Super Mario Alternate Universe Story:
Mario's High School Days

By Toasty

Episode 7: The Invasion! A Betrayal of Our Hearts!


Dear diary,

it's early summer now, and the weather's really hot in the city. Usually, people would consider that it's too hot to work in this kind of weather, but here at school, everyone is suddenly trying like mad to be the best in those weird aura amplifying classes. I suppose it's because they saw that the 64 special moves really worked when we looked into Falco's dream after the big fight. That was nearly a month ago, but they haven't forgotten and everyone apparently wants to master these moves for themselves, though I doubt if they'll make reasonable use of them... Still, things seem to be quite peaceful now, which is nice, of course.



Scene 1: Enjoying peaceful moments....storing new memories....

(On a Wednesday morning, gentle rays of the early morning sun lighting part of the school corridors, Fox is on his way to class, when he spots, leaning against a wall, with his usual devil-may-care air, none other than Falco, with a burning cigarette between his lips. The surprise of this sight causes him to pronounce these words:)

-Fox: Ah...Falco? You smoke now?

(Almost as soon as this phrase had emanated from his lips he realized that it may have been rather tactless. After having looked up, Falco assembled the following words as a reply:)

-Falco: Well, what if I do?

-Fox: Umm, well, I dunno *slight blush*...I've been told that it's a bad habit.

-Falco: Well, I happen to have bad habits. You should've noticed that by now.

(With that an uneasy silence fell, during which Fox hurriedly searched for some words that would more or less appropriately continue this conversation. He ended up finding these:)

-Fox: I guess so...Say, did you know they're installing a new computer system here?

-Falco: I don't care. I hate computers.

-Fox: You do?

-Falco: Stupid objects trying to pretend they're more than just an ugly heap of plastic and metal, they make me sick. If there's one thing I despise it's when one tries to act superior than one really is.

(These words seemed to have concluded their little talk, and since the time to start the morning classes was drawing increasingly near, they had to part and head for their designated classrooms. The morning classes consisted, as usual of aura amplify training. The difference was that, after having witnessed the dreamgazing move in action after Star Wolf's defeat, many students suddenly put a lot more spirit in these classes. Despite their efforts, things remained tricky, though. During lunch break, Luigi was the first to complain about this.)

-Luigi: I don't get it, I really try hard, but I can barely pull off even the simple first four of the 64 special moves! It's not fair!

-Yoshi: Ah well, that's because you're not doing it properly. Remember, they told us to focus and think of the one most important thing there is to us. By concentrating thoughts on the one thing that is most important to you, you can apparently unlock most of these moves. Sounds simple, really.

-Luigi: Well, I don't think so. What the hell should I focus on anyway?

-Fox: Yes, it's not really clear what we should think of, is it?

-Yoshi: It's easy for me, I just think of tasty food. That's the most important thing to me, for sure!

-Mario: Same here, I just need to think of Peach.

-Luigi: Yes, well obviously you two are shallow personalities driven only by basic instincts, whereas I am a delicate and complex person.

-Mario: In other words, you're a dork.

-Luigi: Mario! For this I will very painfully pinch you nose! Get ready to suffer!

(But Luigi never got to carry out this nefarious menace, as Samus suddenly popped up behind him and cheerfully belted out the following greeting:)

-Samus: Hi, everybody! I'm back! Ah, Luigi, I was just looking for you! Here ya go!

(She then shoved a heavy object into Luigi's arms, which, upon closer examination turned out to be a large pineapple with a pink ribbon tied around it)

-Luigi: A pineapple? Well, thanks, but what is it for?

-Samus: Heehee ^_^. I've just come back from a luxurious vacation in Okinawa! It's just the coolest place! But of course, it wouldn't be fair if my fellow space club members didn't get to sample the delights of Okinawa, so this pineapple's for you! Ah, McCloud, you big daydreamer, this is for you!

(Into Foxy's hands was pressed an enormous pair of sunglasses with bright pink frames, decorated with small palm trees)

-Samus: They really made me think of you, considering your old man's weirdo shades-wearing quirk. Aren't they just cool?

(At that point Saria joined the conversation. She had until then been attentively reading through a magazine, but had decided that now was a good moment to add her grain of salt)

-Saria: Oh, they're cool allright. I bet he'll steal the show when he takes them to a secret meeting of sunglass-obsessed fetishists.

-Fox: Secret meeting of what?? There is no such thing! Never has been, never will be! Saria, when will you stop making such wild assumptions?!

-Saria: Probably never, as it's so much fun to freak you out. And you look cute when you blush ^_^.

-Fox: Why does this always happen to me?!

-Samus: As for you, Toad, since you're the latest, and without doubt the most intelligent and valuable member of the space club, I will bestow a priceless and unique item upon you!

-Yoshi: You mean you're going to give him one of your used bikinis?

-Samus: I will do no such thing, and shut up! Now, Toad, accept this inflatable plastic squid!

-Toad: Oh, a blow-up squid, how nice. Thank you ^_^.

-Yoshi: And you call that a priceless and unique item, eh?

