Super Mario Parody Story:
The Super Mario Bros. Freaky Show!

By Toasty
-Mario: It's back and it's angry! The Super Mario Brothers Freaky Show! Woohahahahaaa!

Episode 5: Lucky, Lucky Mouser

"Plumber's log, number 0800-811-81-81. The kingdom of Horse Puke. Koopa had ripped off the princess again, but after being completely obnoxious and hogging all the screen time, I had once again managed to rescue her, and we were as of now heading back home. God is in his heaven and all is right with the world."

Fade in to a shot of Mario and co, walking along a road, with a ruined Koopa castle in the background.

-Mario: *cheerfully* There, it's over, you're free now, princess!

-Princess: Hrrrmph....

-Toad: It's odd, but she doesn't seem to be too happy to be free.

-Mario: Well, I expect she's still in shock from the terrible fear she had to endure while in captivity. She's very fragile, after all.

-Princess: *thinking* I'll show you fragile, tubby! Geez, what a rip-off! I was supposed to go on a romantic cruise with Koopa, but this jerk ruined everything again! Damn, I was looking forward to having fun with the torpedo launchers on Koopa's yacht! Things can't go on like this!

Screen fades out and cuts to a shot of the princess' castle, in the evening. In her room, the princess is having a long telephone conversation with Koopa.

-Princess: *on the phone* What I'm saying is that I can't take it anymore! It's always the same, whenever we're together we are interrupted, and everything goes down the drain. I fear that the strain this places on us may be very bad for our relationship in the long run!

-Koopa: I know it, but what can I do? Do you really want to break up because of this? What about all the good times we have together?

-Princess: No, no, I never said I wanted to break up! Honeycakes, I don't blame you for anything. No, Mario's the problem. We've got to do something about him!

-Koopa: You're quite right. Allright then, what should we do? Drop a hydrogen bomb on him? Send 2500 volts of pure electricity through him? Rip off his bus pass?

-Princess: Koopa, honey, we've tried all of those, and they all ended in catastrophe. Brute violence may be lots of fun, but I think it has had it's day. It's time to switch to a different strategy.

-Koopa: And what does this translate into?

-Princess: Well, I think it's about time we got married. I've got it all planned out; we stage another kidnapping, then, you "force" me to marry you. Make some dumb threat about nuking all the naughty nightclubs in the Mushroom kingdom if I refuse. That way, we can quickly get married without losing face, and if Mario still tries to come between us, we sue him and he gets chucked into prison. It's brilliant, isn't it?! I'm sure it'll work like a dream!

-Koopa: Wow, you learn quickly....

-Princess: So, what do you say?

-Koopa: Well...uhm....

-Princess: Don't tell me you're backing off! Hmph, men! You're all the same, always concerned about your big freedom, never wanting to settle down!

-Koopa: No, no, it's nothing like that! Seriously, it's a good plan. It was about time we got married as it is.

-Princess: That's true. A secret affair is so straining, I've been wanting to change that for a long while.

-Koopa: So then, it's official, we're going to tie the knot....

-Princess: Isn't it wonderful? We'll be united forever!

-Koopa: Wow, forever....

-Princess: Koopa, I'm so happy that this is settled! *sweet voice* Ahh, my pile of rancid horse vomit, you fill me with such intense disgust. I curse your sorry bones to everlasting hell, my complete and utter swine.

-Koopa: Ooh yeah, dirty talk, Mmmh, feels so good....

Fade out and cut to a shot inside the Koopa Kafé bar, a few days later. Mouser pops up on the screen and begins to scream in rage.

-Mouser: Noooo! They can't!! I will not allow them to marry! Never!! That tramp Toadstool, I'm going to rip her to pieces! I will not let her get away with this! Roarrr!!

He then brings his fist crashing down onto the table, which promptly shatters. He picks up a piece of the destroyed table and flings it through the room. He then proceeds to punch in several walls, tables and other parts of the bar.

