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- September 13, 2005 FORUMS DOWN.  Fanart: Added TJ Yoshi, jackblues, Matt Matei, Nathan, Betz, and Mar Intmonz; 1 Toasty pic; Fanfics: Chapters 22-25 of Wanopio's "Xoshi's Story", Chapters 11-13 of Kirsten Garrett's "Darkness to the Light", added CubedCinder128's fanfics; Links: 1 Super Mario

JULY 2005

-July 15, 2005 SMBIS/TMK PARTNERSHIP ANNOUNCED!: Commentary: "Mario Ice Capades" updated; Videos: Mario Ice Capades is back, thanks to TMK; Klub Koopa: 3 Oekaki pisc; Fanart: Added Classic Toasty pics and Best of TMK pics, 1 Koopaprince pic, 5 Winx, 9 Fryguy pics, 1 Conner pic; Fanfics: Added "From TMK" section, Chapters 17-21 of Wanopio's "Xoshi's Story"; Fancomics: 1 Koopaprince comic, 1 Carolina Arce; Links: 1 Super Mario

JUNE 2005

- June 27, 2005 Commentary: "SMB3 OVA Anime"; Klub Koopa: 1 Oekaki pic; Fanart: 1 Caterina pic; Links: 1 Retrogaming
- June 25, 2005 Commentary: "Koopa P. Goes to Nintendo World"; Klub Koopa: 4 SMU pic, 1 Oekaki pics; Videos: Updated links, again: Fanart: 4 Toasty pics, 4 Latisha Banks pics, 1 GSX pic; Fanfics: Chapters 11-16 of Wanopio's "Xoshi's Story", Chapters 1-10 of Kirsten Garrett's "Darkness to the Light"; Nostalgia: 1 Publications, 1 Electronics, 1 Clothing, 4 Misc; Links: 1 Updated, 1 Retrogaming

MAY 2005

- May 1, 2005 SMBIS KOOPA STYLE UPGRADE -  Added Klub Koopa page; retired SMU Art page and placed existing artwork in Klub Koopa and Fanart - Klub Koopa: 1 SMU pic, 2 Oekaki pics, 1 Wallpaper; Fanart: 1 Koopaprince pic, 1 SMU pic, 1 Toasty pic, 1 Zack pic; Fanfics: Episode 19 of Toasty's "Super Mario Bros. Freaky Show", Chapter 10 of Wanopio's "Xoshi's Story", Chapter 7 of Yoshi Wannabe's "The Tale of Burushi" , Links: updated 3 Links, added 2 new Links, Videos: Fixed the links to the Commercial videos, but Mario Movie and Special Videos are still down; Links: added 3 new Banners, Nostalgia: added 2 Toys/Plushes and 2 Misc pics, Commentary: Updated "SMBIS Retrospective" with new info on Koopa Style.


- February 25, 2005 SMU Art: 1 new Others pics; Fanart: 9 new Koopaprince pic, 2 new Toasty pics; Fanfics: Prologue to Chapter 9 of Wanopio's "Yoshi's Island 2: Xoshi's Story", Links: 2 new Links


- January 13, 2005 Polls: Page removed; SMU Art: 2 new Others pics; Fanart: 1 new Koopaprince pic, 3 new Toasty pics; Fanfics: Chapter 1 of Wanopio's "How It Fits Together", Fancomic: 1 new Toasty comic, Links: 1 new Link


- October 27, 2004 Nostalgia: 3 new Clothes pics; Nostalgia Others (NEW): Added 13 Neko Yoshi and 5 Importaku pics.
- October 23, 2004 SMU Artwork: 2 new Other pic, Fanart: Added 2 Koopaprince pics, 2 Toasty pics and 1 Hope[N_Forever] pic; Fanfics: Added Chapter 6 of "The Tale of Burushi" by Yoshi_Wannabe; Banners: Added 2x3 new Banners; Links: Added 2 new Personal Favorites


- September 4, 2004 Nostalgia: 8 new items, SMU Artwork: 1 new Other pic, Fanfics: Added Episode 18 of "SMB Freaky Show" by Toasty and Chapters 4-5 of "The Tale of Burushi" by Yoshi_Wannabe

JULY 2004

- July 15, 2004 NESC First Anniversary! - Commentary: Added "SMBIS Retrospective." Videos: Most of them are back online via mirror sites. Links: Added and updated 4 new links. SMU Artwork: Added 2 pics, Fanart: Added 2 Larry Koopa pics, Fanfics: Added Chapters 35-41 of "Quest for Destiny" by Destiny Smasher

JUNE 2004

- June 22, 2004 Added one SMU Artwork, added one Toasty Fanart, added one Latisha Banks Fancomic, added Chapter 3 of "The Tale of Burushi" by Yoshi Wannabe

MAY 2004

- May 18, 2004 PIXEL STYLE UPGRADE: Videos: Some videos have been taken down. Nostalgia: Added 10 new pics, as well as retaking some photos and adding a logo on the rest. Fanart: Added 1 Koopaprince and 1 Yoshi Wannabe pic.

