the ignition. To her surprise, the car actually started!)

-Musashi: Kojiro, get in, quickly! It's working!

(Kojiro jumped into the back seat of the car)

-Kojiro: Okay, step on it, Musashi!

(With Musashi behind the wheel, the car roared through the street at full speed)

-Musashi: All right! With speed like this, we'll catch him in no time!

-Kojiro: Musashi, Wolf ran into that alley on the left. You've got to turn left here. Go left, Musashi!

-Musashi: I'm trying, but it's not working!

-Kojiro: What do you mean, not working?!

-Musashi: This thing won't respond to the steering wheel! It just keeps going straight ahead! I can't turn left!

-Kojiro: Uh oh...Musashi, look, I've just spotted a note attached to this car's rear window. It reads: "Used car for sale, in crappy condition. Steering wheel is nonfunctional and brakes need to be replaced". Nice going, Musashi, you stole a car that turns out to be faulty!

-Musashi: Well, how was I supposed to know?!

-Kojiro: Never mind that, how are we going to stop this thing?!

-Musashi: Oh, we'll stop allright, we're heading straight for an armored concrete wall, that should make us stop........

-Kojiro: Aieeee! We're going to crash!

-Kojiro & Musashi: Yara Kanjiiiii!!!

(Bang, thud, groan. A few moments later, Musashi and Kojiro clamber from the wreckage of the car).

-Kojiro: Now we've really done it....chief Nyath will kill us for sure!

-Musashi: We're so miserable.....sniff.....

=NOTE: "Yara Kanji!". This is a phrase that Musashi and Kojiro always yell out in the Pokémon anime when things go hopelessly pear-shaped for them. It could very loosely be translated as "Not again!", though a more literal English translation would be something like "It's the same thing again!", or "It's happening again!", and those are still pushing it a bit. In the English dub, it was replace by some warbling about how "it seems that Team Rocket's plan have gone down the drain again bla bla bla", but I thought the panicky scream of "Yara Kanji!" was just much too funny to leave out.)

-scene 4: Dream gazing! Let's test out new abilities!

(Now that the fight was over, most of the students had left the ring. Only Fox and a few of his friends had gathered around the sleeping Falco. Unaware of this, Falco continued his blissful slumber)

-Falco: Zzzzzzz

-Fox: Oh dear.....he really did push himself too far.....

-Saria: What I wonder about is, who were those two weirdoes who jumped into the ring and said that they would "arrest" Wolf?

-Yoshi: Hmmm, wasn't one of them the same guy who helped us out with the ghost girl?

-Saria: Yes, that's right, but we still don't know who the freaky chick with the red hair is.

-Luigi: Maybe she's the guy's girlfriend?

-Yoshi: If that's the case, then I pity that poor guy! But they're gone now, and so's Wolf but I think we'd better not tell Falco when he wakes up, or he'll freak out big time!

-Saria: That's true. But you know, looking at Falco sleeping like this, he looks so harmless, you'd never imagine him to be such an aggressive egotripper when he's awake....

-Samus: You're right. He actually looks cute this way ^_^. I wonder what he's dreaming about....

-Zelda: It's bound to be something dirty!

-Saria: Don't confuse him with the way you are....

-Zelda: I'll pretend I didn't hear that...

-Kirby: Actually, guys, if you want to see what he's dreaming, then it can be arranged.

-Mario: Huh? What do you mean?

-Kirby: Well, you know those "aura amplifying" classes they've been giving us, with those 64 special moves? Well, Toad and I have done some extra studying on those, and we've already managed to master up to the fifth special move!

-Mario: Yes well, so what? You're trying to tell us you're going for the "teacher's pet of the year" award?

-Toad: No, that's not it! This fifth special move is called "dream gazing", it's the ability to briefly see into someone thoughts and dreams.

-Saria: Cool! Does it really work?

-Kirby: Yup. I tried it on my cat the other day, and he was dreaming about kicking the neighbor's dog to death.

-Samus: So, those aura-whatever thingies they teach us really work...But can you make the dreams visible for us as well?

-Toad: Yes, that's possible. If you all concentrate, we'll be able to transmit the dream images to you.

-Samus: Way cool! Let's give it a try!