-Mouser: Arrrrgh! Snarf!

Camera zooms in on his face, which displays a look of furious anger. Tears of rage are streaming from his embittered eyes as he continues to destroy the entire room with his bare hands.

-Mouser:*panting* I won' that...damned....piece of trash!! Never! Neveeeerrrr!!!

He then falls to his knees and slams his two fists onto the ground before him, causing a huge impact crater to appear around him. A close-up of his clenched fists is shown; drops of blood begin to trickle between his fingers. His face is still a showcase of bitter fury, and between clenched teeth, he mutters these words:

-Mouser: I will never give up my one true love!

Slowly, his head sinks to the ground as well, and he bursts out in loud, desperate weeping. While Mouser cries his heart out, the camera zooms out and Triclyde and Fryguy can be seen, standing in a corner of the ravaged bar. Fryguy is lying on the ground with swirly eyes.

-Fryguy: Awahwaahhhh.....Mommmyyyy....I'm so scared....

-Triclyde: Snap out of it, you. He seems to have calmed down now.

-Fryguy: Huh? Oh, Clyde, are we still alive? *big sigh* Oh man, I thought Mouser would kill us! I've never seen him in such a state!

-Triclyde: Yeah, he's taking this matter very badly indeed.....

For a while they stare at Mouser, who is still crying in despair amidst the ruins of the bar. Close-up of Fryguy's face, who's lips begin to tremble, and who's eyes begin to fill with tears as well.

-Fryguy: Oh noooo, poor Mouser! Now that is really tragiiic! It's terrible! Booohooohoo!

-Triclyde: Wha...? Fryguy, don't tell me you're falling for that.

-Fryguy: Oh, come on, Clyde, how can you not feel sorry for him? It's obvious that he's in terrible pain!

-Triclyde: Just a minute ago, you were screaming that he scared you to death.

-Fryguy: But still, you know just as well as I do that he really does love Lord Koopa. This must be very difficult for him....

-Triclyde: I don't really care about that. But on the other hand, if this wedding between Lord Koopa and princess Toadstool actually happens, lord knows what Mouser could be capable of.

-Fryguy: don't think...??

-Triclyde: Yes, I do. If his latest outburst is anything to go by, his rage will be absolutely unstoppable if he's pushed any further. In fact, I fear that he might even destroy the world!

-Fryguy: No way, that's scary! Oh man, I really need a cigarette now!

-Triclyde: And I need to think of something. We've got to do something, otherwise this situation will end in absolute disaster. I'd say it's impossible to reason with Mouser, so instead, we'll have to stop this wedding.

-Fryguy: What? Stop Lord Koopa's wedding?? Are you sure about this?

-Triclyde: I admit that it'd be like betraying our master, but I don't want to take any chances. If Mouser has another freak attack, we'll be heading straight for a full-scale apocalypse. So, in order to save our hides, and those of everyone else, we need to put a halt to this wedding.

-Fryguy: Well, I guess you're right....but can we stop the process before Mouser's mood shifts to "psycho" again?

-Triclyde: I rather doubt it. Instead, we should involve Mouser in our plan, in order to keep him calm.

-Fryguy: But we don't even have a plan yet!

-Triclyde: Not yet, but I think I'm on to something right now.....

Close-up of Triclyde's face, on which a smirky grin is appearing. Screen fades out and cuts to the next scene, at midnight. A white limousine slowly and silently parks itself outside of princess Toadstool's castle. Without anyone noticing, the princess sneaks out of the castle and gets into the back seat of the limo. Cut to a shot inside the limo. Koopa and the princess are sitting next to each other, with Triclyde in the driver's seat. Clyde starts the motor, and they begin to drive down the road to Koopa's castle.

-Princess: Cool, so this is the car you violently ripped off from a defenseless old lady?

-Koopa: Yup, the very same.