-Samus: Of course! It'll be a hit on the beach or by the pool, and it's really cute! Now, where are Shine and Bright? I just know they'll love the matching bottles of sun- and moon-tan lotion I found them!

-Mario: Moon tan lotion? Why would you need that?

-Luigi: Perhaps it's something you use when you take a late-night swim...I think Shine and Bright are in the library.

-Samus: At each others' throats as usual, I expect. Well, I'll pop over to them, then. See you later!

(Samus then darts off to the library)

-Mario: Well, well, Samus must really like you very much, Luigi *grin*.

-Luigi: Huh?? What makes you think that?!

-Mario: Well, it's obvious: she just gave you a flower!

-Luigi: Mario, it's a pineapple! That does not qualify as a flower!

-Mario: Allright, so technically it may not be a flower, but it's still a plant, so what's the difference? And she did decorate said pineapple with a big pink ribbon!

-Luigi: Mario, you base this on one silly pineapple?! You must be out of your mind!

-Yoshi: Will you two stop talking about pineapples?! It's making me hungry!

-Mario: But Sammy sure is lucky to be able to go by the seaside.

-Yoshi: How true. It'd be nice to go on a vacation now that it's so hot. The summer heat always makes me so tired...

-Fox: And it's making me thirsty. I need to get something to drink before I suffocate!

(Foxy then instantly added to these words the action of going over to the softdrinks machine, popping some coins into it and retrieving a can of sparkling mineral water from it. After having opened the can and placing it against his lips, he took a gulp of the mixture of H2o and Co2 that made up the contents of the can.)

-Saria: Aaaah?! Isn't that a can of Kero Kero mineral water?!

-Fox: Well, yes. Why do you ask?

-Saria: Nothing, really. I just remembered that, the other day there was a commercial for Kero Kero drinks on TV with Yuuto Arisugawa in it....*big sigh and dreamy stare*

-Mario: Yuuto who?

-Saria: Mario! Tell me you're joking! Are you honestly saying that you don't know who Yuuto Arisugawa is?!

-Mario: I can hardly even pronounce it! But, come to think of it, I do think I've heard the name before.....

-Saria: Oh, this is hopeless....Yuuto Arisugawa is the number one pop idol, I have all his CDs and they're brilliant! His songs are great, and he's very popular. You see him everywhere nowadays: on TV, in magazines, you name it.....and he's just soooo gorgeous!

-Sheik: I heard that! Saria, you are impossible! You're always in my way! Know that Yuuto will be mine! I will stop at nothing to conquer his heart, and I certainly won't be defeated by you!

-Saria: Oh, it's you again, drag-queen girl. Well, it seems that, whenever I want something, you are there to make things difficult for me. But, considering that you are just an ugly, cross-dressing tomboy, you could never charm a man the way I can!

-Sheik: What?! Now you're really asking for it!

-Luigi: Come on, now, calm down you two. There's no use to fight over this. Besides, Saria, wasn't our principal the one whose heart you wanted to conquer?

-Yoshi: And you, Zelda, did you forget about Link? I honestly think you'd be better off with Link than with this Yuuto guy, as I think you and Link are very well-matched.

-Sheik: What? Really?

-Yoshi: Yes, you wear guy's clothes, and Link wears green skirts, so you go very well together! You'd surely make an unusual, but trendy couple! Yoshi, the master match-maker has spoken!

-Luigi: Please stay out of this unless you're seriously going to say something sensible....

-Yoshi: I'm only trying to help....

-Luigi: But, anyway, don't you two think that going after this Yuuto would be like being unfaithful to the ones you had already sworn to love?

-Saria: What?! No way! I'd never be unfaithful to my darling Mr. Hare!

-Luigi: Then what's with this Yuuto-mania of yours?

-Saria: That's completely different! Now shut up, you could never understand how a woman feels, you tactless brute!

-Luigi: Well, excuse me. But not every woman is as capricious and loud-mouthed as you are, Saria.

-Saria: I hate you! If I wasn't in such a good mood today, I would have long since made kleenexes out of your skin!

-Mario: She's in a good mood? I would have never guessed.....

-Saria: Of course I'm in a good mood! Today, a new issue of Tele-V magazine will be released, and that magazine runs a monthly Yuuto Arisugawa column! Pages and pages dedicated only to Yuuto! Ah, what bliss!

-Yoshi: But isn't that magazine so popular that it usually sells out right away? From what I've heard, everyone is so dead keen on this Yuuto column that the mag is always sold out all through town by noon, you'll be lucky to find a copy at all.

-Saria: Ho ho! I am well aware of that, but I took my precautions! You see, I'm a good friend of a girl who works in a bookshop in Shinjuku, and I always reserve a copy in advance, so I get it from her, sort of under the counter. Pretty nifty, huh?

-Mario: What bookshop exactly is that?

-Saria: It's called "Pocket Camera books", it's just a few blocks away from the MyCity shopping center.

-Mario: Ah, I think I know which bookshop you mean. Do they sell videogame magazines there?

-Saria: I think so, why do you ask?

-Mario: Well, I want to see if I can get a copy of the latest Nintendo Power. They're running this great monthly manga called "Blast Corps" about a team of explosives expert who must clear a path for a nuclear truck gone haywire with their big mechas. It's really cool, but the last episode ended on a cliffhanger, and I simply have to know what happens next or I'll go nuts!

