Super Mario Alternate Universe Story:
Mario's High School Days

By Toasty

Episode 8: The Great Pokémon Stampede! Dangerous or Just Mischievous?


Dear diary

I still find it a little hard to swallow that such strange things have happened lately. Like that time when the pop idol Arisugawa tried to turn everyone into slaves via a computer network because he really was some kind of demon, and we had to fight him with our powers from the special training classes. I thought those kind of things only happened in videogames, I never imagined I'd live through such a situation in real life! What if we have to face another one of those S-type weirdoes? What is really going on at Nintendo High?


Scene 1: The sudden appearance of the mysterious creatures!

(Tuesday afternoon. Yoshi had invited some friends over to the cooking club's clubhouse to sample some of the food that he and the other club members had prepared. Peach, Luigi and Saria had turned up. While placing a plate full of hot takoyaki in front of them, Yoshi cheerfully spoke the following words:)

-Yoshi: There you go, hot from the kitchen! Enjoy!

-Luigi: Oh, delicious!

-Mario: Luigi, leave some for the others. You shouldn't be so greedy.

-Luigi: What?! Me, greedy?! You're the one who ripped off all our rice balls just a minute ago!

-Saria: Yes and you proceeded to pigging out on those rice balls, even though you were the one who had prepared them.

-Mario: Yes, well, if I made those rice balls, I should be allowed to eat them. Makes sense to me.

-Yoshi: Idiot! You've got it all wrong! To make friends and loved ones happy with food you've prepared is the ultimate joy for a cook! That's what being a cook is all about!

-Kirby: Oh...president Yoshi.....such touching words...

-Yoshi & Kirby: Yes! The road to being a true cook is long and difficult, but we won't give up!!

-Mario: Must they always act like that?

-Yoshi: Well, I think it's just about time to fetch the blueberry pie out of the oven now.

-Peach: Oh, there's blueberry pie?

-Yoshi: Yup, and not just any blueberry pie, it's my very own creation, made with care and attention just for you lot, my very dear friends....

-Kirby: It's a true labor of love!

(Yoshi then peers into the oven where he left the pie, and the addresses then others with a menacing stare)

-Yoshi: Allright, speak up, who nicked the blueberry pie?

-Mario: This time it really wasn't me! I swear I'm innocent!

-Yoshi: Well someone stole it! I'm sure I left it in the oven and now it's gone! How could someone do something so low?! If I get my hands on the thief, I will never forgive him!!

-Kirby: President, please keep calm!

-Peach: Everyone, look over there!

(Peach was pointing to a small blue turtle-like creature that was sitting on the windowsill with the half-eaten blueberry pie in it's paws)

-Yoshi: Aha, so that's the culprit. All the evidence points towards that weirdo turtle-thingy!

-Peach: Wait, Yoshi, don't hurt it. That's a Zenikame!

-Yoshi: Zeni-what?

-Peach: It's a type of Pokémon. My mother works at the city biological institute, she has lots of documents on them. Pokémon used to live all over the world, but lately, industrial pollution has increased so much, and their natural habitat has been greatly damaged, so the Pokémon have become extremely rare. They're on the verge of extinction, to see a live Pokémon here, in the middle of a big city is almost a miracle!

-Saria: I wonder how it got here in the first place?

-Yoshi: Hmm, well, if these Pokémon have it so hard today, I suppose I can overlook one stole pie. After all, a Zenikame needs to eat as well, and if it steals from the master cook Yoshi, it does at least prove that this Zenikame has good taste. Yes, yes *gloating*

-Peach: Everyone, we should take this Zenikame to a centre where it can be kept safely and looked after until it's ready to return to it's home.

(But just then, the Zenikame legged it out of he clubhouse and into the main school building as fast as it could, loudly squeaking "Zeni! Zeni!")

-Luigi: Ah! It ran away! It must have been frightened by Mario's face!

-Mario: Luigi! Instead of making dumb remarks you should hurry up and look for it with us!

-Peach: Yes, we should try to find it quickly. If it runs out into the streets, that's a very hostile environment. We need to find it before something happens!

-Mario: No sweat, we're all coming with you, Peach! Right, guys?

-Yoshi: Sure thing!

-Kirby: I'm with you!

-Saria: I'll tag along as well....

-Luigi: Ehm...I'll pass....

-Mario: The Zenikame won't bite you, Luigi. I know you're a bit of a wimp, but to be afraid of one teeny turtle Pokémon.....

-Luigi: No, that's not it. Sammy asked me to come to the space club clubhouse. She told me that it was very important over the telephone. She sounded kinda hyper.

-Saria: She's always hyper....

-Luigi: But this time, she really meant it. She said she had captured an alien life-form and wanted to show it to us.

-Yoshi: It wouldn't surprise me if this "alien lifeform" of hers was really just a stray cat. Are you sure it can't wait?

-Luigi: Ehm....well....

-Mario: It's allright, Luigi, you go ahead and see Sammy. We can manage on our own.

-Luigi: Yes. Thanks, Mario.

-Mario: Allright then, let's go everyone, we've got a lost Pokémon to catch!

-others: Yeeees!!

=NOTE: Zenikame, in case you still hadn't cottoned on, is that adorable little blue turtle Pokémon with the big eyes and curly tail. Oh yes, for some reason it's called "Squirtle" in the English version. Even typing it makes me shudder....Takoyaki, in case you were wondering is some kind of snack, consisting of small balls of pastry with bits of fish, usually squid mixed in. Sounds a bit awkward on paper, perhaps, but it really isn't half bad.=

(Mario and the others were searching the school building for the runaway Zenikame when suddenly, Peach made the following remark:)

-Peach: This is a little strange. The whole building seems so empty. There's nobody in the corridors or in the classrooms. It's a little spooky, don't you think?

-Kirby: Well, it is pretty weird.....

(But before they had the time to ponder this mystery, they were interrupted by Slippy who ran towards them with panicked yells)

-Slippy: Ah, it's horrible! You must leave this building, quickly! It's not safe here!

-Kirby: What are you talking about?

-Slippy: Monsters! There are monsters here, I've seen them!

-Saria: Let me guess, you've watched a scary movie last night, and it freaked you out so much that you're even seeing monsters in broad daylight?

-Slippy: No, I'm serious! There really are monsters here! Horrible little red monsters with big claws and teeth! They're all over the science classroom!

-Yoshi: Look, Slippy, there is no such thing as monsters in the science classroom, and I'll prove it to you!

(Yoshi then started dragging Slippy, who violently struggled and screamed towards the science classroom)

-Slippy: Nooooo! What are you doing?! I don't want to!

-Peach: Yoshi, shouldn't we look for the Zenikame?