-Princess: Ooh, I find the concept of crime and gratuitous violence just sooo exciting. And this thing is just perfect for a wedding, don't you think? I can just picture a "just married" sign plastered all over this baby!

-Koopa: Uhm...yes, that as well......

-Princess: Koopa, you look so nervous. Is something bothering you?

-Koopa: Well, we already tried to do such a scenario once, do you remember?

-Princess: Oh yeah, that episode was called "Do you, princess, take this Koopa?"

-Koopa: Yes, and you didn't.

-Princess: Only because of Mario and his bunch of dorks! We were -this- close to getting away with it, in front of the camera without losing face or revealing our secret affair to everyone, our whole scheme was working like a dream, and then what happens? Fatso crashes the party and ruins the whole thing. And it went on like that for over 50 more painstaking episodes. I'm glad to know that those times will soon be over. Once we pull off this plan, we'll be able to enjoy our carefree youth, happily together.

-Koopa: Uh, yes, that's right. Our carefree youth....

-Triclyde: Or rather what you can remember of it. You're aged 34, lord Koopa, and it shows.

-Princess: Aw, shaddup! I like a more mature and experienced man!

-Triclyde: Well, he's not that much more mature than you, princess Toadstool, considering that you are now at the not-so tender age of...

-Princess: One more word and you die!! Koopa, once we're married, the first thing we should do is throw that idiot with the three heads out!

-Koopa: Ah...uhm...sure, whatever you say, hon.

-Triclyde: *thinking to himself* Oh Christ, this is not good. Not only will Mouser destroy the world if this wedding goes on, but I'll also lose my job! But, there's no need to panic. My genial strategy to prevent this wedding will certainly succeed. I've worked everything out, it will go perfectly smoothly, I'm sure of it. Heh...that's the last time that annoying princess will speak to me like that.

Que more sly grinning from Triclyde as the screen fades out. Cut to a shot of Koopa's limo parking itself outside of Koopa's castle. They're greeted by Fryguy, who kneels down before them, speaking these words:

-Fryguy: Your highness, our soon-to-be queen, princess Toadstool, I bid you fair welcome. Please follow me to your quarters, where you will be able to prepare for the wedding.

-Princess: Oh, that's right, I've got to get dressed, perfumed, have my hair done, get a manicure, do my make-up and accessories very thoroughly! But I won't be long. In just a few hours, I'll be all set for our big day, honey.

-Koopa: Uhm, yes....great. Do you really need several hours?

-Princess: Of course I do! I need to look absolutely perfect. Remeber, not everyone has your rare gift to look absolutely natural and at ease in any kind of clothing.

-Koopa: Heh, well, that's true.

-Triclyde: Besides, your highness, it's 7 o'clock in the mornings. No-one gets married at that time. Plus, you need to prepare for the wedding as well, right?

-Koopa: Oooh, yes, yes! I have just the perfect outfit! I've been dying to try it on! What are we waiting for, let's go, go, go!

Koopa and the princess are then led away by Triclyde and Fryguy respectively. The screen then cuts to a shot of Triclyde standing outside of Koopa's wardrobe. He checks his wrist watch a few times, with an annoyed expression on his face. He then proceeds to knocking on the wardrobe's door a few times, accompanying this action with these words:

-Triclyde: Lord Koopa, how long is it going to take?!

-Koopa: Hey, don't rush me!

Koopa then pops out of his wardrobe, wearing a long, white wedding dress, decorated with pale pink ribbons and flowers.

-Koopa: There, all set. Isn't this absolutely daaarling?

-Triclyde: Dohhh! Your highness, that's a wedding dress!

-Koopa: Well du-uh! It's my wedding after all.

-Triclyde: No, no, you've got it all wrong! It's the bride who wears a dress, you're the groom!

-Koopa: Oh, drat, I knew I went wrong somewhere....

-Triclyde: *sweatdrop* You can say -that- again....

-Koopa: Allright, give me just a second, I'll change into something else.