-Luigi: Yes, it's dead exciting, but I think Mario really wants to read it because of the over-developed heroine........

-Yoshi: A team of explosives experts and a nuclear truck gone wacko, you say? That sounds like one strange manga....By the way, maybe I'll come along as well, I need to update my cooking books!

-Sheik: I'm coming too! Suppose they've got another spare copy of Tele-V magazine? That would be so awesome!

-Saria: Don't count on it.....

-Peach: Excuse me, but I overheard you talking about going to a it allright if me and Malon come along as well?

-Mario: That is just peachy keen with me! Absolutely no problem at all, no sirree, we'd be more than overjoyed to have you joining us!

-Luigi: Yes, I think she got the point, Mario. But Peach, Malon, don't tell me you two want to come along for a copy of Tele-V magazine? Are you two also fans of Yuuto?

-Malon: Certainly not! Bowser's the only one for me!

-Peach: I'm not a fan of Mr. Arisugawa, we just need to get some stationery goods, and I thought it'd be nice to go shopping in Shinjuku for the afternoon....

-Yoshi: Allright then, it's settled, after classes are over, we'll hit Shinjuku!

(Meanwhile, teachers Syrup and Gannon where once again in the principal's office, discussing the progress of their mission)

-Peppy: So, have you made any progress on finding the one who will become the "harbinger"?

-Syrup: We apologise, principal, but it's more difficult than we expected it would be. I mean, I know that finding this harbinger is important, that it's necessary if we want to win the final battle, but there is just so little we can do!

-Gannon: There is one thing I've noticed, however. It was a few weeks ago, when Star Wolf returned here. His original intention was to face me, but instead he was beaten by one of our students called Falco Lombardi. During the fight, this Lombardi suddenly displayed immensely strong willpower, far more than average. I think this boy Lombardi may be a suitable candidate for becoming the harbinger.

-Peppy: Yes, I quite see...However, keep in mind that strength alone is not sufficient to become the harbinger. Still, you've made a valid point, and I'll look into that matter. I also have some ideas of my own on this harbinger affair....

-Syrup: Another thing, principal, it seems that our students are suddenly putting a lot more energy into the special training classes. I was thinking, wouldn't it be time to tell them what this special training is for? After all, we can't leave them in the dark forever. They'll be the ones fighting to defend the city from the invasion once the day of the final battle arrives, I think we should at least tell them what they're involving themselves in.....

-Peppy: Again, you have a point, but if we reveal everything about the S-types to them now, they'd either not believe us or panic completely. It's still too early, we have to wait for a more suitable moment....

-Gannon: As usual, all we can do is stand there and wait. It's getting on my nerves!

-Peppy: Yes, this calm before the storm is most straining indeed, but it'll one day be all over...

=NOTES= Okinawa: an island off the south coast of Japan, with an almost tropical climate. Shinjuku: A shopping district near the center of Tokyo.


Scene 2: An afternoon in Shinjuku....Yuuto-mania strikes!

(That afternoon, while the city was bathed in sunlight, the group of students slantered through the streets of Shinjuku. Samus, also an avid Arisugawa-worshipper had joined them at the last moment. Before long, they had reached the Pocket Camera bookstore)

-Mario: That's quite a strange name for a bookstore...

-Yoshi: So, Saria, this is where your friend Michiru works?

-Saria: Yup, this is the place. Let's go in.

(Her original intention had been to burst into the store with a bright "Hi, Michiru, it's me!", but she quickly swallowed those words when she noticed that the woman behind the bookstore's counter was not her friend Michiru. Instead, the counter was occupied by a woman with red hair, worn in a rather eccentric style. Saria's surprise increased even when she realised that she recognized this woman, for she was none other than Musashi!)

-Saria: Aaaah?! I know you! I've seen you at our school, wearing our uniform! I didn't know someone from our school worked here!

-Musashi: Oh, you lot are from that Nintendo High place, I can tell from your uniforms.

-Saria: But, I don't know your name, even though we go to the same school.

-Musashi: I think I might as well tell you. I'm not a Nintendo High student. My name's Musashi and I used to be part of the city's police force.

-Yoshi: And you expect us to believe that?

-Musashi: It's all true! Look, here's my badge! I kept it, even after I got fired from the police force!

-Malon: You got fired? What happened?

-Zelda: I bet they fired her because she was making illegal extra cash or something, that's bound to be it, she looks like a corrupt double-crosser as it is!

-Saria: Shh, be quiet, I want to hear the rest of her story. Go on, tell us what happened, miss Musashi.

-Musashi: Very well. Me and my brother Kojiro, we where absolutely the best detectives ever. We were known as the Team Rocket detectives, and our name was feared by every thug in town! Aaahh, those where the days....But, anyway, there was one criminal that kept eluding us: a nasty street gang leader called Star Wolf. For years and years, we had been after him, but to no avail, until we heard that he would soon come to Nintendo High. Sito presto, Kojiro and I went there and posed as transfer students to await Wolf's arrival and capture him once he came. Well, you know what happened then. Wolf escaped again, and our superior was so angry that he fired us on the spot.