-Kirby: But maybe the "monster" Slippy saw is really our Zenikame?

-Saria: Red monsters with big claws and teeth doesn't really sound like a Zenikame, though.

-Mario: But you know how he's always exaggerating.

-Yoshi: Allright, we're here at the science classroom. I'm going in with you, Slippy, and you'll see that there are no monsters whatsoever in there, allright?

-Slippy: Aieeee! No, I'm too young to die! Mommy!!

-Yoshi:*sigh* Oh man.....

(Yoshi then opened the door to the science classroom and found himself face-to-face with a horde of little orange lizard-like creatures with flames on their tails)

-Slippy: See, I told you! Those are the monsters! Run for your lives!

-Mario: But Slippy, those things are tiny! And they look harmless to me.

-Peach: Oh, why those are Pokémon as well! They are fire type Pokémon, called Hitokage. It's amazing! How could such a big group of Pokémon have gotten here?

-Kirby: There must be at least 50 of them in here!

-Yoshi: You see, they're not horrible monsters, just a bunch of Pokémon. Cute little buggers, aren't they?

(Yoshi then playfully patted one of the Hitokage on the head. However, the creature didn't seem to like that and gave Yoshi an angry growl. Suddenly, all the Hitokage in the room were menacingly staring and growling at the small group of students. The Hitokage formed a circle around them, blocking off the exit and continuing their growling)

-Kirby: Uh-oh, they look angry.....

-Yoshi: Is it something I said? Look, you lot, I really didn't mean to offend anyone!

-Saria: I don't think it's that....

-Peach: Everyone, look! The flames on their tales have turned black!

-Mario: You're right. They used to be red first, though.

-Saria: Who cares about the flame on their tails! What are we going to do?! Those things look like they're about to attack us!

-Kirby: Oh no, now we've really done it!

=NOTE: Someone's had the brilliant idea to rename Hitokage into "Charmander" for the English version of Pokémon. Great move, guys.......-_-;=

(While this was going on, Luigi had reached the space club clubhouse where he was greeted by Toad and an excited Sammy)

-Samus: Allriiight! Now that we're all here, I can reveal to you my grandissimo discovery: a real-life alien! Ta-daaaah!

-Toad: But we're not all here....

-Samus: Doh! Did you have to ruin my élan?

-Toad: I'm sorry, president Aran, but it's true. What about Shine and Bright?

-Samus: Well, I received a phone call from them. They have apparently succeeded in pounding each other into the hospital....

-Luigi: I knew it had to happen someday....

-Samus: Well, now that that's settled, let's get on with the alien, shall we?

-Toad: Wait, just a minute...

-Samus: Now what?! I'm getting sick of your constant interruptions!

-Toad: But Foxy's not here yet. Shouldn't we wait for him?

-Samus: Ohhh, I don't believe that boy! This is the single most important day in my life and he doesn't show up! Really, what did I ever do to deserve such an idiot in my club?! I should just kick him out of the club!

-Luigi: Sammy, you're being too harsh on him. Maybe he fell ill, or something unexpected came up. I'm sure he didn't mean to upset you. Besides, we're here to see the alien, so it's okay, right?

-Samus: Yes! I'm happy that you're here at least. And now, without further ado, heeeeere is the one and only, the one who will make me famous beyond my wildest fantasies: theeee alien!

(She then placed a big cardboard box on the table before here with a grand gesture)

-Toad:...This cardboard box is the "alien"?

-Samus: Nooooo, not at all!! Are you doing this on purpose, Toad?! The alien is inside the box, of course!

-Toad: Just checking ^_^;

(Sammy then reached into the box and took out a small, pale yellow creature embedded in a colorful egg shell. As she proudly held up her amazing discovery, the creature struggled and emitted squeaks of "togepi, togepi!")

-Samus: Isn't it cute? I found it on the school grounds just yesterday. I immediately realized that such an odd-looking creature could only be from another planet!

-Toad: Well, it's true that I've never seen anything like that, but are you positive that it's of alien origin? I mean, did you check any resources?

-Samus: None whatsoever!

-Toad:*sigh* I expected as much.....

-Samus: Oh ,who needs resources anyway? This thingy's alien allright, my feminine intuition is telling me that it is!

-Toad: Now there's a reliable source....*sweatdrop*

-Samus: Oh, stop being such a killjoy! Luigi, you believe me, don't you?! Tell Toad that it's an alien!

-Luigi: Umm...well, I suppose so....if you say it is....does it have a name?

-Samus: A name? Oh, I didn't think of that yet. Let's see now, how should I call it? Hmmm....Hisuwashi, perhaps?

-the "alien": To...Toge...piii!

-Luigi: It doesn't seem to like that....

-Samus: Hmmm, well then, how about "Tamahome"? Or "Nuriko"? Tasuki? Chichiri? Hotohori?

-Toad: President, have you been reading too many comics again?

-Samus: Heero? Duo? Quatre? Wu-Fei? Trowa? Hmmm, no that's not it.... Shinji? Kaoru? Pen-Pen? Aaargh! I can't think of a suitable name no matter how hard I try!

-the "alien": ....togepiiiii.....

-Luigi: I don't think it likes the idea of being named after comic characters, Sammy....

-Samus: Oh, sod it, I give up. You try finding it a name, it's not easy!

-Luigi: Well, all it says is "togepi", so perhaps we could call it Togepi?

-the "alien": Togepiiii!

-Toad: It's not very imaginative, but the creature seems to like it.

-Samus: Well then, I christen you "Togepi". Thanks to you, I will be world famous! Isn't that wonderful, Togepi? Mommy is so proud of you!

-Toad: "Mommy"???!

-Luigi: Excuse me, I hate to break up this little mother-alien scene, but something strange is going on outside the clubhouse. You should take a look through the window.

(Toad and Sammy hurried to the nearest window and could hardly contain their surprise and slight panic when they saw that the clubhouse was completely surrounded by a horde of angry-looking Fushigidane! One detail that they didn't notice was that these Fushigidane had black bulbs on their backs instead of the standard pink bulbs)

=NOTE: Fushigidane is called "Bulbasaur" in the English version of Pokémon. Urrrgh...must...not...puke....all keyboard....=

-Toad: Whoaaa! What are those things?! Are they monsters?!

-Samus: They look very mean.....they must be secret genetic bio-weapons from the government sent to capture my precious alien! Yes, that must be it, I'm absolutely certain!

-Toad: Aren't you overreacting a bit there?

-Luigi: Look, whatever those things are, we had better stay in here. They look dangerous to me.

-Toad: Right, we should be safe if we just stay put in here....

(But then a loud pounding noise resounded against the clubhouse walls. The Fushigidane were charging at the clubhouse and ramming against the walls in an attempt to break in!)

