Super Mario Alternate Universe Story:
Mario's High School Days: Super Turbo

By Toasty


The morning sun rises over Tokyo....It's bleak rays slowly illuminate the still empty streets. Through the window of an apartment, a few beams of pale sunlight enter, and awaken a sleeping young man. He brushes aside a few strands of his pale blue hair and turns to the window, from which the ocean of rooftops that is Tokyo can be seen. Contemplating the sunrise, he mutters to himself....

-"Another new morning.....Maybe today...."-

At that point, he is interrupted by the sound of a door opening, and a second young man enters the room. The newcomer accompanies his entrance with these words:

-"Ah, Mizuru, you woke up?"-

The one who has just been addressed then turns his face away from the window, and with a bright smile, pronounces the following reply:

-Mizuru: Sora, good morning! How are you feeling?

-Sora: Just fine....Mizu...Have you found anything yet?

-Mizuru: Not really, but it's close, I can tell. It's here in Tokyo, no doubt about it! It's so close, I can almost reach out for it!

-Sora: Allright. I'm counting on you for this, Mizu.

-Mizuru: Don't worry about a thing! We're almost there! I'm sure that we'll find him very soon, and then......then we can be free again!

-Sora: Mizu.....

-Mizuru: What's the matter? seem so grave....

-Sora: Mizu, listen to me....I know very well that this situation is dangerous. That it's unpredictable....and....that we might die...But still, Mizu, don't force yourself too much...I don't want to see you hurt again.....

-Mizuru: Sora....Sora, you mustn't talk like that! We won't die! We'll find a way out of this, I promise!

-Sora:....It's strange, but when you say that, I somehow believe it.....Well, I need to go to work now. You just stay put here, and if anything comes up, contact me first.

-Mizuru: Allright, see you later....

Episode 3: The Boys of Destiny!

Friday afternoon; classes have just ended, and the students of Nintendo High are heading out in the streets, overjoyed at the idea of the weekend that lies ahead of them. Before they head for their respective homes, they still find the time to exchange a few words:

-Saria: Ahh, I was waiting for this! Finally, I'll have the time to write Renn a long and romantic letter!

-Zelda: Oh, so you kept in touch with that Descartes guy?

-Saria: I sure did! It turns out he lives in the north, in Sapporo. But even though we're far apart, I never stop to think of him! Ahh, how very "fleur bleue"!

-Samus: Hmmm...I didn't figure you'd be the type to settle for a long-distance romance....

-Zelda: I bet she'll cheat on him....

-Saria: What?! I would never do that! You two ruffians don't understand the beauty of our situation! Day in, day out, we continue to long for each other! The distance between us helps to bring our hearts closer! I'm sure Renn feels the same way!

-Zelda: Yeah....probably...I'm beginning to pity that Descartes guy. Having to put up with a capricious woman like Saria.... He doesn't deserve such punishment, even if he did try to roast us alive...

-Saria: Hmm? You were saying something?

-Zelda: Yikes! Uhm, nothing! Nothing at all!

-Malon: Zelda, you should be more careful.

-Peach: That's right. We agreed not to tell Saria that Descartes was one of the enemies. It's better if she doesn't know that...

-Malon: Try not to make another slip of the tongue.

-Zelda: Allright, I'm sorry, enough already. It's just that I'm still not used to seeing Saria all grown up now.

-Saria: Ha ha! It's the new me! Thanks to the goddess of love, I finally became a woman, good and proper! And just in time to meet Renn!

-Malon: Hmm, looks like our principal is off the hook, then....

At that point, Mario, Yoshi and Luigi appeared. Yoshi, in particular, seemed to be in a joyful mood.

-Yoshi: Yahoo! Weekend at last! I can hardly wait! Soon, it will be Saturday, and then...finally...!

-Mario: *total monotone* The suspense is killing us. Just what is so special about this Saturday?

-Yoshi: Oh, haven't I told you about the student exchange program?

-Luigi: Nope, it's news to me....

-Yoshi: Oh, silly me *dumb grin*. Well, I'll keep it short. Thanks to an exchange program between Egypt and Japan, Ibis will arrive in Tokyo this weekend to spend a whole month here in Japan! I'll finally see her again, and we'll be together for a whole month! It's so great, I could just die!

-Peach: You're pretty lucky that she happens to speak Japanese. Otherwise, it'd be pretty tricky for you...

-Yoshi: I know, so that's why I've started to learn Egyptian. I've got to do something to keep up with Ibis' level, after all!

-Saria: You got that right. She's a cultured, hardworking and fast-learning modern young woman. You can't afford to lag behind! It's already an infinite miracle that she should fall for a dopey guy like you...

-Yoshi: Dopey?! That's so unfair of you!

-Luigi: Come on now, Yoshi is trying very hard....

-Mario: Hmm, the power of love can give wings even to the least talented person....

-Yoshi: Oh, great, now everyone is picking on me! Well, you're just jealous, obviously! A woman as smart as Ibis has got the sense and good taste it takes to realize what a great guy I am, contrary to you dopes! And of course, there's my irresistible raw macho appeal as well!

-Peach: *sweatdrop* Or maybe she just likes a man with a sense of humour....

-Samus: Oh well, when someone's heart is involved, anything can happen!

-Luigi: Hmm, that's quite true, Sammy...*grins*.

-Samus: Uhm...yeah, well....*a-herm*. Oh, that reminds me! Luigi, Mario, don't forget that we're meeting this evening for karaoke!

-Mario: Sure, we didn't forget. Princess, you're coming as well, won't you?

-Peach: Of course, I'd be glad to. It's at the "Earthbound Karaoke", right?

-Mario: That's the place. Be there at 8:30.

-Samus: Allright! There's nothing like karaoke to kick-start the weekend! Ahhh, I was born to sing!

-Yoshi: Oh my god, she's going to sing!

-Saria: Stop her! Call in the army!

-Samus: *crooning* "Aaahhhh, I'll search fire, water, air, mountains and the forest, just to find Pokémon...!"

-Mario: T...too late....

While this was going on, Syrup and Gannon were contemplating this scene from the windows of the principal's office.

-Gannon: Hmm, they're still a little immature *sweatdrop*.

-Syrup: But they're so cute when they act like that. Ahh, it reminds me of my carefree youth...*big sigh*

-Gannon: Now is probably not the right time for a nostalgia trip. Whenever the principal calls us into his office like that, it usually means trouble....