-Luigi: Sniff....ohhh, now that is really a sad story! Sob.....waaaaah!

-Mario: Luigi, you're too emotional.

-Musashi: Well, anyway, Kojiro and I managed to find a job at this bookstore. We where lucky, and it's not a bad job, but I miss the police force. A dynamic woman like me was made for a life of adventure, not a desk job like this! I'd give anything to return to the police force!

-Zelda: Perhaps you could threaten your superior that you'll kill him if he doesn't give you your job back!

-Saria: It's just typical for you to say such a dumb thing......

-Musashi: You don't know what chief Nyath's like. I think threatening him would only make things worse.

(Just then Kojiro came into the bookstore, carrying a large cardboard box)

-Kojiro: Oi, Musashi, this is that stock of Donkey Kong trading cards we had ordered...oh, we've got customers. Welcome to Pocket Camera books! I'm Kojiro. You may not be able to tell, but I used to be a policeman! Amazing, huh? I was actually one of the very best, Musashi and me where called the Team Rocket detectives!

-Yoshi: Yes, yes, save your breath, we've already heard the whole story from your sister. I think we've had our daily doses of tearjerkers, now.

-Kojiro: Oh. Sorry about that. Well, if there's anything I can do for you, please don't hesitate to ask.

-Saria: Well, actually, I came to get a copy of Tele-V magazine. I had reserved a copy, did Michiru tell you about that?

-Musashi: Yes, she did, you must be Saria. Well, here you are.

(Musashi hands her the one copy of Tele-V magazine that was reserved)

-Saria: All right!

-Musashi: I suppose you wanted the magazine because of their Yuuto Arisugawa column, right?

-Saria: Exactly! He's so brilliant, isn't he?

-Musashi: I do so agree! Ah, if only Yuuto had been there when I was after Star Wolf! From his everlasting love, I would have drawn the strength to capture Wolf!

-Kojiro: Sounds like wishful thinking to me. Aren't you a bit too old to freak out over a teen pop idol, Musashi?

-Musashi: Shut up! Without the action and excitement of working on the police force, I need something else to distract me!

-Kojiro: In other words, getting fired has made you so miserable that you've thrown yourself in a fit of hopeless fandom for this Yuuto person....Well, I suppose it's better than getting addicted to hard-drugs.....only just, mind you.....

-Musashi: If we didn't have customers, I would've long since smacked you with an iron fan!

-Samus: What a touching brother-sister relation those two have! Go on, Saria, let's have a look at this Yuuto column!

-Zelda: Yes, I want to see it too!

-Musashi: Same here, I've got to see it!

(The four girls sit huddled around the magazine, intently staring at the pages when their daydreaming is suddenly interrupted by a yell from Mario)

-Mario: Aargh, I don't believe it! This Yuuto gets bleedin' everywhere! Now he's even on the cover of Nintendo Power! The whole magazine's full of info on an N64 game starring this Yuuto guy!

-Saria: What?! Let me see that! Oh, wow, they're making an N64 game starring Yuuto!

-Luigi: I didn't know he was such a phenomenon.....

-Kojiro: Well, he is. It's not just girls that are crazy about him, there are a lot of boys who look up to Yuuto and want to be more like him. It's almost as huge as the Pokemon franchise!

-Luigi: I see, so he really is everywhere...

-Yoshi: It's probably just a passing craze, I wouldn't be surprised if it's all over in just a few months....

-Samus: That's where you're wrong! As long as there are devoted fans like us, Yuuto will last forever!

-Yoshi: Yes, well, you'll have to get your head out of the clouds and return to reality someday, won't you? You can't chase after a dream image your whole life!

-Samus: I don't see why not, it's working perfectly for me so far!

-Yoshi: *sigh* I don't see why I even bother.....

-Zelda: I've decided that I simply must get a copy of Tele-V magazine as well! Miss Musashi, can you get a copy of this month's issue through back-order? I'll pay extra!

-Musashi: Well, I'll try....

-Zelda: And please reserve a copy of next month's issue as well!

-Musashi: That can be arranged.

-Samus: As for me, I'll try to get a subscription to Tele-V magazine!

-Zelda: Drat, I should've thought of that earlier on!

-Mario: Man, this Yuuto-addiction of them is really getting serious.....

-Luigi: Yes, this guy's all over the city.....


Scene 3: In the invader's grasp! "I will erase all your deepest fears......."

(The next day, it was announced that the school's new computer system was finally installed and fully functional. During the day, each class was allowed to go to the computer room for a short while to get acquainted with this new system and sample it's many uses. During the afternoon, it was the turn of Mario and co's class to give the new computers a try. Geno, the computer science teacher was there with them to explain the basics and help with any eventual trouble. The students all took place behind the computers. There were just enough computers for the whole class. Once each student was seated behind his or her computer, Geno opened the session with these words:)

-Geno: Right, welcome everyone. These new computers are not only state of the art, they're also connected to the online network via a brand new system called the RipOff-net system. Thanks to our RipOff-net account, you can go online and retrieve any kind of information you may need to assist you in your studies. These computers, and the online connection offered by RipOff-net are at your every disposal between classes. What's more, RipOff-net is a very user-friendly program, it won't be too difficult for you to use it. Please switch on your computers now.