He then hops back into his wardrobe and comes out again wearing a Sailor Soldier costume.

-Koopa: Ta-daaah! Sailor Koopa, here I stand! In name of dodgy nightclubs the world over, I'll punish you!

-Triclyde: Nooo, wrong, wrong, wrong! One certainly does -not- wear a short skirt with big ribbons to a wedding! Especially not the groom!

-Koopa: Awww...but this brings out the delicate line of my thighs so well....

-Triclyde: That's beside the point! It's not fitting for the occasion! Change into something else!

-Koopa: Oh, very well, then....

This scene continues for a while, as Koopa dons a pink tutu, a black leather dominatrix outfit, a schoolgirl's uniform and a Link costume, only to be told by Triclyde that it's no good. At each warped outfit, Triclyde grows increasingly more enraged, and when Koopa pops up dressed as a geisha, something snaps in Triclyde, and he completely loses it.

-Triclyde: Aaaargh, I've had it up to here! This is nuts! Absolutely, completely nuts!

-Koopa: Hey, I know that blue isn't exactly my color, but it's not that horrible, really?

-Triclyde: No, that's not what I meant. Milord...*deep breath* the groom is -not- supposed to dress like that.

-Koopa: Don't you start telling me how to dress!

-Triclyde: A-herm...milord, I don't want to question your excellent dress sense, it's just that tradition demands that, at a wedding, the groom wears a tuxedo.

Koopa lets this hard fact sink in for a while.

-Koopa:....Oh...I, does that skirts?

-Triclyde: 'fraid not.

-Koopa: No lace and frilly bits?

-Triclyde: Out of the question.

-Koopa: No leather and high-tops?

-Triclyde: Most certainly not.

-Koopa: ribbons? No earrings? No spandex? No suspenders? No nothing?

-Triclyde: That's the way it is.

-Koopa: No way!!

-Triclyde: Milord, please, pull yourself together. It'll only be for a few hours.

-Koopa: *sigh* The things I don't do for my girlfriend....

Koopa then slowly drags himself back into his wardrobe and shuts the door behind him. Triclyde is left to ponder these thoughts.

-Triclyde: Well, so far it's all going according to plan...I just hope Fryguy hasn't messed up.

Cut to a shot of a prison cel, in Koopa's catacombs. The door swings open and princess Toadstool is violently flung into it by two Hammer Brothers. The door is then slammed shut behind her. Disgruntled at this turn of events, she pronounces the following phrase:

-Princess: Oi, what's this all about?! This is supposed to be a wedding, not a funky dungeon party! You, the tobacco-maniac! What's the meaning of this?!

Outside of the prison cel, Fryguy is standing with the two Hammer Brothers. He replies to the princess' angered interrogation with these words:

-Fryguy: Don't shout like that, it's scary! There's been a change of plans, just stay put and wait here. You two Hammer Bros, guard her prison with extreme caution, is that understood?!

The Hammer Brothers nod in unition at this. Fryguy then continues the conversation with these words:

-Fryguy: Good, then phase one of Clyde's plan is about wrapped up. Phew, it sure was scary. A quick cigarette will make me feel better.

He puts a cigarette between his lips, but just when he's about to light it, a high-pitched beeping noise emanates from his wrist watch. This sudden interruption causes Fryguy to panic, and he drops his lighter with a nervous shriek. He then calms down and looks at his beeping watch.

-Fryguy: Oh, it must be a message from Clyde.

He presses a button on the wrist watch, and Triclyde's face appears on the watch's LCD display screen, speaking these words:

-Triclyde: Well? Is everything running smoothly?

-Fryguy: Yes, just peachy. The princess has been dumped into a dungeon and is heavily guarded. She won't get in our way anymore.

-Triclyde: Good. Lord Koopa is almost ready. You know what to do, proceed with phase two of the plan.

-Fryguy: Okay.....but Clyde, are you really, completely sure about this?

