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Famicom SMB3

The Famicom version of Super Mario Bros. 3, with box and manual


A comparison of the American and Japanese SMB3 carts

JP SMB3 Guide

A small Japanese "Technique Book" released in 1988. It covers Worlds 5-8

SMB3 Valentines A set of SMB3 Valentine's Day cards from 1990


Mario Plushes

This is a 12'' Mario Plush toy from Applause. The two other plushies on top were received at the Nintendo Powerfest of 1990.

Mario Figurine 1

I removed the fireball from his hand when I was younger; Fiery Mario used fireballs not Super Mario (I wanted continuity)

Mario Figurine 2

This Mario figurine was on top of my birthday cake in 1989

Mario Bullseye Toy

A velcro bull's-eye game, with Bowser in the center

Mario Keychain A Mario keychain
Plush Keychains Three plush keychains of Luigi, Bowser, and Mario from the Nintendo Power Catalog
Mario Watertoy A water game with Mario, Cheep Cheeps, and Bloopers
Mario & Bowser Plush

This is a 6'' Bowser and Mario Plush toy from Ninty's Power Catalog

Bowser Posable Plush

Another Bowser Plush toy, this one is poseable

Mario Bobbleheads

Bowser and Mario bobbleheads

Mario Party 5 Bowser Plush

This Japanese Bowser plush from 2004 was made for the Mario Party 5 release.

Remote-Controlled Mario Kart

A Mario Kart controlled by a tethered remote controller.


McDonald's Mario Toys These are all the SMB3 McDonald's toys released in 1990. The Koopa Paratroopa had a pump to make it hop, but I lost it. Toasty was nice enough to give me his spare Goomba. (Thanks! ^o^)
McMario Ad 1 An insert that came with the McDonald's Mario toy
McMario Ad 2 An insert that came with the McDonald's Luigi toy


VHS Boxart

The VHS cover for the Mario Movie

Official Movie Magazine

The official magazine for the Mario Movie. It has behind the scenes stuff and a pull-out poster

Movie Novel

The novel version of the Mario movie. It has scenes not in the movie

Sticker Album

A sticker album made by Diamond

7-11 Cup Three cups sold by 7-11 to promote the Mario Movie
Action Figures All 6 Mario Movie action figures from Ertl
AF Card: Mario This character info card and the others below were on back of the action figure package. This one is for Mario
AF Card: Luigi Same as above, this card has Luigi's Bio
AF Card: Koopa Same as above, this card has Koopa's Bio
AF Card: Goomba Same as above, this card has Goomba's Bio
AF Card: Iggy Same as above, this card has Iggy's Bio
AF Card: Spike Same as above, this card has Spike's Bio
Yoshi Pin A promotional button featuring dino Yoshi
Movie Postcard A Spanish postcard
Movie Soundtrack The soundtrack for the movie
Party Plates A cup and plate from a Mario Movie-themed party supplies set
Movie Trading Cards

Trading cards, made by Skybox, featuring photos and production sketches,

Holographic Cards

Three ultra-rare holographic trading cards by Skybox, including an eviler-looking Yoshi and Toad being called Lemmy.


Golden Book 1

The cover of the 1989 Golden Book, "Super Mario Bros. Trapped in the Perilous Pit"

Golden Book 2

The cover of the 1990 Golden Book, "Super Mario Bros. 3: Happy Birthday, Princess Toadstool"

Golden Book 3

The cover of the 1990 Golden Book, "Super Mario Bros.3: The Secret Bridge"

Pocket Power

A special edition of Nintendo Power that was given out during the theatrical release of "The Wizard". It contained tips and previews of SMB3

Pocket Power: SMB3

The preview of SMB3 in the Pocket Power magazine

Adventure Book

A Nintendo Adventure Book released in 1991, "Double Trouble"

Mario Bookmark

A Mario bookmark I got at a school book fair

Spanish SMB Coloring Book

A Spanish Mario coloring book I found in 1991

Nintendo Brochures 1

A collection of Nintendo brochures from the NES to Gamecube

Nintendo Brochures 2

More Nintendo brochures of Game Boy, Virtual Boy, and other stuff

"Game Over: Press Start to Continue"

The second edition of the well-known book by David Sheff about the business history of Nintendo


Nelsonic Game Watches

The Super Mario Bros., SMB3, and Super Mario World game watches by Nelsonic

Mini Classics

A re-release of classic Game and Watch games in a new Gameboy-like casing, including SMB, Octopus, Mario's Cement Factory and Donkey Kong Jr.