-Toad: Umm...then again, we may have to panic now......

(Meanwhile, in an empty school corridor, Wario was busily tapping the keys of a calculator to determine his monthly profit)

-Wario: Hmmm, there's the 100 yen I ripped off an innocent kid, 50 yen I found under the sofa, and 50 yen I found on the streets....that brings us to a total of...200 yen. Not a huge sum, really. What I need is something special that will instantly make me filthy rich.....but where could I find such a thing?

(Just then he was interrupted by a voice squeaking "Puu...Purin". Wario looked up to find himself facing a strange creature: small, round and pink, with huge green eyes)

-Wario: Uhnnn, I've got to cut down on my coffees. I'm even beginning to see things now....then again.....

(After a short hesitation, Wario forcefully pinched his own nose)

-Wario: Oww! That hurt! Allright, so I'm not dreaming. So, this weird pink Purin thing should be real....hmmm, I think this is my lucky day! I don't know what this Purin animal is, but it must be very rare and valuable! I could sell it for big bucks! Yes, no more 200 yen a month, now it will be two million yen a day! Nya ha ha ha ha!

-Purin: Pu....rin?

-Wario: Yes, likewise, I'm sure. Now, be a good little weirdo and come with me, won't you?

-Purin: Pu...Purin! Puu!

(Just as Wario reached for the pink Pokémon in front of him, the creature turned around and ran away as fast as it could. Wario immediately started chasing it, determined to retrieve his little goldmine)

-Wario: Come back here, you big-eyed freak! You've got to make me filthy rich!

=NOTE: Purin is, for some reason, called "Jigglypuff" in the English version of Pokémon. I don't think I can take much more of this.......Oh yes, 200 yen may be quite a big number, but it's actually worth very little. Just around 2 or 3 Euro (but I'm crap at doing sums, so don't quote me on that ^^;)=

Scene 2: Pikachu's escape! Where is the fabled Pokémon meeting place?

(As this chaos was spreading through Nintendo High, a group of three young travelers from Osaka had just arrived in the city. They were the head members of the Osaka youth environmental society: Satoshi, Kasumi and Takashi. They were accompanied by the ever-cuddly Pikachu who was walking next to them. As they got out of the Yamanote line train station, they were busily talking among themselves)

-Pikachu: Pika pikaaaa....

-Satoshi: Heh heh, sure is a big city, huh Pikachu? It must be really exciting for him to see the capital!

-Kasumi: Oh well you should talk, Satoshi, you're so excited you've been blabbing all the time!

-Satoshi: I can't help it if I'm excited! I've heard that in this city there's a building that attracts Pokémon, and that you can find absolutely loads of Pokémon there! I can hardly wait to get there!

-Kasumi: Yes, I've heard that rumor as well. It's a bit far-fetched, though. I mean, Pokémon absolutely never wander into cities, so why should they be coming en masse to one particular building, eh? It makes no sense at all. I wouldn't be surprised if this rumor wasn't true at all.

-Satoshi: Awww, Kasumi....

-Takashi: Now, now, you must always have faith and keep believing!

-Kasumi: Even in one of Satoshi's crazy stories?

-Takashi: Um...well...I'm not sure if this rumor is true either...but I still think we should check it out. After all, it's our duty as founders of the Osaka youth environmental society!

-Satoshi: Yes, exactly! Protecting Pokémon from extinction and preserving their habitat is the top priority of any environmentalist group worth it's salt nowadays!

-Kasumi: Well, allright, I admit that's true. Any matter concerning the Pokémon should be looked into by us.

-Satoshi: That's right. I was told that long ago, there was an abundance of Pokémon living everywhere, and that humans and Pokémon coexisted peacefully in this world. But today, due to the growth of industry and technology, the number of Pokémon has decreased terribly. They're so rare now that most people don't even know what they are. Pokémon are on the brink of disappearing forever from the face of the earth if we don't do something!

-Takashi: Yes, that's a very emotional little monologue, Satoshi, but have you also noticed that Pikachu is gone now?

-Satoshi: Whaaat?! Oh heck, Pikachu! Where did he go?!

-Kasumi: Nice going, Satoshi, if Pikachu starts nibbling electric wires in such a big city, it would be a disaster! We'd get arrested on the spot if they found out it was our Pikachu who caused a major blackout all through the city!

-Satoshi: Oh, now we've really done it! We've got to find Pikachu, quickly!

-Takashi: Let's split up and look for him separately.

-Kasumi: Right, whoever finds Pikachu contacts the others.

-Satoshi: Oh, why does this kind of thing always happen to me?

=NOTE: You've probably figured out by now that Satoshi, Kasumi and Takashi are the three Pokémon trainers who are more or less the main characters of the Pokémon anime. They have also fallen prey to the little black monster of crap renaming and have been called "Ash", "Misty" and "Brock" respectively for the English version. Any more of this and I really am going to vomit.....=

(In a corner of Ueno park, Musashi and Kojiro were sitting on a lonely park bench, lamenting the latest disaster that had befallen them)

-Kojiro: It's so unfair.....the goddess of good fortune must hate us....

-Musashi: We finally find a nice job at a bookstore, and then the pop idol Arisugawa suddenly disappears from the scene, all of his merchandise is discontinued, our bookstore loses so much profit that they can't afford to keep us anymore and we get kicked out!

-Kojiro: And we didn't even do anything bad this time!'s terrible. I'd yell "Yada Kanji", but I feel too depressed to yell right now....They could've at least kept us until the next idol craze arrived.....

-Musashi: But it could've taken ages for that to happen!

-Kojiro: Nonsense, there's always some "trendy" bloke with Tourette's syndrome churning out marketable junk out there...

-Musashi: Oh, so now you're an insider in the music business?

(Suddenly, Pikachu darts past them at full speed)

-Musashi: Oh! Kojiro, did you see that? Did you?!

-Kojiro: Hm? See what? You sound so hyper all of a sudden, Musashi.

-Musashi: That little yellow animal! Oh, Kojiro, it was soooo cute! Seeing such a sweet little animal has awakened my motherly instincts! I've realized that all these years I've neglected my sensitive and caring side!

-Kojiro: I don't get it, Musashi, this all sounds very Julie Andrews to me....

-Musashi: I've decided that I simply must find that yellow beastie! It must be so frightened, all alone in a big city. Don't worry, my little yellow bundle of joy, mommy Musashi is right here!

-Kojiro: "Mommy Musashi"??! What are you talking about?!

-Musashi: Never mind, let's just go catch that little sweetie!