-Triclyde: Positive. I have no doubt that this is the best course of action for us to take.

-Fryguy: I suppose still scares me a lot, though.

-Triclyde: Never mind, just get on with your duties.

Screen cuts to a shot of Mario, Luigi, Toad and Yoshi running along the road to Koopa's castle. Mario is looking very distressed.

-Mario: It's a cataclysm! A tragedy! An apocalypse!

-Toad: It's deep do-do!

-Mario: Yes...*sweatdrop* that as well. But, anyway, I won't allow Koopa to force the princess into this wedding! He won't get away with it!

-Luigi: But Mario, the message he sent us clearly stated that if we undertake any kind of action, he'll order is men to burn down all the sexy nightclubs in the Mushroom Kingdom.

-Mario: Who cares about sexy nightclubs??!

-Luigi, Toad & Yoshi: We do.

-Mario: But still, the princess' chastity is at stake!

-Yoshi: What's a chastity? It sounds tasty.

-Toad: Eewww, you really are obsessed, Yoshi.

-Mario: Right, forget it, if you prefer to hang out at risqué nightclubs rather than do your duty as saviors of an extremely kidnapping-prone bimbo princess, then go ahead, push off. I don't need a bunch of irresponsible perverts to get in my way!

-Toad: Okay, bye.

-Mario: Huh??

-Toad: If you really want us to push off, we will.

-Luigi: Besides, you always hog 97, 68% percent of the screen time as it is, so whether we join you or not makes hardly any difference, really. We have no value, if we die, nobody would notice or even remotely care, so why should we bother?

-Yoshi: I feel like going for a lunch break.

-Toad: Right, let's go then. Have fun over at Koopa's place, Mario, we'll catch you later.

Toad, Yoshi ad Luigi walk off into the distance. Mario gives them a look of disgust and disbelief while the sound of cawing crows is heard in the background.

-Mario: Those....bastards. Well, I should've seen it coming, I suppose. Oh well, I'm up against Koopa on my own now. Makes no difference, those idiots only get about 2, 32% of the screen time as it is. Who needs them anyway?....I think I should say something like "I'll knock Koopa for a loopa" now, but the pun police would kill me if I did. It's illegal to use the same witticism more than 250 times on TV. Oh well, I'll just go to Koopa's place and mush him up really badly instead.

Fade out and cut to a shot of a chapel inside Koopa's castle. The place is covered with flowers and other wedding decorations. A whole bunch of Koopa minions are seated in long rows of benches. Koopa is standing at the end of the aisle, in a fluorescent pink tuxedo. He's looking very nervous and conveys the following remarks to Triclyde, who's standing next to him.

-Koopa: This feels so awkward.....

-Triclyde: Nonsense, milord, you look just fine in that tux.

-Koopa: No, that's not what I meant. I think I'm wearing a too narrow slip. Now -that's- awkward. And what about the wedding cake?

-Triclyde: Well, the chef had three collapses, but in the end, he did get the mixture of marzipan and LSD right, I think.

-Koopa: Perfect. Now, what's keeping the bride so long?

Just then, majustous organ music starts to play as the bride enters the chapel, with Fryguy as the bridesmaid behind her. Due to a thick veil, it's impossible to see the brides' face, while she slowly walks up the aisle. Once the bride has reached Koopa, her face is still invisible, even up close. They both turn to face a Shy-guy vicar who pronounces the following words:

-Shy-guy vicar: Right, so you two folks wanna get hitched? Well, that's just peachy with me. You'll have to fill out a form, though.

-Koopa: Eh? A form??

-Triclyde: It's a modern kind of wedding ceremony, milord. Please just play along.

-Koopa: Allright then.....

The vicar hands him a form. Koopa looks through it.

-Koopa: Let's see...."Have you ever abused of any intoxicating materials?" You bet. Now, "Do you suffer from a particular kind of allergy?". Hang on, this looks more like an entry form for a hospital.