Mario Watch

A Nintendo watch with a Mario flip-up top

Nintendo Family

All the Ninty Systems I've kept since 1988

Mario 64 Radio

A Super Mario 64 AM/FM radio. Oddly shaped like an alien's head...

Nintendo DVDs

Recent DVD's of the Mario movie, as well as the Mario and Zelda cartoons

SMW Watch Box The spiffy box the SMW game watch came in. It came with earphones, but they became worn out and thrown away
Time Boy Keychain A very cheap 3rd party Game Boy-shaped keychain
Mario/Heathcliff DVD

A free sampler DVD in General Mills cereals with selected episodes of Heathcliff and Mario cartoons

Hori Game Boy Player Controller

The rare American release of Hori's SNES-inspired 2D digital controller for the Gamecube that I got at Nintendo World. An unexpected find!


Mario PJ Top

The top of a nicely designed Mario PJ's. Lost the pants, though

SMB3 Sweatshirt

A long-sleeve SMB3 sweatshirt.

Mario Shirt 1

A SMB3 shirt of World 1

Mario Shirt 2

Mario running from enemies in skis in Ice World

Mario Shirt 3

Mario escaping from Bowser...

Mario Socks

Mario Socks! ^_^

Nintendo Shirt

A simple white shirt with Ninty's racetrack logo on the front

1-UP Mushroom Boxers

A pair of green 1-up Mushroom boxers

"Know Your Roots" Shirt

The well-known shirt featuring the NES controller

Super Mario Shirt

A simple white shirt with Ninty's racetrack logo on the front

Mario Bros. Shirt

A pair of green 1-up Mushroom boxers

Nintendo Hoodie

A red Nintendo hoodie, with Nintendo's classic racetrack logo

Legend of Zelda Shirt

A green Zelda shirt with Link crouching and sword and shield in hand.

Nintendo Tech Support Shirt

A brown Nintendo shirt

Mario "Power Up" Shirt

Got this blue Mario shirt at Nintendo World in NYC


Mario Cutout

A Mario cardboard ad for Nintendo eyewear in the late 1980's

SMB Walltrim [2] [3] [4] A wall trim with the castle from SMB1. Four sides from the box are shown
NP Bookbag A classic Nintendo Power bookbag with Link and Mario on the front
Game Boy Bookbag A Game Boy bookbag with a scene from Super Mario Land on the screen
Nintendo Calendar A Nintendo calendar of 1992, with scenes and tips from popular Nintendo games
SMB Suspenders Yellow Mario suspenders
Sleeping Bag A Super Mario Bros. sleeping bag I got for Christmas 1989
Mario Soda An ad for Mario Soda by Shasta
Mario Mac & Cheese Kraft Macaroni and Cheese dinner featuring Super Mario
Pepsi Cards Two cards that were on cases of Pepsi in 1991, both front and back
Mario Iron-on An iron-on that I had ironed on to a handkerchief. Thankfully, I never used it
SMB Lunchbox [2] [3] An old Super Mario Bros. lunch box by Aladdin I had since 1990.
SM64 Poster A Nintendo Power poster with Metal Mario
Mario Teaches Typing The box of the PC typing game, Mario Teaches Typing
SMB Print World The box of the PC printing program, Super Mario Bros. Print World
SMAS Gymbag A Super Mario All-Stars gym bag I got from reserving it at EB
Koopa Animation Cel An animation cel of King Koopa from the Mario cartoon series
Bo-Bomb Candy Apple-favored powder candy
Ladder Candy Ladder candy/game with Nintendo characters on them
Klik Candy Pez-like candies, with Link and Mario shaped dispensers
"Know Your Roots" Lanyard

A lanyard with the NES controller featured on it

"Know your Mushrooms" Pen

A Nintendo pen with different Mario-related mushrooms on it

N64 Bowser Magnet

A Bowser magnet from the N64 era

Nintendo 2005 Calendar [Back View]

A calendar of pop-art featuring Nintendo characters.

Donkey Kong Patch

An iron-on patch that I got in Nintendo World.

Mario Patch

An iron-on patch of Mario that I got in Nintendo World

Mario Pin

A small Mario pin available in Nintendo World

Nintendo World Messenger Bag [Detail]

An inexpensive shoulder bag with Nintendo World's logo imprinted on it

Nintendo World Shopping Bag

A shopping bag from Nintendo World.