(Musashi then stampedes off in pursuit of Pikachu, dragging Kojiro behind her. Pikachu, meanwhile had made his way to Nintendo High. He paused for a while and looked at the impressive school building in front of him)

-Pikachu: Pika.....chuuu.

(Just then, Satoshi arrived on the scene, overjoyed to have found Pikachu again)

-Satoshi: Ah, Pikachu, there you are! I was really worried when you had disappeared, I've been looking all over for you. Come on now, let's go back to Kasumi and Takashi, okay?

-Pikachu: Pi....pika....

(But Pikachu turned his back at Satoshi and ran into the Nintendo High main building as fast as he could)

-Satoshi: Huh? Pikachu, come back! What's the matter with him today? Why is he running away from me like this? I didn't forget to feed him or anything.....maybe he's upset because I always win when we play Tetris....Well, I should really go after him.

(In the Nintendo High library, Foxy and Falco where revising for an upcoming exam in ancient Greek studies. Or rather, Foxy was struggling with the subject while Falco was giving his blasé treatment even to the age-old civilization of Hellas)

-Fox: Are you sure you can't help me out with this bit? I'm totally stuck.

-Falco: Tough luck, I don't feel like wasting my time and effort on something this boring.

-Fox:...*sweatdrop* Oh, big surprise....Allright then, let's switch to your favorite subject: yourself. You told me something strange yesterday...I didn't quite understand what you meant. You said that you had "sensed" when Arisugawa was about to launch his attack or something.

-Falco: Oh yes, that. Well, it's difficult to explain. I just had a bad feeling about him. I could sort of tell that he was bad news.

-Fox: Hmmm, I remember that you also said that you could tell when Star Wolf was about to return. I'm just guessing here, but it seems like you have some kind of heightened sense of perception for this kind of thing...

-Falco: And it seems to me that you've been reading to many dumb stories to come up with something this freaky.

-Fox: Well, it's the best I can come up with...I think Link somehow has this talent as well....

-Falco: Oh, typical. Trust that loser to start copying my abilities.

-Fox: Umm...I don't think he does it on purpose.....

-Falco: Hrmph, whose side are you on anyways, huh?

-Fox: Well, if this really has to be a matter of taking sides, then I'm with you....

-Falco: Yes, I should hope so. Oh, one more thing: I'm getting that same feeling today as with Arisugawa....

-Fox: Oh, so that means something bad will happen?

-Falco: Probably. Still, no need to freak out, no matter what happens, it'll be no match for me. Nothing will happen to you with me around.

-Fox: Ehm....*blushes*...thanks....

-Falco: No need to give me the emotional routine. You know I don't fall for that anyway.

(Just then, Satoshi entered the library. Upon spotting Foxy and Falco, he went towards them and asked:)

-Satoshi: Ehm, 'scuse me, sorry for barging in, but I was wondering if you could help me with something?

-Falco: I don't want to have anything to do with you. But if it's help you're after, talk to Foxy. He's always very obliging, that's because he has an inferiority complex *grins and pats Foxy on the head*.

-Fox: What?! *big blush* I...I do not! Anyway, what's the matter, kid?

-Satoshi: Well, have you perhaps seen my Pikachu? It's a small yellow animal with big black eyes and a tail like a thunderbolt.

-Falco: Didn't your mom tell you that children should not take large quantities of LSD because they start to see funny things if they do?

-Satoshi: Hey! I'm not an LSD addict! There really is a Pikachu running around in this school!

-Falco: Foxy, get in touch with the funny farm. This kid is clearly an escaped inmate.

-Fox: Umm...are you sure? He seems serious to me.

-Falco: Just wait until he starts foaming at the mouth.

-Satoshi: Grrr, why won't you believe me?!

-Falco: Well, excuse me but nobody is dumb enough to believe a story about such a weird creature.

-Fox: Oh, yikes! Speaking of weird creatures, I had completely forgotten that I should have gone to see Miss Aran! She said she had caught an alien, she'll chew me out big time for not showing up.

-Satoshi: Caught an alien, huh? Now who's the escaped nutter?

-Fox: You just don't know Sammy very well. I really should go there now.

-Satoshi: But what about me? How am I ever going to find Pikachu?

-Falco: Oh great, another melodrama-maniac.....

-Fox: Well, we could take this kid along to the space club and see if Sammy and Toad can think of something.

-Falco: "We"? Are you expecting me to follow you to that dump?

-Fox: Not really, no, but I could always try....

-Falco: Oh allright, allright, I'll join in as well...*sigh*. Why do I always involve myself in this kind of nonsense?

Scene 3: Chaos breaks out! The new enemies' true nature revealed!

(In the science classroom, the group of menacing Hitokage was gradually closing in on the few students, who were beginning to panic)

-Slippy: I told you! I told you they were monsters, but you wouldn't listen!

-Saria: Stop whining and think of a way out of this mess instead!

-Yoshi: If this whole bunch of beasts attack us, it'll be curtains, we have no chance against so many of them!

(The group of Hitokage then stretched their claws and prepared to pounce....but before they could attack, a ball of blazing flames crashed onto the ground before them! The students looked around to see who had just saved them with this well-timed fireball and spotted Malon and Bowser standing in the doorway of the classroom)

-Malon: Nice shot, my Bowser-chan. What a flair for timing!

-Bowser: I still hate the thought of having to save that Mario. If this wasn't such an urgent matter, I would have never done this.

-Peach: Malon! Bowser!

-Malon: Yup, it's us ^_-. We were sent by the principal. The school is under attack by a horde of new S-types. Mario, you must go to the principal's office as quickly as possible.

-Bowser: We'll hold off the invaders in here, you lot get to the principal's office, quickly. Most of the other students have taken refuge in his office as well, it's the only safe place left in this school.

-Peach: mean these Hitokage are the invaders?

-Malon: Exactly. They're not real Pokémon, instead they're S-types that have taken the shape of Pokémon.

-Yoshi: Just like with Arisugawa.....only this time, there are so many of them, it's a full frontal attack!

-Mario: Then it's high time that we enact our counterattack! I won't forgive them for deceiving us like that! Hiding behind the shape of an endangered species, what a rotten trick!

-Malon: That's the spirit. Now hurry, you must go to the principal, he will tell you all the details.

-Bowser: He also wants me to give you this, Mario

(Bowser then hands Mario a small, flat object)

-Mario: Eh? But that's a Game Boy cartridge! What am I supposed to do with that??

-Bowser: No idea, but the principal should know what it's for. Now hurry, my seven servants will escort you on your way to his office, in case you're attacked on your way there. Don't worry about us, we can handle this. Now go, quickly!

-Saria: I thought you'd never ask. Let's get out of here!

-Slippy: Sniff...that sure was scary....