-Fox: No, you mustn't! You can't look into someone's dreams without their consent, that's a terrible thing to do!

-Zelda: Trust him to spoil our fun again...

-Fox: I'm serious about this! What other people dream about is very private! No-one has the right to invade in that!

-Luigi: He's got a point there....

-Saria: Oh, but it can't do any harm, I'm sure, and besides, we won't tell Falco, and what he won't know won't hurt him, so stop whining already and let's get this started!

-Fox: Well, if you must...But I still think it's wrong.

(And so, Kirby and Toad focus their willpower and use the dreamgazing move on Falco. Gradually, a dream image starts to unfold before the eyes of all the other students. The dream scene they see is a most impressive one: a tremendous palace, made out of polished marble and shining gold, with luxurious fountains and statues at every corner appears in front of them. And inside the palace, on a shimmering throne, with black panthers sleeping beside him is Falco himself, draped in a royal gown made out of red satin. At his feet, a servant is kneeling and muttering these words:)

-the servant: Your celestial majesty, oh great immortal emperor of the galaxy, you whose beauty, power, elegance and knowledge blot out even the light of the sun, my lowly voice is not worthy to touch upon your hallowed ears....

-Falco: That is quite true, but proceed anyway, and make it quick. I don't want to stand the sight of such a common creature longer than I have to.

-the servant: Yes, your supreme divinity. I have come to announce that your interstellar space armada has conquered three more planets that have been added to your ever-expanding galactic empire, and that the captain of the armada is here to personally report to you the details of these latest conquests.

-Falco: Excellent, show him in.

-the servant: Yes, immediately, your eternal excellence!

(The servant then rushes to a nearby door and opens it. He hurriedly speaks these words to the young man standing in the doorway:)

-the servant: Captain McCloud, his heavenly superbness, emperor Falco will see you now.

(The young man then enters the throne room. The students, who were attentively observing this whole scene are very surprised to see that the young man in the dream looks exactly like Fox!)

-Saria: Huh? Foxy, that guy in the dream looks just like you! In fact, I think it is you!

-Zelda: How strange, why would Falco cast him in his dream?

-Luigi: Dreams aren't like movies. If you "cast" someone you know in your dream, you do so unconsciously.

-Kirby: Please keep quiet. You must not loosen your concentration, or we might lose the dream image.

-Saria: Oh no, not now that it's getting good! Let's just watch, okay?

(Back in the dream scene, the "dream" version of Fox has knelt deeply down before Falco's throne, so deeply that his chin nearly touches the ground, and after having spoken the same "my voice isn't worthy to touch upon your ears" monologue as the servant, continues his words thus:)

-Fox: The three newly-conquered planets have offered little resistance. Commercial exploitation of them has immediately been set in motion. With these three planets, you now have a total of 469 planets under your command, oh eternally shining emperor Falco.

-Falco: Good, that is excellent news indeed. You've been a good boy. You may get up now.

(Fox rises to his feet, looking a little insecure. Falco then rises from his throne as well and takes a step towards the nervous-looking Fox, and addresses him these words:)

-Falco: Now, will you do me just one more favor?

-Fox: Ehm....your....divine excellence....I'm your devoted servant for life. It is my honour to attend to your every desire...

-Falco: Very good. Run along and fetch me the prisoners that are scheduled for execution, will you?

(This latest remark provokes an excited reaction from Saria, who was clearly enjoying the dream they were watching)

-Saria: Wow, prisoners scheduled for execution! I've got to see this! I say, this dreamgazing thing was a brilliant idea!

-Mario: Yes, it's fun, but Falco sure has weird dreams. Foxy, your face is red like a tomato, what's happening?

-Fox: N....nothing.....nothing at all, honestly!

-Saria: Go on, I want to watch the rest of that dream!

(Alas, they never got to see the end of that dream, as at that point, they were interrupted by Syrup's voice bellowing the following phrases:)

-Syrup: What do you kids think you're doing?! I told you that the 64 special moves must not be used in this way! Now stop standing around and take Falco to the school infirmary like you should have done in the first place!

-Saria: Awwww, I wanted to see the end of the dream...what a rip-off!

-Fox: It's okay, I'll take him to the infirmary.