-Syrup: That's true. I wonder what's keeping him so long...

At the point, the principal entered, looking very grave, and addressed the two teachers with these words:

-Peppy: Well, I'm afraid I don't have any good news...

-Gannon: We were expecting as, what is it?

-Peppy: I wasn't sure at first, but there is no more doubt now. Rousseau and Descartes were not ordinary humans, as we suspected. The reason why they were capable of manipulating the elements, and moreover, why they managed to easily survive contact with the N-force without so much as a scratch is because they are like Mario and Luigi. Those two were other "candidates" for being the harbinger, so to speak.

-Syrup: Other candidates? You mean there can be more than just one harbinger?

-Peppy: No, there can always only be one. However, in every generation, five people will be born under a destined star. In the whole world, there will always be just five people who will have the qualities to become harbingers, but only one of them will succeed. Only one of these five chosen ones will awaken as the true harbinger. After that, the other four will just continue to lead normal lives, and their powers as harbingers will remain dormant within them, never to awaken...

-Gannon: So then....Descartes did say that he was constantly being told to "awaken". You're saying that the enemy is taking possession of those who could've also been harbingers?

-Peppy: It seems like that....Once Mario and Luigi became our harbingers, the other four were supposed to be left in peace; their powers would never awaken....but somehow...

-Syrup: Wait a minute, something makes no sense here. Only one person is supposed to be the harbinger, but we have two; both Mario and Luigi. That's not the way it's supposed to happen, is it?

-Peppy: That's true...I knew, for a very long time that those two were part of the chosen ones, that they could become harbingers, however....They were two...two people, from the same source, linked to each other via their bloodlines. It was as if one of the five possible harbingers had been split in two. They are two sides of one coin, yet they are also two individual, independent entities. It's most exceptional to have two harbingers instead of one; in fact, such a thing should be impossible. Destiny predicts that one, and only one will become the harbinger...That's why I hesitated for so long. I was sure that Mario and Luigi could do it; I never doubted that they would be able to transform, but still...To create two harbingers instead of one, such a thing isn't supposed to happen....

-Gannon: So then, what we did....when they first transformed....

-Peppy: Maybe...because of that, we have disrupted the course of destiny. But there was no other way. When Andross attempted to overrun our world with his hordes, the only way out for us was to awaken Mario and Luigi as the harbingers. We had our backs against the wall, and the only solution was a very risky one...I've always feared the possible consequences of what we have done. The awakening of two harbingers instead of one wasn't planned for in the run of destiny...It might even end up affecting the balance of the whole world...

-Syrup: That's pretty bad. As if we didn't have enough to worry about with these new enemies...

-Peppy: On that subject, there must still be two people out there who are capable of becoming harbingers. It's certain that those two will either be possessed soon, or are already in the enemy's grasp. We'll have to be very careful...

-Gannon: One more thing, principal...This story about destiny being disrupted by Mario and Luigi's you plan to tell them that?

-Peppy:...I hadn't thought of that yet....But they'll have to know this sooner or later....

The teachers are sunk in a contemplative mood as dusk begins to descend upon the city. At home, Peach is standing in front of the telephone answering machine, listening to the following message, spoken by her mother's voice:

-"Peach, I'll be working all night at the institute again today. Don't forget to do your homework and don't go to sleep too late. I've ordered you dinner from the usual place and..."-

The message was then interrupted as Peach placed her finger on the answering machine's "stop" button, and spoke these words:

-Peach: And I've cancelled it...I'm sorry, mother, you might not like this. Maybe you'd be worried if you knew that I would be in the city this evening. Maybe you won't like it if I go someplace with Mario without telling you. But then again, it's not like you often listen to me. This is my way of doing things....

Having said these words, she took her jacket and headed out into the streets, into the masses of people, flowing through the entire city. Among these many citizens was one slightly worried young man, who paced nervously through the early dusk. As Mizuru crossed street after street, he spoke these words in himself:

-Mizuru: I know Sora told me to stay at home and wait for him, but I can't help it...There's something calling me, out into the city...The impression is so strong, I just have to go and see...It's so close, I'm almost there. I'll find the ones, I'm sure of it.

But even after long, aimless wandering through the streets of Tokyo, Mizu didn't find what he was looking for. He found himself in Ueno park, and decided to rest for a while, on the edge of a fountain.

-Mizuru: Aww, my feet are killing me. I must've been wandering around the city for hours, and I found nothing. But the feeling is still there, calling me, urging me to come. If only I could tell exactly where it was...Tokyo is really huge after all...

After a short silence, Mizu was suddenly startled by another strange feeling. Looking up, he spotted a small boy, sitting all by himself on a park bench, just a few feet away from Mizu, and looking quite miserable. Mizu didn't hesitate to go over to the child and speak these words to him:

-Mizuru: Excuse me for barging in like this, but is everything allright? I couldn't help noticing that you look as if something's wrong...

The child looked up, seeming slightly confused, and replied with these words:

-"I got lost, and I don't know how to go home anymore..."

-Mizuru: I'm sorry to hear that. But don't worry, I can take you back home if you tell me where you live. What's your name?

At this, the kid's face brightened, and he replied with this phrase:

-"My name's Mallow Nimbus and I'm five years old! Can you really take me home, mister?"-

-Mizuru: I should think so *smile*. Just tell me where you live, okay?

-Mallow: Sure! I live in a house, in Tokyo, with my mom and pop!

-Mizuru: Uhm...*sweatdrop* well, that's a start...Can you be a little more specific?

-Mallow: What's spussifick?

-Mizuru: Eh...*embarrassed grin*, looks like we're back to square one.

After a while, a taxi rolled to a halt in front of an ordinary Tokyo residence, and Mallow and Mizuru got out.

-Mallow: That's it, that's my house! Thank you, mister!

-Mizuru: Don't mention it, glad to help......even though the taxi cost me a fortune.

At that point, the door to Mallow's house was flung open, and a woman rushed out. The woman in case was Mallow's mother, who manifested every sign of joy and relief.

-Ms Nimbus: Mallow! I was so worried! You got lost again!

-Mallow: Yes but that nice mister brought me home!

Looking up, Mallow's mother noticed Mizuru, who was still standing there. She immediately pronounced these words:

-Ms Nimbus: Oh, you've brought my son back, thank you so much! *bow* I really don't know how to thank you! Please tell us your name, sir.