-Toad: I was hoping he'd say that!

(As the computers where being set in motion, Yoshi leaned over to his nearby classmates and forwarded them the following question:)

-Yoshi: I say, guys, aren't we missing someone?

-Kirby: You're right, Falco isn't here.

-Fox: Well, I think he doesn't like computers.....

-Yoshi: But someone else isn't here. Didn't you notice that Link hasn't shown up yet?

-Kirby: Really? That's odd, it's not like him to skip a class just like that.....

-Geno: You lot, please concentrate on working those computers. You'll have all the time to talk among yourselves later on.

-Yoshi: Oops. Oh well, let's see what these things can do! Somehow, I doubt that something called RipOff-net system will be much good, but you never know, eh?

-Mario: Yes, let's give it a try. Oh, I just had this weird message popping up on my screen.

-Samus: Same here, I've got a message like that too saying "welcome to RipOff-net!". But there's more. The message continues, and it says "special announcement: with your RipOff-net access code, you will be granted entry to the exclusive RipOff-net online Arisugawa Yuuto database". Arisugawa Yuuto database? Oh wow, I've got to see this!

-Saria: What was that? A Yuuto database?

-Zelda: What? Where?!

-Samus: It says in this message that it's an online service available only to RipOff-net users. I can't wait!

(Samus then activates the computer's modem, starts up RipOff-net's web browser and enters the required code. In a few moments, the promised page appeares on her screen)

-Samus: All right, I got it! Wow, there's loads of stuff here....

-Saria: Oh, this is awesome, it has a huge image gallery, a mailing list.....

-Zelda: ...pointless desktop thingies, a message board....I think I've died and gone to heaven!

-Samus: Will you two please stop hogging my monitor? Go access the page on your own computers!

-Saria & Zelda: Yes!

-Malon: Honestly, I don't see what's so great about this thing. My Bowser is much cuter than this Yuuto weirdo!

-Bowser: Ummm....let's just concentrate on these computers for now, okay?

-Geno: Well, you lot seem to be getting along fine with the new system....

-Saria: You bet! This RipOff-net idea was brilliant! Exclusive access to an extensive database dedicated entirely to Yuuto! It can't get any better than this!

-Geno: Then I suppose I can leave you all alone here for a little while. I noticed two students that are supposed to be here didn't show up. I'll see if I can find them.

-Kirby: If he catches Falco and Link skipping classes, they're going to get it big time!

(As soon as Geno has left the room, however, all the monitors suddenly went blank!)

-Peach: Oh? What happened?

-Yoshi: Oh great, these things are freaking out already!

-Luigi: I didn't touch anything! They can't expect me to pay if the computers turn out to be broken!

-Mario: Don't have a cow, Luigi, perhaps if you give the thing a good smack around the chops it'll stop acting wierd.

-Luigi: I don't think that's a very good idea....

-Saria: Nooo! This is terrible! The screen has gone blank, and it won't respond to any commands! And I had just gotten into the Yuuto database of my dreams! How can they do this to me?! Damn those stupid computers!

(But then, every computer suddenly re-activated and displayed the following message on it's screen:)

-onscreen message: established.....This is Arisugawa Yuuto speaking.......

-Zelda: What?! Impossible! What's going on?

-Yoshi: I bet it's some hacker trying to play a dumb joke on us.

-Fox: Can there really be a hacker skillful enough to do something like this?

-Toad: Everyone, the message on the screen is changing again!

-onscreen message: Please do not be alarmed. This is all in your best interests. I want to bring you nothing but happiness.....

-Peach: What on earth is this supposed to mean?

-onscreen message: Just surrender yourself to me, and you will lead an existence filled only with happiness.....

-Yoshi: These messages are weird...I don't like it one bit. I feel weird, too. My head's so heavy. I need a coffee.....

(Yoshi then tried to get up from behind his computer to go get the stimulating caffeine drink he so craved, but found it suddenly almost impossible to move)

-Yoshi: What the....? I can hardly move! I feel so terribly heavy and tired...what's going on?

-Mario: Whatever it is, it's affecting all of us. I feel like I'm about to pass out or something...

-onscreen message: There's no need to fight it. Don't be afraid, I'm offering you a life without worries or fears......

-Fox: What....what is this thing doing? I feel so terribly heavy....I can't stand it anymore....

-onscreen message: Fox McCloud, there are many things that worry you, aren't there?

-Fox: ...What?...How does it name.....?

-onscreen message: The disappearance of your mother, the strange habits of your father, they worry you, don't they? And then there's Falco Lombardi. You would like to be close to him, but you feel uncomfortable around him, and insecure. That worries you as well, doesn't it?

-Fox: does it know this?....What is it doing...? Stop it.....

(Everyone's screen was now displaying different, individual messages, and the strange feeling of numbing weariness that everyone was sensing kept getting more intense)

-onscreen message: are worried about your brother, aren't you? You are concerned, because you consider his actions reckless and unwise, yet you also wish to be more like him and feel overshadowed. You don't know which way to turn. Those are your fears and your worries. But soon, it'll be all over, I will erase all those futile things if you surrender to me.....