APRIL 2004

- April 23-30, 2004 All Videos available until May 15,  Added 1 Hope(N_forever) and 2 new Jes Fanart,  Added Chapter 2 of "The Tale of Burushi"  by Yoshi Wannabe
- April 11, 2004 Mario Movies page added, with 3 new Commercials, Closed Survey and Poll #6, Added 2 new SMU Artworks, added 1 WingedYoshi2004 Fanart,  Added Chapter 1 of "The Tale of Burushi"  by Yoshi Wannabe

MARCH 2004

- March 28, 2004 Added 5 new SMU Artworks, added 9 new Fanart: 3 Latisha, 3 Larry Koopa, 1Toasty Tarot Card, 1 Hope(N_Forever), 1 Julie; Added 6 new Links
- March 7, 2004 Added 5 Latisha Fanarts, added Chapters 1-4 of Part 1 of "Of War and Reason"  by Ryan-oshi


- February 20, 2004 Added 2 Toasty Fanarts and 1 Toasty Tarot Card, added one Hope(N_ Forever) Fanart, added and updated 10 new Links.


- January 23, 2004 Added .a submission guidelines chart in Fanfics, added a new Latisha Fanart and a Latisha Fancomic, and added a new Hope (N Forever) Fanart, added Episode 17 of the "SMB Freaky Show" by Toasty, Chapter 34 of "Quest for Destiny" by Destiny Smasher, and Volume 2 of "Kamek Novellas" by Ryan-oshi in Fanfics, added and updated 10 new Links, added 4 new Banners


- December 19, 2003 Updated the Mario Anime Commentary, added 2 new Links, added a new Latisha Scan and 5 Latisha Nostalgia pics, added Chapters 33 of "Quest for Destiny" by Destiny Smasher and Volume 1 of "Kamek Novellas" by Ryan-oshi.
- December 5, 2003 Revamped the Commentary page, with updated entries, renamed and organized the Scan/Sprites page, re-organized the Links page, now with Gaming News and Retro Gaming sections,  added seven new Banners, added one Hope (N Forever) Fanart, added Chapters 31 and 32 of "Quest for Destiny" by Destiny Smasher, Prolouge of "Super Smash Bros. Hardcore" by Shin Ruymaou Jr., and Chapter 1 of "Super Smash Bros. Champions" by Goldenroy in Fanfics.


- October 17, 2003 Gave the Mario Ice Capades in Commentary its own page, with SMBIS-exclusive screenshots
- October 13, 2003 Added a link to the Fanart page at Tripod in Fanfics (broken links fixed on 10-20-03). Re-added Toasty's Tarot Cards and one new Toasty pic in Fanart, added "The Old Switcheroo" by D.B. Vixen in Fanfics
- October 12, 2003 Added 13 Nostalgia pics
- October 11, 2003 SMBIS THIRD ANNIVERSARY! - Changed the background images of the Info Station to SMB3 Green. Uploaded Chapters 14 to 30 of  "Quest for Destiny" by Destiny Smasher


- September 20, 2003 Updated and added new Commentaries with forum links, uploaded the prologue to Chapter 13 of "Quest for Destiny" by Destiny Smasher and Chapters 1-2 of the Koopa Kids Show by Joey in Fanfics, added 2 Latisha Fancomics, added 2 Toasty Zodiac cards in Fanart,  fixed the premiere dates for the Zelda cartoon episodes in the Cartoons page, added a new Link


- August 10, 2003 Forgot to upload the Fanfics page on the last update. Whoops. ^.^;
- August 3, 2003 Uploaded the rest of the Nostalgia and Scans/Sprites pics, reorganized Fanfics; older fanfics with 3 or few chapter are relocated to the bottom of the page, added Parts 4-9 of "Doomsday Disaster" by Rachelle Davison, added all of "The Good in All of Us" by Budthespud, fixed the premiere dates for the SMBSS in the Cartoons page

JULY 2003

- July 19, 2003 Info Station Forums open, minor touch-ups and bugs fixed, hopefully
- July 15, 2003 FAMI-STYLE UPGRADE: New red layout, slightly redesigned page headers, redesigned menus. First part of Nostalgia and Scans/Sprites added, edited layout of Episode 21-49 of the Mario Cartoon Summaries to Fami-Style format, added 6 Toasty Fanarts, added and revised Wario Vs. Bowser by B.W.M, added 1 Toasty and 3 Latisha Fancomics, added 3 new SMU Artworks, added a new Poll, updated and added new Links, added two new Banners

MAY 2003

- May 11, 2003 Added Info Station Survey, edited layout of Episode 1-19 of the Mario Cartoon Summaries to NES Style format.


- February 10, 2003 Added new Poll #5. Added a Larry Koopa Fancomic. Added three Toasty Fanart. Fixed several links in Fanfics. Converted all other Fanfics to NES Style format.


- January 26, 2003 NES STYLE UPGRADE: Brand new frame and page layout, with new colors and graphics. Added 4 Toasty Zodiac Cards, 3 Golem pics, one Latisha Banks pic, and one Mark Paltraw pic in Fanart, updated and added Parts 3-4 of "The Revenge of Captain Syrup" and added Prologue of "Wario Vs. Bowser" by B.W.M, and 3 short stories by D.B.Vixen in Fanfic. Converted Toasty's SMB Freaky Show Fanfic series to NES Style format. Added a new Commentary. Added 6 Links.