-Mizuru: I'm Mizuru Thales, but, everyone just calls me "Mizu"...

-Ms Nimbus: Mister Thales, we are very grateful to you! You must let us repay you in some way. Would you like to come in?

-Mizuru: You're most kind, but I'm afraid I can't manage right now...Oh, wait a minute...Why, that's it! It's here?!

-Ms Nimbus: What's the matter? Mister Thales, is anything wrong?

-Mizuru: It's that impression's stronger than ever!

At that moment, the door of the house next to Mallow's home opened, and Mario and Luigi walked out, on their way to the karaoke.

-Luigi: We'd better hurry. If we miss the subway train, we'll be terribly late.

-Mario: For once, I agree. I can't leave Peach waiting.

-Luigi: No, it wouldn't be a wise move to try a samourai's patience...

-Mario: Oh, hilarious. Must you always pick moments like this to make dumb remarks?

The sight of Mario and Luigi greatly shocked Mizu. After a moment of silence, he turned to Mallow and his mother, and addressed these words to them:

-Mizuru: Those two boys...they live next door to you?

-Mallow: Those were Mario and Luigi, they're my neighbours!

-Ms Nimbus: That's right. They're immigrants from Italy. They're a little strange, and that Mario has no manners at all, but Luigi is a very nice boy.

-Mizuru: So they're called Mario and Luigi. You wouldn't know where they're going?

-Mallow: Mister Mario said that he was meeting a samourai for karaoke, at the Earthbound café. But I don't know what karaoke is!

-Mizuru: I see...thank you, this is of great help to me. I need to go now, thank you again. Goodbye, Mallow.

Mizu then left hurriedly, in the same direction as Mario and Luigi.

-Mallow: Bye, mister!

-Ms Nimbus: He was a very polite and helpful young man. Such a thing is rare nowadays...But he also seemed a little unusual...

-Mallow: He was very nice to me! I hope I'll be able to be his friend!

-Ms Nimbus: Yes, as for you, if you go out in the street like that again, you'll be in big trouble, young man!

-Mallow: Awww, but mom.....

In the meantime, Peach had arrived at the Earthbound karaoke. She was the first one to be there, so she decided to wait for the others. However, while she was waiting, a boy with a baseball cap walked up to her, and with a big grin, he addressed these words to her:

-"Well, hello there, pretty girl. I don't remember seeing you here before. You can call me Ness. My pop own this place".-

-Peach: I see...well, it's nice to meet you.

-Ness: Likewise, pretty girl! Now, what's a cute young lady like you doing all by herself here?

-Peach: Oh, uhm, I'm actually waiting for some friends. They'll be here soon, for sure.

-Ness: Hmm, I bet your boyfriend is also coming. A pretty girl like you must have lots of suitors!

-Peach: Ah...uhm, well...*embarrassed look*.

-Ness: Or could it be that I'm still in with a chance? Hmm?

-Peach: Just a minute...what do you mean?

At that point, Samus popped into the café in her typical fashion, and brought an end to this embarrassing situation for Peach.

-Samus: Yo! Peach, you're here as well!

-Peach: Ah, Sammy, you've made it!

-Samus: Well, sure! Have I ever been known to miss a karaoke? I was born to sing!

-Peach: Yes, yes, we know that...

-Ness: Hmmm, so that was the person you were waiting for, pretty girl? Gosh, I didn't know you were that way...What a let-down for all the men in Tokyo. But oh well, if that's the way you want it, it's fine by me.

-Peach: What? I don't understand what you're talking about at all!

-Samus: Oi, who is this goofball?

-Ness: The name's Ness! Say, you're very pretty as well!

-Samus: Don't push your luck, buster. We've got boyfriends as it is, in fact, they should be here very soon.

-Ness: I see. How unbecoming of your boyfriends to leave such pretty girls waiting. A gentleman shouldn't behave like that!

-Samus: Oh, and I suppose your behavior is the most gentlemanly in the world?

-Ness: Just wait until you get to know me better, pretty girl...

However, Mario and Luigi made their arrival at that point, and Luigi cut into the conversation with these words.

-Luigi: Hmm? Get to know whom better?

-Samus: Wah! Luigi, Mario!

-Peach: Mario....

-Mario: Princess, I know we're late, but I can explain, honestly! Please hear me out, we were....

-Peach: Mario, thank heavens you're here! I'm so glad to see you!

-Mario: Ah...Really? Oh, well, likewise! *big grin*

-Luigi: I do hope I didn't keep you waiting, Sammy.

-Samus: Nah, I only just got here myself. Now let's get stuck in to some serious karaoke! Ahh, I was born to sing!

-Mario: *groan* Maybe this karaoke thing wasn't such a good idea....

-Luigi: Oh, but Sammy has a very nice voice.

-Mario: First you put up with her cooking, then her singing...Aren't you being too submissive there? You're a man, after all!

-Luigi: I absolutely do not see what you're getting at *big sweatdrop*.

During this little dialogue, Ness had gone silent, and to himself, he made the following observation.

-Ness: Looks like I'm not in with a chance after all....*smile* those four are really very close. It's a good thing, and rare nowadays. I'd better stay out of it...

From outside the Earthbound, Mizuru had been watching as well...

-Mizuru: Mario and Luigi....they're the ones...It's still a little hard to believe, but they really are the ones. I've finally found them! We've made it, Sora!

After several hours of karaoke, Mario and the others left the Earthbound café and headed home, taking a detour via the Rainbow Bridge. Once there, they stopped to contemplate the view.

-Peach: Ahh, Rainbow Bridge...It's really the most romantic place in Tokyo...Especially at night. The city lights are beautiful...

-Mario: Seeing Tokyo like this, now...I'm really glad that this is the city we've saved.

-Luigi: Yes, it was really worth doing. More so than I first thought...

-Samus: Luigi....

However, Mizu had still been following them, and he chose this moment to come out and address Mario and Luigi with these words:

-Mizuru: Excuse are Mario and Luigi, right?

-Luigi: That's right. How do you know us?

-Mizuru: It's difficult to explain. But please listen to me. I need your help, that is to say, I need your talents as the harbingers.

-Mario:...!! What's that?! How do you know about this?!

-Peach: Who are you?

-Mizuru: Mizu Thales. But it makes no difference, you've got to hurry, before I lose control.

-Samus: Lose control? I don't understand. You look like you're feeling ill, mister Thales...

-Mizuru: That's sort of right...This creature, it's taking me over...Please, you're the only ones who can get rid of it...