-Triclyde: Better yet, it -is- an entry form for a hospital.

-Shy-guy vicar: They don't make 'em like they used to.....

-Koopa: Who cares?! Just get us married, and quickly! My nerves are killing me, so quit stalling already or I'll have you guillotined!

-Shy-guy vicar: Gosh, newlyweds are so touchy. Well, if you wanna tie the knot that badly, I guess we can skip the formalities. Just snog yer bride and I'll pronounce you hubbie and wife, okies?

-Koopa: About time. Let's get this over with once and for all.

In a nervous impulse, Koopa then closes his eyes, rips the bridal veil from the bride's face and forcefully presses his lips against those of the bride. Once he lets go again, the bride faints and sinks to the ground, the huge veil covering up her face again.

-Koopa: Oops, looks like I went at it a bit too roughly.

-Shy-guy vicar: You youngsters are just too impulsive. Now, just exchange rings and you'll be 100% wed.

But suddenly, an angered voice interrupts the ceremony in these terms:

-Mario: Not on yer life!!

-Koopa: What the....Mario??

-Mario: The same! I've come to stop this absolute travesty!

Indeed, Mario had appeared in the chapel's doorway. Pointing a fire flower to the sky, he then uttered the following phrase:

-Mario: By the power of cheap animation techniques! Make Up!

And the power of cheap animation techniques then transformed him into his fireball costume.

-Mario: Time to fry, Koopa.

-Triclyde: *to himself* There it is, just as I planned. I expected Mario to attack during the wedding. He'll "rescue" the substitute bride we've provided, thinking that it's the princess. The real princess, meanwhile, will be left to die in the dungeon, and we'll never hear of her again. It's genial, if I do say so myself.

-Mario: Your perversities have gone far enough, Koopa! You're finished!

-Koopa: Hold it right there! One more move and I will order my men to violently burn down all the sexy nightclubs in the Mushroom Kingdom!

-Mario: Hmmmm....

Screen cuts to a rapid shot of Toad, Luigi and Yoshi sitting around in a dodgy-looking nightclub with big grins on their faces

-Toad: Aahh, this sure beats getting treated like horse manure by Mario!

Cut back to Mario and Koopa.

-Mario: See if I care. Go ahead and burn the nightclubs as viciously as you like. In fact you'd be doing me a big favor with that. Koopa army, go ahead and burn all the Mushroom nightclubs! Do it!

All the Koopa minions in the chapel then get up and run out of the chapel with a loud "Yaaaayyyy! Burn the nightclubs!"

-Koopa: Hey, wait, come back, you idiots! Since when do you obey Mario?!

-Mario: Just a little mindgames. Now let's get physical. This is going to hurt big time, Koopa!

-Koopa: I still have my most faithful servants. Triclyde, Fryguy, protect the bride and groom! Fight!

-Fryguy: I....I'm scaaaared....

-Triclyde: Fryguy, get a grip! Use your super cigarette powers!

-Fryguy: Oh, that's right, I still have the Kaleido Moon Smoke! But....but it's completely useless. Aahh, no way, I don't want to get beaten up! Mommyyyy! Waaah!!

Fryguy then runs away, crying like a baby.

-Mario: That just leaves the triple idiot. And he'll be no match for my fireballs! Eat this, Triklutz! Fireball!

-Triclyde: Uwaaahh!!

Clyde is blasted into a wall by Mario's exaggeratedly powerful fireballs. Before he passes out, he still mutters these words:

-Triclyde: No need to worry....the plan is running smoothly....

-Mario: Right, now for you, Koopa!

-Koopa: Yeep, nowhere to run. I'll get thrashed. No, it's horrible!

-Mario: End of the road, Koopa! I'm taking you to a whole world o' hurt. You're going to suffer!

However, they are then interrupted by a voice loudly pronouncing this phrase:

-"That's enough! Don't move another muscle, Mario!"-

-Mario: Wha...?