-Luigi:...No...I don't want to.....Stop.....this.....

-onscreen message: Bowser, there are many things that worry you. You are to be married as soon as you get out of this school, but you're not sure if that's what you want. And you are worried about what will happen to your seven servants, aren't you? Don't worry, once you surrender to me, all of this will be gone, and there will be only happiness....

-Bowser:....Shut.....up.....Cut this out.......

-onscreen message: Samus Aran, you are worried about your responsibilities as club president. You want to give your members guidance and protection, but at the same time, you don't want to neglect your own happiness, and your dream of becoming an astronaut. But when you concentrate on your own future, you feel guilty for neglecting your club members. But these fears will soon be gone. You only need to surrender to me, and there will be nothing but joy. Come.....

-Samus:...What...are you?...Why do this?....No, stop it.....

(The computers continue to administer the same ruthless treatment to every student, and although they fight it, they are gradually being overwhelmed by the terrible feeling of heaviness and begin to lose conscience, when suddenly the door to the computer room is opened and Geno enters with Link and Falco)

-Geno: What?! What on earth is going on here? Is everyone allright?

-Yoshi: Please....stop these....things.....

-Malon: Help's entering our minds.....

-Geno: Oh no, this is a disaster. It's the worst thing that could have happened, it's an invasion by our enemies! I must contact the principal immediately!

-Link: But what about everyone in here? What should we do?

-Falco: Yes, you could at least explain what the heck is going on.

-Geno: No time! Be very careful, you two, don't try anything until I get back with the principal!

-Falco: Hrmph, easy for him to say!


-Falco: Hm?! Foxy, hang in there, I'll get you out of this!

-Fox:'s allright.....I'll have a life with nothing but joy, isn't that nice?

-Falco: What? What kind of nonsense is that?! You must be joking!

-Fox: No, it's true.....I will surrender to Yuuto, and then.....everything will be allright.....

-Falco: idiot!

(Angrily, Falco slaps Foxy's face)

-Fox: Ungh....what? Falco? What is happening here? Why is everyone staring at their computer like that?!

-Falco: Good, you're back. Now to stop this stupid object's sick game!

(With all his might, Falco then punches in the screen of Fox's computer)

-Falco: There, that should have done the trick.

-Link: Do you think it's the monitors that are having this strange effect on everyone?

-Falco: Well, I don't see what else it could be. I say we smash these dirty machines up!

-Link: Yes, that seems to be the only way.

-Ho ho ho ho ho! You will do no such thing!--

-Link: What? Who was that?

(In the middle of the room, a floating, transparent image of Yuuto Arisugawa apears before the three students)

-Link: But that is the pop star, Arisugawa! How is he involved in this?!

-Yuuto: I am the one who is inside every one of these computers, and soon the souls of all these foolish children will be mine!

-Falco: We'll see about that! I'll smash your stupid face in!

-Yuuto: I advise you not to try anything. You see, the souls and lives of all those young humans are in my hands. If you misbehave, I could easily decide to kill one or two of them. So you had better stay put!

-Falco: That.....bastard!

-Link: I'm afraid there really is nothing we can do for now....

-Yuuto: At least one of you is reasonable. But you two have souls that shine very intensely, I could use that....Now, wouldn't you like to surrender to me?

-Falco: Not on yer life!

-Yuuto: Really, you humans are such capricious beings! I am offering you an attractive deal, aren't I? A soul, a heart, memories, senses, those are such useless things. They will only bring you sadness. They are a burden on you! I'm offering to rid you of this burden, to give you an existence where you will experience nothing but joy, isn't that a good deal?


-Yuuto: What? Who spoke?

(They all turned round to see that it was Mario who had just spoken. He had risen from behind his computer and was angrily looking at the floating Yuuto)


Scene 4: Showdown! Mario vs. S-type enemies!

-Yuuto: What? This human has escaped my hypnosis? But how could he do that? I don't understand!

-Mario: Damn right you don't! You don't even understand the first thing about humans! You have no idea what being alive is all about! "A life with nothing but joy", what a sick joke! I don't call that a life! It's part of life to suffer sometimes, and without sadness, there would not be such a thing as joy. It's true that there are painful moments, sometimes, but it's exactly because we have hearts and souls of our own that we can bounce back from that! A vulgar object could never understand what it's like to remember a happy moment, or to think of the ones that are important to you! You have no idea of the strength those things can give us!

-Yuuto: Argh, shut up, annoying kid!

(Angered, Yuuto gathered a ball of energy in his hand and shot it out at Mario, but he hadn't counted on Mario's amazing jumping skills. Mario nimbly avoided the blasts that Yuuto was firing at him. While Yuuto was making futile attempts at shooting the quick Mario, Link spoke up:)

-Link: Now is our chance! While Mario is distracting the enemy, we must deactivate those monitors and free everyone else!

-Falco: I know that! But will we have enough time to get rid of all those monitors before the enemy notices what we're up to?