-Yoshi: Wait up, I'm scramming as well!

-Peach: Yes, we should hurry. Mario...are you coming?

-Mario: Right away. Malon, Bowser....thanks....

(The small group of students then heads for the principal's office, protected by the seven Little Koopas)

-Mario: I never imagined that I would one day be saved by him....

(Meanwhile, after a frenzied dash through the school corridors, Wario has finally managed to capture the running Purin)

-Wario: Ahh, at last, gotcha! Infinite riches, here I come! Oh joy!

-Purin: Puuurin, grrrrrr!

(The Purin suddenly bites Wario's hand, thus freeing itself. It then stares at him, with his green eyes turned black, and the expression on his face an angry and aggressive one)

-Wario: Whoa...what is going on?! This animal looks weird all of a sudden!

-Purin: Puuuurin, groaaa!

(Black bolts of energy appear behind the Purin as it growl ever more angrily)

-Wario: Eeeek! No, have mercy! Aieeee!

(But before the Purin can attack Wario, it is grabbed by the large hand of coach Gannon, who holds the Purin up in the air and pronounces this phrase:)

-Gannon: Another S-type playing dress-up as a Pokémon, huh? They're a regular plague!

(Syrup appears behind him and adds the following comment)

-Syrup: It's worrying to see that so many S-types, even of a low level, have managed to penetrate this far into the building. You're right to call them a plague. This is not an invasion, it's an infection!

-Wario: Heeey, just a minute! I don't understand what you're talking about at all! And give me back the pink freak, that's going to make me instantly rich!

-Syrup: Wario, really! You're the best student in my economic science class, I was expecting you to know better than to believe there is something like instant super-riches.

-Gannon: And besides, this being will not bring you any kind of prosperity. It's one of our enemies, an S-type!

(With those words, the coach channels the energy of his soul into the hand which is holding the fake Purin. This causes the S-type to dissolve into black slime again, which slowly turns to smoke)

-Wario: Aieeee! What have you done to my fortune?!

-Gannon: This boy sure is slow on the uptake....

-Syrup: Come along, Wario, we're taking you to the principal's office. You'll be safe there, the principal is creating a protective barrier which repels the S-types from at least his office.

-Wario: fortune....What a rip-off!

(Mario and the others had reached principal Hare's office, where they found almost all of Nintendo High's students gathered together. The principal seemed very glad to see Mario and addressed him with these words:)

-Peppy: Mario, finally you're here! Thank heavens you're safe! All of you, stay in this office, don't go out no matter what! I've managed to create a field around this room that will keep the S-types out.

-Slippy: Huh? How did he do that, then?

-Peppy: It's possible with the 20th of the 64 special techniques. This is called "force shield", it blocks out enemy influence from a certain area.

-Kirby: So why not just build a force shield around the whole school, then?

-Peppy: That seems to be the only way to get rid of all these invaders in one go, but I alone am not strong enough to do this. I did think of combining the strength of everyone's soul, but for this to work, all the students must have mastered the force shield move almost perfectly, which is not the case. When Arisugawa attacked us, I was able to combine everyone's energy and use a simple attack move that everyone could perform easily, but it's more complicated this time...not everyone is at a sufficient level.

-Yoshi: Did you hear that, Slippy?

-Slippy: What? Why are you looking at me like that?

-Yoshi: Never mind....Anyway, what are we going to do now? I mean, we can't just stay here and hope that if we act as if we don't notice these invaders, they'll just go away or something...

-Peppy: I'm well aware of that. Unfortunately, this attack was very sudden, I've had very little time to react. I tried to issue an evacuation order through the speaker system as soon as I had noticed the presence of the enemy, but they had already sabotaged the school's power supply and most of the building's electricity was down, except for the clubhouse area, so instead I sent Gannon and Syrup out to round up all the students and guide them to this safe space. Bowser, with his huge strength and his servants and fiancée backing him up seemed suitable for this task as well, so I sent him out to find missing students. It's the best I could do in so little time...The enemy must be guarding the exits to the building, so for now we're trapped.

-Saria: Oh, my principal, you're always striving so hard to protect the ones you love! How touching!

-Yoshi: This is really no time for the sentimental routine! Seriously, we should think of a way to get us out of this mess!

-Peppy: There may be a solution, but there's a problem....

(The door to the office then opened, and Gannon and Syrup brought in a sobbing Wario)

-Gannon: We found another one.

-Syrup: That just leaves five missing students: Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi, our genius Toad, Samus Aran, and Luigi.

-Peppy: And that's the problem, I need both Mario and Luigi together to save this building...

-Mario: I don't understand...why me and Luigi? What's so special about us? Come to think about it, we still know hardly anything. I mean, why do the S-types attack us? What do they want? And why should we, of all people, be the ones to fight them? It sounds more like Luigi to talk like this, but I'm getting tired of being left in the dark so much!

-Peppy: You're absolutely right. I think you are ready to learn more about this battle now...Now then, the reason why you, my students, are the only ones who can fight them is because you are all, in a way, special. You were chosen by destiny and gathered here, to await the day when your powers would awaken. As for the S-types, we're not sure what their origin is. Some ancient writings hint that they may be from another dimension. For generations, the students of Nintendo High were the only ones to know of the S-types' existence and followed intensive training to repel the relentless attacks from the S-types. However, seven years ago, the S-types launched a full frontal attack on the entire city. The only way to save the city from destruction was to seal the enemy away in a separate dimension with the combined force of all our students. We succeeded in creating an empty dimension where all the S-types where imprisoned. A seal was then placed on this dimension, and that seemed to be the end of the S-types. We lived a few peaceful years. It seemed that we could finally go back to being just a normal school, without having to impose the training and battles on our students, but then, a new principal named Andross appeared. We suspected that he was really siding with the S-types, that he was trying to find a way to break the seal and free them again, but there was hardly anything we could do. He had the entire school in his grasp, he was in a position where he was almost invulnerable, but thanks to you, this menace was vanquished. Unfortunately, it was already too late. Andross had somehow succeeded in weakening the seal so that a few S-types managed to escape into our world. Anticipating their attacks, we had no choice but to hurriedly pick up the special training again and hope for the best......

-Peach: I see now...

-Peppy: I fear that the seal is continuing to gradually break up and that soon, it will be completely erased and all the S-types will be set free to wreak havoc on our world. Before that happens, we need to find the place where the seal is located as well as that which is weakening it's power. Already, the enemy attacks are becoming more frequent and vicious. This latest attack is especially worrying. I didn't expect this many enemies to be able to escape into our world in one go...

-Peach: And is there nothing we can do about this current attack?

-Peppy: Until we find Luigi, there is very little we can do....