-Mario: "Creature"? Could he mean...?

-Luigi: Yes, that's it. He's another one. That young man is also possessed by an enemy. Just look at the radar.

Luigi had taken out the radar, and it could clearly be seen that Mizu was also possessed, in similar fashion to Rousseau and Descartes. At that point, Mizu suddenly fell to his knees, clutching his chest and gasping violently.

-Peach: Oh! Something's wrong!

-Mizuru: Aahh....It's getting too strong...I can't contain it anymore!

-Mario: This means we need to transform, quickly!

-Mario & Luigi: Revolutionary fire flower, transform us!!

Once Mario and Luigi had transformed, Mizu's agony kept getting more intense. Flashes of energy began to crackle around him, and the ground started to tremble.

-Mizuru: Guh...It's too late! It's....uhwaaaaah!!

Several jets of water then burst out of the ground, and the water around the bridge began to menacingly rise and agitate.

-Mario: Princess, Sammy! Get away from here, quickly!

-Peach: No! We can fight, too!

-Samus: That's right! We're not letting you face this on your own!

-Luigi: It's too dangerous. He's manipulating the water. This is our battle. Sammy, Peach, please leave this place. Round up as many of the others as you can and the come back with them.

-Peach: Allright then. We're counting on you.

Peach and Samus then left this turbulent scene. As the water began to break loose ever more savagely, Mario and Luigi began to power up their attack.

-Luigi: The mountains, the ocean, the sky....

-Mario: And you, the stars, hear our prayer!

-Luigi: Saint revolutionary light, descend from the heavens....

-Mario: Fuse yourself in us, here and now!

-Mario & Luigi: By the hallowed N-force, we will break open the door to a new era, and lead the world into a revolution...! 64-bit revolution! Full power!!

A shimmering ray of light then bathed the bridge, and engulfed the struggling Mizu. A black sphere was shot out the young man's body, who drifted back to the ground, unconscious.

-Luigi: Let's see if that guy's still one piece...

But just as Luigi was going to walk over to the fainted Mizu, the black sphere floated down in front of him and Mario, and took on a different form. It slowly took on the shape of a spindly, white creature, standing menacingly on it's hind legs, with a long, purple tail lashing about. The beast threw back it's meager neck, and let out a sinister howl.


-Luigi: No way....That's the enemy?!

-Mario: This one's terribly powerful! Ah! Luigi, careful...!

-Luigi: I know! It's going to strike!

The creature then unleashed it's full force, and a violent quake occurred that was felt all through the city. From the window of his apartment, Foxy looked on in shock as he could clearly see the Rainbow Bridge crumbling in the distance after a sudden explosion.

-Fox: What...what was that? The bridge has been blown up...Falco, did you see that?

-Falco: So, it's happened...I had this gut feeling that something freakish would happen.

-Fox: You don't mean to say...??

-Falco: It's probably a new enemy. Tsch, they never learn....Right, I'm going in there.

-Fox: Wait, where are you going?

-Falco: I'm going to fry that bastard. Someone has to do it...

-Fox: Then I'm coming as well!

-Falco: Out of the question. Whoever that was, he or she was strong enough to wipe out the whole bridge. I'm not letting you anywhere near such a beast. You're staying here.

-Fox: I won't! If it's really this dangerous, then I could never stand knowing you were out there, against that menace on your own! Now don't argue with me, I'm coming as well, and there's no stopping me!

-Falco:....*sigh* You're just as stubborn as I am, sometimes. Fine then, come along, but be careful. Stick close to me; I don't want you to do something foolish.

-Fox: Uh...allright.

-Falco: Hmm....And by the way, Foxy...*grins* I kinda like your style.

-Fox: Eh?

-Falco: Never mind, let's just go.

The bridge had been blown away by the creature, and large chunks of metal and concrete continued to slowly sink into the water. Mario and Luigi had managed to jump out of harm's way. Mario was carrying the still-unconscious Mizu as they landed on a nearby rooftop, from where they beheld as the beast hovered above the water where just a few moments ago, the bridge had been.

-Mario: Sure was a close one.

-Luigi: I don't believe it...The whole bridge was wiped out with just one blast!

-Mario: So now what do we do? It's really serious this time. How can we find a way to beat that thing and get this Mizu to safety at the same time?

-Luigi: Don't worry. Peach and Sammy are rounding up the others. We can trust them. Reinforcements will be here soon.

Indeed, Peach had made her way to the Mushanokoji kung fu dojo, where she had fetched Link and Zelda. As of now, the three of them were running back to the bridge area.

-Link: So that quake of a few moments ago was the enemy?

-Peach: It must be. The city could be severely damaged if we don't act quickly!

-Zelda: Whoa, they really mean it this time.

-Peach: Mario....I just hope you and Luigi are still allright...

In the meantime, Samus had collected Yoshi, Kirby, Bowser and Malon from the popular restaurants of the city and was dragging them through the streets, which didn't seem to please them.

-Yoshi: You'd better have a good reason for disturbing a man's meal, Sammy!

-Samus: I told you, it has nothing to do with me! A new enemy has appeared, and he's tearing down the Rainbow Bridge!

-Kirby: So, the enemy's responsible for interrupting my Friday night feast. Grrrr, I'll get him for that!

-Yoshi: I can't have enemies parading around the city with Ibis due to arrive tomorrow! I'll have to sort this out rapidly!

-Samus: *sweatdrop* Talk about having shady motivations...

-Bowser: This thing is getting on my nerves. I finally get some spare time to be with my fiancée, and then this happens: a new freak pops up and ruins it. What rotten timing!

-Malon: To disturb the intimacy of two loved ones is something I shan't forgive! Koopa prism power, Make Up!

-Bowser: But to get from here to the bridge area will take ages...

-Samus: No sweat! I'm a grand master of the 31st special technique; Super Speed! Behold!

Dragging the four others behind her, she then darted off at full blast, in the direction of the bridge area. After the sudden violent quake, a state of emergency had been declared, and the residents of the bridge area were running around in panic through the streets. One resident, however, kept calm and pondered these thoughts, as everyone around him erupted in panic.

-Kid Icarus: It's strange...Whatever that explosion was, I feel like I should take a look. Something's not natural about this.

While this was going on, Mario and Luigi continued to evade the blasts and shockwaves that the creature threw at them. However, they wouldn't be able to keep this up forever.