-Link: We'll just cut the main power cable! Give me a hand with it.

(Link and Falco picked up the large cable that was supplying all the computers with electricity, and with all their might, they pulled it apart. Immediately, all the computer screens went black and the students were free from the intoxicating trance)

-Yoshi: Oof! That was scary! I felt like I was going to drown!

-Kirby: Yes, me too, it was like being sucked into a black hole or something. Thanks for saving us, guys, we couldn't have resisted it much longer.

-Luigi: It was terrible, all the memories I had, everything that makes me to the one I am was being erased gradually...but, for a little while, I thought I heard a voice calling to me, a voice saying "Don't give up! I won't let them do this to you!"

-Bowser: You're right, I heard something like that, too. But who could it have been?

-Peach: Mario! It was Mario, I'm sure of it! He was thinking of all of us, he was calling out to us, and he broke free all by himself!

-Yuuto: Damn this, they're all free! And it's all the fault of this Mario kid!

-Mario: It's over, give yourself up, Arisugawa. You've used up all your resources with those fireballs you shot at me in vain. It's time you started explaining what you are and why you're doing this.

-Yuuto: Not a chance! I'm not telling you anything!

(The door to the computer room was then opened and principal Hare stepped in, followed by teachers Geno, Syrup and Gannon).

-Peppy: In that case, I'll explain the situation.

-Zelda: P...principal? You mean to say that you know what's going on here?

-Peppy: Yes. I'm very glad to see that everyone is safe, by the way. You've done very well to face this enemy on your own. I'll tell you everything now. This Yuuto Arisugawa is not human. He is a member of a race of creatures called the "S-types". These S-types are the enemies of Nintendo High's students, and of all humans. It's unknown where they come from and what they are exactly, but they're very dangerous. For generations, it has been the duty of Nintendo High's students to defend humanity from attacks of these S-types. To fight the S-types, the past students of our school where taught the usage of 64 ancient magical techniques.

-Luigi: Ah, those are the 64 special moves from the aura training class, right? That was what those classes are all about: to train us to fight these S-types?

-Yoshi: And you didn't think you should at least mention these S-types before pressing these weirdo training classes onto us?

-Peppy: I'm sorry to have concealed something so important from you, but I couldn't find a good moment to tell you. If I had mentioned mysterious beings with special powers called S-types at the beginning, would you have believed such a strange thing?

-Yoshi: Well, I still don't really know what to believe.....

-Peppy: In any case, you have now seen that these S-types exist, and you know what they're capable of.

-Yoshi: Yes, and your explanation is as plausible as anything I can imagine for what has just happened. I see no reason why you'd make such a thing up, and no way that this could be a set-up. It seems real, allright. Either that or I've gone nuts.....

-Saria: Well, I believe our principal for 100%! I don't doubt his words for one second!

-Yoshi: Oh, we're back to that again.....

-Saria: I know he's a gentle and honest person with a pure heart, who would never lie! Oh, Mr. Hare, I am so sorry to have thought of someone else but you....I was so stupid, what I did was so wrong! I don't know what to say....Can you ever forgive me?

-Falco: She sure is laying her melodrama act on thick.....

-Peppy: I don't blame anyone for their actions. You had no way of knowing that Arisugawa was really an enemy. I'm just glad that everyone is safe.

-Yuuto: Well, not for long! I'm getting really sick of you with your big mouth! Take this!

(The enemy then concentrated his last remaining forces into a ball of energy which he fired directly at the principal!)

-Saria: No!!

(Without hesitating, Saria jumped in front of the speeding ball of energy and with all her force, punched the energy ball away.)

-Yuuto: No way! This child countered my blast?!

-Saria: Huh? Did I just do that?

-Malon: Pretty impressive, she just pushed that big energy ball aside as if it was nothing. Nice going, Saria.

-Saria: But, wait a minute, how did I do that?

-Toad: Ah, I think I know! Saria, you wanted to stop that blast from harming our principal, right? That's what you where thinking of when you countered it.

-Luigi: Oh, I see! "Focus your thoughts on the thing that is most important to you to increase your willpower", that's what she did!

-Samus: So that's how it works....

-Gannon: It seems that you kids don't have full control over the level of your willpower just yet, but you're getting there. As for the enemy, he's finished. He has used up his last resorts.

-Peppy: Yes. Leave this city, Arisugawa, and never show yourself to a human being again.

-Yuuto: Hah! Did you really think I'd just give up?! I may have lost this battle, but you're all going down with me!

-Syrup: ...What?

-Gannon: ....That bastard...he would dare to....

-Geno: Principal, this is very bad! The enemy is going to blow himself up!

-Yuuto: Exactly! I'll make my core explode, and you will all be toasted by the blast!

-Peppy: Well, then I'm afraid our only option is to kill him. I would have wanted to do this another way, but there seems to be no reasoning with him.

-Geno: But we must hurry!

-Peppy: Don't panic, the enemy has been severely weakened, he'll need about one minute before he can enact his self-destruction. That gives us plenty of time. Everyone, please focus all your willpower. I will channel your combined energies to vanquish the enemy.

-Mario: You can count on it! We're not going to let him blow us up, we'll fight it with our full force!