-Mario: Luigi's at the space club clubhouse, with a few others. But why do you need him?

-Peppy: In the clubhouse area you say? This is very bad....that's a very vulnerable area. They may be under heave attack there. Gannon, Syrup, go there immediately, and hurry! At any cost, we must not lose Luigi or Mario!

-Mario: Just a minute, I'm going there as well! If anyone wants a piece of Luigi, they'll have to answer to me first!

-Peppy: No, Mario, you must stay here! We can't risk you getting injured! It's too dangerous!

-Mario: I still don't see why I am so important...Anyway, no matter what you say, if my brother needs me, not even Godzilla is going to stand in my way!

-Peppy: Allright then, but be very careful. Oh yes, did Bowser hand you the new item?

-Mario: Oh, you mean this Game Boy cartridge? What's that for anyway?

-Peppy: It contains a program that monitors and detects the presence of S-types. Plug it into your Game Boy, and it will instantly become like an S-type radar. It also monitors the presence of human souls. S-types are shown as blue dots on your screen, and humans are red dots. If a being has a very high energy level, it will be shown as a larger dot on the screen. Here is another one, for Luigi. Give it to him once you've rescued him, allright?

-Mario: No problemo! Is anyone else coming along?

-Saria: No, I'm staying here with my principal! I will protect him no matter what!

-Peach: Well, I'm coming with Mario, and I am unanimous in that!

-Yoshi & Kirby: Same here!

-Peppy: No, wait. You two, Yoshi, Kirby, you're already very tired. You've used up a lot of energy. I'll send someone else...Link, do you feel up to it?

-Link: I will go with Mario if you wish me to do so...

-Zelda: Just a sec! If Link's going, then so am I! And just so happens, I have the perfect outfit for a big fight! Just give me one second....

(With amazing speed, she then changes into a red battle kimono with black belts)

-Yoshi: Aaaah, those clothes! It's exactly like the outfit of "Ken" from the Street Fighter 2 games!

-Zelda: Heh heh heh, pretty kewl, huh? I was wearing this baby at last year's videogame fanatics convention in Kyoto! I was a hit at the annual Cosplay! I like my Scorpion outfit just a little better though. It's fun to growl "come here!".

-Yoshi: Yes, please spare us the details....It's disturbing enough having to see you change out of a boys' school uniform and into that in front of everyone...*big sweatdrop*

-Saria: Really, such an ordinary girl, with such a butch manner of speaking is not at all fitting company for someone so gentle and pure-hearted as Link!

-Zelda: Well, why should you care, little miss me-so-phony?! Whatever happened to "I'll protect my dear principal no matter what", huh?!

-Saria: I hope you get your feet nibbled off by the fake Pokémon!

-Peach: Oh dear, all of this will not do the moral of our group much good....

-Link: We should just go now before they start to kill each other instead of the enemy *sweatdrop*

(Mario, Peach, Link and Zelda then leave the office with the two teachers and head towards the clubhouse area, while the principal watches them)

-Peppy: Good luck, Mario. This will be your last test. If you and Luigi pull this off, I will be sure that you are the ones I seek...

=NOTE: Cosplay (costume-play): at videogame and anime fan conventions, it's quite common to see some of the guests dress up as their favorite characters and pit their costumes against each other. This is called Cosplay. "Bowser-chan": the suffix -chan literally means "dear little one" and is used as a mark of affection for pets, children, boy/girlfriends etc. It is also quite common for young girls to address their female friends with "-chan".=

Scene 4: Rescue, purification and aftermath...The strength of two shining souls!

(Foxy and Falco were taking Satoshi to the clubhouse area. On their way there, he had explained all about the Pokémon. He concluded his story with these words:)

-Satoshi: And that's the whole story. To help protect the Pokémon, I'm trying to capture a live specimen of each of the 150 different types of Pokémon, so that they can be studied, bred and released in safe conditions again. This way, the number of Pokémon may eventually start to increase again....

-Falco: Yes, well, if that's what you want, you'll just love this: the whole clubhouse area is simply swarming with those freaky beasts....

-Satoshi: Whoaaaaaoooow! So many Pokémon! I can hardly believe it! Wait till Kasumi and Takashi see this! That'll teach them to mistrust my stories! The rumor was true after all!

(They had just reached the clubhouse area, which was overrun by hundreds of Pokémon. However, little did they know that these were S-types posing as fake Pokémon as well, and that their target was the space club clubhouse. Ignoring the danger, Satoshi approached the horde of fake Poké soon as his presence was noticed, a few of the false Pokémon charged at him. There was no time for him to react or escape, he was about to get hit by the enemies, when suddenly....)

-Pikachu: Pika pikaaaaaa!!

(Pikachu frazzled the enemies that were menacing his master with a mighty electroshock)

-Satoshi: Pi...Pikachu! It's you!


-Musashi: Just a minute, "Pikachu"? What kind of a name is that! Don't say such things to my little Albertine!

-Satoshi: Albertine???

(Musashi and Kojiro had indeed managed to find Pikachu after a long search. Overjoyed about this, Musashi had immediately named her "pet" Albertine. Pikachu, however, wanted badly to go to the clubhouse area. After a heavy display of squeaking and pointing in the right direction from Pikachu, Kojiro and Musashi had finally gotten the message and had taken him there, just in time to save Pikachu's rightful owner.)

-Kojiro: Musashi....I don't really know how to tell you this, but perhaps this boy is little Albertine's real owner?

-Satoshi: Stop calling him Albertine!

-Pikachu: Pika! Chu, pika pika!

-Satoshi: Huh? What's the matter, Pikachu? Why are you pointing like that?

(Pikachu had drawn the general attention towards a small clubhouse in the middle of the area that was about to be trampled by the huge horde of fake Pokémon)

-Fox: Aah! That's the space club clubhouse! All those animal's are attacking it! If miss Aran and the others are in there, they've got big trouble!

-Satoshi: But, I don't understand at all....Pokémon are usually very peaceful. They never display this kind of all makes no sense....

-Fox: Who cares?! This is no time for a biology lesson! They're under attack in that clubhouse, we must save them!

-Falco: I hate to ruin your mister-big-hero routine, but just how are you planning on getting them out of there? That clubhouse is totally surrounded by those things, there's no way you can even get close to it. You had better forget about it.

-Fox: But....but you can't say that you don't care at all that they're in such danger!

-Falco: I don't see why I shouldn't say that, as it's absolutely true. It's none of my business, I don't give a damn about what happens to them.

-Fox: Cut it out already! Damn you,*sobbing* I hate it when you give me that stupid routine!

-Falco:'re crying?

-Fox: ......Yes, well, what difference would it make to you if I am? You don't care about anyone but yourself as it is....