-Mario: No way, doesn't that thing ever lay off?!

-Luigi: This Myuu creature is more than we can handle on our own.

-Mario: I know it! But we have to do something! With strength like that, it could cause terrible damage to the city! We need to neutralize it before it pulls a stunt like blowing up a bridge again!

-Luigi: That's easy to say, but there's no way we can even get close to it....

The beast, seemingly annoyed at Mario and Luigi's constant fleeing belted out another howl and prepared a second onslaught.


-Mario: Ack! It looks ticked off!

-Luigi: It's going to attack again!

But then, as the creature was preparing to unleash it's full force again, a voice suddenly cut into this scene.

-Falco: Fire arrow!

-Link: Freeze arrow!

-Kid Icarus: Light arrow!

Three shimmering arrows soared through the air and after converging into one, they easily burst through the surprised creature's body, which then dissappeared in a shower of black sludge. Mario and Luigi looked up and spotted the whole group standing at the edge of the destroyed bridge. Peach was the first one to speak up.

-Peach: Mario! Luigi!

-Mario: Princess! Everyone! You've made it!

-Kirby: Wait a minute; that's it? The thing's toast? What a rip-off! I wanted to fight too!

-Bowser: Oh yes, sure you did *big grin*.

-Kirby: But I mean it! Next time, leave some for us others!

-Kid Icarus: You lot are very difficult to please....

-Luigi: *phew* We were saved, just in time. Now we should get Mizu to a hospital. He looks as if he's in a pretty bad state.

-Kirby: Mizu? That small guy you're carrying?

-Mario: It's still hard to believe that such a fierce monster was inside that frail-looking guy.

-Luigi: Come to think of it, it seemed as if Mizu was fighting back against that monster, from the inside.

-Mario: You're right, he was doing that! Wow, he managed to keep a monster like that under control, on his own...

-Luigi: He probably knows more about what is going on. Once he regains his spirits, he should be able to tell us something more.

And so, they made their way to a nearby clinic, where Mizu was installed in a hospital bed. While the others waited for him to wake up, Malon got on a telephone and tried to contact the principal. However, once she had dialed the number of Nintendo High, instead of the principal, it was the voice of doctor Joy she heard through the telephone:

-Joy: All right, what have you done this time?!

-Malon: Oh, please spare me this. I've got no time for this! Please get me the principal, quickly! *sigh* This is hopeless...

-Joy: He's not at the building, he left with Syrup and the coach. Try the coach's mobile number if it's that important.

-Bowser: Any luck yet, hon?

-Malon: Hardly. I got on to the doctor....And you know how she is.

-Bowser: Oh well, at least it's a good thing that our doctor Joy isn't -here-. That'd really make things difficult.

-Malon: *grins* You got that right. Besides, the principal isn't at the building, I'll have to try his mobile number.

-Bowser: It also looks as if this Mizu person is regaining his spirits. Mario and Luigi are with him now.....*sigh* It's odd how things change, don't they?

-Malon: I agree. I never expected that those two brothers would become so important. It must be awkward for you as well...

-Bowser: No, I meant, for you and me....

-Malon:....You and me....My darling, you don't need to worry about that! We'll win this battle, and when the peace is restored, we'll finally have our happiness! I promise it!

-Bowser: Hmm...*blushes* I feel a bit dumb saying this, but I never really believed in that kind of happiness. That is, until you changed that. When you say such things, I somehow want to believe in that same future you wish for as well....


At that time, Mario and Luigi had been waiting at Mizu's hospital bed. He finally began to wake up, muttering these words:

-Mizuru: Uhmm.....where is this? Sora....?

-Mario: Ah, you're waking up. Feeling allright?

-Mizuru: What?...Mario and Luigi? For a moment, I thought Sora was here....

-Luigi: Sora? Who's Sora?

-Mizuru: My God! That's right! I completely forgot about Sora! Oh no, this is bad! There's no time to lose, we need to go at once!

The ravages caused to the Rainbow Bridge had not gone unnoticed. In the meantime, the fire brigade, and the police force had been called in. The media had rushed to the scene as well, and many cameras were taking in footage of the destroyed bridge. In front of one such camera, a young reporter was standing, with a microphone in her hand, into which she pronounced these words.

-"Good evening. This is Joanna Dark, of TV Tokyo News, reporting directly from the Rainbow Bridge, where a mysterious cataclysm has recently occurred. The disaster has wiped out the entire bridge, and damage has also been dealt to some surrounding residences. It is still unknown whether this disaster is the result of a natural cause, or if it's terrorist activity. Here with us is chief Nyath of the police force. Please tell us your impressions"-

She then handed the microphone to a short man standing next to her, who spoke these words into it.

-Nyath: It's most suspicious. In my long career on the police force, I have seldom witnessed something so bizarre. It reminds me of a similar event, last year, when the Venom building complex was suddenly damaged and became abandoned for no apparent reason. Many mysterious things have been happening to the city lately...

-Joanna: Thank you, chief Nyath. We will inform you as soon as more data becomes available.

A few feet away from the scene, the principal of Nintendo High was standing, with Gannon ad Syrup by his side.

-Syrup: This is a real mess. We hadn't expected them to strike this soon.

-Gannon: That's right. And there's no doubt that it was another enemy. It could only have been one of them.

-Peppy: We let our guards down for one moment, and something like this happens. This is easily the most destructive enemy to have appeared so far. And no matter what we do, we just can't seem to find out where this enemy has disappeared to.

-Syrup: But surely he can't have gotten that far! Could he have destroyed the bridge, just as a taunt?

-Gannon: I just hope none of our kids was involved in this...

At that point, a high, beeping noise interrupted them.

-Gannon: That's my phone. Who the heck is calling me at this time of night?

He then took out a mobile phone, seemingly nervous, and spoke into it.

-Gannon: Now what?!

From the telephone, the voice of Malon was heard, replying in these words:

-Malon: Coach, is that you? Where are you speaking from?

-Gannon: It's you, Malon!

-Peppy: What's that? One of the students on the phone?

-Gannon: We're at the Rainbow Bridge. Or rather what's left of it. I suppose you've noticed the latest development.

-Malon: Don't worry about that! We were there, and Mario and Luigi managed to finish this enemy.

-Gannon: I can't believe you managed such a feat by yourselves! Anyway, where are you now?

-Malon: We're at a nearby hospital. The enemy was another creature that had possessed a human. It's a young man called Mizuru Thales.

