Special Thanks: Majk, who's hosting the Mario commercials on his Video Game Ads site, and TMK's File Planet, where the Mario Ice Capades video is at. Again, thanks for your help. ^_^


Super Mario Kart Super Mario All-Stars SNES Legend of Zelda
(1992 - 1.55MB)
A fully-animated commercial with Mario and friends; A personal favorite
(1993 - 2.02MB)
Mario, Mario, everywhere! @_@
(1992 - 753KB)
The first commercial of Z3, exploring the different environments of Hyrule.
SMB3 McDonalds Toys 1 SMB3 McDonald's Toys 2 Battleclash
(1990 - 1.53MB)
Grimace: Mario's Magic Box makes him big!
(1990 - 1.00MB)
Apparently, Mario can die from Happy Meals
(1993 - 727KB)
Playing Battleclash will trash your house faster than a rock band in a hotel
SNES w/Free SMAS Offer Dr. Mario Game Boy
(1993 - 2.31MB)
Tabloid spoofs all around.
(1990 - 1.55MB)
He's got the cure! Cut off at the beginning and end, though. :/
(1992 - 1.25MB)
Strangely, Nintendo advertises the original GB to adults
Yoshi Super Mario World  
(1992 - 3.51MB)
Yoshi invades a city with cuteness. "Meep!"
(1991 - 1.39MB)
A bit more (insert feature here)


  Mario Ice Capades  
  (1989 - 14.9MB)
The infamous special, starring Mr. Belvedere as Koopa...