-Falco:.....Yeah, well, whatever....Still, it's obvious that we can't do anything for that lot inside the clubhouse, no matter how badly you'd want to help them.

(Meanwhile, inside the clubhouse, the situation was turning to total panic.)

-Toad: Aiiieeee! What are we going to do?! The door won't hold for much longer! In a matter of minutes, we'll be monster food! Ah, it's horrible! I'm too young to die! I still haven't completed Donkey Kong Country!

-Samus: Toad, stop having a freak attack! Such behavior is not becoming for a proud member of the great space club! If those weirdoes want a piece of me, then let them come! I swear that I won't allow them to harm anyone in here!

-Togepi: Toge....piii.

-Toad: Oh, president....*sob* touching...sniff...whaaaaa!

-Samus: Do you always overreact like this in crisis situations, Toad?

-Toad: But this is one heck of a crisis situation, how should I not overreact?

-Samus: Don't worry about it, it's no biggie, honestly! I can handle it, no problemo!

-Luigi: know that's not true....

-Samus: Luigi?

-Luigi: Let's face it, we're in serious trouble this time....

-Samus: Oh great, you've single-handedly ruined the impact of my sincere and heartfelt pep-talk!

-Luigi: Sorry about that....what I really wanted to say is: you shouldn't try to fight those things. It's too much to handle even for you, Sammy...

-Samus: Well, do you have a better suggestion?

-Luigi: I don't know....I just feel like you're always the one who goes in first, who gives up everything for others...That's very noble and everything, but you can't go on being so harsh on yourself. This time, it's my turn to help you out. Trust me, I can make it....

-Samus: Luigi...thank you...I'm surprised to hear you saying such mature things, you who would normally be the first to freak out at the merest hint of trouble *smile*, maybe it's a side of you that doesn't often show...

-Toad: But...what are you goign to do? Luigi, do you have some kind of cunning plan?

-Luigi: Umm...not really, no....

-Toad: So we're doomed after all! Aaaargh! *faints*

-Togepi: Toge?

-Luigi: But still, plan or no plan, it'll be allright. I won't fail, I can't afford to! There have always been others that have filled in for me in the past, but I'm tired of that! Others are always suffering because I'm not able to fend for myself, but I'll have no more of that now! This time, I'll handle it on my own! Mario, look at me! I'll try to be just as strong as you this time! I can do it, I know I can!


(Outside the clubhouse, the few that were gathered there were still powerless to do anything for their trapped friends, when suddenly, they saw a red glow emanating from the clubhouse. The glow grew to a huge, blinding light that enveloped the whole area. All the false Pokémon in the area were turned back to their original form of icky black slime upon contact with the shining light, and they all disappeared as clouds of smoke. Gradually, the light died down, and at the center of the glow Luigi, Sammy, Toad and Togepi became visible. Mario and his party had arrived on the scene just in time to witness this spectacle, and like the others, they were very impressed.)

-Luigi: See....I told you....I it...

-Samus: Luigi! Are you allright?

-Togepi: Togepi!

-Toad: * regaining consciousness* Hm? What? Did something happen?....I must have dozed off...I've had such a weird dream.....

-Peach: Luigi....this was his doing?

-Gannon: Talk about a big surprise.....

-Syrup: I think I'm beginning to see what the principal is up to, and why those two brothers are special...

-Link: have summoned such a large and powerful force field so quickly, that must have taken a lot of energy...

-Zelda: Man, that guy always seemed so wimpy and insecure...Are you sure it was him who did this?

-Mario: Positive! That's my bro, allright! Apart from that, I've used that detector thingy the principal gave me, and there was this totally huge red dot on the screen just a while ago, that must've been him!

-Zelda: It's a good thing you're using a color Game Boy for that radar cartridge, otherwise this whole red and blue dot thing would be a bit complicated....

-Mario: Well, one has to follow along with latest developments. Oi, Luigi, over here!

-Luigi: Mario! You were here?

-Mario: I arrived just in time to see your big performance. You were mighty cool back there! I thought we'd have to do some heavy duty scrappin' here, but you've beaten us to it. Next time, be a little less selfish and leave some for us, okay? *smile*

-Zelda: Exactly! I don't want to dig out my best outfits for no reason at all! Really, how inconsiderate! What a disappointment, how could he do that to me?!

-Link: Aren't you taking this a little too seriously?

-Gannon: Ah! There are a few creatures that Luigi missed! Watch it!

-Pikachu & Togepi: ??

-Satoshi: Hey, why is everyone staring at Pikachu like that?

-Samus: And at Togepi as well? I'm warning you, he's my alien, I'm not giving it away!

-Syrup: How did those two S-types escape? I don't get it....

-Mario: Wait a minute, they're not S-types. There are no blue dots on my Game Boy's screen, so that proves that those two are real Pokémon allright!

-Samus: I don't understand at all what you're talking about, but I repeat: I'm not under any circumstance giving my alien to you!

-Satoshi: Oi, lady, that's not an alien, it's a Pokémon.

-Samus: Whaaaaat?! You mean I get no fame, no money, no glory, no instant riches, no nothing?! Oh noooo! *faints*

-Luigi: Aaah, Sammy?!

-Toad: I guess she can't handle pressure very well....

-Luigi: You're a fine one to say that....*sweatdrop*

-Togepi: Togepi?

-Pikachu: Pika! Chuu, pika pika!

-Togepi: Togepiiiiii!

-Peach: Those two seem very happy to see each other. How adorable! ^_^

-Satoshi: Hey, I recognize that Togepi! It's the one who ran away from our rehabilitation centre last week! I'm positive it's him! What the hell is he doing here? How did he get here, all the way from Osaka?

-Pikachu: Pikachuuuu!

-Link: Well, I suppose we will never know. Perhaps he knew what was going to happen here?

-Satoshi: You know, that could very well be....we still know very little about the abilities of the Pokémon, so it's not impossible that they have a higher kind of perception than we have...

-Falco: That seems to be quite a popular gimmick nowadays, I've noticed....

-Satoshi: But I'm sure glad that we've found our missing Togepi again. He was very good friends with Pikachu, and he was getting lonely by himself. Maybe Pikachu ran away to go look for Togepi?

-Kojiro: Well, now that everything's settled, I think me and Musashi will just go away and leave you here, allright?

-Musashi: Yes, let's get out of here this instant! I'm not staying in a school full of monsters, no way! My maternal instincts and little Albertine will have to wait, let's scram for now! Adios!

(The two then dart off as quickly as they can)

-Link: I've heard about older women experiencing mood swings, but this.......