-Gannon: A guy called Thales, got that. We're on our way there.

-Malon: Only, this guy just ran out of the hospital at full pelt with Mario and Luigi. And we have no idea where they have gone! He said something about a certain Sora, but they left so hurriedly, they didn't tell anyone where they were heading.

-Gannon: I see. Well, stay there, we're coming over. See you later.

He then switched off the mobile, only to be addressed by his worried colleagues with these words:

-Syrup: Well, what did she say? Are they allright?

-Gannon: *grins* You're not going to believe this....

Mario and Luigi were running after Mizu, through the streets of Tokyo. He had suddenly dragged them out of the hospital, seeming deeply panicked, and had not taken the time to explain what was the reason for this sudden departure.

-Mario: Hey, *huff* wait just a minute. Where are we going like this? What's the big rush?

-Luigi: And who is this Sora you keep mentioning?

-Mizuru: His name is Sora Sokrates. He's like me; his power is to manipulate the air. But one of those creatures is possessing him, and he won't be able to hold on much longer.

-Mario: Another possessed person is in Tokyo?! But how can you possibly know of this?

-Mizuru: Sora and I....we've been together for a long time. When that creature began to take me over, the same thing happened to Sora. But we fought back, together. We knew that we'd find a way to free ourselves sooner or later. We had promised to each other that we'd see one another through this. We had promised that we would one day be free again. Please, you've got to help Sora as well! You simply have to!

-Mario: Two battles in one night...*groan* oh man, what have we done to deserve this?

-Luigi: It's allright. We understand the situation, we'll do whatever we can. We need to transform again, Mario.

-Mario: Oh well, if I must, I must....

-Mario & Luigi: Revolutionary fire flower, transform us!!

While this was going on, a small group of Nintendo High students was slantering trough the corridors of the hospital where they had taken Mizu after the battle, still unaware of the latest development. Among them were Yoshi and Kirby, carrying large plates stashed full of cheap-looking food. Samus commented on this with these words:

-Samus: I can't believe you took all that food from the hospital cafeteria...

-Yoshi: Yes, well, you interrupted my proper dinner, I'll have you know, so kindly stay out of this.

-Kirby: Hospital food has the reputation of being really, really bad. Now as thorough experts on the subject of cuisine, we have to carefully check if these rumors are founded. We're doing very precise research here!

-Zelda: Funny sort of research, if you ask me.

-Link: Is this related to doing that big guide of every Tokyo restaurant and food facility that you so often talk about?

-Peach: Oh, that's right. So you've really started work on that?

-Kirby: Gosh, that had completely slipped my mind.

-Kid Icarus: Hmm, sometimes, I wonder if they ever take anything seriously...

-Samus: *sigh* Oh well, at least this hospital serves good coffee.

-Zelda: With -your- level of dynamism, the last thing you need is coffee....

-Samus: Meaning...?

-Link: Now, let's not argue. We're all pretty exhausted from the battle at the bridge area.

-Zelda: Hah, that was peanuts! We sure gave them a good lesson back there!

-"And just what makes you think this is over?"-

-Zelda: Eh?

Zelda looked up and noticed that the one who had just spoken this phrase was Falco, who was leaning against a wall, just in front of them. Foxy was standing next to him, looking rather worried.

-Zelda: Sheez, you sure know how to ruin the mood. We beat that weird beast, that means we won. What are you complaining about?

-Falco: *sweatdrop* I'm not talking to you. Now, Link, I'm sure you have noticed something as well...After all, you have the same ability of enhanced sensitivity as I have. Of course, you're not as good-looking, but still....

-Link: Yes, well...*sweatdrop* I'll ignore that last comment. But you're right, I can tell that something else is also coming up.

-Fox: It's bad news, in that case. Your hunches usually come true....And if Link has the same intuition that something else will happen, there can be no doubt.

-Samus: Wait, you've lost me there. What's this story about hunches?

-Falco: Those with simple minds always get in the way....

-Samus: Come again?!

-Fox: It's like this: we may have won at the Rainbow Bridge, but it's not over yet. Or so you tell me...

-Falco: I can just sense that something even bigger is about to break loose. A storm is brewing...

-Link: That's exactly the feeling I have. It could be that a second enemy is preparing to strike.

-Yoshi: What a bummer! That's the second meal interrupted by one of those creeps!

-Kirby: I bet they're timing their attacks to cheese me off on purpose.

-Peach: But if that's the case, we should tell Mario and Luigi.

-Fox: But that's just it, we can't find them anywhere. And Mizuru is gone as well.

-Link: So something -is- going on....We'll need to act quickly.

At that point, Malon and Bowser came into the corridor, followed by the three teachers who had just arrived at the hospital.

-Malon: We've been looking all over for you! There's no time to lose; we need to go after Mizu and the Mario brothers!

-Kid Icarus: That's all very well, but how will we find out where they went?

-Bowser: Mario left his radar behind in the hospital. We can use that to track them down. Now let's hurry already!

-Syrup: The real battle is only just beginning.

-Gannon: If the enemy at the bridge area is anything to go by, this should be quite a challenge.

In their apartment, Sora was standing in front of a TV set. He had returned home a few hours ago, and had been worried to see that Mizu was absent. The words emanating from the reporter on the TV screen only troubled him more. These phrases were being spoken by the news reporter on the television:

-Joanna: We have found no evidence of explosives or other kinds of sabotage. Apparently, the destruction of the bridge was not the handiwork of criminals, which only makes this situation more mystifying.


At that point, the door to the appartment burst open and Mizu rushed in, followed by the transformed Mario and Luigi.

-Mizuru: Sora! Sora, I found them! It's finally over!


-Mizuru: What? Sora, you're acting strange....

-Sora: You've failed, Mizuru! Now get out of my sight!

With those words, Sora punched Mizuru to the ground and faced Mario and Luigi.

-Mizuru: way!

-Mario: Hey, what are you doing, you?! That's no way to treat your friend!

-Sora: Save me your dumb comments! You two are the harbingers, and I am ordered to kill you! I've held back for too long, I can't go on with this anymore! This idiotic human thought he could resist my influence, but he was wrong! I'm at full power now, and he is mine!

-Luigi: Just like Mizu, this guy was fighting the enemy's takeover from inside. Only he couldn't keep it up forever and now he's been taken over full stop.

-Mizuru: No, no way. You're not Sora anymore!