-Everyone: Yes!!

-Peppy: Very good, the level of your willpower has increased a lot. I nearly have enough to rid us of the enemy, I just need a little more. Everyone, please focus completely. You too, Aran.

-Luigi: Sammy? Are you having trouble focusing?

-Falco: She's really picked a great time to start hesitating.

-Luigi: Falco! Go on, Sammy, what's the matter?

-Samus: I....I just don't know...if this is right? Should we really kill?

-Yoshi: Duh! He's the enemy! Either he buys the farm or we all get toasted!

-Samus: Yes, but....but even so....

-Luigi: Sammy....I'm sorry.....but please, try to do it....please, president Aran?

-Samus: President....that's right, I'm your club president! I must give you guidance and protection!

-Peppy: Excellent, Aran's willpower is fully focused as well now. I'm ready now. Thanks to you all, I can seal the enemy away forever.

-Yuuto: I dare you to! You can't beat me with that! Never!

-Peppy: You're wrong. Mario has already told you: to remember those who are close to you, those that you care about, that is a source of invincible strength, and I'll show just how strong the souls of these brave children are!

(With that, the principal released all the concentrated willpower of his students onto the enemy. With a wail of agony, Yuuto then dissolved into a puddle of black slime)

-Saria: Eeew, horrible! What is that?!

-Geno: That is the enemy's original form. The appearance of Arisugawa Yuuto was just a fake disguise that he used to infiltrate our world.

(The black slime then slowly dissolved into a cloud of smoke and disappeared for real)

-Mario: So, he's gone, it's over...

-Peach: Mario, it was thanks to you. We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you, Mario, thank you so much! You gave us all such courage!

-Mario: Umm, I did? Oh, yes of course! But it was nothing! Ha ha ha ha! I mean, that's what friends are for! Ha ha ha ha ha!

-Peach: *smile* But I'm very grateful. You really are a special person, Mario. I respect you very much.

-Mario: She thinks of me as someone "special"? All right, way to go!

-Samus: So, it really is over. Goodbye, Yuuto. It's a shame that there was no other way to settle this....

-Luigi: Sammy...will you be allright?

-Samus: Of course I will! As a devoted club president, I can't throw myself into a depression just because of some silly pop idol! After all, you need me to look after you, Luigi.

-Luigi: Huh? I do?

-Samus: Erm, I mean, you guys need me! All my club members must always be able to count on me! Yes, that's what I meant to say! Ha ha ha ha ha!

-Zelda: Link...? I think I should apologize....I've really been a jerk, running after a pop idol like that, that's not what music is about at all! I never thought of Yuuto's songs, I never even really listened to them. If I had, I would have known better. Man, what a dope I was! I've really messed up big time.....

-Link: It's allright, please don't worry. I think you do understand about music very well. And I also don't think of you as a bad person, just because of this.

-Zelda: Glad to hear it! Man, I sure got off easy!

-Peppy: Well, now that everything's settled, you may all go home. You've done very well, we are all very proud of you.

-Saria: He said he's proud of me! Weeeh! I could just die!

-Yoshi: He was speaking in general...

-Saria: But I could tell that his heart was speaking to me!

-Yoshi: Yeah, right....

-Peppy: Everyone, congratulations! This was only the beginning, there still is a long road ahead of you, but if you were able to take the first step so well, you will no doubt be very successful.

-Saria: Yes, count on me! I will not let you down! I will do my very best, just for you!

-Peppy: Ummm....*sweatdrop*...well, that's the spirit ^^.

(As the students leave the building, Foxy hesitantly speaks up to Falco:)

-Fox: Um...Falco?

-Falco: Yes, what do you want?

-Fox: Well, I suppose I should thank you *light blush*....for back there...

-Falco: I punch you and you thank me for it? I didn't figure you to be so much of a're weird.

-Fox: Yes, did it for me....

-Falco: Yes, well, don't get your hopes up. I just wanted to smash the enemy, and nothing else.

-Fox: *smile* Yes, of course you did ^_^.

(Back in the computer room, the teachers are contemplating the ravaged monitors, smoldering in heaps of glass and plastic on the floor. Although it's not much of a pretty sight, they are sensing profound joy)

-Gannon: Well, that wasn't so bad for a first try, eh? Those kids, they'll never cease to amaze me!

-Peppy: I agree. I believe that we can trust these children. They have a lot of spirit and purity. I think they will do just fine. And that Mario....

-Syrup: What about him?

-Peppy: Nothing, just a thought....

-Geno: By the way, what should we do about this mess in here? All the computers are toast.

-Syrup: You're right, we had to pay through our nose for those things! What a terrible financial loss!

-Gannon: Don't have a cow, they're just objects. What really matters are people....

-Syrup: You're right. And the people we have here happen to be very special....


Preview of the next episode:

Strange creatures are suddenly popping up all over the place at Nintendo High. They're cute, but mischievous as well. Three young travelers arrive, and they seem to know more about the situation. Eh, what's that? Those creatures are Pokémon? But they aren't supposed to appear in this environment! One strange event leads to another, and nothing is what it seems. It's the next episode: the Pokémon stampede!