-Mario: Those two really are weird....Anyway, Luigi, we have to go to the principal's office, quickly. For some reason, it's important that both of us are there. Oh yes, take this with you. I'll explain what it's for later.

(Mario then hands Luigi the second copy of the S-type radar software for the Game Boy, and the group then heads to the principal's office. On their way there, they explain the situation of the false Pokémon to Satoshi. Then, they explain it to him again because he didn't understand a word of it the first time. However, when they finally arrive at the principal's office they find the way blocked by a huge, blue creature with two guns on it's back)

-Peach: Yikes! What is that? Is it Godzilla?

-Link: It looks more like Gamera to me....

-Satoshi: You're both wrong, that's a Kamex.

-All: "Kamex"?

-Zelda: What kind of a name is that for a giant monster? You can't make a movie about a monster called Kamex, that would be a huge box-office flop!

-Satoshi: It's not what you think. This is a Pokémon as well. It's the final evolved stage of a Zenikame.

-Peach: Oh don't think this is the same Zenikame we saw this morning? Could it be that that Zenikame was a disguised enemy as well and that it changed it's from into this huge thing?

-Link: Whatever it is, it doesn't look like it'll let us in...

-Gannon: Great, it's another enemy. Check the radar, Mario.

-Mario: You're right, there's a big blue dot on the screen. Careful, everyone, this one's quite powerful.

-Zelda: Allright, finally some action! I will get to display my Street Fighter costume in action after all!

-Mario: I'm telling you to take this seriously!

-Zelda: I'll show you serious, take a look at this!

=NOTE: Kamex is called "Blastoise" in the English translation of Pokémon. Don't ask me why.=

(Zelda then dashes towards the towering Kamex, and with one mighty uppercut, accompanied with a shout of "Shoryuken!", she punches the enemy into oblivion. Overwhelmed by this sudden attack, the false Kamex turns back to it's state of black slime and disappears)

-Zelda: Hah! Too easy!

-Syrup: I....I don't believe it.....

-Link: That giant beast....with just one punch, she defeated it...Wow, now that's skill! Well done!

-Zelda: Oh, it was nothing, really! Wait till you see me at full power!

-Mario: That will have to wait, I'm afraid. For now, Luigi and I need to see the principal.

(They then enter the principal's office. Everyone is very pleased to see them back safely. The principal then addresses Mario and Luigi:)

-Peppy: Allright, with you two backing me, I should be able to expand the force field so that it eliminates all enemy influence from the building. Please concentrate....

-Luigi: Huh? Why with just us backing you? I don't get it...

-Peppy: Don't worry about it, we need to do this quickly. The small force field around my office won't hold the enemy out forever. Juts concentrate fully, please.

-Mario: Allright. If we can save the building and everyone around us with that, we'll do it.

-Luigi: Yes. It doesn't matter if we don't know the reason, we'll do it. There's too much at stake to be capricious.

-Peppy: Well said. Let's start, then....

(Backed by the energies of Mario and Luigi, the force field gradually begins to expand, and the building is slowly purified from all the S-types infesting it.....)

-Mario: Urgh....this is draining me....

-Peach: Go on, Mario, we're all counting on you!

-Luigi:....Nearly there....I must hold on.....

-Samus: Luigi, hang in there! The entire space club is with you!

-Peppy: Just a little more, and the whole building will be cleared....oof, this isn't easy....

-Saria: You go, principal! I trust you!

(With a final effort, the force field manages to grow enough to erase all the enemies from the building. Drained by this huge effort, Mario, Luigi and the principal let out a huge sigh)

-Peach: Mario, are you allright?

-Mario: No sweat, it was just a little pinch! We did it again, eh Luigi?

-Luigi: Yes, somehow.....

-Peppy: Phew....thank heavens, everything turned out allright...

-Saria: You've saved us again, principal! You're the greatest!

-Peppy: It's Mario and Luigi you should thank, really....

-Saria: I'm so glad that it's over! Now I can peacefully watch the beautiful view from your office. Oh, I can even see the Tokyo tower from here! It's awesome!

-Peppy: It's a beautiful city, isn't it? Well worth fighting this battle for.....

-Saria: Yes.....

-Malon: Heeey! You lot did it! We came here as fast as we could!

-Bowser: We were fighting those creeps in the science lab when there was this weird red glow all of a sudden, and all enemies just croaked on the spot. We figured you guys must've pulled it off, then.

-Peach: Malon! Bowser! I'm so glad that you're safe as well!

-Bowser: Hey, it'll take more than a few of those freaks to beat us.

-Malon: Yes, after all, the power of love is on our side!

-Bowser: .....Is it? Um...well, I suppose so....

-Pikachu: Pika pika....

-Togepi: Togepi!

(A few hours later, Satoshi prepares to return home with Pikachu and Togepi. Kasumi and Takashi have come to the school building to pick him up. He bids his farewell to the students with these words)

-Satoshi: Well, I didn't really understand what was going on was kinda freaky, but you lot are still pretty cool.

-Pikachu: Pika! Pikachu!

-Satoshi: Pikachu seems to think so as well ^^.

-Togepi: Toge...

-Satoshi: Oh yes, I'm kinda sorry for the weird lady from the space club....

-Samus: Who's a weird lady? This kid is getting on my nerves! First he rips off my alien, then he calls me names!

-Satoshi: Look, I said I was sorry! And Togepi's not an alien! Besides, he doesn't belong here. His place is in the forest. We need to prepare him and Pikachu so that they can go back to their real home someday.

-Samus: It's allright, I understand. I suppose we humans also need to prepare ourselves so that we can make sure that those two, and all the others can have a peaceful future....But I still hate you for calling me a weird lady!

-Kasumi: Satoshi, are you coming or what?! I don't want to hang out with this weird lady any longer than I have to!

-Samus: Arrrrgh!

-Takashi: I don't think you're weird, miss......I think you're.....very pretty...*big blush*

-Samus: Oh, do you? Hmm....this boy is quite weird as well....

-Kasumi: Oh dear, when Takashi starts acting like that, it's really a sign that we should clear off quickly.

-Satoshi: Let's go then.

-Togepi: Togepi! Togepiiii!

-Pikachu: Pika pikaaaaa!

-Samus: Goodbye, you lot. And good luck in finding peace....

(Takashi is then dragged into a waiting taxi with the others, and they ride off into the distance. Satoshi's voice can still be heard shouting this phrase:)

-Satoshi: Goodbye, everyone! See you around! Bye, weird lady!



-Preview of the next episode:

During a rainy period, a mysterious lady appears. She is very classy and seems to know Foxy somehow, but what is her real identity, and how is she connected to the battle against the S-types? As more secrets are revealed, the final goal gradually appears at the horizon! It's the next episode: Welcome, Masako!