-Syrup: All right then. As for you lot, don't ever use the 64 special moves in such a foolish fashion, understood?!

(Fox then took his sleeping friend in his arms and carried him away to the school infirmary, where he would be under the thorough care of the school nurse Joy, and her assistant, a young medics student named Bill Gray. Joy was a devoted and skilled doctor indeed, but she was quite upset to see the state Falco was in, and put her unhappiness into words before Fox)

-Joy: Honestly, how could you let your pet get into such a bad condition?!

-Fox: What?! But, he's not my pet!

-Joy: Oh, well, I still think it's scandalous to let such a beautiful boy get into such a ruffled state!

-Fox: But I'm telling you that I had nothing to do with it!

-Bill: Calm down you two. It doesn't matter what happened to him, now that he's here, he'll be back to his old self in no time.

-Joy: Yes, of course he will. But you, McCloud, remember that, in the future you must not let your pets get into such a bad state again, got that?!

-Fox: I told you he's not my pet! Honestly, does she never listen?

-Joy: Well, I have lots of other stuff to take care of. I suppose I can leave you in charge here for a moment, Bill?

-Bill: Sure thing, doc!

-Joy: And I told you not to call me doc!

(Nurse Joy angrily leaves the infirmary. Falco is then placed onto a hospital bed, still happily snoozing, but Fox still looks a bit worried.)

-Fox: Ummm...Mr. Gray?

-Bill: Oh please, just call me Bill.

-Fox: Is it allright if I stay here for a little while longer?

-Bill: Sure. You want to stay here to look after your pal, is that it?

-Fox: *slight blush* Yes....he'll be okay, won't he?

-Bill: Of course, he just needs a bit of rest, that's all. There really is no need to worry, but if it makes you feel better, you can stay here with him.

-Fox: Thanks.

(Falco the began to awaken and gradually opened his eyes.)

-Falco: Uhnnn, where the heck is this dump?

-Fox: Falco! Are you feeling allright?

-Falco: Of course I am, why shouldn't I?

-Fox: Well, you did pass out after the fight.

-Falco: No I didn't. That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. And what am I doing in this lousy place anyway?

-Fox: This is the school infirmary. I took you here when you had passed out.

-Falco: Oh, do stop that, I never passed out.

-Fox: Yes you did, twice!

-Falco: Untrue! And anyway, why did you have to bring me to this dump?! You should learn to stick to your own business!

-Fox: What?! After all I do for you, that's the only thing you can say?! How mean! I don't know why I even bother with you!

-Falco: Because you're a meddler, that's why!

(Upon hearing Fox and Falco arguing, nurse Joy returned to the infirmary, looking rather cross)

-Joy: Now what's going on?! I could hear those two arguing through the entire building! Can't I leave this place without it instantly turning into a battlefield?!

-Bill: Oh, it's nothing doctor. Our patient just recovered, that's all.

-Joy: Yes, I had noticed that....

-Bill: But isn't it nice to see how well those two boys get along?

-Joy: What are you talking about? From what I've just overheard from their conversation, it sounds more like they hate each other's guts.

-Bill: Oh but doctor, you know very well how it's said that the more two people argue, the closer they really are. I think this is a classic example of such a case.

-Joy: Hmmmm.....

(With that in mind, nurse Joy observed the two boys for a moment)

-Fox: You could at least throw me a civil word after I drag you all the way here! You're heavy too!

-Falco: And just what's that supposed to mean?!

-Joy: I think I see what you mean, Gray, those two are probably a lot closer than one would first expect. That is nice ^_^.


Preview of the next episode:

Peaceful times seem to have arrived for Nintendo High's students, and everyone is swept by the latest craze: a cool and dashing new pop idol. He's so popular that hardly anyone took time to notice that the school has installed a new computer system. But all is not what it seems, and a mysterious new enemy soon appears to breach the new-found peace! With striking speed, he soon has the entire school building under his evil emprise! How will this latest crisis be resolved? It's the next episode: the invasion!

=SIDE NOTE: Nurse Joy, amazingly, is one of the very few Pokémon characters that wasn't renamed for the English translation. Ah, there is hope after all! I suppose those of you who have played StarFox 64 will have understood the Bill Gray reference.