-Sora: You got that right! This human is now in my command, and I will do whatever I please with him! And don't you try to stop me!

-Mizuru: You bastard!!

Enraged, Mizu dashed at the possessed Sora and threw him to the ground. He then held him down and addressed these words to Mario and Luigi.

-Mizuru: Hurry up, you two! I'll hold him down, now use your powers! Quickly!

-Luigi: But wait! If we use the 64-bit revolution, you'll be hit as well!

-Mario: That's right, you've already had to take that once this night, if such an attack hits you a second time....

-Mizuru: It's allright, I can take it! The N-force won't wound me!

-Luigi: But that's not possible! We're the only ones who can go unharmed from such a thing. How could you stand up to that attack twice in a row?! Don't be an idiot!

-Mizuru: I said it's allright! Nothing will happen to me, because I'm a harbinger as well!

-Mario: What...?! But that's not possible! That just can't be!

-Mizuru: You mean you don't know...?

-Mario: Don't know what? What is really going on here?!

-Sora: Get off me, you stupid freak! I'll show no mercy!

-Mizuru: There's no time now! Mario, Luigi, just hurry! I don't care what happens to me, just make sure Sora is saved!

-Luigi: Yes, we'll discuss the details later! Now it's time for action!

-Mario & Luigi: 64-bit revolution, go!!

Once again, a flare of blinding light illuminated the place, and a black mass was driven out of Sora's body, who fainted after this.

-Mario: So we've driven the thing out.

-Mizuru: You've saved Sora! How can I ever thank you?

-Luigi: But it's not over yet. That thing got away.

-Mario: No, wait, it's there! Look out of the window!

Form the large window, a creature could clearly be seen, hovering in the night sky. It was similar to the animal that had appeared at the Rainbow Bridge, but with a smaller and completely white body, a larger head, and large, profound eyes. Mario and Luigi didn't hesitate to rush out of the building and into the street to confront the creature. However, no sooner had they set foot in the streets that a sudden burst of lightning shot down from the sky and blew a hole in the ground just in front of them.

-Mario: Yikes! That thing attacked!

-Luigi: It uses lightning to attack. Mario, we need to be very careful.

The creature's eyes then glowed, and a few more bolts of lightning struck down, dangerously close to the two brothers.

-Mario: No way! What are we going to do against that?!

-Luigi: This isn't looking good. It seems to have fired a few warning shots. It's next shot will probably hit home.

-Mario: It's not fair! Strikes of lightning are too fast to avoid! If we get hit by that, we'll be instant toast!

At that point, the other students arrived in the street where the battle was taking place, and Peach pronounced these words:

-Peach: Luigi! Mario!

-Mario: Peach! No, princess, don't come any closer! Stay where you are!

-Peach: What?

The creature then unleashed another lightning strike, which exploded dangerously close to a shocked Peach.

-Peach: Whoa!

-Mario: Princess!!

Mario's intention was to run towards Peach, but no sooner had he gotten up than Luigi tried to hold him back.

-Luigi: No, don't! We mustn't move, that will only provoke the enemy!

-Mario: I don't care! Get off me!

But it was too late. An electric flare shot down from the sky, and this time, the attack hit it's target. Mario and Luigi were hit by the blast's full force and where thrown to the ground.

-Peach: Mario! Luigi! No!

-Samus: That bastard! I'll get it!

-Luigi: No, you mustn't! None of you move! That's an order!

-Mario: Come any closer and you'll get zapped as well. You mustn't move, stay where you are!

-Yoshi: You can't be serious! You're asking us to stand here and watch while that thing toys with you?! We could never do that!

-Mario: I don't want to hear it! Such blasts are too much for any of you to take!

-Luigi: You've got to stay out of it's range! It's too dangerous for any of you!

-Samus: But we can't just stand here! I just can't leave you like this!

-Mario: Don't worry about us! There's got to be a way out of this....

-Luigi: But if we get hit by such a blast again....

At that point, the beast's eyes lit up again, and it was about to unleash another attack...

-Samus: No! Mario, Luigi!

-Peach: I can't look!

-Mario: Brace yourself, Luigi....

-Luigi:...It can't end like this....

However, a jet of flames then came crashing through the air and hit the creature right in it's face. Burnt by the fire, and squealing in rage, the monster fell to the ground.

-Mario: What was that??

-"A while back, one of you creeps took possession of me. I didn't like that at all; this is payback!"-

-Luigi: No way...That voice is...

Descartes' silhouette then appeared behind the agonizing creature, with Rousseau standing behind him.

-Mario: Rousseau! Descartes!

-Rousseau: The very same. I said I'd repay you lot someday, and that's today. Descartes, leave me to finish this, I owe it to them.

-Descartes: Very well, just be quick about it.

-Rousseau: Count on it! See how you like this, filthy animal!

Rousseau then caused the ground to violently tremble, and a large block of concrete was lifted out of the soil. He then projected this massive hulk of stone and steel onto the creature that was still struggling with the flames around it. The monster found no time to react and was crushed under the pile of rubble projected by Rousseau. A few drops of black matter came trickling from under the concrete, which vanished into the air. A short silence fell over the students, which was broken by Samus, who threw herself at Luigi, belting out these words:

-Samus: Luigiiii! I was so scared you'd get huuuurt! Waaahhh!

-Luigi: Sammy...Come on now, don't cry, I'm allright, we made it.

-Samus: But I can't help it! *sniff*

-Bowser: *grins* They sure are a sentimental bunch.

-Malon: Oh, but I'd be in such a state too if you had been in danger...

-Link: So, we beat two enemies in one night. But what about that young man Thales?

At that point, Mizu came out of the building, with an awakened, but still slightly fazed Sora leaning onto him.

-Mizuru: Over here. Is everyone still in one piece?

-Sora: It looks like they've made it.

-Mario: Just peachy! We handled it easily! Ha ha ha ha!

-Rousseau: Is he going to steal all our credit?

-Descartes: Wouldn't be surprised if he did....

-Mizuru: Oh, you two....

-Descartes: Hmm? Does he mean us?

-Mizuru: You're just like me and Sora, aren't you? You're harbingers as well....

-Rousseau: I suppose you could call it that.

-Mario: Wait, that's what I don't understand. How can there be multiple harbingers all of a sudden? Principal, isn't such a thing impossible?

-Peppy: Such a thing shouldn't happen, indeed. In every generation, there are five candidates for the position of the harbinger, and once one of them has woken up, the four others should remain sleeping forever.

