TEN YEARS OF SMBIS (Rather 5 years, then 5 years of deadness...)

October 11, 2010

LATEST UPDATES: SMBIS 10th ANNIVERSARY EDITION: Selected sections re-uploaded

Hey, guys! Remember the SMBIS? That Mario fansite that used to be somewhat popular a long time ago? Well, it's been ten years ago to this date that I started that little site on Tripod when I was in the midst of my Mario revival phase in my life. Previously, the SMBIS was hosted on NES Central years ago, but a server crash in like 2005 or something caused it to die an early death. After months of trying to redesign and restart the site, I decided to move on with other things. This is somewhat of a memorial, a retrospective on the site that I spent so much time working on, all of the good times I had while making this site during its hayday.

A lot has changed since the SMBIS was last updated: Mario commercials on YouTube (the videos I ripped from my own VHS collection are floating there as well), all the Mario and Zelda cartoons released on DVD (RIP Lou Albano), Nintendo's revived success with the release of the DS and Wii, amongst other highs and lows. Why did I randomly decide to upload this back on the Internet? After four years of silence? Well, honestly, I'm one for random anniversaries, and not doing something after a decade of me starting the SMBIS wouldn't feel right.

What you're seeing is what Version 8 would have been if I ever had started over. It was loosely based on the color scheme chosen for the New Super Mario Bros. game for the DS. I still had this saved on my computer for all these years, untouched until recently. Thankfully I still have the old Tripod account, but I still have VERY limited disk space on Tripod (it's 2010, 20MB is BARELY anything nowadays).  Because of that, I won't be reviving the old Fanarchives. Dealing with updating the site with fanstuff every other day also contributed to my lack of interest in fufilling my desires to revive the site.

I seriously doubt that I'll ever update this place again. My love for all things Mario will never die, but that obsessive streak I had ten years ago just isn't there anymore. However, the time I did work on this site was very exciting and memorable in the budding age of personal fansites and dial-up modems. After reading old fanfics on the NintendoLand fansite months earlier, I was inspired to make my own Mario fansite. I want to say thanks to everyone who had visited this site here on Tripod or on the defunct NES Central server. It has really meant a lot to me. Thanks to the artists and writers who let me post their Mario fanart and fanfics on the site, including Latisha Banks and Toasty. And thanks to Nintendo, for creating such a memorable character and a memorable gaming experience, on this, the 25th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros.

- Koopaprince

SMBIS was founded on October 11, 2000.
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