Turning around, Mario sees that the bride has risen to her feet again. Camera slowly pans around the bride as she pronounces these words:

-"A wedding is the day when two young lovers seal their promise to protect each other forever. You have cruelly disrupted this moment of love and peace, but now the game's up! The angel of love, Wedding Mouser is about to get rather cheesed off!"-

The bride then takes off her veil, and Mouser's face appears.

-Mario & Koopa: Gasp!!

-Koopa: No way, that was Mouser?!

-Mario: Is this how you get yer kicks nowadays, Koopa?

-Mouser: Mouth off, chubby! You dared to attack my beloved! For that, you will pay! Wedding change, freshen up! Angel impulsive Mouser!!

The wedding dress-clad Mouser then leaps high into the air and rips his dress to shreds, thus revealing a snug-fitting black leather costume decorated with several shiny iron spikes, which he was wearing underneath his dress. He lands gracefully in front of Mario. While this is going on, Triclyde slowly regains his spirits. Witnessing this scene, he ponders the following thoughts:

-Triclyde: Uh-oh, this is -not- good. This isn't part of my plan! Mouser isn't suppose to interfere, this is not the way it should happen! Oh no, it's all going pear-shaped!

-Mouser: Today, my most intense wish came true. Nothing will stand in my way now that my lord Koopa has given me the token of his burning eternal love!

-Koopa: Uhm....did I do that?

-Mouser: You're no match for me, Mario! Here comes my specialty; a double grenade launcher frenzy!

He then takes out two heavily-charged grenade launchers and points them at Mario. Mario sito presto runs away in panic, and Mouser gives chase at full blast, firing his guns in an out-of-control frenzy. Screen cuts to a high-speed chase scene, complete with rapid, streaking backgrounds during which Mario and Mouser exchange these remarks:

-Mario: Yikes! This guy is nuts! This isn't part of my contract! I want my lawyeeeer!!

-Mouser: You can run but you can't hide! I'm invincible now that I have the power of true love backing me! Wuhahahaaaa! Eat shotgun death, lardy!!

-Mario: Aieee!!

Screen cuts back to the chapel, where Koopa is standing on his own. He speaks these words to himself:

-Koopa: So....that was Mouser....

Cut to a rapid flashback of the scene where Koopa kissed his "bride"

-Koopa: Hmmm...come to think of it....that felt kinda good.

As soon as he has pronounced these words, a whole horde of Koopa minions pops up from behind bits of scenery and funiture, and in unition, they belt out a loud and clear "Say what??".

-Koopa: Ah, no no no! I didn't mean it! It's horrible, that mouse boy is starting to mess with my mind!

At that moment, princess Toadstool suddenly strides into the chapel. She walks straight up to Koopa and punches him right in the face.

-Princess: You dirty old man! This is absolutely scandalous! I come here to get married and get dumped in a dungeon instead! I managed to escape by violently punching in the door and brutally murdering the guards, and then I find out that you prefer to give a tremendous kiss to that Mouser person! You've gone too far this time!

-Koopa: No, wait, I can explain, it's a misunderstanding, honestly....

-Princess: I don't want to hear it! You men are all the same! No excuses, Koopa! I saw the way you snogged him, right on the mouth! That was serious allright!

-Koopa: But...but, no, it's not like that!

-Princess: I've had it with perverts of your kind! Stick to your gunslinging rodent boy, I'm outta here!

She then punches a hole into a nearby wall and disappears through that, leaving Koopa behind.

-Koopa: way! I've really done it this time!

Screen fades out and cuts to a shot of Mouser, who is still running after Mario and firing heavy weaponry at him.

-Mouser: And now, the flame thrower! Nothing can stop me anymore! You're history, Mario! Uwaaa ha ha ha haaa!

-Mario: Aieee! Get this nutter off me!!

While this little chase scene continues, the screen slowly fades out.

END of this episode