-Sora: So that's it....I understand now. When we were in the beast's grasp, it kept telling us to awaken. Over and over again, we were told that it was time to awaken, that the world was waiting for it's change, and that it was our duty to enact mankind's destruction, to find the harbinger and kill him.

-Mizuru: It was terrible...Sora, I don't want to recall those things. It hurts too much.

-Sora: It's allright, Mizu. It's over now. Just like you promised, we're free again.

-Mario: So, you two were taken over, as well as Rousseau and Descartes, because you were, like, spare harbingers? Whoa....

-Luigi: That's another thing I didn't really get. You seemed to be fighting back against the enemy from inside or something...

-Mizuru: That's right. We never wanted to destroy the city. We never wanted to kill...

-Sora: So we fought it. But it was too much to take. I wasn't able to keep it up on my own.

-Peppy: You two, Mizuru Thales and Sora Sokrates, you're exceptionally strong. You must be in order to be able to fight back against such fierce enemies.

-Sora: Probably, but your two harbingers have something far more special.

-Mizuru: Mario, Luigi, we'll always remember your courage. We owe you so much...As long as you'll keep this hope in your hearts, I'm sure you'll overcome every trial you face!

-Mario: Of course! With all of our skill, we're invincible! Only I am terribly sleepy, mind you.

-Luigi: Well, we have been running around the city like mad all night long. I'd say we really deserve some shut eye now.

But the two brothers didn't quite get what they deserved. The next morning, at 6: 30, Yoshi had dragged them to the airport to welcome Ibis. Her plane was mere moments away from arriving, and the excitement was almost killing Yoshi.

-Yoshi: Ohh, I just can't wait, can't wait, can't wait anymore!

-Mario: Yoshi, will you pleeease keep calm a little? I'm severely lacking sleep here, my head hurts.

-Luigi: I really don't see why he had to drag us along to the airport. Did we do something that bad to deserve such torture?

-Mario: Defending Tokyo is one tough job. The office hours are ludicrous.

-Yoshi: Aw, come on, we need to have some kind of a welcoming party, and you live close to me, so it was easy to pick you up! If we don't do something to show Ibis that we're glad she's here, she'll get a bad first impression of Japan! Hey, are you lot listening?!

-Mario & Luigi: Zzzzz....

-Yoshi: *big sweatdrop* I'll take that as a no.

Mario and Luigi had fallen asleep in the airport terminal, but they were rudely awakened when a person who was carrying a huge amount of suitcases came stumbling by. Due to the excessive amounts of luggage this person was carrying, he was unable to see where he was going, and so, he tripped and fell right on top of the two sleeping brothers, scattering luggage everywhere. The clumsy person accompanied his fall with a shriek of "Yada Kanjiii!", which immediately revealed his identity to Yoshi.

-Yoshi: Wah! Mister Kojiro!

-Kojiro: No waaay! That's the fourth time the luggage goes flying!

-Mario: Owww, my head. First lack of sleep, now luggage-bombarding.

-Luigi: Mister Kojiro, why are you at the airport?

-Kojiro: Ahh, I've just come back from my holiday! Honolulu is a great place for wearing grass skirts!

-Mario: Oh, good for you. Well, I'm back to sleep.

-Luigi: Same here...

-Musashi: My God! Kojiro, what have you done?! Idiot!!

-Luigi:...Or maybe not.

-Mario: How in the world can I ever get some shut eye with these lunatics around?

Musashi had joined this scene, with a flustered Wolf behind her, and began to shout at Kojiro:

-Musashi: Are you so braindead that you can't even carry luggage?! You're useless!

-Kojiro: Not fair! You could help with this skyscraper of luggage instead of just being a bossy freak!

-Musashi: I am a lady, I'll have you know, and a lady should be given a helping hand in such situations!

-Kojiro: That still doesn't explain why I have to carry the -whole- load. You could let Wolfy help me if you weren't so heartless.

-Musashi: Wolfy is very delicate! You mustn't put strain onto him!

-Yoshi: The terror of Hong Kong's streets is delicate now?

-Kojiro: Well, he is, compared to Musashi.

-Musashi: *menacing glare* Come again...?

-Wolf: *groan* And I thought holidays would be relaxing...

-Yoshi: Aaahhh! Over there! There she is!!

Yoshi suddenly darted away from the group, and rushed towards a young woman he had just spotted, belting out these words:

-Yoshi: Ii-chan! It's you!

-Ibis: Yo-chan! It's great to see you!

-Luigi: "Ii-chan"? "Yo-chan"?

-Mario: Pet nicknames, my god, how corny.

-Luigi: What about you, calling a samourai "princess"?

-Mario: That is completely different!

-Yoshi: Welcome to Tokyo, Ibis. Guess what, Mario and Luigi insisted to come here and welcome you as well!

-Mario: *under his breath* That is such a lie....

-Ibis: How kind of you! But you look so tired, I do hope it was no inconvenience to come here.

-Luigi: Well, we didn't really have a choice *reproachful look to Yoshi*

-Mario: This is the pits. Not only am I sleepy, I'm also terribly hungry.

-Ibis: I sympathize with that. Airplane food isn't exactly nourishing either...

-Yoshi: Oh, Ibis, how terrible that you should've suffered through the pain of airplane food!

-Ibis: It wasn't that terrible, really...

-Yoshi: Ibis, I promise that, as long as I'm around, you'll never have to put up with bad food, ever!

-Mario: *sweatdrop* Wow, now that's a romantic thing to say.

-Ibis: Coming from you, Yoshi, that's a powerful statement! I really appreciate it.

-Yoshi: I really mean it! I know, let's go over to my place, and I'll make us all breakfast, Japanese style!

-Mario: Ahh, finally someone makes a good suggestion! I was beginning to think that only bad things would happen this morning

-Yoshi: We'll have rice balls, miso soup, the works!

-Ibis: Delicious! I'd love that!

The four then leave the airport, in a joyful mood, while a clear blue sky once again extends itself above Tokyo...

END of episode 3.


Look out for episode 4: "The City in Silence!"

After the last battles, peace seems to have returned, but is that really the case? Under a facade of apparent calm, a violent storm seems to be brewing. The whole city is holding it's breath, awaiting this new menace. Will Mario and Luigi be able to face up to this mysterious threat?

The revolution goes into overdrive, in Mario's High school days Super Turbo 4!